Sweets for Sale: A Rough Stranger Sex Erotica Story (2 page)

BOOK: Sweets for Sale: A Rough Stranger Sex Erotica Story

Brian pulled her into each thrust, and the sound of skin slapping skin rang out through the hall, finally Carrie gave a loud cry, shaking and shuddering as her orgasm pounded through her, each slide and drag of his cock only serving to make the waves of pure bliss last longer until she had to rest her forehead against the door and pant for breath.

He followed not long after, slamming himself in deep and shuddering as he came as well. They stayed like that for long seconds until Brian let her go and pulled out, his hands supporting her so she wouldn’t fall.
“Has it been an hour yet?”  Carrie asked breathlessly.

”  Brian replied with a smile. “Why?”

“Because there’s so much more we can do.” 


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