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A Virgin for the Wolf

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A Virgin For The Wolf


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This is a work of fiction and is intended for mature
audiences only. All characters within are eighteen years of age or
older. Names, places, businesses, characters and incidents are
either the product of the author’s imagination or are used in a
fictitious manner. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead,
actual events or places is purely coincidental.  

© 2013 Harmony Raines

Silver Moon Erotica

Smashwords Edition




Chapter One
- Nathaniel Greystone -

Nathaniel Greystone stood listening to Mrs Pierce,
struggling to pay attention to his PA because his mind was on other
things. He had just returned from a family wedding, one of his
younger brothers had at last found his mate and settled down to
breed the next generation of Greystones. Nat should be happy about
it, but the main topic of conversation at the wedding seemed to be
his own lack of a mate.

Usually there was no rush, or pressure, to find a
mate, but when you are pack alpha, it was seen as your duty to
breed. “Set a good example” were the words mostly used. He sighed,
the problem was you couldn’t conjure a true mate from thin air, and
he had to be sure that he chose the right one, this had always
worried him.

Thankfully when he had collared his younger brother
Hal, and asked him how he found his mate, he said that he knew as
soon as he saw her. There was no second guessing; no doubt
whatsoever that she was the one. This eased Nat’s mind in some
ways, but also convinced him he had not met her yet.

Now the only problem was he would have to throw
himself into socialising with the opposite sex more than ever,
casting a big net, they called it. Yet Nat had been ready to settle
down years ago, and did not relish the thought of so much female
attention, and when you were as rich as Nathaniel Greystone, there
was always plenty of that.

He had become fed up of loose women who were happy to
bed him and then gain bragging rights, so he had abstained from sex
for the past year, hoping against hope that he would be lucky and
find his true mate.

“So, Mr Greystone,” Mrs Pierce’s voice cut into his
musings, “I know you always seem to have a sixth sense for these
kind of things, so if you could interview Miss Carter, I would be
most grateful.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs Pierce, you say the woman in question
provided false information on her CV?” he asked.

“Yes, she said she had the correct qualifications,
but when I double checked, she attended the classes, but did not
pass any exams, she dropped out.” Mrs Pierce looked at her boss
closely; his mind was not quite back in business mode yet, unusual
for Nathaniel Greystone.

“Then why don’t you deal with it? End her trial and
find someone else, you know I cannot stand liars and cheats.” He
tried to keep his annoyance covered.

“Normally I would, but her work has been exemplary, I
have yet to hire someone so keen to prove herself,” Mrs Pierce said

Nat studied Mrs Pierce closely, his PA was both
experienced and trusted, and she rarely got emotionally involved.
“But she provided false facts,” he stated.

“Yes, I know. But I would see it as a personal favour
if you would speak to her, it would seem such a pity to let someone
so hard working and conscientious go,” Miss Pierce insisted.

“Very well, Mrs Pierce, your opinion has always meant
a lot to me, if it means so much to you I will speak with her.” He
looked at his watch, it was nearly 5.00pm, he might as well get it
over with and if needs be send her home at the end of the day, save
any embarrassment all round. “Where is she?”

“Filing, shall I send her to your office?” Mrs Pierce
said heading for the door.

“No, I’ll find her.” He left the office and headed to
have a look at her desk first, he had learned you could tell a
great deal about someone by what was, and wasn’t on a desk.

Pausing by the side of her desk he took in the very
neat appearance of it, everything tidied away. This could mean two
things, a very private person or one who was trying to hide
something. Usually the office workers filled their desks with
needless nik naks, not Miss Carter.

His eyes slid over her small bag, zipped up, and then
over to the one personal item hidden by the side of her computer.
Leaning towards it he saw a smiling boy of about fourteen, hair
tousled as though he had been playing outdoors.

Interesting, no picture of a significant other, so
she must be a single parent. Tricky, she could need the job for the
money, but how committed would she be if the child got sick and
needed her at home? Still nothing wrong with strong family
instincts. The picture of the child also told him, Miss Carter must
be a lot older than he had imagined.

Having seen enough he headed off to filing.

Walking into the confined space he found a woman
crouched down, indeed filing. She didn’t hear him come in and he
had a moment to take in her curvaceous body. The swell of her hips,
and the roundness of her bottom. Just right for breeding.

He sighed, he was becoming obsessed with this mating
thing, and anyway she was much too old for him. Clearing his throat
he made his presence known, he had better get this out of the way,
and go and start his woman hunt.

She jumped, turned around briefly and he noted her
age, only twenty at the most. Looking startled she rose to her
feet, turning towards him. He watched her lips move, but did not
hear a word she said, there was a ringing in his ears, and his
vision became clearer, his whole being centring on the woman
standing before him.

In that instant he knew she was his mate, there had
never been a need to go out and find her, she had come to him. He
smiled, his devastating smile. In complete contrast to how women
usually reacted she looked like an animal trapped by a big bad
wolf, if only she knew.

After all the times he had imagined this happening,
this was not how he thought it would be. Surely it would be like
some old movie, she would know instinctively who he was, and how
they were destined to be together and then fling herself into his
arms. Instead she looked for an escape route, only to look even
more worried in realising there was none.

“Can I help you?” she asked, this time he heard the


She looked at him, expecting something more.

“Sorry,” he said, shaking his head and smiling his
winning smile again. Holding out his hand he introduced himself. “I
am Nathaniel Greystone.”

Straight away her manner changed, but still not the
reaction he usually got. Instead she became less fearful, and more
guarded. Her body language was enough to tell him that, yes, she
had lied, and now wanted to know whether he knew it.

“Nice to meet you, Mr Greystone,” she was
appropriately polite.

He wanted to say, “Call me Nat, want to go and make
some pups?” but realised that was a little premature. Instead he
said, “Likewise.” Their hands met and the earth didn’t so much
move, but his world shifted a little on its axis. He wondered if
she could feel it too, the slight buzzing in the palm of his hand,
the exchange of energy, energy that resonated on the same

As he watched she definitely seemed to relax, the
tension draining from her body. Now he had to decide how to play
it, the strong alpha male, or the laid back bachelor. His raging
beast took over, he was the alpha male, and she needed to know she
was his mate.

Knowing she was already on rocky ground he would
leverage that, he did not have the time to court her for months,
she was going to do his bidding, and enjoy it.

“Miss Carter,” he said, straightening up. “We have
found a discrepancy on your application.”

She paled; he could tell she was wavering on how to
play her part. “Oh, are you sure? I thought the information was

“Come now, Miss Carter, we both know that is not
true.” He moved in closer, the beast with the scent of its prey
tantalisingly close.

She blushed and fiddled nervously with her hair. “I’m
sorry. I simply wanted the opportunity to demonstrate how well I
could do the job. With no firm qualifications I have struggled to
do anything other than waitressing, and I need a career, Mr

“I have a zero tolerance for people, especially
employees, who lie, Miss Carter.” This close to her he had trouble
controlling the wolf in him; he wanted to make her kneel before him
so he could mount her here and now.

“Again, I can only apologise, I needed the job. I can
assure you it’s the first time I have done anything like this,” she
said, trying to remain calm.

“And I am supposed to take your word for this?” he
asked, confident he could bend her to his will.

She changed tack. “Hasn't Mrs Pierce been pleased
with my work?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact she has. Which is why I am
happy to come to some arrangement.” He projected his strong desire
onto her, usually women fell into his arms at this point, it was so

“An arrangement?” she repeated. “I am not sure I
understand your meaning.”

He moved in close to her, rubbing her arm sensuously
with the back of his hand, as it rose up he brushed against the
sensitive flesh on the side of her breast. For a moment he knew he
had her, Miss Carter's pupils dilated and he could hear the beat of
her heart as it quickened. Her lips parted and he leaned into to
kiss her, deal done, she was his and his life would finally be back
on track.

Suddenly she pulled back, stamped on his foot, making
him move. She had a clear exit, and she took it, quickly. As she
disappeared out of the door she said, “I am not that kind of girl,
Mr Greystone. I will collect my things and leave.”

He stood stunned, watching her leave. How could that
have not worked? He was a very successful business man, a
billionaire. Reading people and predicting their behaviour was
second nature.

So why, when it was the most important moment in his
life, had he got it so wrong?


Chapter Two

Miss Ellie Carter walked back to her desk, head held
high. She nodded and smiled to her work colleagues, as though
everything was normal. Sliding into her seat she quickly took the
photograph of Thomas, and the few other personal items she had
brought in and put them in her bag.

She glanced at the clock, five minutes until it was
time to leave, she couldn’t wait that long. Luckily her bag was
small so she took some files from her desk and hid it beneath them,
and walked out of the office.

Placing the files down on an empty desk on the way to
the elevator, she left the floor of Greystone Holdings and went
down to the foyer. Trying to look normal she headed towards the
main doors, feeling guilty when security watched her. Ellie kept
her cool, and left the building.

It took her an hour to get home, and only when she
was safe in the shabby apartment she shared with Thomas, who
thankfully wasn’t home yet, did she let her emotions go. Almost
staggering to the sofa she collapsed in a heap and began to

It had all been going so well, she had worked harder
than anyone else in the office, Mrs Pierce had praised her, letting
her know she would be getting a permanent contract if she kept up
her hard work. It wasn’t fair that just because she hadn't got a
stupid piece of paper that confirmed that she was qualified to do
the job she had lost out again.

Failure, that was what she was. Would nothing ever go

After five minutes of self pity she pulled herself
together, as she always did. She would have to work out what she
was going to do now, there wasn’t enough money in her bank account
for more than one month's rent, and she certainly wouldn’t be
getting a pay check for the two weeks she had worked at

BOOK: A Virgin for the Wolf
12.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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