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Gone Girl

BOOK: Gone Girl
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I enjoyed the book overall. It gives a good insight on how the actions a person makes can effect some else in a way. I like how the author changed the

chapters in a way that the reader can get an insight in both on the main people. I also loved the use of detail and suspense in the novel. The plot twist was

good, it had me wondering all the way to the end. Most of the clues that Amy left behind was kind of confusing. Also, some of the actions that the side

characters did were also a unclear, it confuses the reader. Overall the author demonstrates consistency throughout all chapters, which makes this novel


The first couple of chapters of Gone Girl were interesting. The author was setting up the whole situation very well. Nick has an affair and Amy finds out.

She disappears out of no where and Nick is trying to find out what happened. All that is left is a trail of clues that lead to dead ends. This leads to nothing

but confusion for Nick.

This book contains a double plot twist. You will find out the situations that each character is in and each problem builds on each other. Its like a cause and

effect situation, but one character is getting all of the problems. I would compare this book to an season of N.C.I.S because of the plot twist. It takes a long

time before the case is solved, but when it is figured out it is worth it.

BOOK: Gone Girl
7.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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