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This is dedicated to the one I love.

Without you I am nothing.

You own my heart.


Cherie Denis

Copyright © 2011




Chapter One


“Dammit, woman,” Mike Sneider growled as he
stepped sideways. “I mean it. Don’t touch my cock.” Twisting his
hips in a sexy dance, he attempted to avoid her searching fingers.
“Lainie…can’t you see I’m trying to shave, honey? I’m going to be
late for work if you don’t leave me alone.”

“But, baby…” Lainie, his gorgeous, young wife
whined, brushing her full breasts against his back, her tight
nipples scraping a sensuous path from right to left. She clasped
his wiggling hips with small hands and tugged him hard against her
body. “I only want to touch your penis a little bit…pleassse.”

For the thousandth time since he’d married
Lainie, Mike watched her in the mirror and wondered what he’d done
to deserve such a beautiful wife. Tiny, taut and feminine, her
tawny skin and velvet-black eyes spoke of her Latin heritage, as
did her silken waterfall of dark hair. Like all the women in her
family, she was barely five-foot tall, but those few feet were
compacted into a delicious, sensual woman.

If asked, Mike would be the first to admit he
was a breast man and Lainie had beautiful, large, firm breasts
which easily filled a double D cup, but seldom needed support. And,
if their fullness wasn’t temptation enough, each mound was topped
by delicate areolas of a dark rose and lighter rose shaded nipples
she was always begging him to suck.

Her ass was high, tight and muscular as a
dancer's. Her heart shaped bottom tapered to slim thighs, firm
calves and dainty ankles.

Lainie had the body of a porn star.

She was every man’s dream come true.

She might be a dream come true, but she was
hellacious in the bedroom. She was fuckin’ killing him. “No, you
can’t touch my cock.” Mike growled with firm resolve as he danced
away from her grasping fingers. His cock brushed against the cold
granite counter top. Damn. The stone was as cold as an ice cube and
certainly didn't increase the size of his cock.

“I’ve got to get to work. Don’t tell me you
want to make love again this morning, sweetheart. I'm only human.
Three times in less than two hours have about done me in. There's
nothing left to give you. You've drained me dry.”

Mike rubbed his right hand over his chin.
Shit, he looked like crap. Worse, he looked and felt every day of
his thirty-five years. His beautiful wife was going to put him in
an early grave.

He could picture his grave stone now. "He
died happy—screwed to death by a younger wife".

She was only six years younger than him, but
she was killing him.

Death by sex. What a way to go.

God, he was exhausted.

"Oh, come on, baby. Admit it, you want me."
Lainie stood watching him preparing to shave. "I'll bet you've got
lots of spunk left in you, and I want it."

"Honey," he shook his head. "You're fucking
crazy. I'm beat." He patted on a heavy layer of shaving cream,
picked up his favorite cheap brand of double-bladed razor and took
a slow swipe down his cheek, over his jaw and down his neck. What a
pain in the ass. He hated shaving and only did it because he hated
a beard more. Beards itched and tickled and Lainie had declared
more than once she hated them because they hurt her skin.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught a
glimpse of Lainie staring at herself in the mirror.

"You don't need makeup, baby. You're
beautiful without it."

She sighed. "I have a tiny wrinkle. Do you
see it? It's by my left eye, Mike. Does it mean I am getting

He laughed and she smiled uncertainly.

Oh, hell. She really was worried about
getting one little wrinkle.

"Take my word for it, Lainie. You're not
getting old and you are absolutely gorgeous."

Her smile grew. "Do you really think so,

He took another swipe down his face with the
razor. "You know I do. You're the most beautiful woman I know."

"Then why won't you make love to me?"

"Honey, we've made love until my cock feels
like it's going to fall off. I know you enjoy making love a lot,
but the way you've been lately is pushing even my limits." He
stared at her in the mirror. "I love you with all my heart, but it
doesn't seem to be enough lately. What's the matter? It isn't me,
is it?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know,
Mike. I feel afraid and I can't explain it. I am not happy and I
don't know why. I love you madly and you love me. I have this ache
inside I can't seem to get rid of. It's like I'm missing

"So you can't put it into words?"

"No," she dropped her head. "I wish I could,
but I can't."

"You're sure it isn't me?"

"No, it's me." She lifted her head and there
were tears in her eyes.

Mike took one last swipe at his face and
grabbed a hand towel to wipe the rest of the foam off his face. He
put his arms around her and rocked her back and forth. "Ah,
darlin', I wish I could help you."

She sniffed and sighed. "I know you do, Mike.
You're the best husband in the world. It's as if my body and brain
never seem to be satisfied."

Lainie had recently become insatiable and he
was worn out, but she seemed so sad. Maybe he could make it one
more time this morning.

“Mikeeee…” she snuggled closer to his naked
body. “Please, baby. I need you…”

Mike continued to hold her and her hands
crept around his body holding him tighter and tighter. Soon she was
trailing a finger down his spine over his buttocks and back up

His muscles flexed under her searching
fingers. Well, she'd just proved him wrong. His cock stirred and
pulsed full. She wiggled against him and he groaned. He was dead
meat. She had his complete attention. “Lainie,” Mike groaned. "Oh,
God, baby, what you do to me is a sin."

She slipped out of his arms and stood behind
him, locking her arms around his waist. A throaty purr emanated
from her body when she rubbed her nipples against his back. The
tight peaks felt like little fingers poking him.

Her humming rose in volume–a clear signal of
her arousal.

His cock grew larger and harder.
His balls tightened against his groin.

Lainie was a succubus sent to tempt and
torment him to an early death.

A blush of excitement spread across her full
breasts and neck. With each brush of her body against his, her
arousal became more obvious. Her hum made more sense now. It was
one of her favorite Latin love songs.

Mike, familiar with her methods of driving
him crazy, knew what was coming next, but he made no move to stop
her. He wanted her touch. He needed her touch.

Lainie ran her finger down his taut buttocks
and slipped a searching finger between his butt cheeks and tickled
the few pale blond hairs sprinkled there.

“Please…baby,” she whispered against his

Damn, she was one wicked woman and she wasn’t
averse to using everything at her disposal to tempt him. Mike
couldn’t resist her when she worked her wiles on him. One of
Lainie’s best weapons was her low, sensual voice. The deep growling
purr sent tremors rolling through him and his cock pulsed and
throbbed painfully.

Mike knew they were going to be late for work
and he should make her stop, but he couldn’t speak. No, all he
could do was feel. And, God, it felt fantastic when she rubbed her
nipples against him and teased his asshole.

He wasn't going to hold out much

She was driving him crazy.

Lainie was devilishly sexy. It only took the
brush of her nipples against him and his balls rolled, tightened
and filled with hot sperm–ready to blow.

Mike groaned. “For crissake, Lainie! If I let
you touch my cock, will you please let me finish getting ready for

Lainie shrugged and grinned slyly. “I
promise, baby.”

For a moment Mike thought he was home free.
Wrong. Lainie flicked her tongue along her full lower lip and his
heart dipped into his belly.

“You little devil,” he muttered. “You’ll
promise anything, including tears, to get a chance to wrap your
hands around my cock."

Lainie’s grin grew wider. “So? What are you
going to do about it, lover? I tell you all the time once is not
enough. And, the more you deny me, the more I want to do it.”

“Once hell. You've had every inch of me
several times this morning."

She stuck her lower lip out in a sexy

Mike sighed. "Okay, hurry up though it's
getting later and later while you screw around.”

“Umm? Screw? Sounds like fun to me.” She ran
her hands over his butt and Mike tightened his ass cheeks, but she
worked her forefinger down between them.

“No." He wished she'd stop and yet, couldn't
wait for the touch of her fingers probing his ass.

She ignored his plea and her finger barely
skimmed his anus. Mike's cock jerked so hard it hurt.

Lainie kissed his spine and blew on the
kisses. “Admit it, darling, you love it when I touch you

There was no fucking way he could ignore
Lainie when she was in her teasing mode. He was conscious of her
every move and he continued to watch her in the mirror, hoping he
could figure out what she was going to do next.

He didn't plan to stop her. It was too late.
He was helplessly enthralled by his adorable, sexy wife.

Lainie cuddled her breasts against Mike’s
side and stroked her right hand down his muscular chest, stopping
to tease one taut male nipple until he squirmed and muttered for
her to stop. Her right hand continued down his firm, flat belly
with a light caress, stopping a moment to trace the edge of his
belly button.

“Oh, Mike,” she whispered in a reverent
voice. “You're so beautiful. I love you.”

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