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The sound that came out of him wasn’t human. She wiggled her ass, tempting him further.

“Fucking good. Need to fuck now. Later too.”

She gave him a come-hither gesture. “Come and get it, Wolfie.”

That’s exactly what Ted did. He undid his jeans and pulled his cock out, stroking it twice. “Mate,” he growled, grabbing hold of her hips. He prayed he wasn’t about to hurt her, but stopping now would kill him. The effects of the bite were riding him hard. He
to make her come again, even if it meant he didn’t.

He shuddered as the tip of his cock touched her pussy. “I’m sorry. I’ll be gentle.”

“Shh. It’s all right. Just fuck me, Ted. Make me come.” Charlie stared at him over her shoulder, her eyes completely golden. Her Lion was submitting to him, but he had no doubt which of them would be in charge of the relationship.

That was okay. After all, she’d just issued a command he was more than willing to obey. He slid his cock into her pussy, sighing in relief when he found her wet and ready for him.
Thank you, mating bite, for making her come.

Ted began to fuck his mate, starting slowly at first, getting a feel for how she reacted to him. He wouldn’t harm her, but dear
did he need her to come before he lost control and went over the edge.

Charlie began scratching at the sofa, her claws marking the cloth, ripping into it as he fucked her. She began mewling, pushing back against him, arching her back, and throwing her head to the side. “For fuck’s sake, bite me.”

He leaned toward her and did as she asked, biting into the top part of her shoulder, the closest spot to her neck he could get. Charlie went wild beneath him, screaming as her pussy clamped down on him.

“Holy shit.” Ted’s vision went black as he came inside his mate, his whole body clenching in ecstasy. By the time he was done, Charlie was slumped over the arm of the sofa, panting like she’d run a marathon. He slid out of her body, already wondering where her bedroom was. He wasn’t doing much better breathing-wise. “Need help?”

She grunted an affirmative, so he held out his hand, pulling when she grabbed it. She wobbled slightly once she was upright. “Thanks.”

He pulled her close and kissed her, savoring this first taste of his mate. Her lips were soft and plump, and she gave as good as she got, slowly taking the kiss from sweet to hungry.

When the kiss ended they were still out of breath. She gave him that slow predator’s smile. “Round two?”

“Yes, please.” He had no trouble going to his knees and begging if need be.

“Race you to the bedroom.” Charlie pulled away, raced around the sofa, and left him in the dust.

“Where’s your bedroom?” Ted shouted as he ran after her.

Only her smug laughter answered. This was going to be one hell of a mating.

Chapter Three

They’d told her the mating bite would feel incredible. No one told her it would feel like
. She dove onto the bed, giggling when she bounced. “Why the hell did we wait so long?”

“I’m a yellow-bellied chicken dog?” Ted dove on the bed after her, landing right where she’d been. “Damn. Missed.”

Charlie rolled to her side and propped her head in her hand. “I think you forgot to take off your boots, cowboy.”

He glanced down at his feet. “More like my Nikes.”

“Think you might wanna get naked?” She wiggled her brows. “Or are we going for round two of Wham Bam Thank You Kitty-Ma’am?”

“That would be an awesome game show.” Ted rolled onto his back and began struggling with his clothes.

“That’s why I capitalized it in my head.” Charlie watched him struggle, ignoring the quick little glances he sent her. “Are you done yet?”

“You can see I’m not,” he growled. His T-shirt landed on her face, his scent surrounding her. She inhaled deeply before tossing it onto the floor. He had his jeans halfway down his legs.

“You can stop humming the
theme any time now.” Ted glared at her, muttering. “Because dicks just love working under pressure.”

Charlie patted his cock, watching it bob up and down. “Yours looks like it’s working fine to me,” she said, utterly distracted by the way it bounced on his rock-hard stomach.


Bop bop bop. Bouncy bouncy bop.


“What?” She looked up at him to find him on the verge of laughter. “What did I do?”

“You totally kitty’d out on me.” His golden brown eyes were turning the dark, deep brown she loved so much. “Should I dip the tip in catnip?”

“No thanks, Dr. Seuss,” she grumbled back. Still, she couldn’t resist giving his cock one last bop, just to watch it bounce.

“I swear, your pupils totally dilate when you do that.” Ted’s clothes were now somewhere on the floor. He spread his legs and put his hands under his head. He was the picture of relaxation, other than the erect cock that still called to her. “Play as much as you want, kitty, but I should warn you. It spits.” The laughter left his expression. “Also, no claws. Claws are bad.”

“You sure?” She flicked out her claws and ran them carefully around his balls.

“Yup,” he squeaked. Just like the mouse Belle had named him.

“Aw. Want me to kiss it and make it better?”

He nodded so fast he made his hair stand on end from the static electricity he generated off the cotton pillow cover. “Okay.”

“Stay put. Don’t move your hands, or I’ll bite them off.”

His hands tightened on the edges of the pillow. “Yes, ma’am.”

She smirked at him, gliding down his body as he whimpered. “Good boy. Sit. Stay.” His laughter was abruptly cut off when she lapped at the tip of his cock. “Mm. Salty.” She’d have to make sure her boy drank more fruit juice. It would get rid of the bitter taste she was sure to come.

Heh. Come.
Hopefully there’d be a lot of that going around.

She continued to lap at just the head, every now and then paying extra attention to the slit. She could hear him moaning, but she was too busy to pay that any attention.

She’d decided she wanted to know what it was like to ride a Wolf.

While Charlie had never picked up the knack of deep throating (hello, gag reflex!), she liked to think she could suck with the best of them. She went down on him, enjoying the whole-body shudder that ran over his muscular frame. The musky scent of male and come surrounded her, the faint taste of her own pussy mingling with the salty tang of his precome. His skin glided over her tongue, his thick hardness sliding between her lips with ease.

“Fuck, Charlie.”

She looked up at him through her lashes to find him nearly tearing the pillow in two. His eyes were on her, glittering golden brown Wolf eyes that devoured her.

“You have forever to stop doing that.”

Charlie rewarded him with a long, wet slurp.

His eyes crossed. “Jesus Christmas.”

With a pop she lifted her mouth of his cock. “What did you say?”

Ted whimpered. “No stopping, please?”

“No way, José.”

“Ted. José is my cousin twice removed.”

She put her head on his thigh, right next to his balls. “Not until you repeat what you said.”

“Shit.” Ted moved, rolling them both over until she was the one with her hands in the air as he spread her thighs wide. “If you’re distracted by my words you’re not crazy enough for me.”

Before she could even think of a retort, every thought in her head flew far, far away. Ted had her clit in his mouth and was stroking it with his tongue, sucking at the same time. Now it was her turn for her eyes to cross, for her to grasp at the bedding with her hands. Her claws came out, shredding the bedspread beneath her. Her eyes changed to her Lion’s, the vibrant red and orange bedspread becoming shades of yellow and gray.

Jesus Christmas, indeed.

Ted took his sweet time with her, exploring her with eager fingers and tongue. He spread her wide, licking her hole. He played with her clit, fucking her with his finger as he licked her clit. When his tongue entered her, his thumb continued to stroke her, learning what made her moan and what made her try to squirm away.

She’d give her wild Wolf this: he was a fast learner.

When she was on the verge of coming he’d back off, easing her down from the edge with softer touches and quiet murmurs. He was driving her fucking insane with this on again off again orgasm. She was going to start threatening his life if he didn’t let her come.

She hit him on the head, possibly harder than she’d planned because he yowled almost like a cat. “What was that for?”

“Get on your back, buddy. I’m in the mood for a ride.”

He moved so fast he was in position by the time she was done blinking, the blankets rippling in the wind of his passage. He patted his thigh. “Giddy up, woman!”

Laughing and shaking her head, she straddled her mate. “You are insane.”

“Only on days that end in y.” Ted took hold of her hips, steadying her as she lowered herself slowly onto his cock. She was good and wet from his ministrations, so he slid in easier than she’d feared. “God, you feel so fuckin’ good.”

Now that she had him inside her she leaned until her hands were on either side of his head. “You ready for this?”

His fangs gleamed as he smiled. “Are you?”

She slammed back, taking him deep inside her. In this position he stretched her deliciously wide, making her moan. “Oh, yeah. I’m ready.”

He shuddered beneath her. His hands tightened on her hips, holding her in place. “Then let’s go.”

Ted fucked her, sliding in and out smoothly, the sound of their flesh slamming together intoxicating. His gaze landed on her nipples and she felt them harden in response, begging to be sucked on. Ted obliged, taking one of them in his mouth and dragging his fangs over it.

She grunted in pleasure, arching back to give him better access. His hands slid around to her ass, gripping her cheeks tightly. The curls at the base of his cock grazed her clit, making her throb with desire.

“Harder.” She needed him to fuck her just a little harder, a little more…

Ted began pounding into her. One of his hands moved to cover the hair at the apex of her thighs. His thumb dipped down and began stroking her clit.

“Yes, just like that.” Oh hell, that touch, right there on her clit, was going to send her screaming into oblivion.

He dug his fingers into her ass as his breath began to come in pants. “Close.”

“Mm.” She moved slightly, his thumb rubbed just right, and Charlie was singing the hallelujah chorus as her body spasmed around him. She almost roared, her Lion was that pleased that they’d come with their mate.

“Fuck,” Ted grunted. His body arched, his hands tightening almost painfully on her body. He poured into her, coming hard, his face screwing up tightly.

Charlie collapsed on top of her mate, barely able to breathe. She could still see the pretty stars she’d seen while coming harder than she’d ever done in her life. “Well. That was a nice start to my day.”

“Nice?” His voice, muffled by her breasts, was offended.

“You’re telling me we can’t do better?” Charlie was going to enjoy taunting her mate into driving her insane with desire.

“Maybe later. After a nap. Of course, you could keep your breasts right where they are, thank you.”

She chuckled. “I’m sure I could.” But the position wasn’t nearly as comfy for her as it was for him, so Charlie slid off his cock to his side. “That’s better.” She settled up against him with a sigh. “Now was that so bad?”

His eyes were mostly closed, but she could still see the golden brown of his Wolf’s eyes under his lashes. “It was absolutely horrible. I never want to do that again. In fact, I might just—

His words were cut off by the pillow she shoved over his face. She removed it to smile sweetly down at him. “I’m sorry, I thought I heard you say you never wanted another blowjob as long as you live. But that can’t be right, can it?”

He violently shook his head. “No, ma’am.”

“I thought not.” She settled back down against him, rubbing his chest absently. “I’m hungry.”

“Typical Lioness. Fuck, feed, sleep, repeat.” The affection in his tone, and the kiss on top of her head, took any sting out of his words. “Breakfast in bed sound good?”

“Sounds marvelous.” She purred, stretching her limbs against him. She watched with some interest as his cock jerked. “I thought I wore him out?”

“What can I say? He has a mind of his own.”

Half-hard, it wasn’t nearly as bouncy. Charlie pouted as she bopped his cock.

“Woman, if you want breakfast, you’ll stop that.”

“Poo.” She rolled over onto her back and did a full body stretch, even wiggling her toes. “Can I shower while you hunt down breakfast?”


She scratched her stomach, right over her pussy. “And can I do my makeup and hair while you paint my toenails?”

BOOK: Sorry, Charlie (Poconos Pack)
7.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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