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“You just said you gonna do what your black lover tells you to do. I’m tellin you to get your ass down there and give my old friend a nice wet tongue kiss.”

The crowd had suddenly become quiet. They waited silently their eyes on Maureen. Not moving, she stared ahead across the bar. Travis took her purse and found her make-up kit inside it. He handed the lipstick tube to her and a small mirror. She looked up at him, her eyes tearing again. He shook his head. The four quarters he’d placed on the bar earlier were still there. She glanced at the phone in the corner. Travis leaned close to her ear. “Do what your fuckin told,” he whispered.

She propped the mirror up and, with trembling fingers, coated her lips, then spread a sheen of gloss over them. When she finished, she looked at Travis who nodded in approval.

Unsteady in the stilettos she walked the length of the bar to where the old man sat grinning idiotically. The only sound was of her heels clicking on the bare floor. When she reached him, he shouted down to Travis, “Can I play with her titties, Trav?”

The crowd remained silent. Travis nodded, “Yeah, Goose, do what you want. Feel her up…her tits, her ass whatever you want. She’s hot to give herself to the black man. That’s why she’s here.”

Maureen stood before the grizzled old drunk. He smelled strongly of urine. His face and hands were grimy, his black skin crusted. He reached out with both hands and placed his bony fingers on her breasts and squeezed them painfully, his long dirty fingernails digging into the thin material of her blouse. Suddenly his face became hard and mean. He hissed and spittle flew from the black hole of his mouth. Maureen cried out and forcefully pushed him away as she backed up. She turned toward Travis, “I can’t!” she screamed. “I can’t do it!”

Travis clenched his fists. She could see the mounting rage in his face. He snatched up the quarters and went to the phone.

“Hey, Trav,” Sammy yelled. “You’re not sendin the bitch home are you?”

“You’re fuckin right, I’m sendin her home.”

He dialed a number and spoke quickly and hung up. Maureen was afraid to approach him. He pointed toward the door. “Wait outside, bitch. Cab is on the way!” he yelled.

The men in the crowd muttered their disappointment. Ruby shook her head, “I was hopin Trav would make her eat my pussy.”

Not sure her trembling legs would carry her to the door, Maureen fled. Within three minutes the cab arrived. The driver was a black man, young and muscular. She slid into the back seat. He turned to face her. “It’ll be fifty. You got the money?”

With a clutch of fear, she remembered she had only twenty dollars left. “It was twenty when I came here earlier this evening,” she said nervously.

“Cost more to go home,” he said unsmiling.

“All I have is twenty,” she fumbled in her purse.

He took the bill she handed him. “You thirty dollar short.” He patted the front seat. “That mean you got to sit up here,” he said.

She thought of running back into the bar and begging Travis to give her thirty dollars. She thought of trying to walk to Briarcilff. Neither thing seemed possible. Apprehensively, she climbed out of the back seat and into the front one.

He pressed a button locking all the doors. He then unzipped his fly and withdrew a long thin cock that was already hard. He looked at her, “When you start suckin, I start drivin,” he said.

“Please, no,” she protested. “I can give you the money when we get to my house.”

“This ain’t about the fuckin money,” he said. He reached over and grabbing her forcefully by the back of her neck, drew her head down to his crotch. “You come down here wantin black cock. Now you got some. Suck it.”

Like Travis, the scent was rich and musky. She felt herself moisten quickly. She took him into her mouth. At first she tried to make him cum by sucking hard, but when it became clear that he could hold off, she licked his shaft and teased his cockhead with her tongue. The trip lasted twenty minutes. When the cab stopped he had not yet cum. He lifted her head so she had to look at him. “For a white bitch you suck pretty good,” he said. “You like my black prick?”

Her fingers were still around the base of his cock. Her lips were swollen and wet, her eyes misty. “Yes, I do. I… it.”

“You take all my cum. Don’t spill any?”

“Yes, I...I’ll take it…all of it.”

He let go of her. She tugged his pants down and cupping his balls, licked them. Gently, she slid her lips and tongue over the length of his cock until it was once more wet with her spittle. Then, she took him inside her mouth and sucked fast and hard, moaning all the while. He cried out and came in hot spurts, filling her mouth so that she had to keep swallowing.

As she got out of the cab, he handed her a scrap of paper with a number written on it, “My name’s Robert,” he said. “Any time you want a ride to or from Riverton call me.” He grabbed her wrist pulling her halfway back into the cab. “You know the fare, right?”

She glanced at his cock which had just begun to subside. “Yes, Robert, I know the fare.”

“And you’ll pay it?” He let her go.

She slid out and closed the door. The window was down. “I don’t...I don’t know.” His hand tightened on her wrist. “I’ll pay it,” she said.

The house was dark. She was tempted to look in on the children, but didn’t. Brian was sound asleep and snoring. She undressed, hid the clothes and shoes, and crawled into bed. Brian hadn’t moved. She fell asleep still tasting Robert’s cum in the back of her throat.

Chapter Three

In the morning Brian tried to wake her but she rolled over and went back to sleep. He fed the children and got them off to school before going to work.

She didn’t awaken until after ten o’clock. Recalling last night, she masturbated and came quickly. After her shower, she determined to put Travis out of her mind and out of her life. She sat down and made a budget that might let her replace the money she’d taken from their Christmas fund. It would mean cutting a little here and there, but she felt she could do it before Brian noticed.

For the rest of the day she busied herself making a fine pot roast dinner and baking a cake. She was going to get her life in order by being a good mother and wife. She’d make it up to Brian tonight.

When the children came home she joked and laughed with them, but frequent flashbacks of Jimmy’s Bar left her feeling terribly guilty. With Brian, it was worse. He didn’t ask where she’d been. Whenever she looked at her husband, the image popped into her head of him kneeling between Travis’ legs to lick her cum from the black man’s testicles.

That night, Brian went to bed early. She stayed on the couch until she was sure he would be asleep. Before going upstairs, she masturbated again.

On Wednesday afternoon, she retrieved the two scraps of paper she’d saved. For a long time she studied the numbers written on them. On Thursday Brian announced that he was taking the children camping for the weekend. When they asked if she was coming along, he told them their mother hadn’t been feeling well and was staying home. He had hardly spoken to her in the past two weeks.

Late Friday morning, she phoned Travis. Her heart was pounding. She punched in a wrong number the first time. Before she tried again, she felt along the slit of her pussy. It was wet. He answered immediately with the same arrogant, “Yeah?”

She swallowed, “It’s Maureen,” she said.

It was as if he had known she would call and knew why. “You get one more fuckin chance,” he growled. “You do exactly what I say next time?”

“I...I…don’t know.”

“Then stop fuckin botherin me. I got better things to do.” He waited.

After several moments she said, “Yes, I promise. I’ll do what you say.”

“No matter what?”

“I…I’m not sure.” He was waiting. “Yes,” she said knowing it was a terrible mistake. “Yes,” she repeated, “no matter what.”

“You want to be my woman, want to belong to me?”

She shut her eyes and touched her swollen clitoris. She hesitated. Once the words were spoken, she wouldn’t be able to call them back.

“You’re keeping me waitin, and I don’t wait for no woman, especially a white bitch who’s in heat,” Travis said.

He knew. Somehow he knew. He had probably known from the first time he’d seen her. “I want to be your woman. I want you take me. I want to belong to you.” She was close to an orgasm. Denying herself, she placed her hand on the table.

“Robert tell me you sucked his dick and sucked it good. He thinks you got a thing for black cock. Is that true?”

“Yes,” she said quickly, “Yes, it’s true.”

“Robert says you swallowed his cum. You got a taste for the black man’s cum?”

She remembered the hot, thick spurts of Robert’s cum. “Yes, Travis, I have a taste for it…for the black man’s cum.”

“You remember the words I made you learn? Say them.”

“I worship the black man’s cock.” She repeated it, “I worship the black man’s cock.”

“I want you to keep on sayin that to yourself all the damn time.” He waited.

“I will.”

“Robert’s gonna bring you to a place. He’ll pick you up Saturday night at nine o’clock. I want you to get a new gown at that fancy store you went to last time. I seen one there yesterday. It’s black. Supposed to wear somethin under it cause it’s like see-through. But you don’t wear nothin under it. Get new shoes. Saw them there, too. Pumps they call them. Four or five inch heel. Classy. Them’s fuck-me shoes that don’t look like fuck-me shoes.”

“Please, Travis, the money….” She began.

“I don’t give a shit about that.” He cut her off. “Get it where you got it before. You won’t be goin home till Monday. Pack a bag, lipstick and that stuff. I want you to look hot. Oh, yeah, bring along them clothes you wore last time and bring that picture of your sister. You got what I’m sayin?”

She knew if she said “no” that would end it. She hesitated, wanting desperately to tell him she couldn’t do what he demanded. Instead she put her hand between her legs again. “Yes honey,” she said. “I understand. But why my sister’s photograph? I mean what’s that for?”

“Since when you askin questions? I say bring it, you bring it. You don’t want to do what I say, stay the fuck home.”

“I’ll be ready at nine on Saturday.”

“What you want to do? Say it.”

She had trouble controlling her voice, “I want to worship the black man’s cock.”

“Which black man?”

“You, Travis, honey. I want to worship your cock. On my knees I want to worship your cock.”

“How you gonna do that?”

She had been imagining it for days, “I’ll be pretty for you. My lips will be bright red and wet. My mouth will be hot. I’ll kneel in front of you. I’ll kiss it, soft gentle kisses all over your beautiful cock. I’ll hold it against my cheeks, I’ll lick it, lick it everywhere, lick your balls, lick under your balls.” Her breath was coming faster. “I’ll skin it back and lick around the rim. I know you like to watch me do that. I’ll take it into my mouth, deeper than the last time. I’ll suck your black cock, suck it for a long time, make love to it.”

She heard the click of the receiver as he hung up and immediately she had a powerful orgasm.

She walked the five blocks to the bank where she withdrew another four hundred dollars. Two more blocks took her to Ailene’s. The gown and shoes Travis mentioned were on display. Both were just right for her: a size six gown and size four shoes. Without trying them on, she paid and hurried back home. To keep her resolve, she continued to repeat the phrase Travis had given her. “I worship my black lover’s cock.”

A part of her mind kept telling her this was insane. It was a road from which there would be no return. Her family would suffer and eventually she would pay a terrible price. But there was this other thing…this rush of heat to her crotch when she repeated her mantra, the way her nipples stiffened immediately when she thought of Travis. She was troubled to find that remembering how she’d exposed herself in the circle of light on the dance floor also excited her. She tried to comfort herself with the thought that this was just something she had to work through and in a little while she would be done with it.

She had just time to hide her purchases before the children came home. In the morning, she helped them pack. By ten o’clock Brian was backing out of the driveway. Sara and Billy were waving to her. She waved back, then ran inside and threw herself down on the couch where she sobbed uncontrollably for half an hour.

Determined to shut her husband and children out of her mind, she spent the afternoon having her nails done and a pedicure, fingers and toes bright red. She also had her hair styled. These were things that she’d never even considered in the past.

Shortly after she arrived home the phone rang. With a sinking heart, fearing Brian had changed his plans and was returning, she picked it up.

“You got the stuff I told you to buy?” It was Travis.

She had trouble finding her voice, “Yes...I did. I bought them yesterday.”

“Like I said, wear that stuff tonight and bring the other stuff to wear tomorrow at the interview.”

“I don’t understand. What interview.”

“You got to have a private talk with the Captain tomorrow. Didn’t you hear them say it at Jimmy’s?”

“I...I guess so. I must have forgotten. Who is the Captain and why….”

He cut her off, “The Captain is the boss He’s like the Mayor of Riverton. He runs it. Police…. everything. If the Captain don’t approve, you get sent home and are told don’t ever come back.”

“But that doesn’t seem…”

Again he interrupted, his voice angry, “Don’t be givin me no shit. Just do what you’re fuckin told, you got it?”

“I’m sorry honey.”

“You want me to fuck you?”

She realized that she’d been hoping he’d ask that. “Oh, yes, honey. I want you to fuck me. I want your cock. It’s like you said on the night you were here. I think about it all the time. I…I...think about how you took me.”

“What you gonna do first?”

BOOK: The Sweet Wife
4.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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