The ABCs of Erotica - A is for Anal

BOOK: The ABCs of Erotica - A is for Anal
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A is for Anal

The ABCs of Erotica

An Erot
ic Short Story

by Malia Mallory

Grace is demure by day. But Michael knows what lies beneath her prim appearance and he can’t wait to get her out of those confining clothes. When Michael and Grace get together outside of work, fireworks ensue. In a steamy shower, Michael begins to expose Grace to the pleasures of anal play. Grace is more than willing to open that door.





Copyright 2011
by Malia Mallory

First Edition November

Second Edition July 2012

ISBN: 978-1-4661-7374-3

Cover Concept
by Adelaide Cooper


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This story is a work of fiction and depicts fantasy situations. Safe sex practices are not always referenced. Please always be sure to educate yourself about safe sex before engaging in physical intimacy. Please do not try any sexual practice without proper knowledge and guidance.

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A is for A

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A is for Anal

Michael smiled and took Grace’s hand, urging her from the bed. She followed him in eager anticipation, still tingling inside. His frank appreciation released her sensuality from its cage where it had been long confined. She’d spent day after day trapped in a suit, her hair restrained. Only Michael had seen through her prim facade. Only Michael had explored what was beneath.

He led her to the bathroom and turned on the shower taps. Steamy vapor clouded the air, and the tips of Grace’s long brown hair curled wildly. He guided her inside the huge, stone-lined shower. Her bare feet gripped the cool, textured tiles. Deliciously warm water streamed over her skin and Grace laughed—delighted.

Michael picked up a shampoo bottle and squeezed some into his hand. The steam picked up the jasmine scent and spread it through the air. Grace inhaled deeply and allowed the warm, fruity scent to envelop her. He slid his hands through her hair and massaged her scalp with the pads of his fingers. Her skin tingled with sensation from his attentions. His fingers slipped though the strands of her hair, long and silky to the touch. Slow and thorough, he worked the lather, combing his fingers through scalp to ends. She arched toward him, silently asking for more.

Michael piled her hair up onto her head, took the oval soap bar from the dish and rubbed it between his palms until it frothed up. He stretched his fingers around her neck, kneading gently. Michael massaged his fingers into her muscles, back and forth and down to her shoulders. His hands had the subtle calluses of a man who didn’t spend all his time in an office. Soap slicked hands slipped under her arms, down the soft skin of the undersides, and all the way to her fingers. He intertwined their fingers, squeezing them, and then allowed his fingers to travel back up the outside of her arms.

She moaned in protest when his hands left her skin to pick up the soap again. Michael’s tender ministrations loosened her muscles as well as her inhibitions. He moved his hands around to her stomach and pressed himself against her back. Grace gasped as she felt the heat of his body against her skin. He was so hard and so hot.

His palms cupped her breasts, and he slicked soap into the cleavage between. Her breasts were full and firm, but her skin was velvety soft. Her nipples were puckered hard, and he lingered there a moment tracing the edges of her areolae. His fingers traveled down until they dipped inside her navel. Lower and lower, he continued to stroke and slide until Grace felt him spread her pussy lips apart.

Her legs trembled, and she had to fight the urge to push her legs together. He reached between the folds of her lips, washing and stimulating. His hand moved around to her ass, soaping the cheeks, and he slid his index finger down her ass crack. Slow and gentle, he touched the outside of her anus while he rubbed his cock against her ass cheek, back and forth.

Michael leaned forward and nibbled her ear. "I hope I didn’t make you sore."

Grace smiled and shook her head. He’d been powerful and vigorous, but she’d been right there with him, her pussy dripping wet and ready.

Michael continued kissing Grace’s neck while he stroked her ass with the soap. Kneeling down, he rubbed the bar all over her thighs, down behind her knees and over her calves, first one leg and then the other. Lifting each foot in turn, he soaped the skin and pressed his fingers between the toes and then around her ankle, under her sole and arch.

Grace let the languid warmth spread over her skin. Soapsuds streamed down her body and swirled down the drain. The attention was intoxicating. His sensual touch melted her. Every place his fingers touched swelled with arousal.

Michael stood up, guided Grace under the spray and rubbed her skin all over, rinsing the soap down her body. He pressed his body closer and closer until Grace braced herself against the wall. She felt the friction of his chest hair against her back. His hands caressed her ass again, probing. Michael used his feet to spread her legs wider.

Grace flinched slightly as Michael pressed the soap against her anus. She could still feel his rock hard cock against her ass cheek. She was uneasy but not afraid. She trusted him. He would never hurt her. But could she trust herself? When he gave her a choice, what would her increasingly wanton body allow her to say?

His hands roamed everywhere, the sides of her breasts, her hips. His breath was hot on her neck, raising gooseflesh.

Michael’s voice was deep and dark. "Say yes…"

Grace could only moan yes, trembling against Michael’s warm, wet body. His fingers replaced the soap and slid between her pussy lips until they found her clit. He rubbed her, caressing and lightly pinching. Grace jerked in response as nerves sparked between her clit and vagina.

"I’m going to take you Grace."

"Oh yes, please." Grace longed to feel him. The anticipation had been building, and she was aching to feel him inside her.

Michael replaced his fingers with his cock and slid it between her legs. He pushed forward until the head of his cock brushed her clit, and then pulled back across her vagina and ass again and again until Grace didn’t know how much longer she could wait. His cock was hitting the sensitive opening of her pussy and she clenched in response.

"Michael, please…please!" The friction of his cock against her made her tremble with each stroke.

He laughed. "How much do you want me?" His voice vibrated with sensual promise.

"Oh, so much, please don’t tease me." She rubbed herself against him. Her reserve was buried for the moment. All she could think about was his cock filling her.

"A better question is…where do you want me?" He paused, waiting for her response.

Grace didn’t pretend to misunderstand. She recalled how Michael’s cock had stretched her pussy and shivered at the thought of him taking her in the ass.

"Michael. . ." Grace’s voice was hesitant. Did she want this? Was it too much too soon?

"You can Grace. I know you can." She felt the tip of his cock press against her anus. Grace shivered, speechless. No words came as she tensed in expectation.

His fingers spread her ass cheeks, his hips pressed forward, harder, and his cock entered her ass. Grace gasped. It was so tight. The stretching sensation was intense. Michael’s hands stroked her softly, calming her, relaxing her while he continued to press the head of his cock inside her ass. Grace whimpered but didn’t protest.

"Shhhh. It’s okay, baby. It’s okay. Relax." When the head fully breached the tight ring of her asshole, Michael paused, letting her adjust. Grace took deep gasping breaths while Michael crooned in her ear.

"You feel so good baby. You’re so tight, I can hardly hold back."

Grace relaxed as Michael’s confidence and patience soothed her. The discomfort was not as great as it had been a moment ago when he first pushed inside. Michael pressed forward again, gentle but insistent. Grace was overwhelmed. It was almost painful on one level, yet her pussy was hot and achy and her swollen clit throbbed.

Michael continued to press inside until his whole shaft was inside her ass.

His breath tingled in her ear. "Are you okay?"

Grace could only nod. She could feel his cock throbbing in her ass like a beating heart. It fit so tight, she could feel every curve and contour.

He withdrew, only halfway, before thrusting back inside. With each stroke, he pulled out further and thrust forward faster. Grace felt hot shocks of pleasure and could not help pressing back against him.

Michael voice held amusement. "I knew you’d love this. You can’t fool me with that prim and proper routine." He stopped thrusting, and Grace wiggled back toward him.

"Tell me. Tell me what you want Grace." His voice was firm.

Grace’s body flushed all over, trembling with arousal. "Please Michael…"

"Please what?" He held himself still.

She tried to bring his cock further inside her ass. "I can’t say." Her body was trembling on the brink.

He pulled further out. "Yes, you can."

Her voice quivered. "No…please. Michael, I want . . . you."

"What do you want Grace?"

"I want you to fuck me." Her voice was low, breathless.

BOOK: The ABCs of Erotica - A is for Anal
9.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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