ROMANCE: SPORTS ROMANCE: Double Blindside (Bad Boy College Football Romance) (New Adult College Alpha Male Sports Romance)

BOOK: ROMANCE: SPORTS ROMANCE: Double Blindside (Bad Boy College Football Romance) (New Adult College Alpha Male Sports Romance)
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Double Blindside


A Bad Boy Football Sports Romance






By: Carly White








Double Blindside


Chapter 1

“Deidra, aren’t you coming to the party tonight?”

“No I got to work this evening.”

Melissa made a face and I tried to ignore my roommate. She was always partying and I was always working. At the end of the day, we hardly saw each other. It was not the college experience that I had hoped for, but I had a lot of tuition to pay and unlike Melissa, I had to pay for most of it myself.

I worked at the local hospital as a nurse aid and as soon as the semester was over, I would be getting even more responsibilities. Not only was the job helping pay for school, but it was also giving me much needed experience for when I finally did graduate. I tried to remind myself that it would make getting a job easier when I got out, though I sometimes wished that I could be as carefree as Melissa was. I would have liked to go to a party once in a while.

“Come on Deidra. Homecoming is tonight, it’s kind of a big deal.”

I shrugged. She was going to a Delphi Phi’s party and since most of the football players would be there, I wanted to go even less. “You know that is not my scene, but have fun. I will be off around four if you are home by then.”

She made that face again and I went into the bathroom to finish getting dressed. While she was putting on a slutty party dress, I was resigned to my baby blue scrubs. “Whatever Deidra, college is going to be over before you know it and you will have spent all your time studying and working.”

I couldn’t have agreed more. When I first started school that was all I was worried about. I figured if I started well, than eventually I would have the time and energy to do some of the things that were considered part of the college life, the fun part. But as the first three years flew by, it was becoming clear that I was on my last year of studies and I had been to maybe three parties. The work load got bigger and then my hours were raised at work as the tuition hiked ten percent each year.

“I will try to get off Friday if I can.”

“I hope you can. You are missing a good one tonight. All of the football players are going to be there.”

That didn’t bother me much. The football players seemed to be naturally drawn to the cheerleaders. I certainly was not one, so it didn’t seem to that I would have much of a chance anyways. Most of the jocks were dumb anyways and instead of worrying about talking or getting to know me, all they did was look at my chest. I had a few in my general classes and I didn’t think that I would be missing much at all.

“Well you are looking hot Melissa. I am sure you will rope you one tonight.”

She was a bit obsessed with the football players and had taken several to bed. It was a game for her, much like the lists that the jocks made, counting and rating each girl that they had been with. I was happy to say that I wasn’t on any of those lists.

I waved to her before I left, getting into my car and driving the few miles to the local hospital. I was working the late shift and not much usually happened. The big game was that evening and I kind of did wanted to go, but I had work to do. I always had work to do.

The hospital was small for the size of a town that it covered. While Coloma was not very big, the small University made the town swell to double its size each year. It was only the summertime when the residences were free of all the college students that took over the town.

I parked in the back far away from the opening. The employees were supposed to give the close parking to the patients, so I had a ten minute walk to the front.

“Deidra, thank goodness you are here!”

I had just walked through the doors and looked up at Bella. “What’s wrong?”

“No one came in. Everyone called off for the game and it is just me and you for CNAs tonight.”

I sighed. Of course I would be the one that showed up. Bella didn’t go to school, so she had an excuse. It was like going to school for cut days, afraid that one missed day would kill my chances for college.

“Well it should be pretty slow tonight. Anything interesting came in?”

“Not really. Couple older patients with chest pains, one overdose.”

I nodded. It was pretty normal. The town was filled with elderly and young adults. I figured there would be a few ODs later after the parties kicked off. There always was and one would think that they would learn their limits. It was usually alcohol poisoning, yet several street drugs were making their way into the school.

Walking with her to the emergency room, I clocked in and started making the rounds. While most CNAs did not look in on patients usually, they gave me a little more leeway since I was so close to graduating. In reality it just meant I had more work to do.


The evening went well and it was almost nine o clock until we got anyone else in. A few sick kids with croup and then an elderly man with dizzy spells came in and gave us something to do. Bella took care of the kids and I was asking Mr. Landire what medications he was on and what he had been doing prior to the dizzy episode.

I left the room and gave the report to the attending nurse. There was only one and Rita was having a bad day. “Thanks Deidra, I will be in there in a minute. He is probably dizzy because he is 80.”

“His girlfriend was in here and she is 55, I bet he is using some kind of stimulant to keep up.”

She looked over the answers. “He didn’t say so.”

“Yeah, but trust me, they just had sex. I can smell in on them and there is no way he is getting it up on his own.”

She kind of chuckled and went into the room to speak to him before the doctor came in. I was left to roam the halls and since there was nothing better to do, I went down to the cafeteria and got a couple coffees. Bella didn’t drink coffee, but Rita seemed like she needed a whole pot. I looked at the clock and it had just turned ten. It meant that the football game should be about over and then there would be a few stragglers when the parties started. It was the way it always was, so I was going enjoy the peace while I could.

It wasn’t long until someone was brought in by ambulance. It was an injury, but there was not much else forthcoming, except that a surgeon was being called in to attend. It meant that someone with some money and clout had arranged it.

Me and Bella waited after we got the call from the dispatcher. I still didn’t know anything about the patient. I really just ever knew what was going to come through the doors.

It was a football player from school and I almost immediately recognized the man from my history class. He was the quarterback for our school and his leg was bleeding under his clothes. Moving forward, we were sent in to cut the clothing off of one side so that the doctor could see what was going on. He had been hit from the side and it was a compound fracture. About the time I got to him, his brown eyes closed and he had passed out from the pain. After cutting open his jeans, the compound fracture looked horrible.


Billy Mason was the star quarterback and according to the school newspaper, had several NFL teams vying for him. I hoped that his leg would heal so that he could keep his dream alive. He was a jock, but he wasn’t too bad. He probably didn’t know I existed, but he had always smiled when he caught me looking his way. I would of course look down quickly, embarrassed that I was looking, but it was hard not to. Even in his current state, he was nice to look at.

“Deidra, can you stay with him until Dr. Rhodes gets here?”


Bella had been called to another patient that had been in a car accident and I was left looking down at Billy. The wound was cleaned while I waited for the surgeon and soon the room was filled with worried parents and doctors. Before I left though, his eyes opened briefly and I smiled at him. “It’s going to be okay Billy, your parents and the doctor is here now.”


He passed out again and I was left stunned. I couldn’t believe he knew who I was. But there was people pressing in around me, so I left the room to give them space to move around. His parents were there and it was a bungle of fast talking. I was sent into another room to help a patient get ready to leave and it seemed that the day would be more eventful than I had first thought.


Chapter 2

It had been a couple of days since Billy had been brought in and he was doing better. I had checked on him the day before on my shift and he seemed to be healing nicely. I had heard rumours at school that he was going to lose his offers if his leg didn’t heal in time to place some more that season. It was hard to imagine that it would, since it was such a mess to begin with.

I stuck my head in before my shift, expecting him to be asleep like he was last time I checked on him. I had looked at his reports and they kept him drugged up because of the pain. Today though, he was alert and caught me checking on him.

“Deidra? I thought I saw you the other day. Do you work here?”

“Yeah, I was just seeing how the star quarterback is doing.”

“Not so good. The doc says I might not get to play again.”

“You will. It is all about how positive you are. Bones heal fast, just take some time off and you will be fine.”

I wasn’t so sure, but he looked like he needed some encouragement. He looked down in the dumps. Moving into the room, I took a look at his chart. “I heard the surgery went quite well, so it looks like all you need to do now is heal.”

His brown eyes stared into mine for minute. “Why haven’t we ever talked before or seen you at a party?”

“Um, because you are the quarterback and I am the quiet girl that studies and works all the time.”

It was the only answer I could give him. A nurse came in to give him some more pain reliever in his IV. “Well looks like it’s off to lala land for you. I hope you feel better soon Billy.”

“Come back and see me later?”

“I will try.”

I left feeling strange. It was like an alternate universe where a guy like Billy wanted to talk to a girl like me. Why did he want me to come see him later? What in the world would we have to talk about anyways?

I tried to shake it off, but I couldn’t help the smile that ran over my lips. Maybe it was the drugs or a fluke, but I liked that he knew my name. I wouldn’t have thought that he would have. But there was no time for worrying about it though, I had many patients and since it was Friday night, I started to wonder if there was a full moon outside. Every time there was, it seemed like all the crazies came out.

There was a mix of people waiting in the ER and it was Rita and Selene for nurses that night. Rita was in her usual grumpy mood, so I took some of her chores away to make it a little easier. She was going through a break up and was having a rough go of it. Her way of dealing was getting angry and I ended up giving her a chance for a break. Dr. Rhodes was on call and he was fine with it, so I went with him to attend some of the patients.

It was almost 2 in the morning when I stopped by Billy’s room. “Hey Deidra, I thought you were going to come see me?”

I moved into the room. “Sorry I was busy. I figured you would be sleeping by now.”

“No my sleep is messed up and now I am up. Can you come talk for a while?”

“Sure. I haven’t seen Leslie today. Did she come by and see you?”

“No, me and her broke up.”

There was a hint of bitterness in his voice and I wanted to ask him what happened, but it was apparently a sore subject for him. “Well I am sure they are lining up for you as soon as you get out of here.”

“Doubt it. Most of them want to be WAGS, they aren’t worried about me now.”

“Well there loss, your gorgeous.”

I closed my eyes for a second. Why the hell had I just said that? He sat up straighter in the hospital bed. “Is that what you think?”

I couldn’t meet his gaze and went about cleaning up his room and straightening anything that I could to not have to make eye contact with him. “Billy don’t play dumb. You know that you are hot.”

“Yea, but not from a girl like you.”

“A girl like me?” Why do I ask questions about things that I really don’t want to know about?

“You know, a smart girl. Leslie is dumb as rocks you know.”

“Then why did you date her.”

He gave me an incredulous look. “Oh right, big boobs and blonde hair.”

“Yours are bigger.” His eyes were on the very thing he had been talking about.

“Let’s check that your drip isn’t going too fast.”

“They are and you know hers are fake?”

If it wasn’t such a strange conversation, I would have laughed. He was acting like he was on truth serum or something and the way that he was looking at me, made me breathe a little faster. “I don’t think you should go around telling everyone that.”

“Why? She dumped me because I got hurt. She can’t see herself with a cripple.”

“You are going to be fine. You’re not going to be crippled. Just wait a week or two and it will be healing fine. Six to eight weeks and you will be back to normal.”

I could tell he didn’t believe me and he seemed upset. Moving towards him, I sat down on the side of the bed with his uninjured leg. “You can’t let yourself get down over this. You will be just as great as you always were, just wait and see.”

His hand moved to mine and he squeezed it. There was a moment of vulnerability in his eyes that made my heart melt. I squeezed his hand back and our eyes met. Not for long because I was afraid he would see what he did to me. “Thanks Deidra. I should have been dating girls like you a long time ago.”

I kind of laughed. “That would go against the cosmos Billy.”

“Why is that?”

“Because look at us.”

He didn’t seem to see what I was talking about, but that just made him clueless. Surely he understood the hierarchy in school. “You sell yourself short, you are pretty hot yourself.”

I moved to get up. It had become awkward and I really did think that his drip was too fast. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to have someone check on your dose.”

He pulled me back to him. His strength was surprising considering that he was hurt, but his large arms did not seem affected. God, he was huge. I didn’t realize it until his hand covered half of my forearm, how big he really was. I had never been that close to him before. “My dose is fine. I want a kiss before you go.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, but I was taken aback by his words. “I don’t think that is wise. I am not supposed to fraternize with patients.”

“Just one little kiss?”

I wanted to, but I knew that it was a fluke and he probably wouldn’t remember it later. That idea had me moving forward, leaning down to kiss him. If he wouldn’t remember, than it didn’t really matter, right? This is what I told myself anyways. What I wasn’t prepared for though, was how it made me feel.

Our lips touched briefly and I was surprised at how warm he was, how soft his lips were against mine. I tried to pull away, but he held me against him with his strong arm. His tongue pushed in through my lips and I heard myself moan against him. The sound made him groan and kiss me deeper. My insides melted against him and instead of pulling away, I let him ravage my mouth. I had never had a kiss that made me feel so alive and though he wouldn’t remember it, I sure would.


Shit. I heard her voice, recognizing it as Rita’s. He finally let me go and our eyes met for a moment. He was breathing a little faster, matching my rapid heartrate. “I got to go Billy. Get some sleep. Things will look better tomorrow.”

I left the room, almost running away, avoiding her eyes. “Are we really going to act like that didn’t happen?”


She kind of chuckled and shook her head. Your secret is safe with me.”

BOOK: ROMANCE: SPORTS ROMANCE: Double Blindside (Bad Boy College Football Romance) (New Adult College Alpha Male Sports Romance)
9.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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