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Triple Dare (8 page)

BOOK: Triple Dare

“God, you have no idea how much I wanted to hear you say that,” Rob murmured, his breath warm on her neck. He ran his hands over her hips, up the flat plane of her belly, the curve of her ribcage, until his fingers found her breasts. Her sex pooled with liquid pleasure and she swayed toward Joseph, eager for him to join in.

A male voice crackled from Anna’s backpack.
“This is Bartowski. What’s your situation with the Australians? Over.”

“Fuck,” Rob swore.

Anna’s pulse rate tripled. “It’s Wolf Creek base.” She placed her palm on Joseph’s chest and gave him an apologetic look, the moisture between her legs growing at the impatient gleam of hunger in his eyes. “I better let them know what’s going on.”

Rob laughed, sliding one hand down her stomach to delve his fingers into the junction of her thighs. “You think they might want to join?”

She twisted in his embrace and punched her fist against his shoulder in a soft rebuke. “You wish.”

Disengaging herself, she hurried over to her backpack, withdrew her handheld transceiver and rammed her thumb against the PTT button. “This is Anna. I’ve located the Australians and have escorted them to number four cabin. We’ll be staying put tonight. Will report back at—” she shot her watch a quick glance, “—twenty-two hundred. Over.”

She released the press-to-talk button, the feel of Joseph’s and Rob’s impatient, hungry gazes roaming over her back almost making her squirm.

“You sure?”
Bartowski asked, his uncertainty scratched with static.
“If I send out the chopper now, Hal can get to you in under an hour. Over.”

“Negative,” Anna almost snapped, aware her own voice sounded curt. “Too risky. The winds kicking the mountain’s ass up here. I’ve got it under control anyway. The heater’s fired up, the Australians are safe and they very thoughtfully packed sandwiches before getting their asses lost. Over.”

“If you say so. Over.”
Bartowski sounded hesitant. What she was suggesting wasn’t protocol, but she was also the boss. He knew better than to question her too much.

She flattened the press-to-talk button. “I do,” she said into the microphone. “Don’t worry about me. They’re Australian city boys with more money than sense. I’m making them regret their stupidity, trust me. Over.”

Rob burst out laughing behind her as she released the PTT button and swung about to fix him with a steady gaze. Her heart began to thump harder. “Now,” she said, tossing her walkie-talkie onto the crumbled top of her backpack, “where were we?”

Joseph crossed the cabin floor in three strides and scooped her off her feet before she could utter a squeal of shocked delight. He held her against his chest, his arms under her knees and back, his nostrils flaring, his stare holding hers captive. “Right about here.”

He kissed her. Hard. Brutal. His tongue lashing at her lips, her teeth, with a ravenous aggression she reveled in.

“And here,” Rob stated as he fisted a hand in her hair and tore her lips from Joseph’s, crushing her mouth with his.

His kiss was equally forceful but far more playful, and her head spun at the contradiction of one barely contained with power, the other almost teasing. Both however, made her pussy weep with moisture. She whimpered and curled her arms around Joseph’s neck as his lips began to scorch a line up the column of her neck.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” he ground out in her ear.

“Beautiful,” Rob echoed, pulling his lips from hers to taste her chin, her jaw.

Joseph kissed her again, nipping at her bottom lip with a series of bites that grew harder and more uncontrolled with each one. He plunged his tongue into her mouth, exploring its well with increasing fever.

“There’s no bed big enough for this,” Rob spoke, skimming a hand down her back and over the curve of her ass. His fingers stopped at the folds of her pussy, exposed to his touch by her position in Joseph’s arms, “and the floor’s a might cold, so we’re going to have to worship your body standing up.”

His statement sent a shard of wanton excitement into Anna’s sex and she felt her juices wet Rob’s fingers. Fingers he slowly, deliberately slid into her folds. Two at once, wriggling them until he couldn’t penetrate her any deeper.

She sucked in a breath through her nose, the scent of her pleasure filling her body, driving her faster to an unexpected orgasm.

Oh, God!

Her pussy clamped shut on Rob’s fingers, constricting on them, squeezing them in fast, powerful pulses.

“Oh, yes,” Rob scissored his fingers inside her sex, plunged them in and out and wriggled them some more, “that’s my girl. Come for me. I want you so fucking wet I could drown in your cream.”

Joseph growled against Anna’s lips at his friend’s words, hauling her closer to his chest as he sucked her tongue into his mouth.

“She’s so wet for us, Hudo.” Rob continued to fuck her pussy with his fingers. “So very, very wet.”

Joseph broke the kiss and stared into her face. “I want her wetter.”

Rob chuckled, a low, dirty laugh. “No worries, mate.”

He slapped her ass. A swift, sharp slap that made her cry out in surprise.

Stinging heat branded her ass cheek, but before the pain could register in Anna’s mind, Joseph pressed his lips to her temple. “Do you want him to kiss it better?”

She nodded, her breath hitching in her throat.

She sensed Rob move beside her, his hand sliding over her butt, caressing the spot he’d smacked until it wasn’t his palm on her skin but his lips.

And then, his lips weren’t on her ass cheek but on her folds, his tongue flicking at her clit, his fingers delving into her slit.

“Does that feel good?” Joseph whispered, his stare holding her still in his arms.

“Yes,” she panted. “Yes.”

“I want you so wet there’ll be very little pain when Rob enters your arse.”

Her heart slammed into her throat, her rock-hard nipples aching. She gazed into his eyes, knowing she should feel something other than absolute trust and blissful rapture. She didn’t.

Rob’s tongue rolled over her clit, already swollen from her last orgasm, and she hissed in a gasp.

“I can’t hold on much longer, Anna.” Raw tension wrought Joseph’s statement into a strangled groan. “My dick is so hard and I want to sink it into your pussy so much.”

“Then do it,” she rasped. “Do it. Please.”

He shook his head. “Not yet. Not until you are ready for both of us.”

As if Rob knew exactly what Joseph wanted, he placed his hands on her ass cheeks and spread them apart, dragging his tongue from her pussy to her anus. Smearing her hole with his saliva and her cream.

She clung to Joseph, a distant part of her mind in awe of his physical strength—he’d held her for what must be a lifetime now—a more elemental part of her mind more aroused than ever by it. “Oh, Joseph.”

It was the first time she’d called his name during their sexual contact and he let out a shaking groan, his eyes clouding with desire. His arms tightened around her and he slanted his lips over her mouth.

Rob laved her anus with his salvia, dipping his thumb into her pussy as he did so. She thrust her hips upward, her inner muscles constricting, another climax mounting. Fast.

It hit her. An explosive tension shuddering through her body.

Bringing with it fresh moisture from her sodden sex.

“Hmmm,” Rob hummed against her ass. “You taste so good. My face is so wet with your come.”

He lapped at her ass, stabbed at it with the point of his tongue, fucking her pussy with his fingers. Smearing her juices to her anus.

“I think she’s ready for us, Joe.”

The statement uttered against her backside made Anna’s ass squeeze tight with a wanton thrill she’d never experienced before. Her heart quickened faster still and she wrapped her arms around Joseph’s neck with desperate need.

She was ready. More than ready.

Without a word, Joseph removed his arm from beneath her knees and her feet hit the floor with a soft thud.

Rob was there immediately. From the time it took to remove his mouth from her ass and straighten to his feet, he’d stripped himself of his snow pants and shirt. She heard a condom packet tear and then he pressed his naked body to her back, smoothing his hands under her thermal. She drew in a shallow breath, the feel of his warm skin on hers almost as wonderful as the feel of his rigid erection nudging the crevice of her ass. He skimmed his palms over her belly, her ribs and breasts, a taunting journey that made her knees wobble before he embraced her in a firm hold and tugged her backward.

The tips of her toes brushed the floorboards a split second before Joseph stepped in front of her—now gloriously, proudly naked, his thick erection stretching the condom he wore—and gathered up her legs, draping her knees over his bent arms. Hooking them in the inside of his elbows.

He met her gaze, a small smile on his lips. “To the hilt,” he whispered.

He moved. Raising her knees higher and leaning into her body with fluid grace. His massive cock first pressed and then parted her folds, separating her sex until, with a groan and a clenching of his jaw, he sank his length into her very core.

“Oh, yes!” She threw back her head, the surreal sensation of being suspended on Joseph’s arms while being impaled on his cock almost driving her mad. She’d never felt anything like it, like she was connected to the world even as she hung above it.

Joseph sucked in a sharp breath, and another, his hips thrusting up, driving him deeper inside her.

“Damn, Hudo,” Rob growled, his lips against Anna’s throat. For a dizzying moment she realized she’d forgotten he was there.

How could you forget? The man has made you come four times in the space of two hours.

“If I don’t…” Rob didn’t finish.

His lips on her neck turned hungry, each kiss growing more wild.

“Touch me, Anna.”

She did as he asked, reaching down between their two bodies to close her fingers around his straining cock.

“That’s it,” he murmured. “Feel how hard I am for you. Feel how thick and long.”

She gripped his length a little firmer, all the while drowning in the thrusting strokes of Joseph’s dick in her pussy.

“I’m going to take you soon, Anna,” Rob continued, sliding one hand down her body until he wrapped his fingers over hers. He held his cock with her hand, pumped it once, twice. “Here.”

With a slight shift in the position of his hips, he aligned the domed head of his cock with her sodden, puckered anus. The beads of pre-come anointing his shaft’s tip slicked over her hole, adding to the natural lubrication he’d so thoroughly painted her with.

In response, Anna’s ass squeezed closed. A wicked thrill shot into the pit of her belly, and with it came the undeniable realization she didn’t just
him to, she
him to.

She lifted her free arm above her head and tangled her fingers in his hair. The musky aroma of her essence was potent on the air. “Now,” she begged through clenched teeth. “Please.”

He groaned, the guttural sound echoed by Joseph.

“This will hurt,” Rob panted, each word as gentle and controlled as she knew he could be, “but only for a moment.”

He pushed his hips upward. Slowly.

Anna’s cry rose in her throat and she stiffened, fear lacing her ecstasy.

“Shhh,” Rob hushed in her ear, just as Joseph leant into her body, his length burying deeper into her sex, and placed his lips on hers.

“Tell us to stop, Anna, and we will. If you need us to stop…”

She shook her head, the burning sting in her ass radiating through her lower body. It hurt, but underneath the pain, like a blazing sun behind dispersing thunderclouds, was unbelievable pleasure. Intense. Unfathomable.

Rob released his grip on her hand and his cock, smoothing it up over her stomach to cup her right breast. “Take a breath for me, sweetheart.”

She did as he told her, and drew the undeniable scent of Joseph into her lungs.

“That’s it,” Rob’s voice left him on a ragged breath. “I’m going deeper.”

A wave of concentrated, delicious sensations rolled out from Anna’s stretched ass and she tightened her fist in Rob’s hair. “Oh…oh…”

“Fuck a duck, Thorton,” Joseph groaned, stroking his cock in and out of Anna’s sex. “Holy shit, this feel so good.” The muscles in his arms quivered, and for a moment the steady rhythm of his penetrations turned erratic.

The awe-struck claim sent a spear of liquid electricity into Anna’s core. She moaned, any lingering apprehension destroyed by the image of Rob and Joseph together. She drew her knees closer to her body, wanting Joseph to bury himself to the hilt just as he promised.

Wanting Rob to do the same.

“God, I want…” She couldn’t finish the demand. She didn’t need to.

Without uttering a word, the two men drove their cocks into her body, simultaneously filling her, stretching her. Possessing her utterly and completely.

“More,” she ground out the single request, awash in pure rapture.

Both Joseph and Rob obeyed, their thrusts alternating, their cocks rubbing against each other through the wall of her sex. “I’m not going to last much longer,” Rob panted.

Anna fisted her hand tighter in his hair and stared into Joseph’s eyes. She saw his own pleasure, as molten as hers, smoldering in their brown depths. “Harder, Joseph,” she begged. “I’m almost there already.”

He thrust into her, each stroke growing faster, each pushing her higher, higher. Closer to the edge.

Closer to exquisite release.

She gazed into his eyes and ground her pussy down onto his cock. “Harder. Fuck me harder. Please. Harder.”

He did. Rob did. Their rhythm in perfect harmony with each other, their grunts and moans a chorus sweeter than a choir of angels.

“I’m going to come soon,” Rob burst out. “Christ, I’m gonna…”

He closed his fingers around her breast just as Joseph leant forward and crushed her lips with his, plunging his tongue into her mouth, and it was all that was needed to push her over.

Her first contracting pulse rocked through her, a great shudder so forceful blossoms of blinding color filled her vision. The second pulse followed immediately after, more powerful.

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