Touch me if you dare: Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Secret Matchmaker Book 2) (4 page)

BOOK: Touch me if you dare: Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Secret Matchmaker Book 2)
6 - Asher

Three Days Later

The last three days hadn't been anything like I'd expected. Somehow Lila had gotten over my horrible treatment of her, and where I hoped it was the flowers I sent over, or the long message I left explaining what an ass I was about Craig, I doubted that was it. She wasn't the same toward me. A distance sat between us, one that was all my fault.

I'd basically forced her to go with me to dinner every night for the last few nights, hoping that treating her to something delicious and fun would loosen her up a little, but it didn't. She wasn't the average woman that I could buy back with my bull shit or my money. She was on a mission to end our arrangement, and her aggressiveness in asking questions, making assessments and profiling women was getting on my nerves.

Every day she stuck to my side, poking and prodding on a full-time basis. There were moments when I felt like she was becoming the personal assistant I'd always needed. She would get my coffee, pick up my dry cleaning, grab us lunch. I soon realized what she was up to and tried to pull those things from her before she settled into them. She wanted a break, time away from the office and as far away from me as she could get.

It hurt more than it should, and some part of me was getting pissed. It was the ugly side of my persona that wasn't willing to lay down anything for anyone. It was the asshole that was willing to call her a whore in front of a group of old people, the bastard that was willing to offer a beautiful girl a chance at her dreams if she would ride my cock for a while, the fucker that would lay dead to the world with no one at my funeral.

I hated myself.

If she wasn't trying to run my errands for me or pepper me with questions, she was consoling me and acting like a good friend might. It was weird. Disturbing.

I didn't want an assistant or a whore or a best friend. I wanted a woman to complement all that I had to offer. Something had to give… and soon.

She glanced up from the small table in my office where she had her laptop out, and had been diligently working away for the last few hours.

"What's up?" She asked, her tone soft.

"I need you to forgive me, Lila. I can't say I'm sorry any more. I was an asshole and it won't happen again."

She pulled the small black glasses from her nose and I was grateful. The damn things made her look like a naughty librarian and I had been fighting the urge to bend her back over my desk, but now wasn't the time. I was an ass, but I couldn't force anything on her, not like that.

"This is really bothering you, isn’t it?" She let out a soft sigh, glanced down at her computer for a moment and then back up at me. "It's fine. I accept your apology. I've had some horrible clients, and you don't even make the list. I think the fact that we're intimate with one another makes it a little different. I warned you about this."

"I know you did. I promise you that I'll keep myself in check. It's just a testosterone explosion I suppose. Seeing some old fart hit on a woman I just made love to in my office threw me over the edge."


"What?" I stood and pressed my hands to the desk, not understanding her comment.

"You fucked me. I don't make love, Asher. You don't either." She stood and closed her lap top. "Anyway... I accept your apology, like I said. I'm going to head back to the office unless you need me."

"Have dinner with me." I hated the soft tone of my voice, but I couldn't help how much I wanted her with me. We
fucked in the office a few days before. I wouldn't deny her that. I needed her again, wanted her to cry out my name a few times just so I could make sure we were good.

"I can't. I'm having a late night dinner with a friend." She packed up and walked to the door. "I have some profiles I'm going to send over for you. Check it out, then let me know what you think."

"Yeah, fine. I'll look at them." I stood to my full height and ran my fingers through my hair, forcing myself not to ask about her
. "I have a trip to Dubai that just came up earlier this morning that I’ll need to tell you about."

"Oh. Are you going to be out of town for a while then?"

"Yeah, but I want you to come with me."

She pulled her phone from her purse and glanced down at it. "What are the dates?"

"Sunday through Thursday." I didn't want to force her to come, but I was prepared to put the pressure on her if I needed to. I wanted her all to myself without any distractions and the trip would be a great way to make that happen.

"I think I can swing it. I'll meet you at the airport on Sunday?" She put her phone up and offered me a smile that almost seemed genuine.

"Are you not coming to observe me tomorrow at the house?" Saturday was the only day I allowed myself rest and recuperation.

"No. I take Saturday's off. What time on Sunday and what hangar?"

"Just after lunch and hangar bay 'C'." I slipped my hands into my pockets and tried to still my racing heart. Something about not seeing her for a day after having her locked to my hip for the last week left me less than happy, and more than a little anxious.

"I'll be there. Thanks for the invite." She turned and walked out without another word.

A slow growl started in my chest as anger rose up quickly to consume me again. I wasn't pissed with her or her decisions, but with myself, and my neediness. Where was this coming from? She was a simple girl who was working for me. Just because the sex was incredible didn't mean I had to lose my fucking mind over her.

I paced the floor in my office until my phone and laptop dinged three times in a row. I paused shook off my irritation, realizing I’d been stewing for over an hour. I needed to pack up and get home.

Moving to my laptop, sickness rolled over me. The e-mails were from Lila and they were various pictures and profiles of women she thought would fit me perfectly. I scrolled through them quickly and deleted the files.

After sending her a quick 'no, keep looking,' I closed my laptop, packed up and got out of there for a night of liquor and porn. I might not have her to keep me company, but I for damn sure could pretend like I did.


Saturday was the longest day of my life, and by Sunday, I was antsy and sick of myself. I finished packing a small suitcase and texted Lila to make sure she was still coming with me before getting into the stretch limo that had come for me. I thought about swinging by her place, but after I’d offered her a ride, she’d politely declined, and trying to force the issue wouldn’t get our trip off to a good start.

"Of course you don't need me to come get you." I glanced around the spacious limo and rolled my eyes. "There's privacy, twenty minutes and a large enough car to bend your sexy body ten ways to give you pleasure back here. Of course you’d prefer to drive yourself."

I was being childish, and I needed to get over myself. I hadn't had a problem with my attitude in years. My thirties had been a time of taking what I wanted and never having to ask for a damn thing. Now I was stuck in a dilemma. Lila's body technically belonged to me, but after having worked so closely with her, and getting to know her a little better, my ethics about invoking my needs were tight and unyielding.

The driver rolled down the window between us as we stopped at the gate. "We're here, Sir."

"Thank you." I got out and grabbed my own bag before walking to the small private jet and leaving my luggage at the bottom of the stairs. I was surprised to find her already on board.

The white pantsuit jumper that she wore was playful and elegant all at the same time. Her chestnut hair was half up, with the other half laying across her shoulders. Pink lipstick and simple silver jewelry adorned her ears and dipped down into her cleavage beautifully.

"You look incredible." I smiled at her and took my seat. "You obviously found the hangar okay?"

"I did. Thank God for my smart phone. Helps us ‘less than bright’ people find everything." She smiled at me before leaning back and letting out a cute little yawn.

"Long weekend?"

"Just haven't been sleeping well."

"You know what they say helps with that, right?"

She glanced toward me. "Sleeping pills?"

"Sex, baby." I winked at her and enjoyed the sexy smile that slipped over her full lips.

"I love sex," she purred and turned to look out the window.

"I do too." I cleared my throat, changing the subject and trying to win her over a little with my invested interest in her dreams. "Tell me more about your Spa. Why are you interested in opening it?"

She turned back toward me and inhaled deeply. "Well, I have a large portfolio of wealthy men because of my position as a matchmaker. I invest deeply in these guys, becoming their friend and getting to know the ins and outs of their personalities, their histories... their lives. That's why Craig was so touchy feely with me. I'm like a best gal pal."

"Right." I kept my thoughts to myself and forced my tone to remain conversational. "Keep going."

"I've found over the years that one thing they all have in common is their need to relax. Making money usually leaves the people in charge exhausted and in need of a true getaway. After hearing the same response over and over from these guys, I see an opportunity, and I plan to capitalize on it."

"What was the question you asked them?"

"If you could take a day to do anything... what would it be?" She lifted her eyebrow and tilted her head slightly, the look making her impossibly cute.

"And they said 'go to the spa'?"

She laughed, and I smiled in response. "No, silly. They said they would love to rest. The spa is simply a place to find that rest and I'm a trusted friend. They know they're getting a good deal and investing in someone who's worth it."

"Rest wouldn't be my answer," I responded candidly.

"No? What would your answer be?"

"To take my time exploring every inch of you with the goal of hearing you moan my name until your throat hurt." I licked at my lips and watched her closely. It had been too long. I wanted her and my patience was wearing thin.

"Get a stripper pole in your house and we'll talk about it." She chuckled and closed her eyes.

"Done." I leaned back and pressed my palm to my slacks, my dick rock hard at the memory of her moving around that pole in the club and watching me with hunger. She might be hurt by my words or pissed at my possessiveness, but she still wanted me naked and above her.

Her comments about the other guys gave me a bit of peace. She was involved with them on a completely professional basis. I needed to keep that in mind. I was one of those guys. She was using me and I was using her. I needed to drop the idea that she belonged to me. That wasn't the case, but something told me that was going to be much easier said than done.

7 - Lila

I must have fallen asleep on the plane. The last thing I remembered was Asher talking about wanting me naked and pliable and the next thing was him shaking me awake.

"Lila. We're here. Come on, doll." His voice was soft and inviting.

I opened my eyes and let out a soft yawn before standing and walking toward the exit with him. He reached out and offered me a hand as I walked down the stairs half asleep. We didn't speak much over the next few minutes, but he was busy getting our luggage into the car and I was still lost to the desire of going back to sleep.

I got in the front seat and buckled up before closing my eyes. His door opened and I turned my head, reaching out and touching his shoulder softly as he smiled at me.

"You're beautiful when you sleep."

"Did I snore?" I asked and let out a sleepy giggle.

"Not at all. You moaned a little. I was praying it was because you were dreaming of all the things I wanna do to you." He moved toward me, sliding his hand into my hair and tugging me toward him. A quick kiss on my lips and he released me.

"Let's get back to where we were before the golf bullshit, yes?" He asked, glancing toward me and then turning his attention on the road.

"I'd like that," I mumbled and turned to take in the oddly shaped airport terminal to my left. It looked like an oversized Twinkie.

"We're staying in the Burj Khalifa. Have you heard of it?"

That got my attention. I snapped my head around to pin him with a stare. "Seriously?"

"Of course." He laughed, seemingly happy with the fact that I couldn't hide my interest in his information. "I was one of the first to invest in it. I own a penthouse suite."

"Oh my God, Asher." I sat up as my heartbeat increased. I had read up on the hotel as it was being constructed and had dreamt of the opportunity to stay a week, or even a night in the luxury it provided. I knew I would never get the chance, but there was a part of me that at least wanted to visit the place if nothing else while we were in Dubai. But, now to find out we were staying there and that Asher actually owned a penthouse suite? I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

"I like that you're excited. It's beautiful. Very fitting for a woman like you." He reached over and took my hand into his and brought it to his lips. "I feel like I should apologize again."

"No. Stop doing that. Let's just pretend it didn't happen. Okay? No hard feelings. Let's have fun, drink a lot, do great business and fuck like rabbits. Good?"

"Hell yes. I couldn't ask for more." He glanced over at me and kissed my fingers again.

The feel of his soft lips on my hand caused little tingles to rise between my thighs and I groaned softly, giving him the pleasure of knowing my thoughts.

We drove to the hotel as he pointed out various buildings and landmarks, but I was lost on the grandeur of the enormous glass structure that seemed to rise into the sky like a sword out of a fantasy novel.

"Incredible," I whispered as we pulled up and got out. I craned my neck back and held on tightly to the door of the car as I tried to see to the top. "How far up is the penthouse?"

"The very top. Come on. I can't wait to show you." He moved toward me, taking my hand and pulling me with him into the incredibly elaborate hotel.

I turned my head and took in the view as Asher shuffled me toward the elevator. Once inside, I let out a soft sigh and shook my head at him.

"This isn't really happening, right? I'm used to wealth, but this... this is incredible."

"We're going to have a great time." He moved toward me and pressed himself against me, running his fingers down the side of my breast and licking at his lips. "Let's check it out, spend a little time blowing off steam and then we're going to a desert safari camp for the evening."

"Really? That sounds wonderful." I reached up and pushed at his chest as the door opened. "Move. My castle awaits."

"Yeah and your Prince Charming is dying for a blow job." He moved up behind me and pulled out the key, handing it to me and gripping my hips as he pressed himself to my back. His cock was thick and hard, the feel of it rubbing over my ass left me not caring so much for the view outside of the room.

I walked in and glanced around before turning toward him. "Need to be sucked?"

"Fuck yes." He walked toward me and pressed his hands to the tops of my shoulders. "I want to see you on your knees in front of me. Does that make me a bad man?"

His smile said he could care less.

I held onto him as I moved to my knees and quickly worked to get his pants open. I tugged them down as he slipped his black silk boxer briefs over his hips and let them fall as well.

Reaching out, I took hold of his cock and smiled up at him. "You're so hot. This could never get old simply because of how much I enjoy you."

"Good. Stop talking and start sucking, sexy girl."

I moved toward his balls and sucked one into my mouth as I stroked him with a firm grip. He groaned and slid his fingers into my hair, his hips gyrating forward as he fucked my hand with hard thrusts.

"I've been dreaming about this, Lila. I can't tell you how bad I needed you." He tugged at my hair and I couldn't help but smile. Such a demanding ass. "I want your mouth on my cock. Gag for me."

I nodded and pulled his shaft toward me, moving to slide my mouth over his meaty head before taking in as much as I could. He forced in a little more and I gagged, which only seemed to challenge me to take more. I let a slow breath out of my nose and forced more in my mouth as he cried out loudly and tightened his grip on my hair.

"Forgive me, baby?" He moaned as he began to thrust harder, my mouth being filled up completely and my throat stretching a little. I reached back to grab onto his ass as he continued his assault, the sound of his pleasure driving a stake deep into my own need.

I moaned as the first squirt of his cum hit my tongue, the musky flavor of him beyond delicious.

"Drink it, Lila. Drink it all, baby." He looked down at me and I smiled around his cock as he continued to unload his pleasure into me.

I sucked softly on the tip as he stilled, licking him until he was completely clean and shivering.

He reached down and picked me up before kissing me hard. His tongue pressed into my mouth and I was a bit taken aback by his willingness to taste his own cum. I rolled my tongue over his and reached up to touch his face.

"Delicious," I whispered as I broke the kiss.

"You are something, Lila. The proposal is still up for grabs if you change your mind. I'd give you a ring for a lifetime of nights with you wrapped around me." He smiled and kissed me again before patting my butt. "Go lay down, baby. Get a nap. We leave in three hours."

"Yesssss," I groaned and turned from him. "Wake me up in two. I want to look pretty tonight."

"You look pretty all the time," he mumbled and gave me an innocent look as I glanced back at him. "What? You do."


The Safari camp was only a few miles down the road and I was grateful that I had thought to bring a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, as well as tennis shoes. I felt a little out of place next to Asher in his boots, khaki's and button down shirt, but his glances reminded me that if I was trying to impress someone... he was already impressed.

We got out of the jeep he had rented and walked up to a large group of people while camels milled about. I watched some poor lady try to crawl on top of one before turning to Asher, my eyes wide.

"No fucking way I'm doing that."

"Yes you are. I paid for it already and you'll be fine. You'll love it." He popped my butt and winked. "You're up, sexy."

I turned as a Middle Eastern man smiled and offered me his hand. "Come now. Just climb up and enjoy the ride."

"Sounds like something I would tell you," I spoke softly and glanced over my shoulder at my handsome lover. The sex we had in the room earlier wasn't nearly enough and I wanted him to know.

"Hot," he whispered and moved in behind me, pressing his hands to my ass and helping to hoist me up.

I let out a soft cry as I landed on the camel, but soon found a comfortable spot and did rather well as we moved across the dry sands that laid out ahead of us. We stayed in a long line and moved slowly, but it was soothing, peaceful.

The sun began to set and the leader of the group stopped the caravan and moved down the line, helping people off the camels as they followed their master’s commands and knelt in the sand. Asher was in front of me and got off of his beast with ease before walking back to help me.

I reached for his hand and over extended myself. I knew I was going to fall about the time it happened, but all I could do was let out a girlie scream. Asher caught me and tumbled backwards, wrapping his arms around me and rolling us in the sand.

"Shit. I'm so sorry." I smiled and laughed loudly.

He closed his eyes and blew sand out of his mouth, the essence coating my face.

I laughed again and swatted at him as he laughed and held me tightly. The moment wasn't sexual at all, but something entirely different. He opened his eyes and watched me with joy in his expression, the sight of it leaving my heart aching.

I could only hold his gaze for a moment before looking away. The weight of it was too much. The warmth of his arms and softness of his touch left me wanting more than I should. I pulled away from him and ignored how close his lips had been to mine and how badly I wanted to press into him, but it wouldn't have been right. It wasn’t carnality, but something else.


No. No. No.

I rolled away and stood up, brushing my pants off and ignoring the painful throbbing of my heart. Even air seemed hard to find and I turned from him as his fingers brushed my shoulder. I couldn't do this. I couldn't resist the need to be his. I was succumbing to this tiny bit of tenderness he showed me.

Why? Why now? Why so fast? What the fuck is wrong with me?

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