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Stop Wasting Your Life & Do Something

Stop Wasting Your Life

& Do Something


How To Live A Life Filled With Happiness, Health, Wealth, and Inner Peace



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You Can Change Your Life Whenever You Want To!

Paradigm Shifts



Self Discipline

What Will You Accept For Your Life?


Section 1





Mental Strength

Decision Making

Knowledge & Choices


Self Growth – Development & Learning


Section 2



Food Choices



Healthy Thinking

Healthy Associations

Controlling Your Desires & Impulses

Saving & Investing

Section 3







Building Your Cash Flow

Asset Allocation

Saving & Investing





Multiple Sources Of Income

Reading – Find The Solutions


Section 4


Inner Peace


Inner Peace


Do What You Love – Find A Passion

Search For The Answers – Books

Have Fun


Master The Only Thing You Can – Yourself


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When I was 23 years old, somebody recommended a book to me. That book was “7 Strategies For Wealth & Happiness” By Jim Rohn.


Up until this point in my life, most people I knew (including myself) were programmed to live life in the following way:


Go to school

Mess about at school

Leave school

Get a job that you don’t really like

Mess about at work

Earn a lot less money than you potentially could

Get drunk at the weekend

Repeat the above for 40-50 years

Retire broke



Luckily for me, I listened to, and took action on that recommendation, and I ordered the book on Amazon (I’d never heard of Amazon at the time either; the person that recommended the book, recommended that I buy the book on Amazon as well). That book changed my life.


I used to live in a garden shed, I used to drink alcohol all the time (almost every night), and I used to be a very angry, frustrated, confused, and negative young man.


Reading that book awakened in me an insatiable curiosity to discover what made people tick, what made people successful, what made people happy, what made people wealthy, and what made people enjoy their life. Until I’d read that book, I didn’t actually realise that you could study these things, and by making different choices, you could CREATE a different life.


Jim Rohn’s book showed me a new way to live.


“You mean that I don’t actually have to live like this? I can change myself, and my circumstances will change?”


Looking back on those days, it is pretty amazing to me that I’d never thought about these things myself. I knew people could be happy, but not me? I knew people could become wealthy, but not me? I knew people could drive cars that weren’t 15 years old, falling apart, and had no TAX because they couldn’t afford it, but not me?


Since that first enlightening book, over the last fifteen years or so, I’ve probably read over 300 books on self-development. These books have ranged from books on building wealth, NLP, Taoism, communication skills, business skills, sales skills, management, motivation, philosophy, spirituality and many others that aren’t springing to mind right now.


The person I am today is a totally different character to the angry young lad of 15 years ago. I’m now happy, and have inner peace. My income is more than comfortable, and I pretty much have zero worries. Whilst life will always throw something at you that you neither expect, nor want, you can learn strategies to deal with these curve balls, and continue moving ahead with joy in your step.


In essence, what I’m hoping for is that this book will do the same for somebody else, and if more than one person is able to improve their life because of this book, it would make me very happy indeed. I hope it will open the floodgates to learning, self-discipline, curiosity, hope, determination, and peacefulness.


I will say however, that I’m fully aware that not everybody will agree with what I’m writing. This is fine. If you enjoy some parts, and they make you think differently, but discard other parts, that’s the beauty of people. We’re all different. I might not even agree with some of the things in here in ten years time myself!!


I hope you enjoy the book as much as I’m about to enjoy writing it!


Simon Smith


January 2013


Chapter 1


You Can Change Your Life Whenever You Want To!


Right then, first things first. I have something to tell you that is very important. Here it is.


You can change your life whenever you want to!


Did you know that?


You can stop smoking whenever you want to

You can start exercising whenever you want to

You can stop eating fatty junk food whenever you want to

You can move to a different town whenever you want to

You can change jobs whenever you want to

You can quit taking abuse from people whenever you want to

You can start building your fortune whenever you want to

You can start your own business whenever you want to

You can start building your library and educating yourself whenever you want to

You can start building a better marriage whenever you want to

You can start having more fun with your kids whenever you want to

You can start making better decisions whenever you want to


You don’t have to live tomorrow like you lived yesterday. If you’re fed up, and sick and tired, you can do something about it right now. Literally right now. You don’t have to wait.


When you actually realise this, it will change your life. All you have to do is say to yourself (and mean it) “I’m going to change my life!!” and then take some action.


When you do this, and you mean it, your whole world can change. You don’t have to be negative any more. You don’t have to face the future with dread any more. You can take charge and take action, and your life will never be the same again.


Let’s say you’ve gotten out of shape. You’ve been eating badly, you’ve not exercised in years, and you smoke. Within the next 3 minutes, you can throw your cigarettes in the bin, throw out your junk food and go for a brisk walk or a jog. You CAN do this. The only question is WILL YOU?


Only you know.


Only you can decide.


All I’m doing is giving you a choice. You can choose to continue on the same path as you always have, or you can do something different. It doesn’t have to be drastic or painful. You can start off small. You can start off by walking 50 yards and completing 5 push-ups. That’s enough.


If you’ve squandered your wages for the last ten years, you don’t have to do that any more. You can do more sensible things with your money. What happens when you do more sensible things with your money? Your financial situation changes. How soon? Immediately.


You CAN do this. The only question is WILL YOU?


Only you know.


Only you can decide.


Why did you buy this book? I’m assuming it’s because you want to change or improve something in your life. You CAN do this. The only question is WILL YOU?


Only you know.


Only you can decide.


Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was “Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”. He was pretty smart, so we should probably listen to him!!


I think I’ve made my point here but I’m going to say it one more time.


You can change your life whenever you want to!


Chapter 2


Paradigm Shifts


Think of a paradigm shift as changing your thinking from one way to another. This can happen in an instant.


Imagine you’re a waiter at an exclusive restaurant. A man walks in and he’s very dirty and unshaven. He looks like a homeless person. As he walks in, he keeps glancing behind his back as he enters. At this moment, you could be thinking many different things.


“I’m not letting this guy sit down, he won’t be able to pay”

“Poor guy looks like he needs a good meal. I’ll get him some soup”

“He looks just like my old science teacher”


Then when you approach him, he tells you in a very posh accent that he’s just escaped from kidnappers. He needs to use your phone immediately to call the police. He then tells you his name, which you immediately recognise as a recently abducted billionaire.


Now you see the situation very differently from what you did literally a few seconds ago.


A paradigm shift is sometimes what we need in order to make improvements in our lives. We are so accustomed to doing things the way we do them, that we often never question whether or not we are doing the right thing. If somebody told you that within one year you could turn your annual income into a monthly income, would you believe them? Well people have done it.


If somebody told you that within one year you could regain your health, and be fit and strong, would you believe it? Well people have done it.


More often than not, the way we see the world is what causes the world to be the way it is (in our own minds). As pretty much all of our experience is subjective, the way you see the world will be slightly different from the way everyone else sees the world. If it wasn’t, people would all agree on everything.


As soon as you change your paradigm, your world will change. I know. I’ve done it. I used to see the world as a horrible place where everybody was out to get one over on everyone else, and there was no good and no altruism in the world. I now know (through my specially created paradigm) that the world is actually amazing and that people are amazing. My entire beliefs about the world are now totally different. Our outer world is also a reflection of our paradigm.


Here’s a little story I once heard Wayne Dyer tell:


An old man is walking along a beach when he bumps into a middle-aged lady walking her dog. He says hello, and then starts talking about the dog and during the conversation, he finds out that the lady has just moved to the town from Chicago. He asks her what the people were like in Chicago and she says they were all mean and only out for themselves. After a few more minutes, they bid farewell to each other and walk off. A few minutes later, he crosses the path of another lady walking her dog. A similar conversation starts, and he discovers that she too has recently moved to the town from Chicago. He asks her what the people are like in Chicago, and she replies that they were lovely, warm, kind-hearted people. Again, they part company a few minutes later.


Three months later, the man is walking along the beach again when he bumps into the first lady walking her dog. “How’s it going since you moved here?” He asks. “Terrible!” she says. “The people in this town are awful. They’re unfriendly, and all out for themselves. I wish I’d never left Chicago”. The same day, he bumps into the second lady walking her dog again. He asks the same question: “How’s it going since you moved here?”

“Wonderful” replies the lady. “The people are so friendly, warm, and kind-hearted. We’re so glad we moved here”.

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