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Authors: Cathy Gillen Thacker

A Baby by Chance (30 page)

“You don’t mind working out of the ranch house?” Chance said.

Madison shook her head as she settled her weight comfortably across his thighs. “Not at all,” she said, snuggling closer to his tall, strong frame. “In fact, it’s a relief not to have to get dressed up in high heels and business clothes each day,” she confessed with a sigh. Lovingly, she ran a hand across his chest. “Yet I still have all the creative work to keep me going on a professional level.” And that was important, she thought. She wanted to keep working, just not in the same high-pressured way.

Chance grinned, all the love he felt for her reflected in her eyes. “You’re really excited about taking on those local clients, aren’t you?”

Madison nodded. In a way, it was like starting her professional life all over again. Yet she had so much more experience and knowledge, gleaned from her years of working within the business, to guide her this time. “To date, I’ve worked largely with major corporations, brand names. It will be a real challenge to help small businessmen and women come up with a catchy identity and promote their businesses within the local market.”

“It sure hasn’t taken you long to get started,” Chance said.

No sooner had the two of them returned from their honeymoon than potential clients, having learned of her plans to start her own consulting firm in Wyoming, had started calling, asking Madison to design an ad campaign for them, something that would really put them on the map.

“Three clients so far,” Madison recited happily as she linked fingers with him. A car wash, a bakery and a hardware store. “And three more thinking about signing up with me.”

“Just don’t work too hard,” Chance said, pausing to kiss her tenderly. His hand smoothed over the slope of her gently rounded tummy.

“I won’t.”

Chance grinned. “Good. ’Cause—” he kissed his way up her neck, over to her ear, then lingered around her mouth, planting tiny kisses here and there that left her wanting more, much more “—I want you to have plenty of time for me.”

Joy floated through Madison in boundless waves. “I’ll always have time for you,” she promised softly. And to prove it to him, she kissed him passionately.

Chance returned the affection languorously as he tunneled his hands through her hair and tilted her face to his. “Just as I’ll always have time for you.”

Madison sighed and cuddled against him. “We really do have it all, don’t we?” she murmured, content.

Chance nodded and kissed her again, even more passionately, before promising softly, “That we do.”

* * * * *

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