Wolfe's Den (Wolfe Creek #1)

Wolfe’s den

Book One in the Wolfe Creek Series


I opened the webpage to my email for the hundredth time since I woke up. Again, there was nothing there. No job offers or even rejection emails. There was just nothing. I had to check to make sure my internet was still working. It was about to be cut off if I didn’t get a job soon. I only had enough money for the other important bills. Food was even limited.

I hit the job board, but there wasn’t anything; no new opportunities listed. When you’re a twenty-one-year-old college dropout, jobs aren’t plentiful as it is. With my newly ruined reputation, it was ten times harder. So I decided to surf the net while I still had it.

I was browsing for about ten minutes when a sponsored ad showed up on the sidebar of my Facebook page displaying a family resort opening soon. It looked inviting, so I checked out. I clicked the link and immediately felt at home. The main building was a large wooden building, really a massive log cabin. It reminded me of a lavish ski resort my parents used to take me to when they weren’t ashamed of me.

As of late I was persona non grata in their eyes. They cut me off, unless I was planning on doing some heavy ass-kissing which wasn’t in my repertoire.  I wanted to call my parents, but they were out of town again, not that they had time for me. I didn’t want to grovel back to them with my tail between my legs after telling them that I didn’t need their money to make it.

My phone buzzed with a text from my good for nothing ex-boyfriend. He was the reason I lost my last job three months ago and couldn’t manage to land another. Evan, the prick, came in to my job at the only expensive restaurant in this shit college town and shouted at the top of his lungs that I was nothing but a cock tease and was having an affair with my boss and that’s why I supposedly wouldn’t sleep with him. I was fired on the spot. Word spread like wildfire and I couldn’t land a job anywhere.

Cat, babe. I need you to forgive me. I love you. Pleas

This was his millionth useless apology. Loved me, my ass. What did he think I would d
just forgive him for ruining my name in a matter of two of his drunken frat boy days? After the restaurant incident he went around town fucking broads and sending pics to my phone. He was disgusting, and I didn’t know why I’d ever dated him. I just sent him a text to fuck off.

After tuning out the asshole and forgetting I had parents, I turned back to the faux rustic looking resort called Wolfe’s Den. They boasted to having thirty suites that looked out at the Cascade Mountains. Many of the shots were taken in general locations around the town and the outside of the resort. The panoramic shot taken inside one of the suites was spectacular.  The one thing that my eyes took in was the slightest bit of a reflection. Either it was really
or I was now completely certifiable. It couldn’t be him because my dream lover was a figment of my wild romance book filled imagination.

I kept looking at the image to see if I could make out more of his features. I enlarged my browser to 300 times magnification, but it became blurry and pixilated. His hauntingly beautiful blue orbs did manage to stay clear. I drowned in his blue gaze until I caught my eyes in the computers reflection. Taking it back down to regular size, I noticed that my nightly lover was standing next to a woman with bare slender legs, who was the person behind the camera. Jealousy wrapped around my heart, squeezing it frightfully. It started beating so erratically that I thought it would explode.

Needing to look away, I clicked on “About Us” section. There wasn’t much about the Grey Corporation. It was owned by the Grey family, who had lived in the area since the 1700’s. They were trying to expand their small community by adding a source of revenue for the locals. Next I looked for employment opportunities, but there wasn’t anything listed. The resort wasn’t opening for another month or so; perhaps they just hadn’t put the online application up yet, or they were old school and wanted paper applications. The only contact information was phone number. I called it and it was just a voicemail box, so I pathetically begged to be hired.

After leaving that mess of a message, I wanted to cry at how things had changed so abruptly for me. It all started about six months ago. I started having these crazy dreams involving the most attractive and huge man I’d ever seen. They engulfed my mind and body, and I woke up physically drained every day. My day became all about him. It was as if he was real.

My beastly giant man would touch me, tease my body to cum for him. Every night I would wake up several times from the feel of his teeth nipping at my flesh. My nightly demon wouldn’t say a word as he made his way to me, climbed up my body, his eyes never leaving mine, and tasted my skin. The only time he spoke was when he claimed me with his very well-endowed cock. It must have been the surrealistic feel of dreams that made him seem so large in every way because he was well over six and a half feet tall.

Each dream started the same way:
I’m lying on a bed, wearing just a skimpy pink nightgown. It’s one I don’t even own, but it’s unbelievably beautiful and silky. He walks into the almost pitch black room, his blazing blue eyes staring directly into mine, the moonlight brightening them as it lights up his strong chiseled face. I always think I’m going to be afraid because I should be, but I never am. My mysterious hunter stalks toward me as though I’m his prey. He lets out a low growl from deep within his chest as he moves to the edge of the bed, and before I know it he’s on me.
He slides his hands through my hair and lifts my head so he can taste my mouth. My demon knight kisses me, and it’s the most earth shattering, explosive kiss ever. As he pulls away, I sigh at the loss of his mouth on mine.  He starts nibbling lightly, licking and sucking all down my body like he’s trying to mark me as his. He hits my core with his strong tongue, and I start to cum hard. I dig my hands in his hair as he starts to taste my orgasm, releasing another low feral growl as he laps it up.

Suddenly, he roughly parts my thighs, opening them wide before moving his legs in between them. His eyes never leave mine as he slowly moves his up my body. Aligning his cock with my pussy, he pushes his way roughly into me, claiming me as his and growling, “Mine.”

His mouth comes down on to my neck and just as I feel his sharp teeth pierce my skin, I cum hard again, and he roars his release into me. I feel my body fill with his seed, and all I think about as I pass out from the pleasure was having his babies.

I had moments where I relived his touch in public. On several occasions, I managed to mortify myself. Those dreams started to make going to class very difficult. I would spend the day rubbing my neck, even though there was no scarring. My pussy throbbed throughout every class, and I couldn’t pay attention at all. The worst time was when I was in my Calculus class with my eyes closed, letting out a little whimper. I opened my eyes to look at my lover, but I wasn’t asleep; I was looking directly at my teaching assistant, only after licking my lips sensually. The ass had the nerve to give me a dirty smirk, then approached me after class.

“So lovely Catherine, I could make you moan like that later on tonight,” he offered, while his eyes leeringly admired my curves. I was almost ready to vomit at his unrestricted lechery

“No thanks, Cody. I wasn’t thinking of you, and I sure as hell don’t want a married man,” I hissed and rolled my eyes.

He got close to me and gripped my arm tightly, then whispered angrily in my ear. “If I was you I wouldn’t be acting all high and mighty. You’re already failing; I was just giving you a chance to clear your mind.”

“You couldn’t do anything for me. You’re a poor excuse for a husband, and if I was your wife, I’d divorce your ass.” I rushed away from him, ignoring everyone around me. Two months into my nightly fantasies, I was failing all my classes. My parents were furious, but I couldn’t stop the daze I lived in.

I had another fuck up when I was working at Le Cher. A beautiful woman walked in with her husband. When I walked up to take their order, I had stared too long at the man. I wasn’t looking at him per se, but I noticed his bright blues and instantly my night stalker came into my mind. I was so lost in my fantasies that I didn’t realize the wife was growing more and more livid by the second. She didn’t say anything to me, but she told my boss, and I was warned about my behavior. Then just two days later Evan made his big display of asshole, and my boss had it with me, so I was canned. Damn those eyes; they ruined everything.

The next three days I was living off Ramen noodles and Diet Coke hoping for a call or an email from any of the positions I’d applied to, but there was nothing again. I started sulking and was tempted to cave and ask my parents to help me out. I didn’t call to beg, but I did call to check in with them.

“Hello, Catherine,” my mother said indifferently. I knew I was just a child my parents had to have to get the inheritance my grandfather had left them. They really didn’t want children because life was more fun without trouble. I never let it bother me because I always stayed in their good graces and benefited from their lavish lifestyle.

“Hi, Mom. I just called to see how you and dad were doing,” I said in a sing song voice. I heard a huff of disbelief. When it came to me they weren’t very patient, so I intentionally annoyed them. They were too easy to irritate, but it was the only way I actually got to talk to them. 

“Catherine, we know that you still don’t have a job. If you need money just tell us. Or you could come back and we could get you a job or get you into a school in L.A.,” she huffed into the phone.

“No, I can manage just fine on my own,” I muttered. I wasn’t fine, but it wasn’t like she really cared so what was the point in giving up my pride.

“Please, you’ll be working at a strip club soon if you don’t get your act together. We heard about you sleeping with Evan’s friends along with your boss. You need to think about our family name.”

“I didn’t sleep with anyone. I’m so glad you believe strangers. Evan is an asshole and I’m not interested in your help. I can manage without you two.”

“Well think about it,” she said. “I’ve got to let you go. Your father and I have a dinner date to go to right now.”

She didn’t even say bye before hanging up the phone. Why I bothered was beyond me. She wasn’t the loving mother; she was more like the “show me off” mom. If she couldn’t show me off I was useless. I got up and grabbed the opened bag of chips and a can of pop and jumped back on my favorite site. I looked for more information on the Grey family, but I couldn’t find any images or anything on them. They kept a really low profile. Even with their avoidance usually there was some picture out there.

The next morning, I looked out the window and there was a limo idling outside my apartment. There was a muscular beast of a man leaning on the limo looking up at my window. I flushed with embarrassment and pulled away from the window. I tightened my robe and went to make coffee when there was a knock at my door.

I looked through the peephole to see a very well dressed and perfectly built couple. I opened the door to let them know they were in the wrong place, but something about their eyes was familiar. They were tailored in expensive suits and I wondered if Evan had made up some more stories and the feds were after me.

“Miss Catherine Kinney?” the long legged beauty asked. She had to be at least five eight and her hair was platinum blonde wrapped in a tight bun and not a hair out of place. Her facial structure was model perfect without the photo editing. I gripped my robe tighter, feeling uncomfortable with my normal person look.

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