Temptations of a Farmer's Daughter - Erotic Erotika (The Temptations Series)

BOOK: Temptations of a Farmer's Daughter - Erotic Erotika (The Temptations Series)

Temptations of a Farmer’s Daughter



Erotika Outdoors Collection





Valerie J Aurora

Copyright 2012

Copyright © 2012
Valerie J Aurora
- All rights reserved.


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Temptations of a Farmer’s Daughter


Nicki had just turned 18 that summer and was a stranger to anything about a man. She had never seen a man naked let alone had sex. It was her last summer working on her dad’s farm before she went off to college, where she was going to study English. She would miss the animals on the farm but not the hard manual labor she had to do day in and day out. She had long dark hair that she kept back in a ponytail so it wouldn’t get into her face. It curled at the ends, and was as thick as a horse’s mane. She was already tan for the summer, her body a sensual brown. She had filled out late, but when she did her body had graced itself with D sized breasts. The rest of her was small but muscular, her body was no stranger to hard work and it showed.

She got up that morning, ready to go feed the horses, lost in thought as she made her way out to the pastures. Mist was still rising off the grass, creating a ghostly look as she made her way up. The mist parted and she could see the horses, roaming the fields, tugging on the grass and chomping it through their powerful teeth. She bent down and sidled her way under the fence, the grass tickling her nose as she dipped under the wood.

She always did this in the morning before she did anything else. She loved the horses, they calmed her and she liked starting out her day that way. She walked up to Thunderclap, her old grey mare, and ran her fingers through her soft mane. She unknotted some of it and bent down to kiss her nose. She was about to part ways with the horses when she saw a man coming towards her. She had never seen him before and she grew a little nervous, sometimes drifters came to the farm and she didn’t want to get into a dangerous situation.

He raised one hand and waved a little at her, and she thought that he didn’t look like a drifter. He had on jeans with a hole in one knee and a faded baseball t-shirt. He was muscular and his hair was bleached blonde, probably from the sun. He looked like the kind of man who worked on a farm, and she thought to herself that it would be just like her dad to hire a farm hand and not tell her about it. She inched her way to the fence just in case but he called out to her before she got there.

“My name is Jake,” he said in a friendly tone, “your dad hired me for the summer.” Her suspicions were correct and she relaxed a little, letting him approach her. He was young; he probably had just turned 18 or 19 himself, and stood a good six feet tall. His loose fitting shirt barely hid the muscles in his arms and stomach, and she knew how toned he probably was if he was used to working on a farm.

He finally reached her and she had a tingling feeling start in her vagina, and realized how wet she was, this boy was as hot as they got and for the first time she wanted to jump him right then and there. She brushed her hair back and moved closer to him until they were a few inches apart. Then she did something she never thought that in her right mind she would do, she reached out and pulled him closer so that they were in a position to kiss each other.

She was as surprised at herself as he looked, but she reached up and kissed him square on the mouth, no pretenses. She was so hot for him that she thought for sure he would smell the musky scent of her wetness. He moved in then, getting closer, and put his arms around her. She felt him put his hands on the small of her back, and she pulled away just long enough to say, “I want you.”

“Me too,” he said as his hot breath left her lips and kissed her down the column of her graceful neck, sending goose bumps down her body. He licked her throat and nibbled on her earlobe, his breath on her skin made her wetter still. She had been wet before, over movie stars and sometimes hot men she would see in town, but she had never needed someone so badly.

She took his hand then and led him farther out into the pasture, so that no one would see them, and into a part of the field where the grass ran wild so their bodies would be protected. Nicki was so caught up in the moment that she wasn’t thinking straight, the normal Nicki would never have done any of these things, but her pussy was deciding for her and she wanted to lose her virginity right now, to this man.

“Wait,” he said, “what about your father?” She looked at him as if he was crazy but he was adamant. “I can’t lose my job, what if your dad finds us? Won’t he fire me?” Nicki told him that her father would never find them because he was at the house having breakfast with her mother. “There is no way he will find us,” she told him firmly.

She lay down in the field then, she had taken out her ponytail and her hair sprayed out around her, a dark contrast to the light tan grass. She was still in her jean shorts and t-shirt, but she wanted to see him first, as she figured he had seen a girl naked before. She told him to undress and she watched as he removed his shirt, her suspicions that he was toned were real, his body fairly rippled with muscles. His erection could be seen through his pants and he undid them next, his cock sprang out of his pants as he unzipped, only clothed by his maroon boxers. When he let down his boxers she gasped, she had never seen an erection up close and she was amazed at how it looked. She wanted to feel it, her body craved it inside of her but she wanted to know what it felt like in her hand.

Nicki reached up and gently put her fingers around his manhood, feeling the softness of it and the veins that were throbbing with his own need. He threw his head back and groaned as she got down on her hands and knees and tentatively put him inside of her mouth. She could taste his pre-cum, a tangy taste that bit into her throat. She sucked a little, licked it, feeling up close and personal what a penis was like. He put his head on her head and ran his fingers through her hair.

Now she wanted him to see her, again she thought that this could not be his first time seeing a girl naked but she wanted him to know what
was like. She wriggled out of her shirt and then reached around to unsnap her bra. Jake put her hands to her sides and freed her breasts from their prison. Her D cupped breasts, leapt out at him, the way his erection had done to her. He felt her hardened nipples and pinched them between his fingers. It felt like a long awaited itch had been scratched, that she had waited for this moment for all her life.

Then she stood up and he undid her zipper, pulling her shorts down and she lifted her foot so she could flip them off of her. She stood there, only her panties remained and he pulled those off too, being gentle with her the whole time. She looked up into his brown eyes, and whispered that it was her first time. She thought he should know so that he didn’t hurt her, she pictured him ravishing her and she knew from stories that it could hurt the first time.

He whispered back that he knew and then he gently laid her back down on the ground, where a nest had been made from her body lying there before. He got down on his knees in front of her and checked to make sure she was well lubricated, and he smiled at her when he felt that she was positively dripping wet for him. He slid his fingers in first, so she could feel what it was like to be penetrated. He took his fingers out and sucked them off one by one. She begged him then to be inside of her, that she had waited long enough. She spread her legs for him and he guided his penis inside of her, gently penetrating slowly so as not to hurt her too much. She raised her hips to meet him and stars burst in front of her eyes. He thrust into her then, still taking care not to hurt her, but she thrust her hips into him pulling him deeper inside.

“Fuck me,” she said and he flicked his hips so that he was all the way inside of her now. He grunted when he entered her all the way, trying to stave off the need that was rushing in. She was so tight that it enveloped his penis; it was like a warm hand was squeezing around him. They grew into a rhythm then, and as she raised her hips into the air he thrust into her. She could barely see now, the pleasure was clouding her senses, and she thought with every thrust that she couldn’t take anymore pleasure, and then she had more.

Suddenly a warm sensation crept through her body and she cried out and went limp as she came, her body drained of all the strength she had. The red hot feeling flowed through her and the orgasm made her vagina contract onto Jake’s shaft. He groaned as it happened and she could feel warmth spreading through her, the warmth of his cum as he ejaculated inside of her. She liked the way it filled her up, his seed meeting her wet pussy. She sighed then and he flopped down next to her in the grass. He took her hand and they laid there for some time, not being able to do anything else.

He looked over at her after a while and he said, “You are the hottest woman I have ever been with.” They talked then, about him and his dream of owning a farm one day and that he was saving up his money to maybe build a house somewhere. He told her about the two other girls he had been with and that he was 19 as she thought. She told him about wanting to be a writer, and that she was going to college in the fall. He felt the first stirrings of passion for her, and together they got up, dusted off, and put their clothes back on.

As Nicki and Jake put their clothes back on, her father started yelling her name. He couldn’t see them from the house but Jake hurriedly put his pants on, as if her father had eagle eyes.

It was fully morning when they came back to the house, and her father was angry that they were so late. Nicki soothed her father, telling him that she was showing him around the farm. They smelled like grass and dirt so he believed them and then put them to work. The rest of the day Jake and Nicki worked together, but that night Nicki took his hand again and led him into the hayloft of the barn. Straw surrounded them as she fucked him this time. She got on top and he explained how to do a cowgirl position. She squatted over him, teasing him with her wet pussy, letting only her lips rub against his hard dick. Then she plunged down on him, using her strong legs to thrust up and down. His cock filled her up, she felt him so deeply inside of her that it made her body tingle with pleasure and again she cried out as her orgasm rushed around her, but this time she didn’t go limp, and she just rode him harder.

She grinned down at him and really had fun then; her dark hair covered parts of her breasts as she took off an imaginary hat and rode him like a bucking bronco. He helped by thrusting his own hips up and down and the angle made him go deeper and deeper until he burst inside of her, his juices mixing with hers as he ejaculated more and more.

Nicki got up off of him and knelt between his legs. She took his dick in her mouth and sucked off every last drop of cum that remained on him, licking his cock until it was clean and then she put one long finger that dripped with their juices in her mouth and licked it front bottom to top. If he had been able his erection would have made a porn star’s look like nothing compared to him. She turned him on so much, and like he had told her, she was the hottest girl he had been with.

Again they talked for ages, just lying there holding each other, a sort of romance blossoming around them. Much of the summer was lost like this, the two having sex as much as possible, and she knew she was in love when July came and he gave her flowers out past the meadows in the shade of a big Oak tree.

They argued after that, he begged her to stay there with him, that he couldn’t bear to see her go off to college. She stayed firm in that she wanted an education and that maybe he should go to school to learn a little more about farming, she told him that the school she was going to had a great Ag program. He laughed and told her he was not the school type and she told him that she would help any way she could. He still laughed, this time in a bitter way and she gave up the topic for the time being.

One day the two were out at the edge of the pastures, putting a wooden fence together, when Jake grabbed her from behind and teasingly shoved his erection against her. She eagerly stripped off her clothes, she was always ready at the drop of a hat, and leaned herself against the newly finished fence in front of her.

“Fuck my ass Jake,” she ordered him and after he questioned her to make sure it was okay he told her to suck him off a bit to get himself good and lubed up. She stared up at him as she sucked his cock back into her throat, and then pulled out and licked around the base of it. She then repositioned herself so that he could fuck her ass, leaning her arms on one of the railings of the fence. Her back arched as he guided himself into her asshole, the tightness again making him want to cum. He couldn’t help it, he wanted to be gentle but she just turned him on so much that he jolted into her. His first thrust hurt a little, but in a good way she thought. Then his second and third thrusts made her see stars again. He was pounding into her, and she told him to fuck her, fuck her hard. Her breasts bounced in time to his thrusts and he rammed his dick inside of her as deeply as possible. He hit her spot then and she yelled, “fuck!” into the heat of the afternoon. He took his dick out just in time and spanked her ass with it, smearing cum all over her backside.

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