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Authors: Bree Jandora

Spanking Required (3 page)

This is stupid. You don’t know this guy. What if he tries to kill you? Or he keeps you locked up here in this house as a sex slave?

Well, it could be worse. I could be stuck in a relationship with a nice guy who always plays it safe, having boring, vanilla sex the rest of my life.

I choose sex slave.

I let myself scream openly as Christopher continued to swing the belt. For a second, my ex-boyfriend Joshua’s face popped into my mind. It made me feel terrible. Joshua was so sweet. He didn’t deserve me breaking up with him just because he couldn’t fulfill my spanking needs. My guilt made me more grateful for the spanking I was receiving… even though it didn’t really feel like a spanking anymore.

And then Christopher stopped swinging the belt and began to speak.

“Stay where you are and raise up on your toes,” he said.

“Yes, sir.” I dug my toes into the floor and straightened my legs, making my butt more prominent.

He spread my legs a little further apart, then reached under my stomach with his arm, using his hand to pull me up and make my backside stick even further up in the air.

That’s when I felt an odd, curious slap against my pussy lips.

“Oh!” I squealed.

He slapped my lips again.

“Uh!” I produced a shriek that was so high-pitched, it probably woke up every dog in the neighborhood. Whatever he was doing hurt, but it made my whole body shudder with excitement. I wanted more. “Please, sir, tell me what you’re doing?”

Another slap. “You learn quickly.” He laughed and gave me another slap that made my entire body jolt. “I’m spanking your pussy, Brooke. I’m using the end of my belt flat against your pussy to spank it.”

“Oh!” I screamed as I felt another smack. The words ‘spank’ and ‘pussy’ sounded like they belonged together when Christopher said them. And I knew for sure now that I loved to have my pussy spanked. I closed my eyes and, amidst squeals and pants for breath, enjoyed the way he spanked my pussy. Thinking the phrase ‘pussy spanking’ repeatedly in my mind as he did it turned me on even more. I could feel my juices flowing out like a river down my thighs to the comforter on top of his bed.

The belt landed against my swollen lips a few more times until I just couldn’t take it anymore. I screamed, “You have to fuck me now!”


“Please, sir? Please fuck me, sir? Please fuck me
, sir?”

He sighed, loudly. “I’m the one in charge here.”

Christopher left me there and walked to the other side of the room. I heard him opening a drawer. When he returned, he threw something down on the bed, then grabbed a large handful of my hair and guided me to a standing position.

Even the hair pulling doesn’t hurt anymore. What the hell’s wrong with me?

He sat down on the bed. “Stand there. Spread your legs.”

“Yes, sir.” I stood in front of him and inched my feet a little further apart.

He looked up into my eyes and stuck his hand out between my legs, slowly gliding it across my pussy.

I threw my head back, moaning.

He fondled my lips for a little while longer, then he put a few fingers inside me, penetrating me hard, like he was fucking me.

Again, I moaned. It felt like I’d waited desperately for this for years. I moved my hips against his hand, working his fingers in deeper. Those fingers felt so damn good inside me, especially when his wrist brushed against my clit.

And then, as abruptly as he started, he stopped.

“What?” I opened my eyes and looked down at him.

“On your knees,” he said, his tone and his eyes full of demand.

I sucked in a deep breath, feeling shy for some reason. “Yes, sir.” I knelt down between his legs, looking up in his light eyes, feeling the soft carpet against my knees.

He grabbed the back of my head and shoved his fingers inside my mouth. “Lick my fingers clean.”

I stared in his eyes and licked his fingers furiously, anxious to get this over with. Although my pussy may have tasted really good, it was a taste to which I was unaccustomed. I thought back to
Joshua and how much he loved to taste me. Then I licked faster, trying to push that thought out of my mind.
Why am I thinking about him so much tonight?

Christopher made me go on for a little while longer, twisting his fingers around inside my mouth. Then he took them out and reached down to his pants, unzipping them to pull out his cock. He gave me a half-smile and put his hand behind my head.

This time I received no verbal command. Instead, I received his cock in my mouth when he yanked me forward. I started out licking along his shaft as he jerked my head up and down. I tried to swirl my tongue around the tip of his cock but he kept pushing me back down, repeatedly, until he struck the back of my throat, making me gag.

He pulled my head away, waited until I stopped coughing, and pushed me down onto his cock again, bobbing my head up and down as he pleased.

I licked and licked but I heard no response. So, I sealed my lips around him and started to suck, lightly.

“Oh yeah.” Christopher moaned.

I sucked harder, holding out my tongue to run it up and down his shaft as I went.

“Oh… oh…” He moaned louder, pushing me down and pulling me back up at a faster pace.

I sucked and licked with greater intensity as he went. I expected to feel him get off inside my mouth at any second. But then he hit that spot in the back of my throat and I started to gag again.

He pulled me away from his lap and reached behind him for whatever he’d throw down on the bed earlier.

When I finished coughing, I found out what he’d retrieved from the drawer. A ball gag. He shoved it toward me and I instinctively opened my mouth. In seconds he was fastening it behind my head, then reaching under my arms to help me up to a standing position.

As soon as I stood up, he pushed me down on the bed. This time, on my back.

He reached down to my ankles. “I had to gag you to keep you from barking orders at me. You’re not the boss here, Brooke. I am.”

I felt him fasten something around each of my ankles, then he pushed me further back on the bed. I would’ve asked, ‘What did you just put around my ankles?’ if there hadn’t been a gag in my mouth.

Christopher bent my legs back until my knees were at my ears and my feet were at my eye level. Then he put a stretchy band behind my head that was attached to each of my ankles, leaving them suspended in mid-air with my wet pussy on full display. My legs were stretched to their absolute fullest capacity.

Next were my hands. He walked around behind me to the other side of the bed where he stretched my arms and put restraints around my wrists. When I tried to lift my arms they barely moved. They were still against the comforter, spread out toward the corners of the bed.

He came back around the bed again where he proudly looked down at me laying below him. “Yes. That’s a good girl.”

I was powerless. Never in my life had I felt so powerless. I couldn’t talk. Couldn’t move my arms or legs. I was at the complete mercy of this man whose last name I didn’t even know.

And I loved every fucking second of it.

My pussy gushed all over the bed as I gazed into his mesmerizing blue eyes, pleading silently with him for the kindness to satisfy the need between my legs. He was my only hope. Oh, how my pussy throbbed, waiting for him.

Until then, I had no idea how good it felt to be on display like that. To have a stranger see me so intimately. To know that he was the one who restrained me, not bothering to ask my permission first. I loved being exposed and naked in front of him, laying down on my back against my sore, freshly-beaten ass—vulnerable, with no idea what to expect.

A draft blew across my naked breasts and against my nipples that were still tender from when he’d sucked and bitten them so hard. The draft felt even nicer against my swollen pussy lips that begged for his attention. Any attention. A finger, a tongue. A nice, hard dick would’ve been nice. Even a belt landing flat against it repeatedly, inflicting pain of the very best kind.

I felt like I could cry, and it had nothing to do with fear. It was only because of that longing, deep inside me.
Please fuck me. Please, sir. Fuck me. Please. Please. Please. Fuck me.
I hoped he could somehow read my thoughts. But if he could, all he would probably do was tell me he was in charge, and he’d probably make me wait even longer.

After a few more moments of him staring down at me on the bed, torturing me, his eyes taking their sweet time as they lingered, he dropped down out of sight. A few seconds later I felt his tongue lapping against my pussy.

“Mmm!” I strained, to no avail, against the gag in my mouth. I wanted to be heard. He had to know how good this felt. Or maybe he didn’t. It just felt like somebody had to know that my ache was finally being soothed.

I felt him start at the opening of my pussy then make his way up to my clit where he kept his tongue flat and gave me one long lick, then another, then another.

I needed a faster motion, but I was grateful just to feel that tongue against me. Soon, he started to lick faster, circling my clit, then sucking on it.

Oh yeah…
I would’ve been screaming at the top of my lungs if not for that pesky ball. His tongue was my favorite thing in the world right then. It was agonizing to not be able to vocalize my appreciation. I moaned until I felt the leather ball vibrating in my mouth from the force of my breath.

His tongue moved harder against my clit, giving me just what I needed. I was pretty sure I had fallen in love with being at his mercy. My body was his for the taking and he could do with it anything he desired, but what he chose right then was to give my pussy a nice, thorough licking.

I gasped. There was a finger… It poked against a tight hole I’d rarely used for anything other than its intended purpose.

As he bathed my clit with his tongue, I felt him slide his fingers from my pussy down to my asshole to get it wet. It was probably already saturated, considering how soaked I’d been all evening. But I liked the motion of his fingers sliding along in a path between my two holes.

He kept his tongue on my clit and forced a finger just inside my butt.

I pressed my teeth into the ball, unable to scream. It hurt, but I was unable to stop him.

His finger stayed there, not moving. The pain of it went away as I felt my orgasm approaching. In fact, as he sucked on my clit and licked it faster, I found myself clenching my ass around his finger. I started to like the way it felt. It added an unexpected element of pain to the pleasure I experienced. I also appreciated the fact that he had been gentle with me when he could have been forceful. After all, he was in control and I sure wasn’t. I was just the woman laying there on her back with a gag in her mouth and her legs spread wide for his pleasure.

Mmm… I loved being there for his pleasure. I was a toy, and he wanted to play with me. He could’ve done anything he wanted, but he chose to lick my pussy and finger my ass.
Yeah… yeah…
the thought of it sent me over the edge.

My hips bucked against his face. My ass tightened around his finger, not wanting to let go. I needed that finger right then. I tried to scream at the top of my lungs but it came out like a sad, muffled cry.

My new fantasy was to spend the rest of my life on that bed, being used however he saw fit.

After I got off, I closed my eyes, trying to breathe as deeply as that gag would allow. My body trembled on the bed, trying to recover from my insanely intense orgasm.

Seconds later, I felt the mattress depress around me. He was hovering over me, staring down into my eyes with his hands planted somewhere above my head.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard.” Christopher’s dick rammed inside me at once.

I closed my eyes and inhaled sharply. It didn’t matter that I’d just had the orgasm of my life. That dick was what I needed to really satisfy my longing—the itch deep inside that begged to be scratched. He stuck it in me deep and forcefully. And he kept it there for a few seconds before the real fucking began.

Damn, he felt good. Like he belonged inside me. Like he owned my pussy. Christopher inhabited me completely, staring down into my eyes as soon as I opened them again. Never had penetration felt so good to me. He slammed into me harder and harder. I felt his balls hitting my sore bottom every time. I loved being underneath him with no choice but to let him have his way, feeling him do whatever he wanted at
pace and

That is, until I felt him slip out of my pussy and down to my other hole.

I winced, hoping he’d see the pain in my face and react with mercy. He reached down between his legs with one arm and looked in my eyes as he poked against my hole gently with the tip of his cock. Then he pressed a little harder. Then a little harder until I was pretty sure his whole head was inside my ass.

I screamed against the ball, but Christopher was undeterred.

He stayed inside me, not moving. “You’ll get used to it, Brooke. You’re such a good girl.”

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