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“It’s…beautiful.” She ran her finger over the table just inside the door. She picked up a petal and brushed it against her skin.
Velvety soft.

“I want you to feel comfortable so that when we move into the bedroom you won’t have any doubts.”

She had a few, but hadn’t she been the one who wanted to get laid tonight, no matter what the price? Marc was offering her the chance and so much more. He was offering the opportunity to explore things she’d never explored before.

The thought of being tied up and blindfolded intrigued her. Yet she had to wonder if she would be okay with giving up that much control to another person. If her wet pussy lips were any indication, she’d have to say she was more than ready. He found her sexy and wanted her to be his submissive. Nervousness filled her, but she still wanted to give it a try.

“What’s going on inside that head of yours?” He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

“Nothing,” she lied.

“That’s the second time you’ve lied to me tonight. If we’re going to do this the right way, we need to be completely honest with each another.”

Rena wondered how he knew she was lying. “When did I lie to you the first time?”

“When you told me you were going to powder your nose. You were leaving. That was, until you ran into me.”

How the heck had he known?

“Your eyes gave you away. You couldn’t look me straight in the eyes. You looked away.
A dead giveaway to a lie.”

So she wasn’t a good liar. Was that such a bad thing?

“And this time?”

“You tensed up.
Another giveaway.”

Okay, so they established that she was not a good liar. But would she make a good submissive?

He released her and walked over to the bar. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Wine would be nice.” Something different from the rum-based drink she’d had at the bar downstairs.

As he poured two glasses, she wondered what awaited her in the bedroom. And if she didn’t like things, how would he know.

“So how does this work?
This submissive thing?”

Marc handed her a glass of wine.

“Have a seat and we’ll talk about it.”

She followed his lead and sat next to him on the couch.

“First we must establish a safe word for you.”

“Safe word?”
What would she need a safe word for?

“Yes. A word you will speak if you get uncomfortable during the night. If you speak the word, I will stop immediately and the night will end.”

“Just like that?”
She snapped her fingers.

“Just like that.
I don’t want to do something you’re uncomfortable with. So you will have control over how far it goes.”

She felt better knowing she could stop it with just one word.

“How do I know I can trust you to stop?”

“I told you. I’ve never been accused of hurting anyone. I won’t start now.”

Relief washed over her. Something about him made her want to trust him.

happen in the bedroom?” She knew she was asking a million questions, but she wasn’t familiar with this lifestyle. Yes, she’d read about it on the internet but never actually dabbled in it.

“I’ll start slow and I’ll guide you through each step. One thing that is important is you do not speak unless spoken to.”

Panic must have filled her eyes, because he reached out and touched her hand.

“Unless it’s to say your safe word.”

She drained the contents of her wineglass with one gulp.

“You are free to say your safe word anytime you like.”

“Okay. Continue.”

“I think it’s best if I show you.”

A chill passed through her body. This was it. She was about to find out what it really meant to be dominated.

He stood and held out his hand.

“We’re going into another bedroom first. There we’ll pick out some toys to use together. Once we go into the second room, you are to remain quiet unless I give you permission to speak.”

“Or I speak my safe word.”

Which we need to decide on.”

Rena tapped her finger against her lips.

A safe word?
What would make her feel safe?

“This doesn’t have to be difficult,” Marc said. “You can use something as simple as red.”

Nah, that didn’t seem appropriate to her. She wanted something different.
Something unique to her.



“Yeah, my safe word is dragonfly.”

He shrugged. “Whatever works for

“I’m ready,” she declared.

He led her to the first bedroom. It was simple.
A large king-sized bed in the middle.
Two nightstands, one on either side.
An armoire stood in the corner. Rena lingered in the doorway while Marc walked over to the armoire. He swung open the doors and Rena’s mouth fell to the floor.

She’d never seem so many adult toys in her life. Each shelf housed a variety of playthings.

“Come on over and take a look for yourself. I think you should have a say in what I use on you.”

He winked at her and she turned to mush inside. The idea of using toys brought a renewed excitement. With each step she felt the insides of her thighs growing moister. Her pussy lips ached. They needed to be touched, licked and fucked.

As she stepped up behind him, she was once again assaulted by the musky aftershave. It was a smell she could grow accustomed to.

“So we can use any of these toys?” Her nipples hardened as she thought about playing with Marc.

“Anything we want.”

Rena fingered the package with the turbo butt plug.

“Pick it up. It won’t bite.”

She laughed but still picked it up.

The package read, “For advanced pleasure turbo bullet is sure to satisfy all your needs”.

Rena bet it would. She put it back down, afraid it was too big for her to handle. She picked it back up.

“You like that?” Marc asked.

“Yes. I think I’d like to try it.”

“Okay, this one is coming with us.” He stuck it under his arm.
“Oh and these.”
He tucked a set of furry handcuffs under his arm with the butt plug.

“What’s this?” He picked up a strange-looking device. It looked like a stun gun or something just as torturous.

On tippy-toes she leaned over his shoulder to get a better look.

“It says for clitoral stimulation.” She glanced at Marc. “You’re not thinking…”

“Why not?
It can’t hurt to try.”

“It’s not
clit that’s getting zapped.” Though part of her wondered what kind of sensations it would cause.

He shrugged. “We’re
try it. If it hurts, just say your safe word and I’ll stop. You know I’d never do anything to
you pain.”

He had a point. And who knew? She might just like it.

She left him to rummage through the toys, satisfied he’d choose wisely. Instead she bent to look at the floggers.

So many to choose from, but she didn’t know much about them. Her eyes fell upon one that looked horrifying. The black-and-white braided leather had four strands, and at the end of each strand was a piece of leather in the shape of a snake’s tongue. She
thinking about the implication. It must feel like
a snakebite

No thank you.

She decided the floggers weren’t her thing and moved down to the paddles.

She lifted a neon green paddle shaped like a ruler with a handle on the end. Turning it over in her hands, she wondered if it had a bite to it. She tested it against the palm of her hand. Not too bad. But would it feel worse against someone’s ass cheeks? She wasn’t sure, but she wasn’t bringing it with her, just in case.

Marc peeked over her shoulder.

got there?”

She shoved it back in its place.

He chuckled.


“I am.”

Rena followed Marc to the kitchen area. His arms were laden with the new toys and a paddle.
How’d he sneak that in?
She wasn’t sure but was certain it wouldn’t feel good.

He grabbed a bucket and filled it with ice cubes.

“What’s the ice for?”

“You’ll see.” He winked.

She shivered just thinking about how he would use it.

* * * * *

“So, where do you want me?” she asked.

“Huh?” Where did he want her? “Wait. Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

He turned her around to face him.

“As you pointed out, I’m your submissive. It’s your way.”

Shit! He’d never expected her to agree so readily. But here she was agreeing, totally blowing him away yet again.

“Umm, I, well…” How did he want to spank her?

Standing up?

Lying on the bed?

Over his lap?

“How about you bend over the bed.”

“Like this?” Rena lifted her dress, exposing her bare ass. She leaned over resting her hands flat on the bed and wiggled her ass.

He smiled.


Marc retrieved the paddle from the dresser and stood to the left of Rena. Unable to resist he ran his hand over her soft skin. His heart pounded at the prospect.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Give me your best shot.” She moved her feet apart.

Suddenly he wasn’t so sure he could do it. She was being way too cooperative. He wanted a challenge. But he hadn’t paid for a challenge. He paid for a submissive and that’s what she was attempting to give him.


Tired of wrestling with a decision, he pulled his arm back and swung, cracking the paddle against her cheeks.

She didn’t flinch.

He did it again.



Not a peep from her.

He tried it again, this time with a little oomph behind it.

Still nothing.

“This doesn’t bother you?” He didn’t bother to hide the surprise from his voice.

“Can’t say that it does.”

He swung again, harder.


He used all the force he could muster, but she remained unscathed by his attempts.

What the fuck?
This couldn’t be happening. She should be crying out, begging for him to stop. She should be thinking about using her safe word.
But no.
She stood there, bent over, looking as smug as hell. Well, he would teach her. She might be able to handle a paddling, but he’d see how she handled being tied up, teased and tortured. He’d bring her to the brink and pull her back again. Then she’d be begging for release.

“I’m done,” he said, tossing the paddle on the bed.

She stood, crossed her arms over her chest and pouted.

Marc gripped her shoulders. “So you can withstand a spanking. Let’s see if you can handle what’s next.”


Rena breathed a sigh of relief when he turned away. She rubbed her sore cheeks.
That fucking hurt!

There was no way in hell she was
show him and that was a good thing. He’d stopped sooner than he might have if she’d let on how much it hurt.

Her pussy screamed for an orgasm. A quick climax would be perfect to ease the ache in her clitoris. God, she needed him to stick his cock inside her and fuck her until she couldn’t breathe.

“I’m going to tie you up and play with this gorgeous body.” He slinked his arm around her torso.

“I’m ready whenever you are.” She leaned her head against his chest.

He pressed his lips to her hair.

“Let’s get you out of this cumbersome thing.” He bent and lifted her dress until it was over her head.

“Who needs clothes, right?”

He ignored her and started kissing her neck. He trailed down to the breast, licking her nipple under it hardened. Marc didn’t linger long, instead he continued down.

He placed tiny kisses around her navel, causing a fluttering in her belly. Two strong hands gripped her hips. She allowed him to turn her around, giving him access to her tender ass. He kissed her sore cheeks. When he moved up to the small of her back, chills raced up her spine. His tongue licked at the small curve.

She shivered.

Holding on to his hands, she bent her head forward. A moan escaped her lips when he ran his tongue up her spine, then lingered at the nape of her neck. Before long he made his way back down again.

Kisses, then licks.

Kisses, then more licks.

He managed to touch every inch of her back.

His hard penis pressed against the small of her back when he wrapped his arms around her waist.

She moved her hair out of his way, giving him full access to her neck. He took advantage of her offering and nibbled up to her ear. Sucking the lobe between his lips, his teeth grazed the tiny piece of skin.

She sucked in a deep breath.

Chills ran rampant. Goose bumps pebbled her skin. Her legs quivered as she blew out the breath. She thought she’d loose her balance, but Marc held her safely in his arms.

Her hand moved to her chest and she tried to catch her breath. Her mouth was dry. She was hot with need.

Instinctively she reached for a piece of ice and popped it into her parched mouth.

“Thirsty?” His fingers traced down her arms.

Her tongue moved the cube around, cooling and wetting her dehydrated mouth.

“I’ll go get some water. I want us to both be aware of everything that’s going on,” he whispered. “Make yourself comfortable on the bed.”

He left her standing there in the lurch, feeling empty and aching for his touch. It took her a few moments before she was able to move. When she finally did, she crawled on the bed,
lay on her side. She nestled her head into a pillow, her arms crooked underneath.

She was comfortable. Tomorrow she would sleep. Sleep all day after the night she was having.

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