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OWNED by Dominic

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own /ōn/ - verb

have something as your own or possess


A life made of ruthless decisions and a demanding career made Dominic Slade a cold man living in a world of gray. On a mission to eliminate a drug trafficker in Ireland, he meets his match—in an 11-year-old girl. She opens his eyes to the light in the world with her sassy mouth and lack of fear.

It’s just too bad she’s the daughter of his target.


One moment in time and her life is ruined. At six years old her world is shattered, all illusions of safety tossed out the window. With her Mam gone and her Da ignoring her except to scold her, Deidre O’Connor finds a companion in the tall scary man hired to be her bodyguard.

Confusion and bitterness soon engrain themselves in her heart until she fights back and runs.


On Deidre’s eighteenth birthday, she runs away in search of her place in life.

On her eighteenth birthday, Dominic is sent to find her. Never expecting the little girl he used to know to have sprouted into a gorgeous, vibrant woman.

When the sins of the past come back to haunt them, are they strong enough to fight together or will they be left in the cold...alone?


Quick note


Hi everyone! Thank you so much for asking for Dom and Dee to have their own story! I sure hope they live up to everything you could want for them!

I would like to advise you that Jaxson (You’ll see) is very much based off my own son JD. Any mis-spellings in words are on purpose, because my son is one of the sweetest and most amazing little boys I know (I’m biased, I know LOL) So please excuse his speech patterns, but they are on purpose.




I truly couldn’t do this without my husband,
. I know I say this all the time, but having his support and encouragement has been a tremendous help to not only my confidence, but my drive to succeed. My need to be the very best for not only myself or him, but my children keeps me going. Love you guys!


Mom, Grama, Sabine, and Barb
– thank you for believing in me!


Kaci Stewart
– You are much more to me than a friend or PA, you’re an inspiration to be the best I possibly can. Everything you do for me from beta reading to talking to photographers and models and all the way down to being my voice of reason when I need to vent is just humbling. I can’t begin to explain how important you are in my life. Thank you for wanting to be a part of this journey with me!


Dessure Hutchins
– You’re amazing; your selfless support is admirable. Thank you for being such an inspiration for my Dee!


Katrina Miller
– Everything you do for every author you love, it’s something that is so rare and so… I don’t even know; I don’t have words for how amazing you are. You do so much for so many and expect nothing in return. You’re a true one of a kind gem; irreplaceable and unimaginable beauty. Thank you for being my friend!


Sonya, Lynne, Crystal, Elena & Eve
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My Fighters
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– Thank you for wanting Dom and Deedee to have their own story!


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For you Mom and Grama;

Thank you for giving me that first Harlequin book when I was 15 Grama!

Those started my love of the world of romance!

Mom, hurry the hell up and read Kennedy! You need to start this new series!




Deidre ~ 6 years old


“…And they lived
happily ever after.” Watching her mam put away her favorite fairy tale, Deidre was left with one burning question.

“Then what happened, Mam?”

“Well dear, he treated her like a queen. Made her every dream come true. They had beautiful children and grandchildren,” she told her in a thick Irish accent. It was something Deidre always envied because she considered herself just a plain Jane like the boys at school always teased her.

“Mam?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, Deidre?”

“Did you get your happy ever after?”

Her mam was one of the most beautiful people she knew, with hair as red as fire and eyes so green they matched the grass and always shone with happiness when she looked at Deidre. So she didn’t understand the sad light that entered them.

“In a way I suppose I did, Dee. I have you, and that’s happy enough for me.” Her smile was stunning and brought a tug to Deidre’s lips to match.

“Maureen!” The anger in her da’s voice had her cringing as he yelled for her mother. Even at her young age, she knew he’d been at the bottle again.

“Off to bed with you,
a stór
,” she told her, covering her with her blankets and turning on her fairy light, so it looked as if they flew along her roof.

Together they said their own silly goodnight. “Leprechauns, castles, good luck, and laughter. Lullabies, dreams, and love ever after. Poems and songs with pipes and drums. A thousand welcomes when your dreams come.”

“G’night, Mam,” she whispered sleepily.

A kiss on her head was the only response before sleep took her to her dreams.




When Deidre awoke
the following morning, she knew almost immediately that something was wrong. Her mam normally had her fairy curtains open as soon as the sun rose; today they were still closed. Quietly rising from bed, she tiptoed to her door. Pressing her ear to it, she listened closely for movement.

Not hearing anything, she slowly opened the door, and peeking out saw the hallway empty. Walking on eggshells so as not to wake her da, she crept down the stairs towards the kitchen to see if her mother was making breakfast. The day before, they’d watched a cooking show about American southern foods, and her ma had decided that today they’d try making biscuits and sausage gravy. Dee was so excited to try something new and thought they’d be doing it together. But once she arrived in the kitchen, her ma wasn’t there. Deciding, perhaps, she was tired from fighting with her father last night, Deidre thought she would get things prepared for when she came down.

Moving to the small fridge in the corner, she started pulling out the ingredients they’d bought the day before. She removed the fresh rolls that just had to go in the oven, and the sausage roll that would need to be cooked. Next, she grabbed some fruit because Ma always liked to make sure she ate healthily. Even though Deidre would have preferred to slather sweet icing on her biscuits, she knew the fruit would make her happy.

Sitting on the stool that was just a tad too high for her to reach the floor, she crossed her hands and laid her head on them looking at all the food she’d placed on the counter to cook with. Excitement buzzed through her veins as she patiently waited…

And waited…

And waited…

Jumping up with a huff, she looked to the stairs asking no one in particular, “Where is me Mam?”

Having lost her short will to wait, she started going back upstairs calling, “Mam? Are you up?” Still no response. “Mam, I have everything ready!” She sing-songed hoping to rouse her.

When she heard rustling coming from the direction of her parent’s room, she started to feel excited again. Hoping her ma had only overslept, she rushed to the door and waited for it to open. Quietly knocking she whispered, “Mam, are you up?”

Hearing a low moan, she began to worry. Opening the door slowly and trying not to make any noise, she peeked inside. The room was a mess! Holy cow, her ma was never that messy. She often joked she had OCD; whatever that was. The fact Deidre could see spilt makeup across her vanity worried her.

Stepping further into the room, she was shocked to see her mam lying in bed with her face full of bruises, blood caked on the side of her mouth, and a black eye.

“Mam!” she cried, rushing over quickly, careful not to touch her.

Running her fingers gently across her hair, her eyes started to sluggishly flutter open. “Oh
a stór
, what are ye doing in here?” her Ma asked as her voice cracked painfully.

“What happened, Mam?” She begged to know, tears coursing down her cheeks.

“Nothing, my sweet
Back to bed with ya.”

“But Mam, ‘tis morning.” She was confused now.
Surely her mother knew it was the morning. That the sun was high in the sky now.

“Oh dear,” she whispered sounding scared. Deidre watched as an emotion she couldn’t identify entered her mother’s eyes. It worried her in a way she didn’t fully understand, and a horrifying idea occurred to her.

“Mam? Did Da smack you?”

“Nah dear, let’s get you some food.” As she started to sit up, Deidre watched her with what her dad called an eagle eye. She watched every wince and sharp inhale of breath.

Backing away but still holding her hand, she watched as her ma limped to the toilet. “Mam?” She asked before she could close the door, “Do you need a doctor?”

“I’ll be fine, child. Go. I’ll be down in a wee bit,” she instructed.

Waiting for a few minutes after the shower kicked on, she wanted to make sure her ma would be okay by herself.

Slowly walking back to the kitchen, she was startled when she ran into a hard body. Looking up she saw Da with a cruel smirk on his face. He always seemed angry but never had he put fear in her the way he was now as he stared down at her young face.

“What happened to Mam?” she asked him, her voice slightly shaky.

A menacing smile spread across his lips as he began cracking his knuckles. “Nothing for you to worry about, kid,” he told her. But her eyes were glued to his hands.




“You hit, Mam?” she asked him angrily.

“Sod off you little shit,” he said to her with so much hate in his voice.

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