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he moon was
bright with no clouds to hinder it. The three male wolves stood outside their den, the alpha in the center. “We run.”

Embracing their inner beasts, they shifted. Calt led them over some of the exact obstacles Red had explored earlier, only this time Calt pushed himself to jump higher and more dangerously.

He brought them next to the river, racing its rapids to see who was fastest, he or the water. He heard Lucin and Borhan galloping to keep up, but the sound faded as Calt bounded forth with greater force, his eyes cutting to the water as he tried to best it. His paws sliced into the wet earth and gravel, and he leapt over every rock that barred his way, snarling at large shrubs that had to be avoided. The rapids appeared to slow as he pushed himself past the limits of his known abilities.

The unrest that made him push further, harder and faster, was extreme. It had him prisoner, and would not let go. He did a circular skid, tearing the ground as he headed back. It was awhile before he found his betas, but there was no satisfaction in that. It only made him feel more isolated.

Running under the crisp cloak of night, together they returned to their mountain and began the climb. But he was not ready to go home. He leapt from rock to rock of a boulder-formation so high that the others did not dare join him. The betas circled atop the highest rocks they could climb, and watched him warily, and with admiration. He hit the highest point, threw back his head and howled. They joined in howling, the luminescent moon a powerful inspiration.

Again and again Calt unleashed the doubt from his lungs, throwing it to the heavens. He snarled at the winds, ripping out and releasing from his psyche the questions the battle left behind. Clarity replaced uncertainty...

She should be happy he won. She should be ecstatic to have been claimed by the alpha of his pack. He knew what the others said about them ever since he was a pup, that they were the strongest–respected and even feared. He’d seen Red’s pack; they did not begin to compare.

She should be grateful.

He jumped down and when on solid ground, he shifted. His friends joined him, Borhan wincing as he straightened out his leg, Lucin’s open gaze a mixture of awe and worry for his alpha.

Calt addressed his second in command, “I saw the look you gave me.”

Borhan carefully asked, “And what look was that?” rubbing his sore thigh.

Calt shook out his shoulders. “That this should be a moment of celebration. Of victory.”

Gold eyes flashed. “If I were the female, I would be grateful to be treated with so much reverence.”

“She wanted Calt to win.” Lucin stretched his fingers, cracking the thumbs on both hands. “That was obvious. She’s just tired, right?”

They ignored him. “I will remind her what she has gained, and if she does not show her appreciation, she can go with him for all I care.” As Calt ran an angry tongue over sharpened teeth, the veins pulsed on his muscular neck.

Lucin looked south, his body snapping with tension. “Someone’s coming.”

“How much did you hear?” Calt demanded with a roar as the breeze brought up the very distinct scent of his ex-lover. And she was not alone.

The two wolves padded closer and shifted on their approach, rising up to join the others, with swiftly straightening spines.

“Why are you here?” Calt asked. “Come to take what you
is yours?”

Red swiped a glance across the three males. “Is Ali alright?”

Holding her hand up to stop what was coming, Tawny took a single step forward with her best attempt at a calm voice. “We went for a run. That is all. We heard howling and were generally curious. He was not coming for your mate. I promise.”

A warning growl vibrated in Borhan’s chest, but Lucin talked over him, interjecting, “Tawny doesn’t lie, Calt!”

With adrenaline pouring into his system, Calt lowered his chin and looked at Tawny from under his brow. His nostrils flared as he inhaled their scents, trying to determine if they had coupled. The musky aromas were faintly mingled, but he did not detect her familiar sex smell on them. Knowing her, that was surprising.

Again, she read his body language since she knew him so well. “We have not done what you are thinking.” Her eyes glowed with satisfaction that he even cared.

Borhan glanced to him as the alpha quickly denied, “I was not thinking anything except I want to know the real reason you are here.”

Red was staring into his own thoughts and had not heard their exchange. In a fog, he said, “The curiosity should have been denied. We should not have come, and if I am honest, I knew that when we began the journey.” His eyelashes rose and his blue eyes locked onto Calt. “I could not help it,” he whispered, surprised.

“He came to take her,” Borhan hissed from the corner of his lips.

Barely containing his wolf, Calt shot his hand out to shut Borhan up, his eyes on Red. “Next time? Help it.”

An alpha does not take orders from anyone. Unavoidable defiance flashed across Red’s face, but before he responded, Tawny grabbed his arm and growled, “Let’s go. We are not wanted here.”

Her statement was a poison arrow that hit its mark, and something in Calt stirred. Ignoring it, he snarled, “You are not.”

A cold wind whipped through the five and Red and Tawny looked close to attacking, but instead they backed away to shift. Both pairs of blue eyes chillingly held on Calt as they shifted into their wolves. He, Borhan and Lucin watched until they were gone, and listened after that. Finally only the scent of pine and crisp, clean air came back to them.

“They’re gone,” Calt grumbled.

“He returned for her,” Borhan repeated. “You must see–!”

Calt bit off the rest. “He did not…but his wolf did.”

Lucin gulped, “Oh! You’re right!
what happened!”

“Yes. And if I ever see him near her again, his wolf will pay with his life.” He looked up the mountain toward his den. It was time to go home. “Come.” He cracked and deconstructed, growling as the change completed.

He had to see Ali and he had to see her now.


s his paws
hit the cave’s floor, Calt ran faster, sending dust behind him until he stood inside the doorway to his den. The females were gathered around Ali, bathing and feeding her. Her color had returned to its normal hue and it was she who turned her head, first, as though she had felt him coming. The others reacted next, their heads swinging to the door to find him glaring at the scene.

Shaynah’s eyes flickered and she withdrew her hands from the crown of Ali’s head. “Ladies, it is time for us to go,” she whispered quickly.

Bloo and Lorn ducked out, casting furtive glances to their alpha as they passed him. He snarled to Borhan and Lucin, ordering them to leave. Both hesitated before the shadows claimed them. Shaynah walked by last, with her hands clasped together and her head bent in respect.

His hulking frame filled the doorway as he shifted into a man again, rising up to stand with his strong legs firmly set apart.

Ali had not taken her eyes off him. She stood up and opened her arms. A golden reflection of flames danced on her naked body, on the full curves of her hips and thighs, the beauty of her ample breasts, their nipples rosy and smooth. With supernatural speed he closed the distance, expecting her to flinch when he appeared in front of her faster than her eyes could see. But she did not react; her shoulders remained relaxed and her eyes were kind and welcoming. He didn’t trust them.

“Acceptance is not enough,” he growled, as if the word was loathsome, searching her eyes for what he did not know.

Her glance slowly raked down his body and back up again. Lust darkened her features and parted her lips. “I want you.”

He had not expected that. He had expected her to be intimidated, as his pack had been when they had just seen him. He had expected her to cry and beg him to believe her. He had not expected this. Beneath anger is always hurt, and the volcano of his erupted under her smile. His pain over everything that had happened in the preceding months twisted his skin, his heart and his mind. He needed to make it go away. His stomach clenched as his cock filled. He yanked her to him. She gasped, and moved to lace her fingers into his long hair, to pull him down for a kiss, but he stopped her. He pulled her hands away, pinning them behind her, growling into her mouth. She sighed into him and he smelled her arousal. The scent had an overwhelming effect on him. He needed to
her. No more games.

He flipped her around and pushed her down on the bed, lunging to pull her ass up as he kneeled behind her. She pressed her face into the fur pelts and pushed her ass higher, beckoning him. He stared at the curves and the dark crease that split down the middle. He groaned, leaned down and bit the fleshy skin. On her gasp, his length grew. He rose up to position his smooth hard tip just outside her slick opening. Her breath hitched as she waited.

“I own you now.” He plunged his stiff length into the heat of her passage with an unforgiving thrust. She moaned as he filled her. Pulsing inside her, he pressed his fingers into the pliable, smooth skin on her hips. With hard thrusts he showed her who she belonged to, but as she dripped down him and he felt himself grow even more, he wondered who owned who? He’d never been this hard before, or had wanted anyone this much.

Her beautiful, long hair hung to one side, and her back was gorgeous to look at. He ran his fingernails from her shoulder blades down the slope of her spine to her ass, and her thighs. She shivered and tightened around him. He moaned and threw his head back, holding on as he moved in her. The surge of heat tore upward in his thighs, chest and stomach. He was ready to explode…and then she began to move. Just a little at first, rocking her hips and bending her knees deeper. He stared at the long natural waves of soft hair, and grabbed a handful, drawing her head off the fur. She craned toward the ceiling, giving a long low moan as she clenched and throbbed. He felt the rush of climax take him, blinding him until it was all he could see and feel. He jerked his hot seed into her, growling and snarling and moaning with pleasure. She joined him, crying out as her body trembled. He pushed in and held there, rocking slightly, feeling her clamp his cock, so wet. Both of them exhaled at the same time. He closed his eyes and pulled out, lifting her off the bed and into his arms.

Without judgment, disappointment or blame, she looked up at him and smiled. “Hi.”

She defied all his ideas of human females. Why was she not playing the victim, acting weak or shamed? Why was she accepting everything about him?

He leaned down to bring his nose to touch hers. “You are telling me your word is true.”

She nodded and the soft, peach-fuzzed tip of her nose rubbed against his. “Yes. I’m yours.”

He set her down and climbed into bed with her, reaching over her naked body for a bite of cooked rabbit from the pile Bloo had left beside the bed. He popped it into his mouth as the large forms of Dak and Calus appeared in the doorway.

With a wide smile, Calus called out, “We found the mother-lode,” holding up a large, red cooler by its handles.

Chewing, Calt glanced over and returned, “Well done. Give it to Lorn. It is time for sleep.”

They bowed their heads and vanished, voices fading as they walked back to their dens. “I haven’t had a beer since we came to California.” “I can hardly wait for tomorrow night.” “What’s bologna?” “Who the fuck knows?”

Ali snuggled up against Calt. He wrapped an arm around her. “Good day, Soft One.”

“G’day,” she whispered against his chest.

After only four heartbeats, he was asleep.


hen sleepily she
cracked her eyes open again, it was the next night. An image of Red whispering to her against the wall popped into her mind. She pushed it aside, and blinked her dreams away with it. Her inner clock had either changed already or the battle had really knocked her out because apparently she’d woken up after Calt had. She rubbed her eyes and watched him stoking a new fire, his body in silhouette. “Your back is gorgeous.”

He turned and cocked an eyebrow at her. “Last night I was thinking the same thing about yours. How are you feeling?”

She did a mental check of herself. “Sore.” She smiled. An image of Calt slowly making love to her as she held the stares of Kyren, Dak, Lorn…and Tawny, sprung into her mind to be pushed aside immediately. She called over with forced humor, “I think my thighs hate me. The way they’re screaming at me right now? I’m pretty sure I did something they’ll never forgive me for.”

He chuckled on his return, his cock swinging casually between his immense thighs. Her glance clipped it for a moment but then rose up. More sex. She couldn’t think about more sex, not right now, and maybe not for a week, if she had anything to say about it. When he’d returned from his run, she’d seen instantly what he needed. It was written on his face, and her womanly instinct had decoded that his manhood had been threatened, that it needed stroking and that only she could do it. She had to tell him how much she wanted him–only him. Only when he was happy, would he make her happy, and she knew that over time, she would grow to love him. She would forget about Red. That was the plan.

She bit her lip and looked at the wall, the flames dancing on shadows.

“Want to go see the treasure?” On her confusion, he clarified, “The cooler.”

Still tucked under the warmth of the fur blankets, she smiled and shook her head. He lowered himself to sit beside her. She’d been dreaming of the three of them, and now having woken up to just him she struggled not to show the sadness she couldn’t help but feel. She knew he needed her not to show it, but it was drifting through her soul.
Focus on what you have, Ali. Focus on him. He is spectacular.

“I could maybe eat a little something…but could we go outside? I’d like to do something in the fresh air, I think.”

He pursed his lips, thinking of something fun to do. “Outside?”

“Mmmhmm.” She reached out to stroke his chest. “I’m not really that hungry. The girls and I ate right before you ravished my body until I was a sniveling mess.” She tweaked his nipple hard.

He laughed and grabbed her hand as he drifted back into his thoughts, searching for an idea. Concentrating, the rugged cut of his jaw was highlighted by the fire behind it. She watched his two-toned eyes flicker around visions of where to go until finally he lit up and pulled her onto his lap straddling him, so fast that it made her yelp.

“I know the perfect place,” he announced with a confident smirk. His cock was now half-full and it rested against her sensitive mound, heating her up as it grew. She intended to resist, but then he leaned in and traced the slope of her ear with his tongue, murmuring, “You are going to love this.”

God help me. My body can’t take anything right now…
“I’m pretty sure I’ve been to this place before,” she breathed, feeling herself clench with need for him despite herself. “I’ve got the battle scars.” She quieted at the word
, pushing away the flooding images.

“Oh? You have seen this already?” he rasped against her neck as he lifted her heavy breasts, encasing and kneading them with his hands. He bent down to take a delicate nipple into his mouth, licking it rhythmically.

She tried not to moan, not wanting to egg him on, but it was no use. “Mmmhmm.”

He smiled and switched focus to the other dusky crest, nibbling and licking it as she watched. Without warning, he lifted her off of him and placed her on the furry bed, vaulting out of the bed for the jagged granite doorway. “Come. I really do have an idea. You are going to love this.”

She stared at him, her body alight with desire. Calling out, “Tease!” Ali ran over to the fire with her hands thrust out for warmth.

He turned around and grinned at her, cock swinging. “You said you were sore.”

Mushing her lips, she shrugged, stealing a downward glance. “Yeah, but...” A belly laugh burst out of him, making her chuckle. “Okay, shut up. So, where are we going?”

His deep voice ricocheted off the passageway walls as he called outside the room, “Lorn! Bring a fresh pelt for Ali. Everyone! We are going on a trip. Do what you need to.” He grabbed her sneakers up from the ground and tossed them to her.

Lorn appeared behind him, so excited as to be ridiculous. “Where are we going?” Darting an inquisitive look between the two, she loudly whispered, “Oh fun! Is it a surprise?”

“It will be for my mate. For you, no.” Throwing Ali a teasing smile, he leaned down and whispered in the young she-wolf’s ear.

“Hey! Not fair!” Ali cried out, tossing her sneakers at him as he deftly swatted them away.

Beige eyes lit up as Lorn listened. She stuffed the pelt for Ali into Calt’s large hands and disappeared out the door so quickly Ali didn’t see her leave. “I’m going to tell everyone!” her voice echoed after her.

“Seriously not fair,” Ali laughed as she ducked down to get her sneakers and pull them on.

Calt strode over and scooped up her chin. “Who said I was fair?”

She pushed him away, “Jerk,” grabbing the pelt from his hands.

He chuckled and left the room. She stared at the empty space, her smile fading.
You’re lucky to be here, Ali.
Looking around the beautiful room, she wrapped the thick pelt around her naked body.
This is so much better than your old life. Don’t ever be ungrateful.

Walking to the natural fountain, she said, aloud, “Stop thinking about it, Ali.” She knelt with her sneakers touching the edge of the never-growing puddle. She peered into it looking for the hole that must be there somewhere, but it was too dark to make out. In each of the droplets were tiny reverse fireplace-reflections like orange and red beams of light falling from a cold, hard ceiling. As she stared they seemed to slow, sharpening in focus as each second ticked by. Clearing her mind, she held an open palm under the sporadic stream. In slow motion, the drops fell onto her skin with sharp precision, appearing to freeze midair before they hit, a splash of tinier droplets shooting out from all sides with even tinier flames reflected in them.


Ali jumped up and wiped her hand on the pelt as she spun around. Borhan was standing in the room and how long he’d been there, she didn’t know. “Um, yeah. I’m ready.” He walked away without a limp. “Your leg is healed!”

He looked down at it and said, without inflection. “Yes.”

Ali waited for more, and when none came she called after him on a friendly smile, “Where are we goin’?”

He threw a smirk over his shoulder, “Nice try,” and left.

BOOK: Owned By The Alphas: Part Four
2.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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