Tuning in to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life


Tuning I





The Surprisingly Fun Way to

Transform Your Life



Joan M Gregerson













Tuning In t
o Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life

Edition 1.2
January 2013

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2-2013 Joan M Gregerson

All rights reserved.

Published by Positive Energy Works LLC positiveenergyworks.com

ISBN-13: 978-1479175963

ISBN-10: 147917596X









If you live your life in inner turmoil, this book is for you. If the mental chatter in your head drains your energy or if you feel like you’re in a continuous battle with yourself, walk with me!


No matter what your religious views are, or if you have none at all, this book is for you.


It’s designed to be picked up and read any way you like. Read it all the way through, or flip it open and read a single chapter as an individual lesson.


Inner Peace is our inborn guidance system. By simply TUNING IN, soon you’ll be living the joyful, purposeful life you’ve always known that you were meant to live!











1 Why Inner Peace?

2 Inner Peace is Outwardly Obvious

3 Where to Look

4 Anger Has No Value

5 No Waiting

6 Letting Go of Chaos

7 Guilt: Self-Deprecating Laziness

8 Don’t Worry About Me

9 Perfectionism: The Party Pooper You Can Stop Inviting

10 Addiction: Tenaciously Lying to Yourself

11 Thinking Is Limited

12 Meet Your Parasympathetic System

13 Get Yourself Some New Friends

14 Take No Offense

15 Lose Your Labels

16 Slap on the gratitude

17 Immerse Yourself in Nature

18 Express Yourself Creatively

19 Meditation: A Powerful Change Agent

20 Live Lightly, Live Deeply

21 Practice, Practice, Practice

22 Small Words that make a Big Difference

23 A Powerful Alternative to Complaining

24 Saving the World with Hello

25 The Illusion of Hurt

26 Being, then Doing, and Having

27 Beauty is Inner Peace

28 We are Infinite, Connected and Have Big Paws

29 Choose Inner Peace and Fun!

Appendix: Inspirational Teachers

Note from the Author














1 Why Inner Peace?


What do you want out of life?



The perfect mate

A happy family









But why? Why is it important? What is the deeper significance?


The underlying reason is a combination of universal motives. Everyone wants:

              To be happy;

              To be loved and loving;

              To feel good about yourself; and

              To be a positive influence on the people around you.


Maybe you choose different words, or a different angle, but basically, these motives are our shared humanity.


When you are lying on your death bed, you will measure your life by these parameters.


But, when you keep your attention on all the factors that can change, you become disoriented and overwhelmed. You are flung up and down, as the details of your life change. Why is all of this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? Or, this makes me happy, so I’m afraid that if I lose it, I’ll be miserable.


As you navigate the storms and waves of life, you are tossed and thrown about. Just when you think you can bear no more, the sun comes out! Then a difficult person comes into your life. Then unexpected money flows in. A gentle person arrives. Your spouse loses a job. Someone dies. A new baby is born.

So, how can one succeed on the deeper levels of life, when external factors are continually changing and generating stressful situations?


The answer is surprisingly simple.


It involves a subtle, but deliberate shift of focus.


Loosen your grip on your attachment to all the drama swirling around outside of you. Turn inward. Tune in to your current state of inner peace.
Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to monitor and work to maintain inner peace. Every moment. Every day. Always.


This simple step will transform your life for the better. And this book will guide you.


Breathe in a deep fulfilling taste of life. Breathe out, and smile. Here we go!



Imagine yourself lying on your deathbed. Review your life. What makes you cringe and what makes you smile?

Make a “Successful Life List”. Number it 1 to 15, and write how you would define a successful life for yourself.


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