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A Load of Hooey

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Cover illustration by Tony Millionaire.

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This is one of a series of humorous books written by diverse authors and each blessed and approved by the nondeceased (yet) American comedy person Bob Odenkirk. Volumes in the OML include satire, cartoons, Black Humor, Gentle Humor, and Total Humor, and they cover a broad range of subject matter, united only in their tendency to provoke laughter and warm feelings of distraction. No textbooks or pornography will be included in the series (yet).

To Naomi. Thank you for indulging me.

Please continue to do so

“Don't waste your money on that book—it's a lot of

—from Merriam-Webster's definition of “hooey”


Preface: One Should Never Read a Book on the Toilet

Beginnings, or, a Beginning, or, How This Book Begins

A Portrait of the Artist

“Didn't Work for Me”

Her Laughter

An Angel of the Lord

My Education, or, the Education of a Me, or, I Not Dumb

Louvre Audio Tour for Homeowners

Putting It Out There

My Manifesto

I Think I Just Met God

Politician's Promise

Hitler Dinner Party: A Play

My Speech to the Graduates of This Fine Institution

What I'm Looking for in Another Man

The Phil Spector I Knew

Meaningful Poem

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Worst Speech Ever

Free Speech for All!

A Hazy Christmas Memory

Baseball Players' Poems about Sportswriters and Sportswriting

The Origin of “Blackbird”

I Misspoke

I Found a Jackson Pollock!


Shakespeare in the Park

What to Do in Case of Fire

The Second Meeting of Jesus and Lazarus

Actual-Factual New Jesus Facts

So You Want to Get a Tattoo!

A Vision of the Future

Obit for the Creator of Mad Libs

That's Quite Enough of You, Odenkirk

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By Miss Sally Penberton, of Miss Sally's Finishing School and College of Internal Medicine



Now I am pausing for you to reply, “Hello, Miss Penberton, of Sally Penberton's Finishing School and College of Internal Medicine!” Very good, girls—except for you, Violet Madison. You sound like a cow. How many times do I have to tell you: one should never speak with one's mouth open! It is rude for a man to see your tongue before the wedding. Why buy the cow when you can see the tongue for free?

If you are reading this, you have opened and/or purchased Mr. Odenkirk's book,
A Load of Hooey
. I am delighted for you, as I'm sure it will guarantee a slew of laughs and between a galette cup and an oyster cup (approx.) of titters. Before you wade in too deeply, however, I would like to remind you all of the golden rule: One Should Never Read a Book on the Toilet.

There are as many reasons One Should Never Read a Book on the Toilet as there are appropriate forks to use at a purebred horse's wedding (thirty-seven). Posture may be the most
important. There are appropriate postures for both reading and for defecating, and neither is compatible with the other. The ideal reading posture is brutally erect, in full dinner corsets (keep tightened to eight inches), one foot up on an ottoman made out of a deceased family dog's pelt, the book balanced on the tips of the pointer and ring fingers. No other fingertips may be involved. Three fingertips to read a book? HAHAHAHA GOOD JOKE, GIRLS!! I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!

Conversely, the ideal defecating posture is the Rosebud. You pull your dinner or lounging corsets (whichever are made of the rarest whalebone) tighter and tighter until the feces are squeezed half inch by half inch out of your dainty anus (
). If you need to ask your mother or lady-in-waiting to help, feel free. Not everyone can get the Rosebud right every time! (P.S. I am still laughing about using three fingertips to read!! When would you ever need that many!!!)

Ideally, however, you shouldn't be on the toilet at
, let alone reading on it. Remember: there is no man to open the lid for you! Ladies should go through doors only if a man has opened them for her, and ladies should use a toilet only if a man has de-lidded it for her. For what is a toilet lid but a door for your asshole? I am not just an etiquette teacher and doctor, but a poet as well.

Properly utilizing a toilet requires certain steps that should not be changed. Do not arrive late to your toilet. Fold the toilet paper into an elaborate swan (lengthwise, then widthwise, make a tip, add real swan meat to taste). Attempt the Rosebud. Write a thank-you note to your butthole on the swan paper. Make sure to use proper penmanship—even if the note is to your butthole!
“Thank” your butthole by wiping it with the note. Flush, using only the pinkie, or the thumb, which is nature's pinkie.

Now, I am usually more than a little distrustful of sending My Girls to traditional physicians (i.e., people who have not graduated from my school of internal medicine). It is much more polite not to hang an indiscreet, impolite, “braggy” diploma on the wall, or, better yet, to have never graduated from medical school in the first place (itself the biggest brag of all). But don't be afraid to call your local physician if the Rosebud goes poorly. I have seen more than a few women who, while attempting to defecate with politeness, have “popped” (
science term??) an internal organ. I may not be a doctor, but I am an unlicensed doctor, and I can tell you that the Rosebud is worth it!

There are so many other places for you to read this book. YOU DO NOT NEED THE TOILET. That should be your mantra, along with “My dowry is not a toy.” You could read this book in a townhouse that your husband bought for you! You could read this book on a yacht that your husband bought for you! You could read this book on the toilet!

O ho, did you catch that?! That was a test! You CANNOT read this book on the toilet! I am not just a poet, but a trickster as well.

Ho HO!

I don't want to scare you, but some very bad things have happened to women who do not respect the proper etiquette of toiletry and who Read This Book on the Toilet. Take, for instance, Miss Amanda Maple of New York. She was rumored to have bought this “haha-book,” and could not wait to void herself before she began reading. She gave herself paper cuts on her
to the extent that she could not bear children. Due to this fact, she was promptly
put down
behind her house by her husband. Was it worth it? Of course not. She didn't even get to the good part of the book (pp. 32–36).

BOOK: A Load of Hooey
11.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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