My Honeymoon With Mr White (BWWM Interracial Romance)

BOOK: My Honeymoon With Mr White (BWWM Interracial Romance)
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My Honeymoon With Mr White
A interracial BWWM romance by J A Fielding


A follow up to the top selling African American / interracial romance stories '
Is Mr White Mr Right?
' and '
Mr White Proposes
', and '
Wedding Planning With Mr White
'. The fourth in the series, and a must read!

Join Natasha Black as she walks down the isle with her white fiancé Mitch. It's been a tough few months planning the wedding, and stresses soon get the better of Tash on her big day. But when it all comes down to it, she knows she's marrying the man of her dreams and the guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Join this interracial couple as they finally get married and take the honeymoon of a life time. What sites will they see? Who will they meet? And how will they express their love for each other in this Caribbean paradise? Read on to find out...

The forth part to the Mr White series. If you're into Black Woman White Man romances (BWWM), you're going to love this! :)

Fair Warning:
This story contains descriptive sex scenes. It's because of this that it's not suitable for anyone 18 years or under.

Chapter 1

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony,” the priest began. Natasha looked at Mitchell through her veil and smiled. She could tell that he could not wait to have her alone once again, to have her in his arms, to have her as his wife.

If there is anyone here who has any reason why these two should not be joined together in holy matrimony, please say so now or forever hold your peace,” the priest said and paused, obviously to give people a chance to come forward. Mitchell looked at Natasha again. This was definitely the most tense moment in a wedding but he had nothing to worry about…or did he? Natasha shifted her gaze from Mitchell and then to the crowd and finally back to the priest. She looked over at Rita who was now smiling at her. At that moment she saw Rita mouth the words “all good.” She smiled again.

Suddenly, a gasp fell over the crowd. She turned around. There was a commotion among the guests, but she was yet to know what it was about.

“Oh hell no,” she heard Mona’s unmistakable voice. She looked around to give her the evil eye but Mona was looking at something else, at someone else in the crowd. She followed Mona’s cold look and felt as if she had just been stabbed in the spine. Right in the middle of the crowd, wearing a white strapless dress…wait…white?
“Who wears white to a wedding?”
she thought as she squinted to get a better view. Her heart almost skipped a beat when her brain registered the familiar female form.

Mitchell, get that bitch out of here,” Mona said as she approached Natasha. “Get her out, NOW!” she commanded. She was clearly getting agitated. Natasha knew exactly what she was thinking. If only they had given her the few minutes alone she had asked for with this woman, this wouldn’t be happening. “It’s okay honey, we are not going to let some woman ruin this for you,” Natasha heard Mona whisper in her ear. She wanted to talk but for some reason, she could not find her voice. She was tongue tied, for the first time in a long time, she was literally tongue tied. She looked at Mitchell as she felt a stream of tears rolling down her cheeks.

What the hell are you doing here, Lisa?” Leo asked. Natasha looked at Mitchell, confused by what was happening. He took a step forward and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

You can’t get married, Mitchell,” Lisa said as she began walking towards the front. “You and I still got something going on and you know it,” she said. Natasha could see the uncomfortable look on Mitchell’s face as she walked towards them.

Is this some media thing? Is this being staged?” the priest asked in a hushed whisper as he looked at Rita and Mona.

Does this look staged to you?” Rita asked angrily.

Mitch, baby…why would you do this when you know what we have isn’t over?” she asked.

Shut up, Lisa!” Mitch said angrily. “Leo, you’ve got to help me, man,” he said as he nervously looked at Natasha. “Everything’s going to be all right, sweetie,” he said. “I’ll take care of this.” He walked away, towards the crowd.

Normally, she would have so much faith in Mitchell, but not today. There was something off about this day. Why would his ex-wife show up at their wedding? Why would she make a scene? Why….just why? She needed answers. She needed to know why the best day in her life would suddenly become her worst nightmare.

“Lisa, you need to leave,” Leo said walking towards Lisa who had now walked up to the front. Everyone was looking at them in shock. Cameras were clicking away like crazy. This was not what Natasha had in mind when she decided on a small intimate wedding. All she wanted was one day she could be proud of, the day she deserved.

No! Not until I get what brought me here!” Lisa said as she ran towards Mitchell. At that moment, Natasha noticed that she had something in her hand. She had a gun! She needed to get Mitchell out of there. She needed to make sure he would live through this. Again she tried to open her mouth to speak…but still nothing.

Get out, bitch!” Leo said as he grabbed Lisa by the waist.

Gun!” Natasha yelled as she found her voice. “Leo, gun!” she said again before a loud bang paralyzed the entire place. People ran around in panic. Women were screaming as the men tried desperately to shield their wives and girlfriends from the gunfire. She watched in a panic as her guests hurried towards the door, trying to escape the nightmare that was meant to be the best day of her life. Her breathing got increasingly labored as she struggled to catch a breath.

She suddenly felt weak in the knees. It was as if her legs suddenly couldn’t hold her weight. The voices around her became distant as her legs gave in…


To say that Natasha Black was over the moon would be a bit of an understatement. This was the woman who was destined to be the newest Schmidt in town, the newest addition to the Schmidt legacy. She and Mitchell were actually expected to be the new power couple. Screw Barack and Michelle; these two would definitely be the new force to reckoned with…at least that would be what the tabloids would be publishing.

As she walked down the aisle, she not only felt like the most beautiful woman in the room, but also the luckiest. She smiled at the guests as she walked holding on to her father’s arm.

You ready?” Eric asked as they approached the priest. Natasha took a long deep breath and nodded.

I guess so,” she whispered to her father with a smile. She looked over at Mitchell and felt herself melt. He was wearing the classic three piece black suit with a white shirt, a purple bow tie…perfectly in line with the color theme of the day.

Who gives this woman to this union, today?” the priest asked calmly. There was a warmth about him. Apart from the robes he wore, you would have never suspected he was a man of the cloth had you met him in a bar or club.

We do,” Estelle and Eric said in unison. Natasha smiled as her Nan stepped forward and gave her a long hug.

No one has ever looked more beautiful,” Estelle said as she gave her a kiss through her veil before walking to her seat.

I have seen many brides, but you….you make me wonder why I married so damn early,” Eric said. Natasha laughed.

I don’t know whether to be happy or grossed out,” she said in a whisper. Eric laughed and planted a kiss on her forehead. He stretched out his hand and took Mitchell’s hand.

I can already tell that you will make a great husband. Take care of her, she is my most important gem,” he said to Mitchell as he shook his hand.

I plan to do nothing less, sir,” he said with a smile. He gave Natasha a little wink before turning his attention to the priest. He gave the man of the cloth a light nod as a go ahead.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony; which is an honorable estate, instituted of God in Paradise, and into which holy estate these two persons present come now to be joined,” he began. There was a hush over the crowd as he spoke. It could have been for the respect, the joy or simply just people eager to hear each word coming from the two most important people of the day. Natasha gave Mitchell another smile as the priest went on.

You are both obligated to present forward any reasons as to why there could be a hindrance to the two of you being joined together in matrimony as it is an obligation on judgment day when all the secrets shall be disclosed. So if you, Natasha Black, and you. Mitchell Schmidt, have any impediment as to why you cannot be joined on this day, please say so now,” the priest said.

I have none,” Mitchell and Natasha said in unison. Though everything was going as planned, Natasha was having a hard time keeping her focus. She was sure that the chapel was well ventilated but for her, it was as if the air was being sucked right out of her. She began breathing heavily as the priest went on. She felt someone, maybe Rita, touch her hand.

You okay?” she heard someone ask. She could not make out who whispered to her. All she could do was nod. But she was not fine. The next thing she knew, it was all dark around her and she had no idea where she was or who she was with. All she saw was darkness, but somewhere in the darkness was the soothing voice of a woman. A familiar voice. She had no idea where she had heard the voice but she was sure that she knew the voice from somewhere.

Suddenly, she saw a woman who had a striking resemblance to her except for the fact that she was a bit lighter in complexion …or was she white? She felt her heart beat faster as the woman seemed to float towards her.

“Who are you? What do you want?” she asked, her voice shaking.

Tasha, baby. It’s me, mommy,” the woman said with a smile. Natasha shrugged. There was suddenly a light around her. She noticed that she was in some kind of meadow. She still had her gown on but she had no veil.

What the hell? Don’t call me your baby,” she said as she struggled to get up. The light was still too much for her eyes. She squinted as she pulled herself to her feet.

You’ve always been my baby,” the woman said.

Then why did you leave? Why would you go away and leave your child and you husband?” she asked as tears welled up in her eyes. “Didn’t you love us?” By this time, the woman was already in front of her. Natasha was now able to see that she had the most beautiful blue-green eyes she had ever seen. Her long blonde hair was secured in a braid that hung over her shoulder. She was in a floral strapless maxi dress, soft pink in color; it was definitely something she would have considered wearing. They had the same taste in clothes? No…she could not possibly have the same taste as a woman who had left her. “Why’d you leave, mommy?” she asked again as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Baby, I would never leave you just like that,” the woman said as she took Natasha’s hands. “No one in their right mind would ever walk away from such a perfect baby.”

Natasha knew that this was unreal. She had not seen her mother in years. No one ever talked about her. She did not know where she disappeared to or what ever became of her. She suddenly looked around as reality set in. What was she doing here? Why wasn’t she at her wedding? Why did she feel as if she was losing her mind?

“I need to go. It’s my wedding day and I need to be there!” she yelled as she frantically looked around for a way out. She had no idea how she got here but she knew that one way or another, she would have to get out of there.

Tasha,” the woman said calmly as she took her hand. “Look at me and stay calm,” she said. Her voice was surprisingly soothing. “Take deep breaths and relax…you will be back where you belong,” she added. Natasha looked at her.

Why can’t you come with me?” she asked, still unsure whether she was seeing her own vision. The woman laughed and planted a kiss on Natasha’s forehead.

I no longer belong to that world. I did my part,” she said. Natasha felt a fresh flow of tears threatening to roll down her cheeks. “You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen,” she said before Natasha once again felt a weakness taking over.

When she opened her eyes, she saw the familiar faces of her father, Rita and Mitchell staring down at her, worried. “What happened?” she asked trying to sit up.

“No, no, no. you have to lie down,” Rita said.

What happened?” she asked again.

You passed out. Dave says that it could be stress or your iron levels being too low,” Rita said. Natasha’s eyes grew big.

Did you say passed out?” she asked looking up at Rita who nodded. “In front of all my guests?” she asked again. Rita looked at Mitchell and nodded again. Natasha buried her face in her hands.

Worst wedding ever!” she said. Eric walked towards her with a glass of orange juice and a pill in his hand.

Here, this will boost your glucose and iron levels,” Eric said as Rita helped her up. “Dave said…”

since when do we take medical advice from Dave, anyway?” Natasha asked as she sat up. She noticed Mitchell and Rita exchange glances.

Apparently, Dave is a doctor,” Mitchell said as the door opened and Leo, Stacy and Mona walked in. Dave followed soon after. Natasha stared daggers at him.

How is it you have been dating my best friend for almost a year and I am only finding out now that you are a doctor?” Natasha asked almost angrily before taking the pill and some juice. “Are you an intern or something?” she asked before taking another long sip of the juice. Dave shook his head as Leo and Mitchell suppressed their laughter.

I’m doing my second year of residency,” he said coolly. Mona rolled her eyes.

Seems I’m the only one who wouldn’t bag a moneybags boyfriend,” she said just before Leo pulled her close.

I beg to differ,” he said. His head began to lower as if he was getting ready to kiss Mona. Eric loudly cleared his throat to return the room to normalcy.

BOOK: My Honeymoon With Mr White (BWWM Interracial Romance)
7.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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