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tongues melt together, pressing until they're one. I hold onto her for dear
life, curling my fingers in her hair, fearing to let go. As I ease out of the
kiss, she punishes my tongue with her own, reclaiming my lips. A chuckle pops
from my throat, followed by a moan as I loosen my grip on her hair and cup the
back of her neck, bringing her body closer to me.

cock doubles in size as it presses against the folds of her skirt. I drop my
hands and grip her by the ass, pulling her thighs up my body until she wraps
her legs around my waist. Easing her onto the bed, I unlace her bodice, making
it painfully slow as I give her a devilish smile.

your brother will be back to claim your body in a matter of hours. Just rip the
damn thing off already!” She squirms under my hands.

ever feisty Red will always be buried there under my Rose. And I'll love both
of them until my last breath.

dive in and free her from her clothing and she arches in relief.

body is perfumed in her lust for me, and I look upon her stunning form in awe
as if for the first time. With one hand, I pull her up to me. Pressing my lips
between her breasts, her back arches in a beautiful curve over a waterfall of
red tendrils. I let my other hand dangle between us, brushing against my cock
as I slip a pair of fingers into her. Slickened with arousal, they slide with
ease along the length of her.

lips find their way to a breast, and I suck it between my teeth and over my
tongue. A breathy moan floats from her lips and her hips rock on my fingers,
urging me to give her more. Her stomach flinches and undulates as I stroke her
sex. Each time she brushes my cock with her skin I fight the urge to burrow
deep between those folds.

captivates me with every movement of her body. I hold her with just one hand,
but it's she who's holding me on a tight invisible leash. Kissing my way off
her breast, I ease her upright and closer against my chest. My fingers work her
clit, her juice flowing, readying herself for me. Her arms wrap around my neck
and we lock eyes.

must taste her lips. As I lean forward, we collapse together on the bed. My
fingers remain inside her, stroking her in a steady rhythm that matches my
tongue in
my her
mouth. Nails drag down the flesh on
my back and rip a shiver along my spine. Curling my arm above her head, I grip
a handful of hair and put into a kiss what I cannot say with words.

finds my soul buried deep in our kiss, and frees it with each sweep of her
tongue. I knew a kiss of her lips would unravel me. I am hers, forever.

chest presses to hers and I rock my cock against her soft belly. She moans
against my lips and I quicken my pace over her clit. Arching her head back, she
breaks our kiss as short breaths huff out her cheeks. I grip a breast and
massage it, her swollen nipple rubbing along my palm.

it, my sweet Rose.
Cum for me, Princess.”
I work her
in swift circles, so full of sweet cream that I nearly slip out of her.

hand grips the blankets for dear life, the other grips my hair and she yanks me
back to her lips. I break the kiss and she whimpers. But I have other plans.
Just as I bring her to the edge, I still my fingers and dive face first between
her legs. Lapping at her with my tongue, I work her to completion, slipping two
fingers in her channel as one penetrates her ass. Her increasing moans stiffen
my cock so hard, I fight to keep from exploding.

her shuddering ceases, her hips release their tension and I kiss my way back up
to her lips.

your desire for me.” I trace her lips with the tip of my tongue. In turn, she
licks the remnants of herself off me. With fervor, I sweep her tongue into my
mouth and bury it deep.

her into my arms, I roll over and ease her on top. Her lips curl into a smile
mid-kiss and I know that wicked grin.

I want to taste yours.” She gives me a smile with her eyes and licks her way
down to my dick. I ache for her to taste me, but I want to cum inside her
pussy, not in her mouth.
At least not tonight.
I need to be buried in her, joined with her.

brush a hand through her hair and stroke her cheek with my thumb. “I'll let you
have your fun, but I want to cum inside you.”

cock presses against a pair of pouty lips and she stares up at me with big,
green eyes. A flutter hits me in the chest so hard I fight back a gasp. And
without warning, she swallows me whole into her mouth. The shock arches my back
and rips that gasp right from my lips. I throw my hands to my head, curling my
fingertips against my scalp.

cannot control my hips and they rock in time with her sucking mouth. Applying
pressure with her tongue, she slides me against the ridged roof of her mouth
and my cock throbs, aching for release. A growl rumbles in my chest and I huff
for breath. She sucks the air from me and my head spins in a fury. Her hand
cups my
rolling them between her fingers as her
other hand grabs the base of my shaft.

smooth strokes, she slides her hand in motion with her sucking mouth and I lose
control. She brings me to the edge and I shoot up from the bed before she takes

I pant out. “I need to be inside you.”

crawls up the length of my body, dragging her pebbled nipples along my skin,
over my flesh. I run my hands
over her breasts, massaging them as she positions her dripping pussy over me.
My tip presses against her entrance and she stares into my eyes. Labored
breaths heave through my chest beneath her.

both hands to the sides of her face, I bring her to my lips as her hips slide
down and swallow my cock. Her sinking wetness devours me as I push up into her.
Words cannot describe the ecstasy of being inside her, sliding through her
warmth and tight walls. I force her to slow, enjoying the sensations that
envelope me in that moment.

hands hold tight to her face, showering her lips in tender kisses as we rock
together in a slow, sensual dance with our hips. A moan purrs in her throat and
it shoots a tingle through my body, flooding my cock with extra adrenaline. I
love the noises she makes when I fuck her. I love them even more when we're
making love. My two worlds
I am one with Rose


kisses me as if his life depends on it. As if I am his oxygen. I don't think he
realizes he is mine. I died tonight right along with him. But his kisses
revived me, brought my lost soul back to this plane of existence. I understand
now why he wouldn't kiss me before. Not because he didn't love me, but because
he did.

body breathes life back into mine with every sweep of his tongue, every brush
of our lips and every plunge of his cock as he buries it deep inside me. I rock
my hips over him and he clutches me closer to his body. One hand moves from my
cheek to the back of my neck. His other holds tight to my ass.

Rose,” he groans, breaking our kiss as he thrusts his head back.
“My princess.”

hips slam upwards as I bring mine down on top of him. Another loud groan bursts
from his lips and with a final thrust his body erupts in tremors beneath me. I
rock my hips quicker over him, clinging to the edge of my own climax. A finger
slips into my ass as I slide down his shaft once more and it
me over the edge as a gasp rips his names from my lungs.

I cry out and fall against his chest in a quivering mess.

protective arms wrap me up tight, holding me against his sweat-slicked body. I
clutch him in my own embrace and lay my ear against his chest, listening to the
pounding of his heart beating as fast as mine.

strokes my hair and we lie in silence as his once rock-hard cock softens,
slipping from my grasp. I whimper and he laughs beneath me as he shakes his

Are you already wanting
more?” he asks, nipping at my lips.

always want more of you, Marcus.” I nip back, tracing the outline of his lips
with my tongue.

my princess and you can have me for the rest of your life,” he says, staring
into my eyes.

heart flutters so hard the world around me disappears. I see only his eyes, deep
blue, loving eyes that show me a lifetime of love and protection.

beyond words, Marcus. I thought you didn't want to be bound in marriage. That
was the whole reason for
to begin with.” I
stumble over my words, but I need to say them, to hear it from his lips and not
his brothers.

ran from an arranged union put forth by my father. Not from the idea itself.
When your soul finds its other half, it knows. You, Rose Red, are my missing

what if one day you find yourself running from me?”

pops a laugh and shakes his head with a smile. “I have no doubt you would catch

if I don't?” My brows arch.
“If I refuse to give chase?”

I deserve the heartbreak that would come with such a decision.” His eyes fill
sadness. With gentle care he caresses the length of my face with a fingertip.
“But let me assure you, I love you, Rose Red,” he whispers into my ear.

snuggle against his body letting out a slow happy sigh. “I love you, Prince

dances in his eyes. “Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

I whisper.

I another word
my lips, he rolls me over and
covers me in kisses, blanketing me with his body. There is safety in his arms,
but more importantly, my future.


The End





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BOOK: Unbearable
10.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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