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BOOK: Take My Hand (Interracial Erotic Romance)
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“You will have to wait a minimum of two weeks. We like our patients to settle into their new environment before allowing them to have visitors.”

Gracie nodded and placed a hand over Julie’s. “I want to thank you for being so helpful, Julie. As you can imagine this has been a very stressful situation for my family and you have been a blessing. I was worried Tamika would change her mind at the last second but you made the whole process seem so smooth. You’re a godsend, really.”

Julie blushed.
“I’m just doing my job, Gracie, but thank you for the kind words. I will be praying for the both of you.”

“That is so sweet, thank you.”

Gracie pulled her thin jacket close to her body and looked back over her shoulder to the waiting limo. She realized Tyler had been waiting for close to two hours and began to feel guilty.

“Is that your taxi?” Julie asked and nodded towards the limo.

Gracie laughed. “Sort of. For tonight, anyway.”

Julie nodded and smiled. “Well then, Gracie, I should be getting back to work. If you have any questions in the morning, please feel free to call. Tamika will have a
counselor assigned to her in the morning. I must warn you, however, that we are not allowed to give any information about patients over the phone. Tamika will have phone privileges after seventy-two hours and you will be able to speak to her then. Are there any other questions you may have?”

Gracie shrugged. “I have a ton of questions, but none of them seem to be all that urgent. I will let you get back to work, Julie. Thanks again.”

Julie smiled and waved goodbye as the automatic doors to the facility whooshed open. “Stay strong, Gracie. Tamika is going to need all the help she can get.” With that she was gone.

Gracie took a deep
breath and headed for the limo. The driver, Paul, opened his door and stepped outside. “Hello, Ms. Johnson. Are you ready to depart?”

Gracie walked towards the back of the limo and smiled. She doubted she would ever get used to somebody opening
and closing door for her. “Yes Paul, I am ready to depart.”

Paul smiled and opened the rear passenger door. Tyler’s backlit
silhouette spilled onto the street. “Right this way, Ms. Johnson.”

Gracie walked towards the door and pulled to a stop.
“Paul, can you do me a favor?”

“Of course, Ms. Johnson. What do you need?”

Gracie smiled. “Please stop calling me Ms. Johnson. I prefer Gracie, if that’s okay with you.”

Paul nodded his head. “That’s quite alright with me,
Ms. Gracie.”

Gracie rolled her eyes and smiled. “Thanks,
Mr. Paul.”

Paul smiled and Gracie entered the limo. Tyler was sitting inside, reading a book. He looked up at Gracie. “Did everything go well?” he asked.

Gracie sat across from him and smiled. “After a few gallons of tears, yes, everything went well.”

Tyler smiled. “Good, I’m glad. Would you like a glass of water?”

“How about a something a little stronger?”

“Sure thing. How about some OJ and vodka?”

Gracie shrugged and sunk into the plush leather seat of the limo. “Anything with some bite to it will do.”

With practiced ease Tyler mixed her drink and poured it into a Collins glass. He offered the drink to Gracie and she took it. Their fingers
touched and Tyler looked into her eyes. “Would you like to be driven to your cousins house or your apartment? You’ve had a tough day and I imagine you’re ready for bed.”

Gracie took a long pull of her drink and looked into Tyler’s dreamy eyes before answering. She was totally unprepared for his entrance into her life, but now she wasn’t sure how she would survive without him. All her life Gracie had wanted a strong man to look after her and it finally seemed her prayers had been answered. With Tamika safely tucked away, Gracie decided it was time she took care of some of her own aches. And she had a lot of them.

“Actually Tyler, if you don’t mind I prefer to not be alone tonight.”

Tyler smiled. “I don’t mind at all.”






“So, how do you like the place?” Tyler asked.

Gracie looked out over the city in awe. Tyler’s penthouse, located atop the Omni building, offered a breathtaking panoramic view of the Big Apple. “This view is amazing,” she gasped. “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”

Tyler shrugged. “You’ve never been to the top of the Empire State Building? The view is similar.”

Gracie nodded. “Except the Empire State Building doesn’t have leather couches for you to lay on.” She looked Tyler in the eyes and smiled. “And the company isn’t as pleasant.”

Tyler draped his arm around Gracie’s shoulder and pulled her close. “I’m glad you’re here, Gracie. Really glad.”

Gracie melted in his arms. “Me too, Tyler. Me too.”

Tyler stepped behind Gracie and began massaging her shoulders. He leaned down and whispered in her ear. “You’re
beautiful Gracie Johnson, are you aware of that?”

Gracie giggled. “Stop it, Tyler. You’re just horny.”

Tyler buried his thumbs between Gracie’s shoulder blades and began rotating them clockwise. Gracie moaned and let out a gasp.

“Tyler, what are you doing to me?”

Tyler kept digging his thumbs deeper into Gracie’s back. “I am massaging your back. Does it not feel good?”

Gracie moaned and placed her hands
against the window. Her breath fogged up the section she was looking out. “It feels great, Tyler. Please, don’t stop.”

's hot breath tickled Gracie’s ear. “I didn’t intend to.” His hands worked upwards and began massaging Gracie’s neck. Slowly, he walked forward and pressed his hardness against the Gracie’s backside.

sandwiched between the cool glass of the window and Tyler’s hot, hard body, moaned. “Tyler, please don’t hurt me. I have never done this before.”

Tyler reached under Gracie’s arms and cupped her breasts. “I
wouldn’t hurt you baby, ever.”

Gracie moaned and reached behind her to take Tyler’s stiff cock in her hand. When she realized how big he was, she
whimpered. “It’s too big Tyler, I can tell it’s going to hurt.”

“I will be gentle, I promise. Now, be a good girl and unzip my
pants.” Tyler flipped Gracie around and placed his hands around her face and began kissing her. The short stubble on his cheek bristled against Gracie’s face and she giggled.

Tyler pulled his head back. “What’s so funny?”

Gracie smiled. “The stubble on your face tickled me.”

Tyler grinned.
“Wait until you feel it rubbing against the inside of your thighs."

Gracie’s eyes widened but before she could offer up a retort, Tyler darted back in for kiss. Gracie reached down and began undoing his belt
buckle. Not used to the chore, Gracie struggled but eventually freed Tyler’s prick from his pants. She pulled down the top of his boxers and grabbed the slicked knob of his dick.

“Did you cum already?” she asked.

Tyler chuckled. “No, that’s pre-cum. See how excited you get me?”

Gracie used her thumb to rub the warm goo all over the tip of his cock. “I did this to you?”

Tyler ignored her question. “Take my pants off,” he instructed.

Gracie pushed Tyler off her and looked down at his throbbing cock, dancing in the air between them.
She’d never been instructed by a man, to do anything, really, and found the process exhilarating. She wanted nothing more than to satisfy the man standing in front of her. The billionaire. The man who may have saved her sister’s life.

Her man.

She knelt down and began untying Tyler’s shoes. He kicked them off and she removed his silk dress socks. Gracie looked up for encouragement and Tyler smiled.

“Good girl. Now, my pants.”

Gracie nodded and bit her lip. She pulled Tyler’s pants and boxers off and threw the discarded garments off to the side. She looked back up and saw that Tyler was stroking his prick.

“Have you ever pleasured a man?” Tyler asked.

Gracie, ashamed at her lack of experience, shook her head.

Tyler grinned. “Do you want to learn?”

Gracie nodded her head. “I want to learn how to satisfy you. I don’t care about any other man.”

Tyler patted her on the head and guided her forwards. “Good, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Now, just for starters, why don’t you lick
it? Take your time and make sure you look up at me, okay?”

“Okay.” Gracie reached out and wrapped her tiny black hand around Tyler’s
monstrous cock. She tugged on it and watched as more pre-come oozed from the narrow slit atop his cock. Gracie giggled and looked up at Tyler.

“There you go,” he said. “Now, start at the bottom, near my balls, and lick all the way up to the top.”

Gracie smiled and did as she was told. His shaft tasted salty and pulsed with heat. When Gracie reached the undercarriage of his tip, she noticed Tyler tense. Figuring he liked what he felt, Gracie ran the tip of her tongue along the ridge of his head and looked up into his eyes.

“That’s amazing, Gracie,” Tyler said and
arched his back. “Keep it up baby, I am loving every second of this.”

Gracie looked up. “I’m glad you like it. What should I do next?”

Tyler smiled. “Do you want to taste my cum? Go ahead and have yourself a lick.”

Gracie smiled and looked back down at Tyler’s swollen prick. She squeezed his shaft and watched a small pool of shiny
liquid escape from his hole.

“What does it taste like?” she asked.

Tyler shrugged. “I’ve never tasted it. Why don’t you have a lick and tell me what it tastes like?”

Gracie giggled and locked eyes with Tyler. She stuck out her tongue and ran it over the tip of his cock. “It’s salty, but sweet too.”

“Do you like it?”

Gracie blushed. “Only because it’s coming from you.”

Tyler reached down and took Gracie’s chin in his hand. “Don’t be shy, Gracie. It’s just the two of us in here, you can relax and enjoy yourself.”

Gracie looked up and licked her lips. “I am enjoying myself,” she cooed.

Tyler reached down and helped Gracie to her feet. When she stood he reached in and kissed her. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since you spilled that drink on me. I don’t know what you do to me, Gracie, but when I am with you I forget the rest of the world.”

Gracie giggled and burrowed herself into the crook of Tyler’s arm. Never before had she felt so safe…so wanted. She wished this moment would last the rest of her life. “Do you mean that Tyler? Do I make you feel that good?”

“You make me feel alive, Gracie.”

Gracie smiled and reached up for a kiss. Tyler was waiting for her and pressed his lips firmly against Gracie’s. His hands reached down and he lifted Gracie’s t-shirt over her head and exposed her bra-covered bosom, swollen and flush from excitement.
Instinctively, Gracie reached down and tried to cover her stomach.

“What’s wrong?” Tyler asked.

Gracie blushed. “I am self-conscious about my body. I dunno…I just feel…heavy.”

“Don’t be,” Tyler said. “You’re perfect the way you are.”

He reached down and began kissing her neck. Gracie’s head snapped back and she wrapped her arms around his neck and hung in the air. His mouth worked its way down her neck and towards her cleavage. Gracie shuddered and Tyler deftly undid the clasp of her bra. Her light brown breasts popped out and Tyler cupped them in his hands. He looked up into Gracie’s eyes and slowly flecked her rigid nipple.

Waves of
foreign pleasures washed over her body and Gracie shuddered. She’d waited years to experience the tender touch of a man and she was in no rush to hurry Tyler. If he wanted to suck on her tits all night, she would let him. Of course, what she really wanted was to end the night a woman, but it was up to Tyler to decide when that happened.

Tyler gripped a breast with both hands and began jiggling Gracie’s nipple against his lips and exposed tongue. With
deliberate care he moved forward and began pressing Gracie against a cold windowpane that overlooked the city.

The coolness from the window cooled Gracie’s hot skin and she sighed. Consumed with passion she reached down and cupped Tyler’s hairy balls in her hand.

“Good girl,” he moaned. Tyler craned his head up and began roughly kissing Gracie. The bristles of hair on his face dug into the side of her cheek and she moaned. Tyler’s hands found the top of Gracie’s yoga pants and he reached in to grab her underwear. With a quick motion, the sound of ripping fabric filled the air and Gracie’s shaved pussy became exposed. Tyler growled.

The cold air snapped at Gracie’s hot, swollen lips and she moaned. Her hips shot forward and Tyler’s prick rubbed against her aching cunt. Drunk with pleasure, Gracie leaned forward and whispered in Tyler’s ear.

BOOK: Take My Hand (Interracial Erotic Romance)
13.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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