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Authors: Bree Jandora

Spanking Required (2 page)

Christopher’s smile disappeared as he leaned in close enough to kiss me. “Your pictures don’t do you justice. You’re breathtaking.” He put his fingers behind my head and gently combed them through my long, dark hair.

I caught one good whiff of his musky aftershave and suddenly my thoughts went beyond spanking. I wanted to take that shirt with both hands and rip it open, listening to the buttons bounce all over the floor as I ran my fingers across that firm chest of his.

He pulled me closer until his lips were inches from my forehead and I could feel his breath.

Here comes the kiss…

I closed my eyes and got ready for it, my pussy getting wetter with each passing second as I felt his fingers gently cradling the back of my head.

And then, suddenly, his fingers tightened, pulling my hair.

I gasped and looked up. Christopher’s smile was gone and his sexy blue eyes had an icy glare.

Shit. This is the part where things go horribly wrong…

But, why was I breathing so hard? Why did I have no desire to fight, or to beat against his chest in a desperate effort to get away?

Christopher pulled my head back and stared down at me with narrowed eyes. “Don’t you know how dangerous it is to meet a stranger online?”

I couldn’t speak, too confused about what I was feeling.

His eyes got bigger. “Answer me!”

“Yes. It’s dangerous,” I whispered.

“Yes.” The word came out of his mouth like a hiss. He lowered his face closer to mine, still holding me by the hair at the back of my head. “Do you have any idea what I could do to you?”

I moaned under my breath, my emotions quivering in a strange place between

He pulled the back of my hair again, harder this time, making me let out a quiet yelp. “Answer me!”

“No.” I tried to shake my head but he held me so tight, I could only move about an inch each way. “I have no idea.”

Quickly, he reached down and grabbed my wrist, shoving it behind my back. It hurt my arm and made me drop my purse to the floor. He then grabbed my other wrist and held both together behind my back with one hand.

He let go of my hair and started to drag me along to another room. “You’re gonna get that spanking, little girl. You’re gonna get a lot more than that.”

I knew I should’ve been scared, and maybe I was, but I had never been so aroused in my life. It felt like I was in some kind of trance as he led me out of the living room. I calmly looked around, admiring his good taste. The house was clean, and decorated in rich jewel tones, mostly blue.

It wasn’t until he led me to his bedroom that the fear crashed in. I stopped paying attention to the decor when my face hit the seat of a leather chair. I had barely gotten a glimpse of a bed before he bent me over and pushed the top half of my body down over the arm of that chair. My butt was up high, my pelvis pressed against the padded leather. I immediately felt a slight draft as he lifted up my skirt, exposing my skimpy panties.

Christopher held one hand against the thin layer of cotton that covered my pussy. “A spanking, huh?” He drew his hand back and smacked me hard on the back of my thigh, then moved his hand back to the cotton strip. “That’s exactly what you’re gonna get.”

And spank me, he did. His slaps were hard and rapid. My screams did nothing to slow him down. He went on and on, grunting between smacks. I started to count how many he’d given me but I lost track around number twenty.

My butt was on fire. I cried against the leather that my face was smashed against and waited for him to finish.

He stopped spanking me and started to glide his hand smoothly across my backside. “Feels so warm,” he said, in a voice that was almost gentle—nothing like the stern voice I’d already grown accustomed to hearing.

I sniffled against the chair, trying to catch my breath.

“Shh.” He rubbed my bottom for a little longer, up one thigh and down the other, now avoiding the area covered by my panties.

Was it sick that I wanted him to touch my pussy? I was certain he could see how soaked my panties were. I thought I felt some of my wetness drip down my legs but I couldn’t tell for sure. My thighs and my butt stung too much from that spanking for me to feel much else, besides my throbbing pussy.

My sniffles were just about to turn into a moan when I felt his hand on the back of my head again. He pulled me up by my hair to a standing position.

“Ow!” I winced as he turned my body to face him.

“That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?” His gorgeous eyes still had that icy glare, but now he had a weak smile on his face. “A spanking? Right?”

“Yes.” I raised my hand to wipe a few tears from my face.

He reached behind me and gave my bottom a sharp swat that made me jump a little. “How rude. It’s ‘yes sir.’ You got it?”

I nodded rapidly. “Yes,” I inhaled, trying to make the tears stop, “sir.”

“Good. Very good.” He waited until I lowered my arms, then he put a hand around each of my wrists and pulled me forward as he walked backwards to sit on the bed, where he let go of my wrists.

I stood in front of him and watched his eyes go up and down my body like I was on display just for him. I licked my lips. The pain of the spanking felt good. My entire body was awake and alive, glowing with a mixture of pleasure and hurt, and the anticipation of what may come. A tiny voice inside my head said, ‘you should try to escape,’ but I didn’t. I couldn’t. I was spellbound by the handsome stranger who lived in this nice, big house and commanded me to call him ‘sir.’

Christopher’s eyes drifted up to meet mine. “Take off your clothes.” He grinned and put both hands down on the bed to prop himself up. “Slowly. Everything but the panties.”

My chest heaved. Yes, I was indeed on display. Just for him. I looked in his eyes and started to undo the first button on my blouse when those blue eyes widened and he stood up, grabbing me by my hair, yanking my head back.

“What do we say?” He stared in my eyes.

I was too startled by this seemingly random action of his to know exactly what he meant, but somewhere inside I knew the answer. He’d just told me a minute ago. I managed to reply in a weak voice, “Yes, sir.”

He nodded, then let go of my hair and sat back down.

I gulped and undid my first button. I kept my eyes on his to gage his reaction as I slowly worked my way down the blouse. His eyes stayed on my hands. He let his mouth fall open, occasionally sliding his tongue across his plump lower lip.

When I got to the last button I pulled the blouse open to expose my naked breasts. He hunched forward with a painful expression on his face, like he was using all of his effort not to touch me. With my thumb, I gently nudged the blouse off of one shoulder, then the other. As delicately as possible, I shimmied, letting the blouse fall down my arms and onto the floor.

Christopher cleared his throat. “And now the skirt.”

“Yes, sir,” I whispered as I reached behind my back with both hands to unzip the skirt. I tried to do it slowly, but as soon as the zipper was undone the skirt fell to the floor and landed at my feet in a heap.

I didn’t dare ask what to do next. I stood in front of him with my hands at my sides, awaiting further instruction. It was hard to keep a straight face as I watched him gawk at me with his mouth hanging open.

Why doesn’t he just throw me down on the bed right now?

The anticipation made my entire body stand at attention. I wanted him
fucking badly. He could do anything with me that he damn well pleased. I loved the feeling of being so exposed, standing there almost nude, following his orders. The hardest thing about standing there was trying not to reach into my panties to take care of that hungry ache he’d caused.

Finally, he reached forward to put his hands around my wrists again, holding them tight.

I took a step closer until our legs touched.

Without saying a word, he pulled my wrists down to his lap, forcing me to bend forward. When I did, he stuck out his tongue and licked one of my very erect nipples before taking it into his mouth.

I closed my eyes, moaning, trying to catch my breath. His velvety tongue ran circles around my nipple. Circles that made my pussy want him more than ever as I imagined that tongue running those same circles around my clit. After a while he let go of my nipple and moved to my other breast, making those wonderful circles again as he firmly clenched my wrists.

I gritted my teeth to try to keep myself from screaming.

Should I be enjoying this so much?

After an eternity of licking, he started to suck on my nipple, taking much of my breast into his mouth. I heard him moan as his sucking got more forceful, to the point where it almost hurt me.

I tossed my head back, screaming, when I felt his teeth against my skin. He bit me, but not too hard. He started lightly and bit down gradually until it hurt.

I screamed for approximately five seconds when he opened his mouth to free my breast.

Christopher let go of one of my wrists and reached behind me to slap the back of my thigh, hard. “Do I need to use the gag on you, Brooke?”

“No, sir.”

“Good. Now, keep your fucking mouth shut.”

He took my wrist once again and went back to sucking and biting my nipple. I did everything I could to stop myself from screaming. I took deep breaths. I gritted my teeth. But still, sometimes the sound left my throat regardless of how I tried to stop it. It hurt. Each time I let a scream escape my lips, he reached behind me and gave my butt another loud swat.

My pussy was dripping wet.
What would he do if I let myself fall forward to push him down on the bed?
I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The longing between my thighs seem to grow exponentially with each moment that passed. The feel of his teeth… his tongue… his lips… his firm hand smacking my ass.

I opened my mouth, unable to hold back the words. “Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

Instantly, Christopher let go of my wrists and stood up. He reached down to give my ass a very sharp slap that hurt more than the others he’d given me the past few minutes. Then he grabbed my hair and pulled my face to look directly into his, deepening his already-masculine voice. “I’m in charge here. I make the rules.” He paused, staring in my eyes. “You do what I say. You understand?”

His commanding tone only strengthened my desire. “Yes, sir,” I answered, softly.

He held my head there and looked into my eyes for a few more seconds then, fast and without warning, he pushed me down on the bed, head first.

My nose smarted after hitting the soft comforter so abruptly. I felt him pull me back and forth by my waist. Then I realized, as his palm landed sharply against my bottom, that he needed to get me in the proper position. My pelvis rested against the comforter, but my legs stretched out haphazardly behind me. I felt my toes barely touching the floor.

Christopher chuckled. “You have a lot to learn, little girl.” He slapped my butt five times in a row, hurting me so much that I squirmed uncontrollably. “You came here for a spanking.” Another slap. “A spanking’s what you’ll get.”
“Only bad little girls meet strangers online and go to their houses to get spanked.”
“Do you know how stupid that is?”
“Do you?”

I inhaled deeply to speak as I cried against the bed. “Yes, sir.”

“Well, I’m gonna make sure you learn your lesson good tonight.”
“I don’t think you’ve been spanked enough.”
“I might have years of bad behavior to correct.”

What followed was a more severe spanking than what he’d given me the first time. I wailed and beat my hands against the bed, and he only seemed to spank me harder. After a while he pulled my panties down, practically ripping them off, then spread my legs apart and applied painful swats all around my pussy.

It wasn’t long before I realized I was no longer wailing. The longing ache between my legs was back with a vengeance. His hand inflicted pain along my inner thighs, all the way up to my labia and back down. The closer he got to my pussy, the more I wanted him there.

I’d never felt such a fierce build-up of sexual tension before. The feel of his hand, the sound of each smack, the sensation it sent all the way from my clit to someplace deep within my pussy that needed a hard dick inside it… I had to do something or I might explode.

“Fuck me!” I screamed.

He paused. I could hear him breathing hard. “You’ve done it now.” Christopher gave the back of my thigh one violent slap, then I heard him unbuckling his belt. He put a hand on my back. “You get the belt now.”

I shrieked as the belt fell against my ass, but I couldn’t cry. It really didn’t even hurt that much. He had already warmed me up so much that the belt didn’t feel much different than his hand. I think I shrieked because I knew it was a belt. This was different somehow. This was more severe, more sinister.

More pleasurable.

In the midst of having a complete stranger swing a belt at my naked ass, I had a moment of clarity.

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