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"Oh. Fun." Phoenix spread, making a clear offer.

More low growls filled the air, Grio's eyes shining. Then his mate pounced, landing between his legs and taking his cock right in. Phoenix rumbled back, letting himself play and enjoy the pleasure.

Grio's hands moved along his thighs, squeezing, massaging as his mate's hot mouth sucked him.

"Oh!" The sudden pressure made him gasp, made him groan.

Grio's head bobbed, his tongue dragging along Phoenix's prick.

"Hungry beast!" He rolled up and curled around Grio's head.

Grio answered him, but the words were entirely muffled by his cock. The heavy mane of hair tickled his hips, made his heart pound while Grio's rumbles and purrs made his cock vibrate.

"You, too." Phoenix knew how to reciprocate and he felt Grio's smile around his cock at his words.

Wanting to suck, to taste, he tugged his lover around. Growling at him, Grio resisted for a moment before giving in and letting him maneuver Grio into position.

"Need you. Your flavor."

Grio lifted his leg, moving straddling Phoenix's face. Now that thick, dripping prick was right there. Oh, fuck, that made his mouth water.

Grio wagged his ass back and forth, making that sweet cock wriggle from side to side. Phoenix chuffed happily, sucked Grio in. His mate groaned around his cock, hips pushing restlessly. The drops that fell on his lips were heady, delicious, and he slurped them up.

Grio upped the ante by rolling Phoenix's balls, big fingers warm, undeniable. He groaned, rolling up. That was intense. His cock went all the way into Grio's throat, his mate swallowing around him.

Fuck! His own suction became clumsy, his body shaking.

Head bobbing quickly, Grio moved faster. Phoenix tried to focus, tried not to shoot like a teenager, but it was futile. The roar of triumph from Grio as he came vibrated his entire cock and his balls, then Grio swallowed his come.

He panted, Grio's sweet cock loosely held in his mouth, and he could feel Grio's laughter around his prick.

"Butthead." Well, that's what he tried to say. It came out, "bu-hea."

Grio pulled off his cock, laughter louder now that it wasn't muffled anymore. He slapped Grio's prick with his tongue, laughing right back. Grio pushed his cock in deeper, a ripple moving through the big body.

It was the easiest thing ever, to wrap his arms around Grio and pull him in, swallowing around that fine, fat prick. Groaning, Grio laid his head on Phoenix's thigh, each panting breath blowing hot against his cock and balls.
Yes. Yes, that was it. His.

The thick cock continued to drip for him. Spreading his fingers, Phoenix touched his mate wherever he could.

Grio began undulating, cock pushing deep, then pulling up, then pushing in again. Eyes closed, he relaxed his throat, let Grio in. Grio's yowl sent a shiver of delight down his spine. Humping down again and again, Grio drove into him.

"Mate. Mate." The word was repeated, every time Grio pushed into his mouth, the strong hips finding a rhythm.

Yes. Mate. Mate.

The strength of Grio's thrusts increased, needy sounds filling the air. Phoenix tightened, swallowing hard.

Shouting, Grio pushed in deep, come pulsing out of his prick, and Phoenix drank Grio down, pulling to get every drop. Grio's sweet moans accompanied his swallows, and soft kisses landed on his thighs, on his balls.

He shivered, his body heavy with pleasure, with the urge to shift. "Grio..."

His mate pulled away from his mouth and moved to wrap around him, already furry by the time the big body circled his. That was all he needed, his body taking its other form easily. He chuffed softly, nuzzled Grio's whiskers.

One big paw landed on his head, Grio's rough tongue licking at his muzzle. He melted into the mattress, his chest rumbling with pleasure.

This tiger thing wasn't so bad. In fact, it was fun.


Chapter 5


Grio didn't like it. He didn't want Headquarters anywhere near his mate. He knew they wouldn't hurt Phoenix. They needed him. But that didn't mean they wouldn't try to snatch him.

Phoenix had just bought them coffee, but he waved it off, pacing next to the bench they were going to meet the boss at. He didn't like this. He didn't like it at all.

Phoenix was blossoming, laughing and relaxed, totally at ease. It was unnatural under the circumstances.

"Aren't you even a little bit nervous?"

"Nah. I've got you, coffee, and I've survived both meetings with my advisors this week."

"You put me first." It always made him smile, the way Phoenix did that.

"Always. You're mine."

And simple as that, Phoenix nailed it.

"I am." He'd never expected to belong to anyone. Especially not a royal. But he couldn't deny this and he didn't want to. It was scary telling the boss to go to hell, but he would continue to do it if he was called to--Phoenix took precedence in everything.

Grio saw the boss out of the corner of his eyes and he stiffened.

"Easy, love. We're in control." Phoenix's tone was low, soothing.

"He was my boss for a long time."

"He was. He'll come around. I have faith."

"I have faith in you." He would trust his mate.

Phoenix beamed at him, then stood to meet Nigel. "Hey there. How's it going?"

"I can't decide if you're stupid or just arrogant."

"Oh, I'm definitely not stupid." Phoenix smile disappeared and a soft warning growl sounded. "I suggest you be polite."

Grio relaxed. Phoenix so had this. He might be new to being a royal Saffron Tiger, but he wore it like a second skin.

Nigel's mouth tightened, then he took a very long breath and visibly relaxed. "My apologies. Your highness."

Phoenix nodded once, polite and sure. "Apology accepted." Then he waited.

Nigel didn't try to outwait Phoenix, obviously choosing to let their prince run with the meeting. Honestly, he had very little choice. "We were hoping you'd let us find you an appropriate match. We can make you very comfortable."

An appropriate match and a ton of cubs, Grio was sure. He had to work hard not to growl, even a little.

"I have an appropriate match. Grio is my mate. That is non-negotiable."

Was it any wonder Grio loved Phoenix?

"You are the only royal left. We are a dying species." Nigel leaned in, as if confiding in Phoenix. "You have a duty."

"I don't perform with females. However, I am willing to donate sperm, with Grio's help, of course, so that the children can have parents that want them."

Sure, confident. Grio couldn't be more proud.

Hope blossomed across Nigel's face. "You'll father more royals. Let us choose the mothers?"

"Who else would I trust to do that? You are the expert. You know who is safe. The only thing I ask is that you protect the children from what happened to me."

"Your progeny will be cared for, revered. They are the future of our kind."

Grio believed him. Nigel was focused entirely on the survival of the Saffron Tiger.

It looked like Phoenix believed Nigel, too. "That's all I ask for. Happy stable kids."

"That's what I want, too, Professor Lamoure. When can we expect our first...down payment?"

"I guess as soon as we figure out how to preserve everything." Phoenix looked at Grio. "Guess we have some research to do, hmm?"

He grinned. "That's your department, mate. I'm the uh... collection agent." He gave Phoenix a wink.

Nigel looked at him, and then, to his utter shock, the elder tiger bust out with laughter.

Shit, did this mean he actually was getting his job back? If so, Phoenix had been right about that, too.

"I'll leave you to that. Your job is to protect the royal family and his seed. If that's acceptable?" Nigel added, as if realizing it was an offer not an order.

Oh, damn. "As in a paid position?"

"Absolutely. You've been an excellent protector of our kind, Grio."

Fuck, yes. Grio nodded and bowed slightly, offering Nigel thanks, honor. "I will not disappoint you." Then he turned to Phoenix. "Or you."

"Of course you won't." No one had believed in him so utterly, so totally.

"Okay, we're going. You'll keep in touch, Grio. We're hoping for our first shipment of precious cargo soon. And thank you." With that Nigel and his right-hand man both bowed to Phoenix and left.

Grio waited until they were out of sight, then sat next to Phoenix, grinning. "They're going to pay me to keep you safe."

"See, I told you it would work out."

"You did and you were right. That's because you're the brains."

And he was the brawn. It was what he was good at. That and loving Phoenix. He was going to be phenomenal at that.

"I think we should head home, practice our new duties." Phoenix's eyes twinkled merrily. "Maybe a few times."

"See? You
the brains."

"What can I say, mate? It's good to be king."

Sean Michael



Often referred to as "Space Cowboy" and "Gangsta of Love" while still striving for the moniker of "Maurice," Sean Michael spends his days surfing, smutting, organizing his immense gourd collection and fantasizing about one day retiring on a small secluded island peopled entirely by horseshoe crabs. While collecting vast amounts of vintage gay pulp novels and mood rings, Sean whiles away the hours between dropping the f-bomb and pursuing the
Kama Sutra
by channeling the long-lost spirit of John Wayne and singing along with the soundtrack to

A long-time writer of complicated haiku, Sean is currently attempting to learn the advanced arts of plate-spinning and soap-carving sex toys.

Barring any of that? He'll stick with writing his stories, thanks, and rubbing pretty bodies together to see if they spark.

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BOOK: Royal Line
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