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Authors: Raven DeLajour

Tags: #Short Fiction, #Erotic Fiction, #Group Sex, #Gang Bang

Alyssa's Secret


Raven DeLajour

I step into the house after a long, boring day
and I’m tempted to run back out and drive away. I wouldn’t be
running away forever. I just don’t want to see her face right now.
I don’t want to deal with the excuses, the lies, and the fake
apologies. I would never hit a woman in my life, and I never have,
but I would lose my temper and I would probably do something stupid
like smash my face against the wall. Yeah. Not the smartest move,
but what can I say. I’ve been losing my mind lately.

So when I see our babysitter,
Alyssa, enthusiastically reading to our five-year-old boy, Dylan, I
find myself confused and elated at the same time. If Alyssa is
here, then Miranda is obviously out with her friends, flirting with
men like they are all single and don’t have a family back at home.
Despite my sadness and frustration, I step into the kitchen and
smile at Alyssa before she looks over at me with an enthusiastic

Hi Mr. Evans,” she says as she
sets the book down. “Look, Dylan! Your dad’s home.”

I smirk as Dylan quickly glances
over at me and gives me a weak wave. It’s obvious that he’s fallen
for Alyssa. We’ve only had her babysitting for about a month but
she gets along with Dylan so well.

Aw, Dylan.” Alyssa pouts. “Why
don’t you give him a hug? He worked hard all day. He must have
missed you.”

Dylan shrugs and leans in closer to Alyssa, who
looks up at me with an apologetic expression. I can’t help but

Dylan,” I say as I set my
briefcase down. “Why don’t you go to your room for a bit? I have to
talk to Alyssa.”

Okay,” Dylan says before he hops
off the couch and saunters off to his bedroom down the hall,
leaving Alyssa and me alone.

I sigh as I slowly walk toward the
living room where Alyssa is sitting on the couch. I notice that she
almost always avoids my gaze when I’m around her, unless I’m
speaking to her. I know that she is shy, but I get the sense that I
make her feel uncomfortable. She looks cute today with a pair of
black capris and a black shirt that reads ‘proud bookworm’ on the
front. Her thick black-framed glasses complete her cute, geeky

So I assume Miranda went out?” I
ask her as she looks up at me.

She nods. “She called me about an hour ago
saying that she had to go out. Luckily, I didn’t have work so I was
able to come.”

I fight the urge to roll my eyes. “I’m so
sorry, Alyssa. I had no idea about this. If you want, you can go.
I’ll still pay you.”

She shakes her head. “Oh, don’t worry about
that. I was barely here for an hour. It’s no big deal.” She
hesitates before she says, “Is everything okay?”

My gaze falters to the floor. “Yes. Everything
is okay.”

Four hours later, Miranda comes home and barely glances at me. But
it doesn’t matter. I’m ready to hang out with my friends for once.
I’m not a perfect person, but for the past five years I’ve put my
family first in front of everything else. That includes my friends,
who always invite me out to the bar. I’m backing out of the
driveway when my cell phone starts ringing.

Hey, I’m driving,” I say as I back
out of the driveway. “What’s up?”

I hear Gregory’s distinct laugh in the
background as Adam says, “Change of plans. Come meet us at the

I raise an eyebrow. “Um, okay. Why?”

Just come here. We’re in room

Shaking my head, I fight the urge to argue.
“All right. I’ll be there shortly.”

I have no idea what my friends could
be up to. Knowing them, they have something bizarre planned for me.
I don’t want to speculate or really think about it, actually.
Because the sad truth is that I have other things preoccupying me
right now. Like the fact that Miranda wants a divorce. She claims
that there’s no one, but I know that is bullshit. I always see her
on the phone, texting someone with a huge smile on her face. I
wonder when she stopped loving me. Does it even matter anymore?
Probably not. But after I grew up without a father, I know how
difficult it can be for a kid to see their parents separate. That’s
the last thing I want Dylan to go through.

I get to the hotel rather quickly
since it’s right near my house. I consider backing out before I
enter the nice hotel, but then I remember everything that’s going
on at home and it propels me to move forward. I’m the only one in
the elevator as it takes me up to the third floor, where I quickly
find room 303. After knocking on the door, it opens slightly until
I see Adam’s clean-shaven face.

You made it!” he cheerily
says. “We thought you were going to back out.”

I can’t help but smile at his infectious good
mood. “You better have something good for me waiting.”

Oh, don’t worry. We

He opens the door all the way to let
me in. So far, I see nothing out of the ordinary. I see Greg
stretched out on the bed, completely enraptured by his phone, while
I spot an unopened bottle of Jack Daniel’s resting on the
nightstand next to a bottle of Coke. Greg finally sees me in the
room and gets up from the bed with a smile.

Hey,” he says enthusiastically.
“Are you ready for your surprise?”

I slowly look over at Adam. “Surprise? What

Adam grins and whips out his phone.
“Well, you see, I heard that you were having a hard time lately at
home, so I figured why not surprise my good friend Erick? Do you
remember how we talked about the three of us hooking up with a

I stare at him. “Yeah, that was like ten years
ago. When I wasn’t married.”

The grin remains on his face. I
don’t like where this is headed to, but I patiently wait for him to
continue. “Why don’t I pour you a drink? You should get

I sit on the unoccupied bed as I watch Greg
pour a substantial amount of whiskey into three red plastic cups
along with soda. He hands me a cup and I tentatively take a sip of
it, almost wincing at how strong he made it.

Okay,” Adam says once he has taken
a thorough sip of his mixed drink. “So like I was saying…we always
wanted that fantasy, right? Well, tonight we’re making it

I stare at my friend blankly. “You’re

I’m not.” He grins as he passes me
his phone. “I posted an ad online and I got a few replies. She
sounded the most promising. Tell me what you think.”

It’s a good thing that I’m not drinking from my
cup because I would have spurted it all out. Because I’m looking at
Alyssa’s picture except it’s a different Alyssa. Gone are the
glasses and the shy smile. Her wavy hair is all sleek and straight
and she’s wearing black eye shadow along with black eyeliner, which
makes her deep blue-green eyes stand out. There is a sheen coat of
lip-gloss on her pouty lips and she’s sporting a sexy smile. There
is an undeniable, playful, vivacious energy dancing in her eyes.
Along with her bright red dress, she looks like a completely
different person.

You like her, don’t you?” Adam
excitedly says. “I knew you’d like her. You have a thing for
brunettes. So do I.”

And me,” Greg adds. “Shouldn’t she
be getting here soon?”

Any minute now.” Adam grins at me.
“She said we could do whatever we want to her. I can’t wait to fuck
her pretty face.”

I hand Adam back his phone in a
state of mild shock. I can’t really say anything. Numbness has
settled in my body, making it impossible to move, really. I can’t
do this to Alyssa. What if she thinks that I planned all of this?
What if she tells Miranda? Dread congeals in my stomach until I
feel dizzy, like I’m about to sway. But there isn’t time to back
out because there’s a knock on the door.

I need more whiskey,” I quickly
say as I frantically stand up and grab the bottle on the
nightstand. “You want some more, Greg?”

Sure. Besides, I do better when
I’m drunk, anyway. I’ve been told.”

I pour myself straight whiskey and do the same
with Greg’s cup. I don’t glance over at Alyssa until it’s
impossible for me not to. God, she looks so beautiful. I find
myself transfixed by her sheer beauty. I’ve always thought that she
was pretty, but she always hid behind loose clothing that was one
size too big for her. Now she’s wearing a tight black dress that
hugs her sexy, curvy body along with a pair of black tights that
accentuates her shapely legs. I gulp as I glance at her black high
heels and bite down on my lower lip as she finally looks over at
me. Her gorgeous bright eyes widen in alarm as our gazes meet until
I smile.

Hi beautiful,” I say with all the
confidence I can muster. “My name’s Erick.”

For a second it feels like she’s going to say
that she knows me, but then she breaks out in a sexy grin and I see
the shyness literally dissipate on her face, replaced by
excitement. “Hi Erick. I’m Alyssa.”

This is definitely weird, acting like we’ve
never met before, but it’d be weirder to explain to my friends that
she’s my babysitter. I grab a red cup and fill it with whiskey and
soda and hand it to her with a smile.

Here you go,” I say. “Some whiskey
and coke.”

Thank you,” she says as she
carefully sits down next to me and accepts the drink. “I love Jack

Hi Alyssa, I’m Greg,” my friend
says with a wink. “It’s nice to meet you, too. You seem

She stares at the carpeted floor as her cheeks
flush. “I am. I’m more of a bookworm and a homebody. Believe it or
not, I’ve never done something like this.”

Mm. Hot,” Adam says as he sits
down next to her. “I love shy girls. They’re the

Her pale cheeks turn even more crimson. “I have
to agree. No one suspects us. But sometimes we have the dirtiest

I’m definitely surprised. But just
hearing her say that is turning me on. I drink more whiskey and
feel my erection coming to life as my gaze flickers to her breasts.
She has such a nice chest; I wonder why she always hides them if
they are so sexy. I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, so I
focus my attention on her face, which isn’t hard since she looks so
flawless right now.

So what are you into?” Greg asks
as he pours himself more whiskey. “I hope you don’t mind me asking.
You did say we could do whatever we want to you…but we want to make
sure you’re comfortable.”

She smiles and I’m tempted to run my fingers
down her cheek because her skin looks so soft. She says, “Well, I
won’t lie. I like it…kind of rough.”

My right cheek twitches as Greg grins in
approval. “I like the sound of that. So you’re into everything you
said in the email?”

She nods. “Yeah, pretty much. I know it might
be wrong, but I like it. It feels good.”

Now I’m curious as to what she wrote in the
email. The whiskey is working its way through my system and I feel
possessed as I run my left hand up her silky smooth leg that’s
covered by the sheer tights. I feel her stiffen next to me and when
I bring my mouth to her ear, I feel her tense in

Are you okay with this?” I ask her
in a low whisper.

She doesn’t hesitate to nod. I almost don’t
believe her until she brings her own hand to my thigh and slowly
brings it up my leg. My cock hardens even more as her palm grazes
my erection, making me inhale deeply when she leans over to kiss
the corner of my mouth.

What did he tell you to do?” Adam
asks as I close my eyes and linger in the soft, light

When I open my eyes, I see Alyssa
smirking as she pulls away from me and gets on her hands and knees
to crawl toward Greg. He looks at her with pure lust in his eyes as
she parts his legs and starts rubbing him through his

He told me to suck you off,” she
says in a seductive voice. “Is that okay?”

Fuck yeah,” he excitedly says
as he watches her unbuckle him. “Suck me off as much as you want,
baby. It’s yours.”

His words seem to entice her because she
quickly unzips his pants and pulls out his cock so fast, kissing
the head before grabbing him by the base and sucking the tip. Greg
tilts his head back and groans as she slowly works on his cock,
making sure to moan around him. Even though my dick is throbbing
painfully, I still manage to get up and sit next to Greg so I can
watch Alyssa fuck him with her deft mouth. I’d expect to feel
jealousy, but I don’t. It’s so hot to see her stroking and sucking
him as he thrusts his cock further inside her mouth. Adam appears
next to Greg and apparently he’s too excited because he’s already
touching himself as he watches Alyssa blowing Greg off.

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