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“So pretty, and hot,” he whispered walking her backward. The back of her thighs hit the high bed and a second later she was tumbling onto its softness. He rode her down, his hot, hard body a delicious contrast to the cool softness at her back.

He kissed like a starving man, drinking from her lips with a heated desperation. Hot, wet, open-mouthed exchanges of passion. His tongue slid against hers, then retreated so he could nip gently at the fullness of her lower lip. He covered her, dominated the embrace, and filled her senses… Became everything.

She whimpered and shivered beneath him, reaching out to cradle him against the softness of her body. A maiden welcoming her warrior home. Soft moans and deeper groans punctuated the silence of the little room. He broke away again to kiss down her neck, but he didn’t linger. Instead, he skipped her shoulder, planted a single kiss on the slope of her breast and then flicked his tongue over her nipple.

Pleasure surged through her at the warm wet rasp and she arched her back with a cry. Offered more of herself to him. His arm slid around the back of her shoulders, holding her in position as he lavished attention on her breasts. He worked one, cupping and plumping the soft mound with a big hand, before licking and sucking on the nipple until she was almost mindless with need. Then he transferred to the other, repeating the process until she was ready to beg for him to do something… Anything.

Her hands drove into his short hair, holding him to her as she wrapped her legs around his slim hips and rocked against the hardness she found there. He broke away to rest his forehead against her shoulder. His breathing was ragged.

“Carry on like that, little elf, and this will be the shortest, hardest screw you ever had.”


Chapter Four


Mia didn’t answer, just rocked her hips again and he growled. Rearing back to stand, he snatched open his belt and trousers and shoved his pants down to release his cock. The thick, rigid length sprang free to slap against his toned abdomen. It glistened in the dim lights of the room, the head flushed purple. She bit her lip, anticipation coursing through her and her pussy clenched hard at the thought of him sliding that thick length within her.

He divested the rest of his clothing within a second and crawled back over her. The fire in his eyes made her clit ache again. Stroking a hand up her thigh, he tangled his fingers in the lace side of her panties.

“These need to go,” he said, even as he pulled them down. She lifted her hips to help him and the scrap of fabric disappeared, leaving her naked before him. His hand slipped between her thighs, sliding ever higher, and she parted them in silent invitation. He didn’t look away, holding her gaze as his hand reached the juncture of her thighs and the secrets hidden there.

She clutched his upper arms, lips parting on a soft moan as he found her pussy lips. His eyes darkened at the wetness there, the evidence of her arousal, of her need for him. He reached her clit and circled it. Soft strokes, then hard rubs, all while looking deep into her eyes. She’d never been so naked and exposed, and it had nothing to do with her lack of clothing. It felt like he looked into her very soul while he took her to the heights of pleasure with his hand.

“Hot,” he murmured and his fingers slipped down from her clit to circle the entrance to her cunt. She couldn’t help the soft moan and the jerk of her hips against his hand. Couldn’t help that her eyes fluttered shut when he dipped a calloused fingertip into her pussy. She needed more, so much more.

He didn’t wait for an invitation, and a second later slid a finger deep within her slick channel. Her nails dug into his upper arms, not a warning, but in need. He pulled out and did it again, and again, finger fucking her with long strokes that made her eyes roll back in her head. He added a second finger, using both to scissor and stretch her, and she thought she’d died and gone to heaven. That was until he bought his thumb to play, pressing and stroking against her clit and blew all other previous misconceptions about pleasure out of the water.

The heat in her body rose, sparkles of pleasure and need rolling through her veins like spiked balls. It was delicious, decadent, but she needed to come and he wouldn’t let her. Each time she got close, he backed off, changing the rhythm until she growled in frustration.

“Ohh no, little elf,” he whispered in her ear, planting a kiss there that made her knees weak. “You come when I say… You wouldn’t want to get on Santa’s naughty list, would you?”

Her pussy clenched around his fingers and she pouted as he withdrew them again. Screw being good, if being on the naughty list got her this…then she would never be good again.

He moved over her, sliding down the bed to kneel beside it. Hooking her behind the knees in big hands, he shoved her legs apart and up, exposing her core to him. She moaned as cooler air whispered over her exposed pussy lips, but the feeling didn’t last long. In the next second, he leaned forward to sweep his tongue along the path his fingers had taken earlier.

Even the ability to moan abandoned her as she grabbed at the sheets for something to hold onto. He ate pussy like he kissed, with a savage determination to ring utter pleasure from her. Her breath caught in her throat, tension at her core spiraling, winding tighter and tighter until she could sob with it. His tongue curled around her clit, fluttering about it, flicking over it, and then, finally, he pulled it between his lips and sucked.

Something broke within her, shattered her into a million pieces, and she cried out. His name or a wordless cry of pleasure, she had no idea. All she knew was that his touch had become everything, and the world narrowed down to just the two of them on the bed. He rumbled in pleasure and thrust his tongue deep into her cunt, licking and sucking as though determined to gather up all the evidence of her release.

Finally, he pulled away and she reached for him. He was there within a heartbeat, moving over her to part her legs with a hard knee and settled between them. Heat rolled through her, lifting goose bumps over her skin when the thick, broad head of his cock brushed against the entrance to her pussy. Even though that she’d just come, need hit her broadside again. A need she knew only he could assuage.

His breath came in rough pants, big chest heaving as he looked down at her. He seemed to have a thing about watching her, but she didn’t care. It was the hottest thing she’d ever known, to have him watch her as he pressed forward. The thick head of his cock breached her, stretching the delicate tissues in a delicious way. Her breath caught in pleasure as he slid inside her inch, by slow, thick, decadent inch. She saw it all in his eyes. The way she affected him, the pleasure and passion as he speared her with his big cock. He bottomed out, hips against hers, and paused. Her pussy ached, throbbing around him. The fit was so tight that she felt everything…every vein and ridge along the thick length. Every jerk, every pulse, even his heartbeat as blood surged through his shaft.

The ache subsided, leaving behind a deep need to move. She wriggled and rocked her hips tentatively. Sensation slammed through her, dragging a moan from the depths of her soul. He swore, eyes closing as his cock jerked inside her and when he opened them again, they were unfocused, the expression primal. She smiled as she realized his control teetered on a knife edge and a sense of her own feminine power flowed through her. She’d done that, brought him to the edge. Her.

Reaching up, she planted a kiss on his lips then pulled away a little to whisper. “I thought you wanted to fuck me?”

His hips answered before he did, shoving forward another half inch that made her eyes roll back in her head.

“Yeah,” he managed roughly and pulled back. “Not just wanted to…I’m going to.”

He surged forward again, the movement so powerful the bed slammed into the wall behind it. The pace he set was fast and furious. She whimpered in pleasure, the motion of his cock in her cunt brushing against nerve endings she never knew she had.

He did it again and again, until she didn’t know which way was up, down or sideways. Until the only thing she knew was him and the way he fucked her. Her gasps and moans joined the slap of skin on skin. The sounds of sex filled the room while all around them magic danced.

“Ignore it,” he panted, letting go her wrists in favor of planting his hands either side of her head and using the increased leverage to power into her deeper. “We’re elves… And it’s Christmas. The magic likes us.”

It seemed to, the fairy lights covering them and zipping along her skin in little sensual shocks that stole her breath.

He groaned, grunting as he moved to capture her wrists and haul them above her head. She stretched out beneath him in the ultimate sensual sacrifice. Her breasts rubbed against his hair-roughened chest with each movement, nipples peaking at the stimulation.

Legs around his hips, she locked her ankles and strained against him. Pushed back for each thrust he gave. Rocked her hips against his each time they came together.

He did the same and her clit caught between them, mashed and rubbed with each erotic collision. The tension in her body settled at her core, and her cunt tightened around him until she almost sobbed with need.

He must have realized, leaning down to capture her lips in the softest, sweetest kiss. One so chaste they could have been in church, sunday school, or any other religious location, but for some reason that took her higher. She hovered over the precipice, chaos and pleasure an anarchic sea stretched out below her.

He pulled back, looked into her eyes, and thrust forward. She let go and fell into ecstasy. Pleasure exploded through her body with the force of a supernova, shattering over her like a waterfall. A million shards of pure, decadent delight. She cried, no screamed, his name and he redoubled his efforts.

His thrusts became harder, faster, and the bed slammed into the wall time after time. Each thrust drove her pleasure and she clenched around him. He grunted. Thrust once, twice more...and on the third stroke, buried himself inside her with a roar. Body stiff as a board, his cock jerked as he bathed her inner walls with his white-hot seed.

She whimpered, wrapping her arms around him and taking everything he had to offer. Her soul sang in time with the music that danced around them and when she opened her eyes, he was looking down at her with a smile in his.

“I think,” he said lazily, reaching down to plant a soft kiss on her lips. “I may have to put you permanently on the naughty list.”



Mia loved Christmas. It was a time for family, eating far too much and presents. As a Christmas elf family, hers did everything in abundance. The living room was packed on Christmas morning, Mia nestled between her mother and a second cousin, as the time came to open presents.

They were under the tree, a bright sparkling mound of love and thought all wrapped up in gaudy paper with beautiful bows. They weren’t large, not all of them, but happiness and joy radiated from each and every one. When Christmas elves gave, they gave everything…gave a little piece of their soul in each gift.

The magic of Christmas whirled around them, and she glanced over to her grandfather, the only one of them who had ever been to the North Pole. Well, except her, but not like she was about to tell them that the only part of the Pole she’d seen was Santa’s bedroom. She hugged her secret to her as the gift-giving began, and within twenty minutes most were open, wrapping everywhere as cries of delight filled the room.

“Hey! There’s a couple more here,” her younger brother David exclaimed from under the tree and emerged with two small gifts. Everyone in the room exchanged glances and shook their heads, denying responsibility for the little packages.

“One is for you, Grandpop.” David held the little box out for the older man to take.

He leaned forward, a frown on his wrinkled face. His gnarled fingers made short work of the bow and the paper unfurled like a flower blossoming. Everybody crowded forward to peer within, but only Mia heard the soft sound of sleigh bells and she smiled.

The package contained something wrapped in paper. Grandpop unfurled it and a small, bronze compass dropped into his hand. Awed whispers filled the room.

“It’s a Christmas compass…”

With a gasp, Grandpop pressed the button on the side and flipped it open. Within, golden magic swirled. His eyes filled with tears as he opened the note, his hands shaking. Eventually David had to take it from him to read.


It has come to my attention that for many years we here at the Pole have been missing a part of Christmas. This is to help you find your way home…




“I thought they’d forgotten me. But they haven’t,” he whispered, tears tracking down his face, and utter happiness in his eyes.

“Mia, this one is yours.” David held the second package out to her, and she took it, ready suspecting what was inside. The bow was purple, her favorite color, and as she pulled it the magic in the paper unfurled it to reveal…

A lump of coal.

She smiled, opening and reading the note with it.


I decided that you needed to stay on the naughty list, little elf.

Wait up for me and keep that bed warm.


Santa (Cole)

PS. Loved the Teddy Bear, thank you




The End


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