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3: Fera - Pack City




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This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental.






3: Fera


Pack City


ISBN: 1-60180-049-5


Carys Weldon


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Scott Carpenter


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This one is for all the lonely people out there, who are trapped in bodies they don’t love, looking for a soul mate they can’t find. I believe, like Fera, you may have to slip past a lot of losers, but a great mate is out there. Just keep hunting!










3: Fera


Pack City












All the men I know are dogs, and all the women I know are bitches, and I say that in the nicest way.


I say that with my head bowed in reverence, actually.


My name is Fera. I am a werewolf. Born a wolf. Raised a wolf. Ready to become a woman. Until now, you could say, my experience is all ‘pack.’


I will be changing any time now and I am afraid of what that means. The dogs will go wild. The bitches will look at me different. And I think that means the clawing will begin. It’s all a fight, you know, once you come of age in a wolf pack.


That’s when you really come to understand the phrase ‘Do or die’. Or is that ‘Do














I live in Pack City.


Cool place. Dangerous place. A place to watch your back at all times. A place to mind your own business.


Except you can’t really mind your own business when the hounds of hell are breathing down your neck. When you belong to a pack, you’ve got two choices. Run with the big dogs, or--


Well, let’s just say you need to get up to speed or you won’t be worrying about it tomorrow.


That’s why werewolves tend to live for the moment.


Yeah, we get caught up in the frenzies. Lust. That’s what we live for, really. Blood. Sex. Eating. Combination of the above.


I think that’s one of the great mysteries of life. Who knows which combination is gonna do it for ya next, ya know? Like, right now, I’m into blood, eating, hunting. Nature of the dog. But they say my change is gonna redirect me. That sex is gonna consume me for awhile. Pheromone levels going haywire or something.


I didn’t really believe it until the night Leer caught up with Kayty Smalls. That was an eye-opener on what a change can do for a girl.


Leer’s the alpha at Pack City now. And Kayty’s his mate. Do you know their story?


Kayty’s a breeder. Born human. Raised human. Never even knew she was kin to a wolf pack.


That happens sometimes. Talk about your recessive family genes and suppressed communication levels. I can’t imagine living, having a ticking time-bomb inside you and nobody warning you. I mean, she had no idea that she was going to shift. That’s what we call the change over from one form to another. Shapeshifting.


Oh, there are signs--but you gotta have someone pointing them out. Otherwise you can convince yourself that it must be puberty, or change of life or maturity happening. Whatever.


She just thought her perked interest in the outdoors and the need to run in the woods was a phase. Who doesn’t have phases, right?


Yeah, Kayty had no idea what she was getting into. She told me, “I just had urges. Went looking for something I couldn’t name.”


And that’s when she laid eyes on Leer.


That wasn’t a coincidence.


He was looking for her. Oh, yeah. Him and the whole damned pack. Chick had a scent. I can’t really describe it, but it had all the men howling. And all the women bitchy. Not that they need incentive to be like that.


You see, when a breeder turns--that’s pretty momentous. Doesn’t happen everyday, ya know? I think that’s because the bitches hunt them down and kill them before it happens. But what do I know?


The very thought has me looking over my shoulder. Not that I put myself up there with a bitch that’s born human.


Don’t get me wrong, I have my own place. Some call me ‘princess’. I’m a pure line wolf. I’ll explain more about that later.


Any chick going through the change is bound to get extra attention from the males in the pack. And when you go crinos for the first time, you’re at your most dangerous, out of control, if you know what I mean.


By crinos, I mean the interim form between human and wolf. The form that rises up above all that you would probably consider normal into a beast of the ages, blessed by the gods with enhanced strength, instinct, speed and stamina. And not just in the physical department. A crinos is at the height of the evolutionary scale in all things. They are also usually a little reckless, and often senseless. Especially when they turn for the first time.


A crinos could do anything. And I mean ‘do’ anything. The urge for lust satisfaction is utmost in their brain. If the beast is more human than dog, the lust likely to be uppermost is definitely sexual. Unless, of course, they’ve got some serious pent-up frustrations. Those could send a new crinos on a killing spree. Or-- depending on the beasts within sniffing range-- could send a whole pack on a night of excitement.


I remember Kayty’s first time. Oh, she had them all going. I was a little young to be caught up in the frenzy.


Let’s see if I can describe it.


I guess I should explain. We had this guy...Chaos. Wiry-strong, sexy as hell--in the literal sense of the word. One of those murderous tough guys that made you shiver when he was near. Pent-up fury just waiting to explode. He pretty much held the alpha position in the pack, but he wasn’t very well liked. Had killed his way up, and some of those kills, well, they just didn’t seem honorable. Not that anyone was saying that out loud. Just...ya had to wonder.


Anyhow, you couldn’t trust him, ya know? Moody. Scary. Somewhere between sadistic and on the edge of self-destructive. But he was cool, if that makes any sense. Everybody wanted to be him. Or be with him.


Or kill him.


He had this bitch, Tee. That would be Tee for
. Absolutely vicious bitch. Damn, were they a tough team. Ruled with the threat of bloodshed at all times. I’m telling ya, I saw them both rip throats--just for a sideways look or a wrongways sniff. I can’t say I’m not glad they’re gone. I don’t want to talk about them though. They’re past history.


But Kayty and Leer? They’ve got it going on. It’s one of those deals that mesmerizes you, makes you wanna see more--watch every move they make.


I should explain how they got together. I can’t really describe the weather, because I don’t remember. I know most stories start out with a description of the sky. Sorry, can’t do that. You’ll have to close your eyes and make up your own picture. The memory I’ve got is all about emotion.


What I remember is that the wind changed out of nowhere, and every nose in Pack City wiggled. But Leer’s--his went straight up in the air. And then he was gone. Took off like a shot. No kidding. One minute we were just lying around all lazy-like and a breeze wafts through. Zip. Like a flash, he was gone. Yeah, kinda funny. Picture the rest of us, turning our heads all at once, going, “Whatup?”


A couple of minutes later, the breeze did its deal again, and other males started moving out. Sudden hunt. That’s what I thought it was. We have those some times. Something stupid wanders in a little too close.


Anyhow, the rest of us weren’t far behind. I didn’t really know what I was smelling, but if the rest of the pack was hot on it, I knew I better pick up my pace.


So, when Leer got on Kayty’s trail, we were all chasing. Talk about your dead runs, too. But damn if he ain’t about the fastest dog on the face of the planet.


Oh. My. Gaia. If you want to talk about sex gods, you should get a look at Leer. Long, lean legs. Tight all over. Leashed energy, always gives you the impression that any minute he’s gonna reach out and grab something.


There’s not a female in Pack City that isn’t hoping for his touch. Not that I expect him to look my way, but hey, a girl can drool, can’t she? She can have fantasies.


She definitely has fantasies.


How can she not when she watches every movement he makes, and every move is a gathering of sinew, rippling of muscles, pumping of blood and other things? I mean it. Just watching Leer is a turn-on. I’ve seen him rub himself without thought. Even seen him lick himself. Yeah, just picture that one. I could watch that tease all day long, every day.


Sometimes I fantasize about him asking me to go down on him. I know he’s not mine. I know it’ll never happen. Not with Kayty in the picture. But I’d like to see him resist some tongue action. A free head job, no strings attached.


I was a well-suckled babe. I could do it.


At least, I think I could do it. I don’t know about the no strings part. It’s easy to think you’re in love. I’ve been half in love lots of times. Even tasted temptation a few times, just to see if I’d like it. That was just teasing, though.


Men ask for it. I think, if it makes me popular, sometimes I might do it. Ya know?


That was the past, though. Mistakes I made. Something I’m over. Didn’t get enough appreciation. I really believe that a man left wanting a little is more apt to want to please me.


I’ve mastered the art of sucking, licking, bringing a partner to the edge, the brink of ecstasy and making him beg. Sick sense of humor, I know, but I like that. Call me crazy.


Self-gratification seems much more worthy of my time than partner serving. Do for me, baby.


There are so many things to watch in Pack City. To learn from. That taught me.


Everything’s a lesson, whether it be in survival or self-satisfaction, or pack action. That’s why pretty much everything is done in the open, where you can watch.


Very few secrets in P.C. I can tell you that.


To have one...why, that would be very dangerous, actually. You probably already know that wolves are suspicious animals, always looking for a reason to lash out. And that brings me back to Leer again.


Leer gets his ‘oh my Gaia’ honestly. That drop-dead, keel-over-with-a-swoon thing he has going on. He and Chaos are brothers. Correction,


Leer killed Chaos
night, the night Kayty Smalls came into the picture, changed our world.


Shredded him. Ripped his brother a new asshole and then some.


But you can’t hold that against him. It was one of those do-or-die deals. Too much was at stake. Did I say that Chaos wanted Kayty?


Yeah, he did.


And yeah, he had Tee. They were mates. Long time mates, too.


But when something’s in the air, a wolf is ruled by his instincts. And a wolf’s instinct is to breed with the best, get on top of things. Always-- never forget this-- a wolf’s instinct is to climb the pack ladder. But what’s left once you’re Alpha? Just...a better mate, hotter sex, and fighting for what you’ve got.


Now, I don’t really know how Leer managed to find Kayty before everyone else. I mean, he was fast, and he started after her first. But I think the wind died down before the rest of us could get a real make on her. By then, he’d lucked into an area where she’d walked, and picked up her trail--I’m guessing. I sure would’ve liked to watch their first hook-up. I arrived after that, though.

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