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Dr. Sarno,” the nurse said, “Lindsay's taken too many of your pills. She's in a bit of a state.”

The doctor sighed. “I thought you were responsible, young lady. Anna, I haven't finished with Mrs. Gorsky. Provide manual stimulation until I can assist you, please.”

Lindsay gaped at the doctor as he hurried off. She didn't know quite what the doctor had meant by “manual stimulation”. What was Anna going to do?

They walked into the exam room and Anna shut the door. “Take your clothes off, Lindsay.” she said. She pulled on a pair of exam gloves.

Lindsay quickly stripped down, groaning once again as her shirt slipped over her stiff nipples. She sat there on the cold exam table, shivering.

Lay back, Lindsay,” Nurse Anna instructed. “The doctor wants me to manually stimulate you. I'm sure you're familiar with the procedure.”

Lindsay laid back, but was hesitant. “I... I've never been touched by a woman before... not in that way.”

Well, the doctor can't do it himself right now, and this needs to happen. Just lie still and try not to think about it. It'll be over quickly enough.”

Lindsay nodded and shut her eyes, but as soon as she felt Anna's fingers on her crotch, she opened them wide. “Ohhh!” she moaned.

Anna paused and looked at her.

Lindsay blushed a deep crimson. “Sorry, it just feels

The nurse nodded. “That's alright. It's supposed to. Feel free to react as you normally would. Mrs. Gorsky is almost deaf, she won't hear you.”

Lindsay nodded gratefully, and when Anna touched her again, she let loose a passionate moan.

The nurse pushed two fingers into Lindsay's sopping cunt, then a third. Lindsay's body was already trembling and shaking, another orgasm upon her. She screamed as the nurse continued to fuck her cunt. She felt another finger go in, then the nurse's thumb.

Oh god!” she cried, feeling the nurse's slender hand pushing inside her. She panted heavily, the nurse pushing insistently. Finally, she felt her cunt close around Anna's wrist. “Uhhn! Oh god, fuck me!” Lindsay moaned, her whole body tightening as yet another orgasm ripped through her. The nurse fucked her had with her hand, pumping Lindsay's cunt with her fist. Lindsay felt her vision blurring as the pressure in her cunt continued to build. “Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!” she cried, and as the nurse pulled her hand out, Lindsay let loose a huge gush of fluid.

Fuuuuuck!” she cried. The nurse slipped her hand back in, pumping her again and again, and then pulled out, Lindsay spraying her once more with her girly cum.

Lindsay didn't hear the doctor come in, but when he said, “I'll take over, Anna,” she felt the nurse quickly retreat.

The doctor pressed his cock against her cunt. Lindsay was breathing fast and hard. The doctor shoved his cock in and she moaned again at the thickness of it, the passion behind it. She felt the doctor's hands on her tits, pinching her nipples painfully.

Oh god doctor please fuck me!” she screamed.

The doctor sped up his fucking, his slickened cock thrusting into her cunt faster and faster. She felt him slip out of her. “No!” she cried, absurdly afraid that he was going to stop. When he placed his cock against her asshole, she cried “No!” again, but it was too late. His cock was slick from her cunt-honey and it slipped into her tight hole with almost no resistance. Lindsay writhed on the exam table, her asshole aching from the invader, but the pills were still doing their magic. Soon she felt herself cumming again.

Oh FUCK doctor these pills are amazing!” she yelled.

The doctor breathed heavily, fucking her ass with amazing force. “You've compromised the integrity of this study,” he breathed, thrusting in and out as he spoke. “I ought to punish you for it!”

Please, doctor!” Lindsay cried. “Punish me! Punish this stupid slut!”

She would have said more, but the doctor's hand wrapped around her throat.

Guhhh!” Lindsay cried. She could feel the doctor's cock swelling in her shitter even as the blood began to pound in her head. She struggled weakly against him, but to no avail. She was on the edge when he suddenly released his hold.

Arggggh!” the doctor cried, and Lindsay could feel her own orgasm crashing down on her. The blood rushed back into her head as the doctor's seed spewed into her tight hole. The doctor's hands found her nipples once more, tugging on them, kneading her breasts. She moaned gratefully as they both came together, doctor and patient.

Lindsay thought.
Doctor and slut!

The doctor pulled out of her with a groan. Lindsay's ass ached, but it was a good ache. She rubbed herself slowly as her orgasm faded away.

The doctor had turned and was cleaning himself at the sink. Nurse Anna helped Lindsay back into her clothes. Lindsay's watch showed that it was almost six o'clock – the clinic had long been closed.

The doctor turned back, zipping his pants up. He looked at Lindsay. “Semen counteracts the drug,” he explained. “That is why we ask you to refrain from sexual relations during the testing. You should be back to normal now.”

Lindsay nodded, then her face fell. “I suppose this means I'm out of the program now. I could really use the money, too...”

The doctor smiled. “I think we'll find a way around it, Lindsay. I've been wanting a patient that I can do more thorough testing on... if you're willing, you would be well-paid for the work?”

That's great, doctor! What do I have to do?”

Well, why don't we discuss it at my place, tonight? We can administer your next treatment as well.”

Lindsay blushed, but quickly agreed. The doctor said he'd give her a ride, and he'd have someone pick up her bike in the morning.

On the way out, the nurse appeared with a large box. “Here's all the medication you'll be needing, Dr. Sarno,” she said, grinning at the two of them.

Lindsay couldn't believe the size of the box. She figured there must be hundreds – maybe even thousands of pills in there.

Doctor,” she whispered, “I hope you have enough cum to counteract all those pills.”

The doctor grinned. “I assure you, Lindsay, I have more than enough.”

She snuck a glance at his crotch and smiled to herself. Judging by how quickly his cock was stiffening again, he would have all the cum she needed.

* * *

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Teenage Shave Party

* * *

We began our shaves. Some started more delicately than others. Penelope seemed to cover half her crotch with one stroke and was done in about five seconds. After a few minutes we were all done, and had wiped the shaving cream from our newly bare pussies.

"Well, what do we think, girls?" I asked.

"It feels cool!" Ellen giggled.

"Yeah, it feels totally hot!" Penelope said.

Megan rubbed her mound, and commented, "I can see why guys dig this. Our crotches look so cute!"

"They do!" Lora agreed. "You should totally get a picture, Sam!"

"Haha, you got it!" I said, reaching for my cell phone. As I aimed it at Lora's crotch, Megan popped her head into the frame and stuck her tongue out, acting as if she was going to lick Lora's vagina. I laughed and snapped the picture.

"I totally thought you were going for her crotch!" Ellen exclaimed.

"Me too!" Lora said.

"I dare you to do it!" Penelope said.

"Me too!" I agreed. "I dare you to lick her!"

Megan grinned at the challenge. "Alright, I'll do it." Megan stuck out her tongue and touched it to Lora's lips, then gave her a long slow lick. Everyone cheered, and Lora laughed.

"What did you think of that?" Megan asked.

"I think instead of fighting over Paul, we should just date each other!" Lora replied.

We all laughed at this. Megan grinned, and then, surprising us all, dove back into Lora's pussy. Lora laughed at first, but then closed her eyes and started to bite her lip. We all watched in amazed silence as Megan ate Lora out. Lora quivered and grabbed her rival's head, pushing it into her crotch. She restlessly tugged at her shirt with one hand. Briefly letting go of Megan's head, she removed her shirt and practically tore her bra in half taking it off. Once she was completely nude, she had the freedom to knead at her breasts and toy with her nipples. She pulled at them while Megan relentlessly slurped at her cunt.

"This is so fucking hot!" Ellen whispered to my left. I glanced over at her, and realized both she and Penelope were playing with themselves. I reached a hand down and realized I was also sopping wet, and began rubbing my own clit while turning back to the action.

BOOK: The Doctor's Sex Pills
8.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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