Pleasing Her Racy Doms [Racy Nights 6] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) (6 page)

“Wednesday night. The night of the benefit.”

“Cherilyn helped take tickets at the door,” said Evan. “You were there with Maddox and Julie, remember?”

Sean ignored him and kept his attention on Cherilyn. “What time did you leave that night?”

“I’m not sure.” Fuck. Was she going to have to tell Sean what had happened?

“She left about one thirty in the morning,” said Thayer. “Right before Evan and I did. She stayed to help us clean up.”

“Who else stayed?”

“No one.”

Sean glanced up with a curious look on his face. He studied their faces for a second, but if he suspected anything his expression didn’t give it away. “Do any of you remember seeing anything unusual outside that night? Or hearing anything outside?”

“No,” said Cherilyn.

“Like we already told you,” said Evan, “absolutely nothing out of the ordinary has gone on here.”

Sean closed his notebook and pulled out a business card from a holder tucked into the other side of it. He handed it to Cherilyn. “If you think of anything, call me. If I’m not there, ask for Chad.”

“I will.”

“Chad and I are going to hang around the gym all day so we can talk to as many of your members as possible.”

“That’s fine, Sean,” said Thayer. “We appreciate what you’re doing.”

As soon as Sean turned the corner of the building, Thayer addressed her. “We have been so worried about you. Are you okay?”

“I am now.”

“Why haven’t you come back?” asked Evan.

“I just haven’t been feeling well.” She hated lying to them, but right now she felt foolish at the things she’d assumed.

Thayer’s face was suddenly filled with concern. “It’s not like you to miss working out two days in a row.”

“I know. I’ll be okay now.” Would she? Just because they were relieved to see her didn’t really mean anything, did it?

“Cherilyn, we need to talk about what happened Wednesday night.” Evan’s blue eyes were startling in the bright May sunshine.

She swallowed hard. This was it. No matter what they said, she vowed not to let her reaction show on her face. “Okay.”

“But not now.” He glanced around. “We have to get back inside and try to clean up. Obviously we won’t be open for business today, but we hope to be up and running by tomorrow. You’ll be back then, right?”

“I don’t know.”

Thayer brushed the back of her hand with his fingertips, and she bit the inside of her cheek to keep from moaning as memories flooded her mind. “Cherilyn, have you been avoiding us on purpose?”

“Maybe.” They had a right to know, didn’t they?


She blew out a breath that made her bangs float off her forehead for a second. “How can you ask me that? I’m so embarrassed. I threw myself at you two.”

“And we didn’t exactly turn you down.”

“No, but…” But what? How could she explain this? They’d think she was crazy if she told them all the things that had been running through her mind since leaving the gym Wednesday night. She didn’t have a chance to say anything at all because Adison Kincaid poked his head around the corner.

“Hey, there you are. What happened?”

Normally, Cherilyn didn’t mind looking at Adison. His dark hair and hazel eyes gave him a roughish, almost dangerous look. She’d gone to school with him, and he and Kari had been a hot item. Then Kari had left town for fifteen years, but now she was back. Adison was one of her Doms, and Noah Wells was the other. But right now, she silently cursed Adison and his good looks for interrupting her conversation with Thayer and Evan.

“Oh, hi, Cherilyn.”

“Hi, Adison.” She rose as Thayer began to explain to Adison what had happened at the gym. “I guess I’ll let you guys do what you need to do.”

“Hang on a second.” Evan followed her back to her car. “Cherilyn, we do need to talk.”

“I know.” She didn’t know what to say to him. It wasn’t fair to try and have this conversation now. He had more important things on his mind.

“Can we call you later? Thayer and I really want to see you.”

“You do?” Her pulse raced and her mouth grew dry.

“Of course.” His smile sent a flood of wetness to her panties. “Did you think we just fucked you for the sake of doing it? We aren’t like that.”

Guilt washed over her. “I’m glad to know that, Evan. I’m sorry.”

He brushed a finger across her face and she sighed. “No, I am. We should have called you when you didn’t show up at the gym again. We just thought…”

“Thought what?”

He sighed loudly. “We thought you were upset with us.”

Cherilyn almost laughed with relief. She’d been acting like a lovesick teen the past two days. “I wasn’t upset, Evan. Just embarrassed. I’ve never done anything like that.”

Adison called Evan over, and he let out a sound of exasperation. “Okay. Look, we’ll call you later and figure this out, okay?”

“Okay.” Cherilyn watched him sprint back toward Thayer and Adison, and then she raised her eyes to the sky.
If that was your doing, Chuck, thank you


* * * *


Cherilyn hadn’t been on a horse in years, but she couldn’t pass up an invitation to the farm Evan’s family owned right outside of town. His grandmother’s ninety-fifth birthday celebration was going on, but he’d assured her on the phone that he only had to put in a cursory appearance, and then he and Thayer would be free to spend the day with her.

They stopped in a clearing in the sparse woods on his family’s property to give the horses water. She sat between them on a fallen log and sipped her sports drink.

“When do you have to return to work?” asked Evan. Today he was wearing a dark hat with a turquoise band around it. It set off his eyes.

“Probably next week. My boss called me last night and told me the warehouse is still in chaos, but it should be set up enough by next week to allow us to get back to work. She’ll let me know.”

Thayer took a large drink of water and some dribbled onto his chin. Cherilyn wanted to lick it off. “It’s nice that you get some time off, but not so great that it took a tornado to do it.”

“No, not at all. What about you? How did you both get a Tuesday off from the gym?”

Evan gave her a sexy grin. “We bribed Dave.” Dave Pell was Melinda’s brother and the general manager at The Fit Bod.

“I don’t imagine you get many days off together.”

“We actually take them fairly often so that we don’t burn out.”

“What’s going on with the break-in? Any news?”

“Adison installed a better security system,” said Thayer. “He has no clue how someone cracked the code, but from some of the things he’s told us, it’s a fairly simple procedure for someone with knowledge and the right equipment to do it.”

“No leads on who it was?”

He shook his head. “None. No prints came up that didn’t belong to us or one of our staff or members.”

A shiver ran up and down her spine. “That’s creepy. I don’t like it.”

Thayer put his arm around her and gave her shoulder a squeeze. She inhaled his scent, wishing they were someplace more private right now. “Cherilyn, we took this day off to spend it with you. Let’s not think about the break-in. Let’s talk about what happened Wednesday night.”

Evan had called Saturday night as promised and asked her to spend this day with them. Cherilyn had agreed, and had gone back to the gym on Sunday and yesterday, but she still felt awkward around them. Everything was different now, and she didn’t know what to do about it.

“Okay. I’m ready.”

Thayer laughed. “You look like we’re about to tell you something terrible. The simple truth is that Wednesday night took us both by surprise, but we enjoyed it very much, and were hoping we could persuade you to repeat it.”

Before Cherilyn could process what he’d just said, Evan began to speak. “But not in the gym. Don’t get me wrong. That was sexy and spontaneous. But with the recent break-in we’re a bit wary of anyone hanging around once we close up. Actually”—he cut his gaze quickly to Thayer—“we were wondering if you’d like to come to Maddox’s club with us?”

“We know you have no experience with BDSM,” said Thayer, “but unless we’re mistaken, you seemed to enjoy the impact play. Nothing would have to happen at the club unless you wanted it to, but we thought you might like to see it, at the very least. We could always negotiate the rest between us.”

Cherilyn swallowed against the lump in her throat. Her entire body was tingling. What they’d just offered sent her mind to deep, dark erotic places that she’d never dared to explore before. Chuck hadn’t been into anything kinky, despite his rough and tough military persona. In the bedroom, he’d been pure vanilla. And she’d been just as happy with that as with anything in their short marriage. But every so often a fantasy would invade her dreams, or she’d overhear someone talking about Maddox’s club, and she’d wonder what it would be like to have sex with that kind of spice added to it.

When Kari and Adison had started dating in high school, the rumors had begun to fly about some of the things they were into, but Cherilyn had never discussed it with her friend. She’d been too embarrassed to bring it up. But now, Thayer and Evan were giving her a chance not only to witness BDSM activities in action but to experience them with both men. How could a girl say “no” to that?

“Okay. I would love to go to the club with you. As for repeating what we did Wednesday, I’d love that, too, but in all honestly I’m not sure I’m ready to do that in public.”

The grin that spread over each of their faces almost made her laugh. They looked like boys who’d just been told they never had to wash behind their ears or use a fork to eat for the remainder of their lives.

Thayer held up his hands. “Not a problem. We promise to go slow and respect your limits. Maddox has rooms upstairs equipped for private play that he opens to certain guests, so keep that in mind. We’ll bring toys just in case you decide you’d like to accompany us to one of them.”

“Is Friday night all right?” asked Evan. “That’s when we usually go.”

She nodded because she seemed to have lost her voice. This was really going to happen. And she had two gorgeous men to help her explore her fantasies. It was almost too good to be true.

“Thank you,” said Thayer, pulling her close against his warm body. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

“So am I, Thayer.” Before she could try and think of something terribly clever to say because her comment sounded so lame to her ears, Thayer kissed her. It caught her off guard, but soon his lips and tongue drove all doubt and uncertainty away. The man knew how to use his mouth, and Cherilyn now knew that her reactions to them on Wednesday night hadn’t only been due to the champagne or the spontaneity of a storeroom kiss. The desire coursing through her body at that moment was just as strong as it had been that night.

When he released the kiss, Evan pulled her into his arms and kissed her as well. She could get used to this, and she suddenly wished they didn’t have to return to his parents’ house soon. She wanted to make love to them in the woods.

Thayer pulled her against him so that she faced Evan, and then he nuzzled her neck. “Maybe we need a little preview of coming attractions on Friday?”

She couldn’t help but moan at the sexy tone in his voice. If she’d known that it would be like this, she might have orchestrated a way to be alone in the gym with them after hours before last week. “What did you have in mind?”

He brushed his hands across her breasts, and the gesture was so unexpected that she moaned again. It didn’t help that Evan was looking at her as if he wanted to gobble her up.

“By the way,” said Thayer, “you should address us each as ‘Sir’ from now on when we’re away from others, and most certainly when we’re at the club.”

Cherilyn shivered again. “Okay. I mean yes, Sir.” A giggle escaped her throat before she could stop it. The idea of having titles seemed silly at that moment.

“You find that funny?” Thayer’s voice had taken on the same commanding tone that she’d heard Wednesday.

He took off her top and laid it across her lap, and then he unhooked her bra and reached under it to cup her breasts in his strong hands. Cherilyn glanced around quickly. What if one of Evan’s family members came into the woods?

“Too late to worry about not getting caught,” he said softly. “You should have thought of that before you laughed.”

“I didn’t laugh.”

He lightly slapped her right breast and the shock wave sent a jolt straight to her clit. “You most certainly did. And I do believe I asked you to call me ‘Sir.’”

“I didn’t laugh, Sir.”

Evan chuckled, and a look passed between him and Thayer over her head. “She needs to be taught a lesson right now.”

“I agree.”

Cherilyn cried out in surprise as Thayer took off her bra and lifted her to a standing position. He and Evan had her jeans and panties down around her ankles before she had a chance to react. When Thayer sat on the log again and draped her over his left thigh, she tried to wiggle free, but he was too strong.

“You brought this on yourself, Cherilyn.” He pinned her legs with his muscled right thigh. The desire racing through her body was like nothing she’d experienced Wednesday night. This was so animalistic, but she loved it.

Evan put her arms behind her back and held them there. “Cherilyn, you do need to learn what we expect from you.”

His warm, sexy voice washed over her as Thayer’s hand came down on her ass cheeks, alternating sides, in hard slaps. It stung, but it didn’t have the same intensity that Wednesday night’s paddling had. It did however arouse her just as much as that evening’s play had done, only more so because they were out in the middle of the woods, and could be caught at any moment. It was raw and forbidden, and soon her pussy was soaking wet and she couldn’t stop the soft cries escaping her throat.

It hadn’t started out feeling intense, but the more he spanked her, the more it hurt. Her ass cheeks had a steady burn going now, and she wondered how long he would keep it up. When he stopped, he massaged her ass cheeks and then slid a finger over the opening to her anus. She drew in a sharp breath. It felt so good to be touched there, but surely he wasn’t going to do anything more, outdoors, in broad daylight?

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