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Authors: Roderick Gordon,Brian Williams

Spiral (55 page)

would like to thank . . .

My wife, Sophie, and my two sons. There wouldn’t be anything without them.

Barry Cunningham, who is so much more than just my editor or publisher. Until we met up early in the summer of 2010, I had quite a different middle section planned for
. Out of the blue, Barry asked me if the Styx were really human or not. As I do every time this question is bowled at me by readers, I tried to avoid giving him an answer, but he was insistent. Barry’s like that. As I opened up a little to him and we continued to chat, it crystallized some radical ideas about the Styx women and changed the course of the book. So if you don’t like the way the story turned out, you know who to speak to.

Catherine Pellegrino of Rogers, Coleridge & White — the best literary agent and hand-holder a writer could hope for.

Karen Everitt, who plays such a crucial part in the writing process as she corrects my countless mistakes using her encyclopedic knowledge of the series.

Kirill Barybin, an exceptional young artist who got in contact through, and who keeps me inspired with his work in those dark, lonely months of writing.

Andrew Douds for his invaluable advice. Any inaccuracies are entirely my own.

Rachel Hickman, Elinor Bagenal, Steve Wells, and Nicki Marshall at Chicken House, and David Wyatt (cover artist extraordinaire), who together made this book what it is.

At Scholastic in New York, Siobhán McGowan and Starr Baer, Joy Simpkins, Jacqueline Hornberger, Kevin Callahan, and Whitney Lyle.

Simon and Jen Wilkie, and Craig Turner, who together with Karen Everitt run, and have done so much for the series.

And a host of people I should have mentioned before now, because in various ways they’ve been so important in helping, supporting, and influencing me as the series has progressed. They are: Mathew Horsman, Rosemary Gordon (my mother), Diana Harman (my sister), Patrick Robbins, Andrew Fusek Peters, Richard and Kathy Lynam, Chris and Sue White, Stuart Clarke, Simon and Miranda Grafftey-Smith, Ray Rough, Joel M. Guelzo, and Simon Finch.

Roderick Gordon 6 April 2011

Text copyright © 2012 by Roderick Gordon.

Inside illustrations © Roderick Gordon except: Sweeney, BT Tower, and the Old Styx © by Kirill Barybin; Skull Gate, the Colony, Coprolite, and spade, shovel, and machete chapter-ending spots © by Brian Williams.

All rights reserved. Published by Chicken House, an imprint of Scholastic Inc.,
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First published in the United Kingdom in 2011 by Chicken House, 2 Palmer Street, Frome, Somerset BA11 1DS.

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Song lyrics from “Let’s Panic Later” by Wire © 1979

The Book of Proliferation
. English translation © 2000 Professor Grady Tripp, used with his kind permission

Song lyrics from “The Son of God Goes Forth To War” by Reginald Heber (1812)

Song lyrics from “Time Is on My Side” by Jerry Ragovy © 1963, as later recorded by the Rolling Stones in 1964

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

Gordon, Roderick.
Spiral / Roderick Gordon [and] Brian Williams. — 1st American ed.
p. cm. — (Tunnels series ; bk. 5)
Previously published: Frome : Chicken House, 2011.

Summary: The outer crust is under attack by the subterranean Styx who are turning ordinary humans into walking bombs and incubators for their eggs, and only Will Burrows and his band of retired commandos stand in their way — but the Styx also have problems of their own.
ISBN 978-0-545-42961-0 — ISBN 978-0-545-43027-2
1. Civilization, Subterranean — Juvenile fiction. 2. Science fiction. 3. Adventure stories. 4. England — Juvenile fiction. [1. Underground areas — Fiction. 2. Adventure and adventurers — Fiction. 3. Science fiction. 4. England — Fiction.] I. Williams, Brian. II. Title.

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First American edition, May 2012

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Cover art © 2012 by David Wyatt

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