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some ploy to satiate your bisexual lusts, a plot you and Simon

have devised between you. It isn’t fair to pick on some poor,

fat woman because you know she’ll be desperate for a lay and

won’t be able to resist the offer of two hot men.”

“Do you think that’s what we’re doing?” Adam looked

unbelieving. “Fuck, Megan, what the hell do you think I am?

I’m a man, damnit, not a monster. Do you think every time

we’ve fucked I’ve just done it for the pussy? I love your body,

Megan. You are hot. Hell, I was afraid to approach you that

first time we met because I thought you were out of my league.

Where the hell have you got this stupid idea from?”

Just then a confident knock echoed on the door.

“Who is it?” Adam snapped,

“It’s me, man. I told you I’d come ‘round after work.”

“Oh, yeah, hang on a minute.” He looked at me. “I’m

going to let Simon in. He needs to be in on this conversation.”

“Well, let me pull my top back on at least,” I growled.

“You keep springing this guy on me when I’m un-bloody-


I smoothed my skirt down my legs and dangled over the

side of the bed to pick up my T-shirt. Adam just pulled on his

boxer shorts.

“All right, you can come in now.”

I felt a little sorry for Simon when he walked in. I think

he’d been expecting some kind of sexy surprise and what he

actually got was a pair of very unhappy campers with faces like


“What’s going on here?” he asked. “Why the faces?”


Victoria Blisse

“Well, she seems to think we’re using her,” Adam sniped

and Simon looked truly surprised.

“What’s the matter?” Simon threw off his jacket and

walked over to the end of the bed. “I thought we all had fun

last night?”

“Yeah, we did, really did. I enjoyed myself and then I got

to thinking this morning and, I dunno, I started to doubt some

things,” I sighed and sat back against the headboard. “I’m not

beautiful, I’m not even pretty but here I am with two extremely

good looking guys. I started to wonder why.”

“Oh,” Simon said, “well, if that truly were the case,

maybe I could see why the paranoia. But it isn’t. You are hot!”

I blushed. “You’re just saying that.” I squirmed and

looked down at my knees.

“No, I’m not. You’re gorgeous. Ever since Adam showed

me a photo of you on his mobile I’ve thought so. We’re the

lucky ones, darling. So, come on, what’s really bothering


I glanced up at Adam who was sat beside me. He didn’t

look as angry, in fact there was the trace of a smile to his

mouth. When he noticed me looking, he smiled and ran a hand

down my arm in a comforting stroke.

“Okay, I’m just going to say it,” I said, then took a deep

breath. “I’m jealous of you, Simon, and what you have with

Adam. I’m afraid I’m going to lose him to you and, really, as

much as I like you, I just want to have a relationship with

Adam. I don’t think I’m cut out to be a third of a threesome.”

“Now we’re getting to the nitty-gritty of it.” Simon

grinned. “Darling, I could never, ever take Adam away from

you because he is totally besotted with you. He talks about you

all the time and basically thinks you’re the best thing since

tight tank tops. When all is said and done, I should be jealous

of you, but I don’t do jealousy. Besides, I live all the way up

here in the cold and frosty north and you two live in the warm

and wimpy south together. I’m quite aware that Adam and I are


Vanilla with Extra Nuts

sexual partners, friends even, but I’m never going to be in a

proper relationship with him. Nah, too messy.”

“Oh,” I said and sounded just as intelligent as you’d

imagine. “I’m starting to feel a bit foolish here.”

“Simon is right, Megan. I have been inconsolable this last

week when I thought I’d lost you. I do love guys as well as

girls and I hope you can deal with that. But, Megan, at the heart

of it all, what I mean to say is that,” he twiddled his fingers and

turned in his seat nervously, “well, I love you.”

I reached out and stilled his fingers and smiled as his gaze

met mine.

“I love you too, Adam.”

We kissed and it was beautiful. Simon clapped in the


“Aw, you guys make the cutest couple.” He sniffed and

dabbed the corners of his eyes with a handkerchief from his


“So, what now? How is this going to work? I’m

confused.” I sighed.

“Well, this is how I see it—Adam, chime in if I’m

wrong.” Simon laid a hand on my thigh. “You and Mr.

Handsome here will continue to do your thing down there in

the south and, every now and again, say once a month, he’ll

pop up here on business and we’ll have some adult type fun

after work and sometimes maybe you’ll come too and we’ll

have some fun altogether. I’d like that. And so it will go on like

that until I find my dream person and this crazy threesome

becomes a mad foursome.”

My jaw must have dropped and Simon laughed. “Only

kidding, kiddo. I’m not
into multiple people sex.” I smiled

and he laughed again. “Now, did I get that all right, Adam?”

Adam just nodded and wrapped an arm around my

shoulders. “Does that sound all right to you?”


Victoria Blisse

“It sounds just about perfect.” I smirked and Adam kissed

me once more.

“Hey, don’t forget me.” Simon pouted exaggeratedly, so I

leant over and gave him a big kiss too. “That’s better, much


“Yeah, I’m sorry guys, I just panicked. This vanilla girl

isn’t used to having so many toppings to choose from.”

“It’s all these nuts,” Adam said, face straight and solemn.

“Straight girls can never deal with all the extra nuts.”

We all laughed and I wrapped an arm round each of the

hot guys sitting on the bed and reveled in it.

“I can see the attraction of extra nuts.” I grinned. “They’re

very good for your health, you know.”

“I know,” Simon smiled, “it’s why I love them so.” We

both looked up at Adam at the same moment. “Wanna share

some with me?”

I nodded and Simon yanked down Adam’s boxers and

made him yelp. I flung myself against him and knocked him

down in the center of the bed and held him there as Simon

removed his own boxers. Adam tickled me and I giggled until

Simon got between his legs and started to lick and suck, then

Adam’s protests turned to moans of delight and he lay still.

As Simon trailed his kisses down Adam’s rigid cock to his

balls I took over sucking his dick. I couldn’t resist. I leaned

down, my clothed breasts still pressed down on Adam’s

stomach and licked him like a favorite ice cream before I

whipped my tongue around him and plunged his sweet, creamy

goodness into my mouth.

Adam crept a hand under my body and encouraged me to

move round, it wasn’t until my legs were next to his shoulders

that I realized what he wanted to me to do. I let go of his cock

for one moment and lifted my thigh over his head He pulled

down a few pillows and rested his neck on them ‘til I could feel

his breath on my sex lips. I felt so wanton, so naughty with his

face so close to my cunt. I went back to sucking and licking his


Vanilla with Extra Nuts

cock. Simon was tickling his tongue down lower, encouraging

Adam to open his legs wider so he could lick down his

perineum and to his anus. I closed my eyes then because Adam

had started to lick and his talented tongue was too much for me

to handle. I was overwhelmed by the skill of his lapping and I

buzzed with mini orgasms each time his tongue whipped across

my clit or buried itself inside of me.

I slipped into a steady rhythm, my fingers at the base of

his cock and my mouth running up and down it. My tongue

slipped and slid around its meaty girth. I only opened my eyes

again when I felt Adam’s pelvis tip up and I saw that Simon

was now naked and between my lover’s thighs. He had a

condom on his cock and was lifting Adam’s legs up and

pressing them back against my shoulders to expose his


I watched as well as I could with the distraction of

Adam’s tongue in my cunt and his dick in my mouth as Simon

squeezed a little lubrication on to his finger and worked it into

Adam’s arse. I watched with fascination as two fingers sunk

into him and felt the pleasurable moan from Adam as it

reverberated through my cunt.

Simon then replaced his fingers with his cock and held

still for a moment. Adam’s tongue stilled too and I rested with

my lips stretched around his cock as we all waited for Simon’s

next movement. As he slowly began to slip in and out, Adam

and I picked up on the rhythm. Simon had to go fairly slow so

not to knock my head as he thrust.

It took a little while to get everything right, so we could

all stimulate each other at the same time, but with a little

practice we got it. It was amazing to suck my boyfriend’s dick

and watch him being fucked at the same time. Having my

pussy licked too was certainly the icing on the cake. I was

overloaded with pleasure and I know the two guys were

quickly building to orgasm too.

As my pants and moans became louder around Adam’s

cock, I felt it stiffen and his hips thrust with some urgency. I


Victoria Blisse

could hear Simon’s arousal in the grunts and gasps as he

fucked and I knew he would soon come too. We all held on

desperately, I don’t think any of us wanted this to stop, but

Adam came first. Not surprising really. He grunted into my

pussy, his tongue whipping around my clit as he came,

pumping his salty goodness into my mouth. I swallowed it

eagerly and ground my clit against his face. I wanted to come.

Just as my orgasm peaked, the taste of his come coating

my mouth, I heard Simon roar and felt him go still. As Adam

continued to lap, I shuddered and groaned and gently cleaned

his cock. All three of us came up panting for breath. I climbed

away from Adam’s face in certainly a most unladylike fashion

and Simon pulled away from Adam and disposed of the

condom. We all climbed back onto the bed and under the

sheets and cuddled together. Again I was snuggled tightly in

the middle.

“Love you,” Adam whispered and kissed my cheek,

“Love you, too,” I replied and squeezed his thigh.

“I love you both, hot stuff and hot stuff,” Simon added

with a grin and I turned to plant a big, salty kiss on his lips.

“That’s what I wanted.” He laughed.



We were certainly not your average couple, Adam and I,

but we did end up having the “normal” relationship I had

always dreamed of. We were a couple; we married, had kids,

and lived a long and happy life. It was your typical vanilla

relationship, just with extra nuts.

Simon was Adam’s best man on our wedding day and

part of his gift to us was given in the marital bed that night.

Simon never lost contact with us, even when he married his

soul mate, Andy. We always found time for each other. I

always say there’s nothing wrong with straight vanilla, it can

be dressed up with so many toppings. I, though, always have

extra nuts on my ice cream. Always.

About the Author

Victoria Blisse is a mother, wife, Christian, Manchester

United fan, and erotica writer. She is equally at home behind a

laptop or a cooker and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes,

and biscuits that make people happy.

She was born near Manchester, England, and her northern

English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories. Passion,

love, and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

To find out more about Victoria, please visit her website


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BOOK: Vanilla With Extra Nuts
10.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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