Quinn (The Beck Brothers #3)





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First, I want to say thank you
to my husband and my girls, who have been nothing but supportive of me. Second,
I want to give a shout out to my friend, Jessica Carroll, who started me on
this crazy journey; without her and her blog, no one would have ever heard
about the Beck Brothers. And last but not least, to my editor, Megan
Hershenson, who worked tirelessly, to make my work sound better and more
professional. And of course, thanks to all my fans, I love you all!!!

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Chapter 1


Quinn sighed heavily as he stared down at the invitation in
front of him. He hoped Sebastian forgot about their little conversation a few
months ago, but no, of course he didn’t. He even put her damn name on the
Quinn read the envelope again.


Mr. Quinn Beck & Ms. Margot Leclair


He was so freaking screwed. Quinn took
a deep breath and got up from his drafting table. Margot was sitting at her
desk designing a hotel room on her computer. He walked over and stopped in
front of her. She had her chin resting in her palm as she clicked away on her
mouse. He tapped the invitation against his leg nervously. He really didn’t
want to do this.


“Margot?” Quinn murmured quietly.


Margot clicked a few more times before looking up at him, a
small smile on her pretty face.


she replied. ‘Oui’ was one of the few French words that Quinn actually knew.


Quinn cleared his throat. “I...uh...my brother’s wedding is
coming up and...uh...well...” he stammered, like a fool. Quinn sighed heavily
and held out the envelope with the invitation in it toward her.


Margot gave him a quizzical look and took the envelope. She
looked at it in confusion at first, before smiling wide. She covered her mouth
with her hand as she started giggling. Quinn scowled down at her, as her amused
gaze lifted to meet his.


“Your brother is...how do you say?
with you, non?” Margot grinned.


Quinn nodded. “He told me the night that he met you that I
better bring you or I wasn’t invited.”


Margot laughed and bit her bottom lip, trying to stop
herself. “I am sorry. I do not mean to laugh. It is very comical, though,” she


Quinn rolled his eyes. He was going to kill Sebastian for


She looked at the invitation then back up at him, her smile
fading. “You do not want to take me,” she said, sounding more like a statement
rather than a question.


Quinn watched her for a moment. He couldn’t tell what she
was thinking. She had closed off her face, impassive even. It was so unlike
her, that he knew it was an act. Could she possibly be upset? Did she seriously
want to go with him?


“Do not worry, Quinn. I will decline to attend,” Margot said
quietly. She handed back the invitation and went back to her work.


Now he felt like a dickhead. “I don’t have
anyone else to go with,” he found himself blurting out. He was so going to
regret this.


Margot’s hazel eyes lifted again to meet his. He caught the
flash of hurt in her eyes before she covered it up. “It is okay, Quinn. I am
sure you would much rather go by yourself, rather than bring me with you. I
understand,” she said neutrally.


She was really going to make him say it, wasn’t she? Quinn had just opened his
mouth to say that he
want her to go, but Peter’s voice interrupted him.


“Oh good! You’re both here!” Peter said cheerfully as he
walked into the office.


Quinn spun to look at Peter. His boss and good friend
strolled in with his hands in his gray pants pockets. His shirt was white, and
he was wearing his signature bow tie and black framed glasses. He was super
skinny and was a good five or so inches shorter than Quinn, who was six feet
three inches.
Peter was an
okay-looking guy, very nondescript. If it wasn’t for his bow tie and glasses,
he’d be practically invisible.


“Bonjour, Peter,” Margot said. The pep was back in her


Quinn glanced back at her, but she avoided looking at him.
He sighed in irritation and turned back toward Peter. “Hey, Peter. What’s up?”
Quinn grumbled.


“Well, I just registered you two to attend the World
Architectural Seminar in London.” Peter smiled proudly.


Quinn gaped at him. “You did what?” he asked dryly.


“The two of you are going to London on Monday so that you
can attend the World Architectural Seminar,” Peter repeated himself.


“How long will we be gone for?” Margot asked.


“Five days. It’s a three day seminar - you’ll fly in on
Monday, the seminar is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and you’ll come home
on Friday,” Peter explained, “All expenses are paid for. The only problem is
that the hotel was book up tight, so you will have to share a room.”


Quinn closed his eyes. He needed to block out Peter’s face
before he punched him in it. What the fuck was going on here? Why the hell did
it seem like everyone was trying to force Margot on him? First, Sebastian, and
now, Peter. It was most likely all in his head, but he still felt that way.


“You guys will have the weekend to pack. Stop by my office
before leaving and I should have your plane tickets printed out and ready to
go, along with your itineraries,” Peter said before walking out of the office.


Quinn took a few deep breaths to try to calm himself down.
He was practically vibrating with anger. He could not believe Peter did this
without even asking him first. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he had to spend
five full days with Margot, but he had to share a room with her, too? That was
insane! Did Peter want him to go crazy? Not only from Margot’s fidgeting, but
also with lust. His body didn’t care that she was annoying; all it cared about
was how sexy she was. He was seriously going to reconsider his friendship with
Peter for this stunt.






Margot sat quietly as she absorbed the news that Peter just
gave them. She could tell that Quinn was livid. His face was blank but his body
was wound up tight. She did not mind going; in fact, she thought it would be a
great opportunity to learn something new possibly. Her only hesitation was
Quinn - he did not care for her. She knew she irritated him with her fidgeting,
but she just was not the type of person to sit still. Quinn was a quirky guy,
and he had many pet peeves that she apparently touched on.


Margot considered herself a complete fool because she liked
him anyway. He was complex, like a puzzle she needed to figure out. It definitely
did not hurt that he was extremely handsome with his medium-brown hair and
chocolate eyes that were framed with long dark lashes. His lips were full and
firm looking, making her wonder what they would feel like against hers. She
caught herself many times just staring at him.


From what Margot could see, considering he always wore a
shirt and tie, was that he had an amazing body. His shirts were fairly form
fitting and showed off his broad chest and back. He would sometimes roll his
sleeves up to reveal his muscled forearms. He had a delicious derrière, too.
Every pair of pants he owned hugged his firm tush, making Margot want to drool.
She could only imagine what he looked like underneath his clothes.


“I have never been to London, have you?” Margot asked Quinn,
who was still standing in front of her desk.


Quinn opened his eyes and looked down at her. “No,” he said


“Maybe we can do some sightseeing if we have time, yes?”
Margot asked hopefully. She would love to get the chance to look around London.
Go see some of the sights.


Quinn gave her a sharp nod before moving back over to his
drafting table. Margot had hopes of possibly getting on his good side on this
trip. Maybe if he got to know her outside of work, he would come to like her
better. Margot was not used to people not liking her. Usually everyone liked
her bubbly attitude and openness. She normally did not care about what people
thought of her, she was who she was and she would change for no one. Something
about Quinn not liking her rubbed her the wrong way, though. It was her new
mission in life to get him to like her, even if it was only as a friend.


“You’re going with me to my brother’s wedding,” Quinn told
her as he sat down.


Margot blinked at him. “I do not want to go if you do not
want me there, Quinn.”


Quinn lifted his eyes to meet hers. She could see that there
was going to be no arguing with him. “You’re going,” he said with finality.


Margot pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes at him. “Fine,”
she said after a moment.


Margot was sure there was something wrong with her. Was she
really going to let him tell her what to do? There was something extremely sexy
about him when he was being domineering though.
Oui, there was definitely
something wrong with her.


“When is the wedding?” Margot asked.


“The first Saturday in March,” Quinn replied.


Margot nodded and added it to the calendar on her computer.
She really did want to go. His brothers seemed really friendly and charming
when she met them a few months ago. She could not remember ever being in the
presence of such a handsome group of men. Every one of them was good-looking
and built. They were all tall and broad, and were all blonde, except for Quinn,
who had brown hair. There was no mistaking that they were brothers since the
resemblance between the four of them was apparent.

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