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He paced back and forth in the front hall, waiting for Leyland to answer, running his hand


through his hair. When he picked up, Ricky said, “The escort you called earlier is at my front


door right now. Get over here. He wants


“No,” Leyland said. “I’m playing cards right now. He wants you, not me.”


“Get over here right now,” Ricky said. He spoke with a low tone, but his voice was filled


with panic. Nothing in school had ever prepared him for an event like this.


“You’re just going to have to handle this yourself,” Leyland said, with his wise professor


voice, as if he knew what was best for Ricky. “Just relax and enjoy it. You can thank me and tell


me the details in the morning.” Then he hung up the phone before Ricky could tell him there was


a six-foot-tall she-male standing on his front porch.


The doorbell rang again, and the elaborate chimes made him swallow back hard. He put


the phone down on the island, paced back and forth a few more times, and walked back to the front door. Before he opened it this time, he fastened the chain latch and turned the knob slowly


(you never know; this guy Dawn was bigger than Ricky). When he opened it and peered over the


gold chain, Dawn’s back was facing him. He cleared his throat and said, “I’m sorry about all this.


There’s been a huge misunderstanding.”


Dawn turned and said, “Ricky, be a nice boy and open the fucking door so I can make a


phone call. I took a taxi here from the city and I have to call another one to get back.” He spoke


with resigned cynicism in his voice, as if he’d been through this sort of thing many times before


and Ricky was just another dumb kid from New Jersey playing around with him. “Do the cool


thing, sweetie. I swear I’m not gonna hurt a hair on your pretty little head.”


Ricky hesitated for a moment, then unlatched the chain. When he opened the door all the


way, Dawn sent him a frustrated look and sashayed into the house with an exasperated sigh.


As Ricky led Dawn back to the kitchen so he could use the phone, his high heels clicked


and his earrings tinkled. And Ricky couldn’t help noticing the way his ass wiggled and moved in


the short tight dress. If he hadn’t been so tall and his features hadn’t been so large, he could have


passed for a real woman, especially from the rear.


In stronger light, Ricky could see how heavily his makeup had been applied and how


brassy his wig was. The lip gloss alone looked wet to the touch, his eyelashes had to be an inch


long, and there were glittery little sparkles all over his cheeks and forehead. He looked more like


a caricature of a woman than a real woman. But it was none of Ricky’s business, so he smiled


and said, “I’m sorry about this.” He put his hands in his pockets and stared down at his sneakers.


“I didn’t mean to put you out in any way.”


Dawn walked to where Ricky was standing and ran her long fingernails across the left


side of his face. “Don’t worry, sweetie. It’s all good.” Ricky looked up and smiled. “It’s nothing personal. You’re very attractive, and all. It’s


just that I’m into guys, not girls.” This was the first time he’d said this aloud to another living


person. It felt so natural and easy. Besides, he wanted to be honest; he didn’t know how to


approach this without being too blunt. Though he knew Dawn really was a guy, he wanted to


make it clear he wasn’t discriminating against him because he was a she-male. “I think what


you’re doing is fine. I support you all the way as a person and a citizen. It’s just that I’m not into


it, is all. I were into it, you’d be perfect.” He folded his arms across his chest and nodded, trying


hard not to offend Dawn.


Dawn smiled and waved his fingernails. “Blah, blah, blah,” he said. “I really don’t give a


damn what you’re into, so save the political correctness for someone who cares. I just want to be


compensated for my time, sweetie. I came all the way out here, and I never come this far out in




“No problem,” Ricky said. He held his hands up and smiled. “It’s only fair.” He seemed


like a nice enough guy, in spite of the high heels and lipstick.


Dawn reached down and squeezed Ricky’s shoulder a couple of times. He bit his ruby lip


and shook his head back and forth. “It’s such a shame, too. You are a fine-looking young piece


of male flesh. I’ll bet I could make you very happy if you let me. I can teach you things you


never knew existed.” Then Dawn reached between Ricky’s legs and squeezed his balls. “And


you’ve got a nice handful, too, sweetie.”


Ricky stepped back and took a quick breath. No one had ever grabbed his genitals this


way either. Oddly enough, he felt a hint of arousal. But he didn’t want to admit this aloud and


encourage Dawn. He’d never been with a man and he didn’t want his first time to be with a she


male. He wanted his first time to be somewhat special. He wasn’t looking for love, but he did want the guy to roughly resemble the Keanu Reeves man of his dreams. Besides, Ricky kept


wondering how he’d look wearing Dawn’s sexy black high heels. If he hadn’t been so terrified,


he would have asked if he could try them on. “I’m sorry,” Ricky said. “I’m just not into it.”


Dawn shrugged and turned. “I’ll live.” He lifted the phone from the island and said, “I’ll


need travel expenses and money for my regular session. She’s not greedy. She just wants to be


paid for her time, sugar.”


“How much?”


“One hundred fifty.”


“I thought you advertised sixty bucks.”


“The rest is for her travel expenses. She didn’t swim over here from Manhattan in high


heels, doll.” Dawn tended to slip into the third person when he spoke.


Ricky smiled and reached into his pocket. He handed Dawn one hundred and fifty dollars


of the money his mother had given him and said, “Sounds fair.” He smiled again; he was just


glad he was getting rid of him.


After Dawn called the taxi, they waited outside on the front steps for what seemed like


hours. Conversation was awkward at best. Dawn kept opening his legs and flirting with Ricky,


and Ricky kept looking up to the sky and rocking on the balls of his feet. At one point Dawn


lifted his dress and showed Ricky his penis. It wasn’t bad, about nine inches and fairly thick. But


Ricky shook his head no and smiled, and Dawn shrugged and put his dick back into his lace


panties. When the taxi finally pulled into the driveway, Ricky looked up at the sky and sighed,


then walked Dawn to the car and opened the back door. Before Dawn got into the car, he pulled a small slip of paper from his purse and handed it


to Ricky. “You seem like a nice boy,” he said. “If you’re ever interested, call this number and


ask for Chad.”




Dawn laughed. “Chad is all man. He’s what every gay boy like you in Jersey wants. Trust


me, he won’t let you down. He’s one of a kind, and only twenty-two years old.” Then he climbed


into the backseat and told the driver to take him back to New York through the Lincoln Tunnel,


not the Holland.


An hour later, Ricky was flat on his back in his bed. He should have been exhausted after


such a long day, but he couldn’t control all the disconnected thoughts running through his head.


Though he was relieved the situation with Dawn had been easy to fix—(it could have been much


worse—he was still horny and still frustrated. So he slid his palm beneath the covers, into his


white briefs, and down to his dick. He spread his legs and squeezed his balls, hoping a good jack


session would relieve all the pent-up emotions he was experiencing that night. But when he


closed his eyes and started to fantasize about his dream guy, the only images that passed through


his head were reruns of past nightmares.


He drifted into a daydream and tried to imagine the hot, dark-haired dream guy who


resembled Keanu Reeves standing over his bed. The room was dark but there was enough


moonlight passing through the windows to see the guy was wearing nothing but a white bath


towel around his waist. The dream guy looked down and Ricky and smiled. He had heavy five


o’clock shadow and his thick black hair was messy on top. Then he reached forward and yanked


all the covers off Ricky’s bed. When the dream guy saw Ricky was only wearing white briefs, he


reached down with both hands, yanked the briefs down Ricky’s legs, and tossed them back over his shoulder. Then he removed his white towel and stood back. He had the biggest, thickest cock


Ricky had ever seen. It was even bigger than Glen’s dick.


That’s when Ricky smiled and nodded at the handsome stranger in his room. He spread


his legs as wide as they would go and lifted them in the air for the man of his dreams. It only


took seconds for the dream guy to climb on top of Ricky and push Ricky’s knees against his


shoulders. He grabbed his dick and rubbed the head against Ricky’s opening. With one quick


push, he went all the way into Ricky’s virgin hole without so much as a flinch. It didn’t hurt in


the least. It felt as if Ricky’s body had been designed to accommodate him to perfection. And


when he started to buck his solid slim hips into Ricky ass, Ricky arched his back and moaned so


high, he sounded like Tiffany had sounded with Glen earlier that night.


But a minute after that, while the dream guy bucked and slammed into him, Ricky heard


sirens and a commotion outside the house. He noticed red and amber lights shining through his


bedroom windows and people were shouting up at the house from the front lawn. Ricky laced his


fingers around the dream guy’s neck and the dream guy put his arms beneath Ricky’s knees so


he could hoist him up. Then he carried Ricky to the window, pushing his penis inside Ricky’s


body the entire time, so Ricky could peek through the blinds and see what was happening outside.


The house was surrounded with police cars and men in uniform. An officer in plain


clothes who resembled Ricky’s math teacher held up a megaphone and said, “Ricky, this is the


police. The house is surrounded. Put down your slutty legs, get that big thick cock out of your


ass, and come outside with your hands above your head, you little whore.”


Ricky’s mother and father came running across the front lawn. His mother’s expression


was pinched and she had one hand pressed to her throat. She grabbed the megaphone and said,


“Please, honey. Do what the police say. Tell that man to stop doing that nasty thing to you with his huge penis and come downstairs. It’s not too late, dear. Don’t ruin your life by doing naughty


things with men who look like that nasty brute, Keanu Reeves.”


Then Ricky’s divorced neighbor from next door pulled the megaphone out of Ricky’s


mother’s hands and said, “Listen to me, you little pervert. I saw you jerking off outside last night


by the pool. I saw it plain as day. You licked your fingers and your own come. You’ll never go


to college now, pal. You’re nothing but a little gay creep and it’s time to come clean. I have


photos to prove it.”


The dream guy bucked his hips into Ricky’s ass and said, “You eat your own come?”


Ricky nodded and tossed his head back. Though he was terrified, he loved being


suspended in mid-air in the arms of his dream guy, while his dream guy was still buried in his




“That’s so hot,” the dream guy said.


Ricky tilted his head toward the window. “Not according to


“Fuck them,” the dream guy said. “I only care about you, baby.”


But before Ricky could reply, he snapped out of the dream and opened his eyes. He left


the dream guy standing there alone and jumped out of bed. He switched on the light on the


nightstand and rubbed his eyes. This was getting bizarre. He was so frustrated he couldn’t even


fantasize about his dream guy anymore without giving himself a guilt trip. He needed the real


thing. He needed a man, he need to find out what it was like to be with a man, and he needed it


that night.


So he went to his desk and opened his laptop to find the website Leyland had been


viewing when he’d called Dawn the she-male. They couldn’t all be she-males on the site. Maybe


there was a normal male escort who appealed to him, one who resembled his ultimate dream guy and could help him lose his virginity with tenderness and affection. It was worth a try. And


though he’d never admit any of this to Leyland, it did seem like the best way to get laid with the


least amount of complications.


But all the escorts listed on the website made him feel creepy. When he read their


advertisements, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up straight. One guy was into licking feet


and sucking toes, another was into something called water sports (whatever that was), and there
BOOK: Ricky's Business
5.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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