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Twin Babysitters II: Shelly

Twin Babysitters II: Shelly

By Jessica Longstreet & Jodi Sylph

Published by Jodi Sylph at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Jodi Sylph


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This is a work of fiction. The people,
events, and circumstances depicted are fictitious and the product
of the author's imagination. Any resemblance of any character to
any actual person, whether living or dead, is purely


Mark woke up before Chris, made a pot of
coffee and checked the baby. He was awake and playing in his crib.
He got the baby out and started his day, waking Chris up later than
normal since he had the day off.

Chris came out of the room looking hot as
ever and Mark wished he had time to indulge this morning, but not
today. He had lots to do, and they needed to get the baby ready to
take him for his checkup. They were ready and out the door at nine,
and when they got home later that morning Mark reminded Chris of
the Party that night.

“Don’t forget, we’ve got to get a veggie dish
for the party, and find a good bottle of wine.” And with that Chris
was out the door. He was going for the trifecta today, and he
picked up his phone and walked to the calendar. He suddenly
couldn’t remember which one of the two numbers he called and
reviewed his call history, 4828. So, since Sherry’s sister was
coming over tonight to babysit, he dialed 2848 and listened to the
ring tone.

“Hello, this is Shelly.” A voice said on the
other end of the line.

“Hello Shelly, this is Mark… your sister
Sherry told me you could babysit tonight?” Mark crossed his

“Oh Hi, Mark. Sherry told me she had a great
time last night and I could definitely use the money.” As soon as
she said that Mark thought,
Yeah, I bet she had a great

“Good, then I suppose we’ll see you around
five tonight, eh?” Mark asked. They worked out the details of
dinner plans and then Mark asked her, “Would you just like to crash
on the couch? We’re not going to be home until after two a.m.”

Shelly had talked to Sherry, but Sherry
didn’t mention what had happened at all, instead she had said it
was a really nice house with all the channels you could ask for and
it was an easy job. The best part Sherry told her about was the
hundred bucks she’d made.

“Well, I’ve got to call Sherry and tell her
what I’m doing so she doesn’t wait up for me…. but yeah, I think I
could do that.”

Mark told himself that he would make sure he
made it worth her while, to tempt her that much more. There was
every possibility since this was a new babysitter that she would
have to be recorded, of course. He thought how clever he was and
smiled deviously.

“Sebastian will be up when you get here
sweetheart, so make sure you’re ready to play with the cutest baby
ever!” he said.

The broke off the call and Mark went to set
up the camera. He dug in his drawer and found a bigger memory card,
he wanted to make sure it would last until they got home so he
wouldn’t’ miss anything, if anything happened.


Shelly hung up the phone and went back to her
pussy. Her sister had come in last night and disrupted her, and she
never got the chance to finish, and so while her sister was at
class this afternoon Shelly worked at fixing that problem.

Oh she was good at it too, she knew she was.
She teased open her pussy with her fingers and pushing in three at
a time. She hated having her sister always around, and they made a
point of taking breaks from each other. It was a long walk to
Sherry’s two hour class so she had plenty of time to take care of
her aching pussy.

She loved wearing nylons while she fingered
her cunt; it made her feel slutty and trashy. She crammed her
fingers into herself and then licked her fingers to taste herself.
Her puddle of cum, as she called it. She always made a sizable
puddle when she touched her pussy.

She had been watching some stupid soap opera
type show on the public channel, and the only guy she could picture
herself fucking was this Doctor character. He was older, but he was
hot. She kept looking to see his crotch, and when she caught a
glimpse of it she would think how she’d tell him to break that dick
out so she could suck it. She loved sucking dick, just like her
sister, and she knew her sister was almost as big of a slut as she

Shelly rolled over so she could scream into
her pillow as she came, thinking about the doctor on the TV.
am such a dirty little cock slut,
she thought. Her pussy
dripped and her hand was covered in the sticky cum. Again she
tasted it, so damn yummy to taste her own pussy. She wondered if
the doctor would lick her snatch and then kiss her.
Yes… kiss me

She imagined the doctor giving her an
examination, and of course she only wore one of those hospital
gowns. She could see herself answering the questions the doctor

“Alright Shelly, you’re a female, and almost
nineteen years old.”

“Right,” Shelly said.

“Well, let’s have a look, open up your mouth
and say ahhh…” the doctor said in her vision. She stroked the
inside of her cunt with her hand now, all four fingers diving into
her splashing pussy. He used his dick as a tongue depressor, and
then she clamped her lush red lips over his dick and slurped on the
entire length of it. If she had a problem with her throat, the
problem was she needed cum running down it. Her eyes were closed
and she licked her lips imagining getting to suck a dick right now…
any dick right now.

“Fuck me Doctor,” she said as she rode her
hand again cumming and splashing it all over her bed. “Oh please
put it inside me, Doctor, I need my temp checked…”

She stopped full stride. Wait….that was a
rectal thing. She thought about it for a second and then dropped
her hand over her ass and ran it down her ass crack.

“Yes doctor, come and take my temp, I’m sure
I’m hotter than I should be. She tore a new hole in her nylons, and
started toying with her asshole. It was hot to her touch alright,
and she felt it contract as she tried to put her finger inside of
So tight
, she thought. Her pussy gushed again, more cum,
her eyes crossed behind her lids, and she pushed the final knuckles
of her middle finger into her ass with one long hard push.

“Oh fuck me….” She was experiencing her first
anal orgasm and it swept over her like a sudden summer storm,
leaving her hot sticky and wet. “Fuck me doctor, put it in my
little tight asshole,” she said as she pulled her finger all the
way out of her ass. She put it in her mouth to make it wet enough
to put back in her ass.
It’s still too dry
, she thought.

She turned her head to the night stand and
grabbed the jelly. It was cold on her ass
cheeks, but she
rubbed it in and pulled her knees up under her chest, pointing her
ass straight into the air. She rubbed the ass crack a few times,
spreading the lube all over her ass. When she looked back, she
could see it soaking into her nylons, but most of her ass was now
fully exposed from the tear, and the rip from her pussy had joined
in with her ass, showing the glistening skin of her thighs.

“Put it in my ass, Doctor,” she said, and
pushed two fingers into her ass. She felt her pussy open up and
literally drop cum out of it. She looked down and saw her juices on
her sheets, and she stopped playing with her clit with her other
hand and scooped up the drop of cum with her fingertips and smeared
it on her lips and licked it off. “Deeper Doctor,” she said as she
forced her fingers deeper into her asshole. Her other hand went
back to her pussy now almost abusing her clit rubbing it rough and
hard, pressing it against her pelvic bone to almost make it

“More, Doctor!” she screamed into her pillow,
her mind now seeing the doctor in the break room, fucking him while
other doctors watched with their masks on so she couldn’t see their
faces. She pushed her third finger into her ass, and that’s
when she finally collapsed and soaked her sheets one last time for
this session. She wiggled around in her puddle and rolled over,
lightly running her hand over her bald mound.
Such a tiny little
pussy to need so much attention,
she thought. Now her ass was
going to want shared attention too.

She checked the clock and saw she needed to
get a shower and get around to Mark’s house. She got up and pulled
her top sheet off the bed and tossed it in the laundry. Thank god
for free student laundry.

She got out of the shower and dried herself
off. She already knew what she would wear today, she had a cute
little plaid skirt and it was just warm enough to wear it still.
She put stockings on that went over the top of her knees, and had
cute little pink bows at the top of them; she wore a tiny thong
that slid between her ass cheeks and then barely covered up her
little happy spot.

She pulled up her skirt to see how her pussy
! The thong was bright pink, and she had to
feel the mound of her pussy against her panties, so she pressed her
hand down and rubbed it, just long enough to feel her clit waking
up and getting aroused.

“That’s better, you better be ready to go at
the drop of a hat.” She slapped it lightly and threatened it,
“Don’t you lay down on the job again.” She laughed at herself and
then started her makeup and hair.

As soon as she was done she stepped back,
taking all of herself in. She looked illegal, just the way she
liked it. It was ok to look illegal, as long as she had her license
with her.

“Eighteen, baby, suck that!” She grabbed her
crotch like a ballplayer and then made a fucking motion. “I can do
anything I want now.”

She turned and walked to the door with her
back pack slung over her shoulder. She looked like one of those
anime characters,
a really slutty one
, she thought.

She pulled the door behind her and walked out
of her dorm.


Chris was already home, and he and Mark
played with the baby when the doorbell rang. Chris immediately sat
up and Mark went for the door. He had been thinking about Sherry
all day long, and Mark had too, but it was Shelly, not Sherry. Mark
met her at the door and introduced himself, then remembered he
hadn’t told Chris about Shelly coming instead of Sherry. When Mark
brought her to the nursery, Chris smiled at her outfit.

“Well hello, Sherry,” Chris said. “How are
you doing tonight?”

“Oh, Chris, this isn’t Sherry, this is her
twin sister Shelly.” Mark was saying something else, but the
thought of Sherry having a twin sister was already working its
magic on Chris’s dick. It was starting to not just wake up, but
starting to really move under his khaki’s.

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind me filling in for
Sherry, she’s got a class this afternoon and couldn’t get here by
five, but I was open to come over.” She was talking sexy already,
ignoring the fact that either of the men were gay and in a

It’s a good thing I got Sherry first,
Mark thought, and then showed her around the nursery. Shelly kept
shifting her ass under her skirt, teasing Chris, and she picked up
on his stares right away. It took her a little longer to see Mark
doing it, but she caught him looking at her chest and down her
shirt a few times even. Shelly was a menace when it came to men,
she could distract the best of them, and her talent was clear to
see compared to the innocence of Sherry.

The couple talked to her a little bit longer
and then came back to the living room with the baby and some floor
toys. They said goodbye, kissed the baby, and left. Sebastian never
even made a noise because they left. He seemed to be completely
happy playing and rolling around on the floor.

Mark had told Shelly to put Sebastian to bed
at seven, because he slept all night long. She sat and played with
him and didn’t even notice the time when she missed his

“Shit,” she said, and then corrected herself,
“Sorry Sebastian, I mean crap. I’ve got to get you to bed, little
man.” She picked him up and took him to the nursery. She tucked him
in and read him a story and sure enough, out like a light two pages
Sam I Am

Wow, that was easy
, she thought. She
checked the rest of the house quickly to make sure it was all good
to go, and went to the couch and grabbed the remote. When she sat
down, she sat with her legs sprawled, one on the arm of the couch,
the other almost touching the floor, her skirt wasn’t covering much
at all. She used her hand to trace her slim pantie-line below her
skirt. She inched her fingers closer and closer to her pussy, and
looked for something to watch that might encourage some play time.
She was going to be here for hours, and even spend the night.

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