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Senayda Pierre





“You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question.”

Albert Camus




Senayda Pierre

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“I thought you loved me” Carina pouted at her older brother Diego. She stared at the intimidating structure before her. Carina Lobos was going to college on the other side of the country, away from family and all her friends.

“I do love you
” Diego kissed his sister on the temple. The usually charismatic and confident young woman stood stiffly at the front of the dorm entrance. Diego sighed. He didn’t want to have to drag her in but he would. Carina needed to get acclimated to the campus, and in his opinion, this was the best way to do it. Most of the other freshman would be arriving next week. Diego wanted to give Carina the chance to get familiarized with everything before having to deal with the onslaught of new faces.

“You wouldn’t be throwing me to the wolves if you loved me”
Carina grumbled.

Diego threw his arm over Carina’s tense shoulders. “At least you’ll get first dibs to the room. You can choose the side you want and get comfortable before your new roommate even makes it onto campus.” Diego consoled her.

He knew Carina was disappointed. Their parents were still walking on eggshells trying to determine the best way to deal with the rejection letter from Diego’s university. Carina knew how hard it was to get admitted into an Ivy League school. She worked diligently to maintain a high GPA throughout high school, completed the necessary extracurricular activities, and volunteered with several non-profit organizations. It didn’t matter how much she’d done, the rigorous requirements only permitted the absolute cream of the crop, and Carina hadn’t been one of the elite few. It had been a bitter pill to swallow for all of them.

Carina allowed Diego to lead the way. He’d done this already before while it was her first time. Diego was a senior at his Ivy League school. Carina was just the lowly freshman here. It wasn’t like she was Queen B at her old high school but she knew everyone and loved it there. This was some scary shit. The campus was foreign. She didn’t know a single soul. No one had applied with her to come here. Carina was alone in this new journey.

Carina numbly climbed the stairs with Diego heading to her dorm room. They had an escort leading the way. The girl was saying something; her high-pitched chirpy voice grated on Carina’s frayed nerves. She just wanted silence before entering her supposed haven.

“Here you are” little Ms. Bubbly announced. She smiled brightly at Carina and batted her fake eyelashes at Diego. Carina smirked at her handsome stepbrother. Diego always had girls falling at his feet. Somehow he hadn’t turned into some arrogant prick. He humbly accepted the attention and quietly rejected overzealous females. Carina was glad she wasn’t a guy. She had no patience for half the shit Diego put up with.

The girl timidly knocked at the door. Carina scrunched her nose in confusion. Why was she knocking on the door of a vacant room?

“Desirae” Bubbly girl called out. “Your new roommate is here!”

Carina sucked in a sharp breath. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone here yet. This was her week to acclimate to an entirely new life! Diego elbowed Carina in the ribs. Carina grunted in pain but didn’t retaliate. She needed Diego’s support. Bubbly girl eyed the brother and sister duo with curiosity.

“Yeah” a sarcastic voice answered as the door swung open. Bubbly girl frowned with disapproval while Carina snickered. Carina and Diego stood in the hallway as Bubbly girl shifted uncomfortably. Carina’s new roommate glared at the trio, blocking the doorway with her body.

Carina extended her hand to the standoffish beauty. She really hoped her new roommate wasn’t some cold, catty bitch. It would be a painfully long year if that was the case. “Hi roomy” Carina greeted, “I’m Carina.”

The girl stiffly shook her hand. She barely gave Carina a once over before tilting her head and motioning it towards Diego. “You know this is an all-girls dorm. Your hot studs gotta go.”

Diego’s jaw dropped while little Ms. Bubbly blanched. Carina cackled with delight. The girl said it like it was. This might just be fun. “He’s mine but not in that way” Carina chuckled. “Roomy meet my brother Diego.”

Carina’s new roommate smiled wickedly. “Pleasure to meet you” she purred as she brazenly ogled Diego. Carina reveled in Diego’s obvious discomfort. He didn’t want to offend her new roommate but he made no move to encourage or discourage her behavior.

“Don’t you have somewhere to go?” Desirae frowned at the still hovering dorm escort. Bubbly girl nodded enthusiastically before skipping down the hall to check the other rooms.

“Didn’t think you’d be here so soon” Desirae stated as she waltzed back into the room.

“Me neither” Carina replied wryly… So much for Diego’s grand plan… This week could be a whole lotta awkward, especially since Diego was leaving tomorrow afternoon.

“Where do you want your stuff?” Diego huffed. They’d taken a few items with them to lessen the number of trips to the dorm room.

Desirae pointed over to the barren side of the room. Carina looked over at her new roommate’s side. It was obvious she came from money. Red blinds covered their windows; designer clothes littered the desk and small dresser area while her beautiful bed set remained untouched. Carina admired the black and white comforter set with bare tree branch designs and solid black pillows with white trim.

“Is the comforter reversible” Carina peered closer at the corner of the comforter. It was primarily white on the other side, a complete contrast from the scenic cover.

Desirae raised the comforter. “Yep” she boasted. “Beautiful birdies on this side.”

“Nice” Carina smiled. She enviously stared at the bed set one last time before turning to get more of her stuff. Her family was financially comfortable but nothing to the degree that her new roommate appeared to be sporting.

Carina followed Diego down the stairs and retrieved as many items as she could carry. She didn’t want to make too many back and forth trips. By the looks of things, Carina suspected that Diego would have to take some stuff back with him. There was no way it would fit with all of her roommate’s stuff.

“You should have an interesting year” Diego teased. Carina’s new roommate appeared to be a little spitfire.

“Verdict’s still out” Carina shrugged. This could be the friendliest the girl ever got. Or they could end up getting along beautifully. Only time would really tell.

“She looks like she knows how to have fun” Diego observed.

“Meaning” Carina challenged. Carina watched Diego formulate his response. He usually thought out something before saying it aloud. Diego was the level-headed one. Carina suffered from hot tempers and loose lips.

“She’s easy on the eyes” Diego shrugged his shoulders. “She seems like she knows what she wants and will go after it.”

“You got all that from the five minutes we were in there” Carina scoffed. Diego had a faraway look in his eyes. Carina decided to test his observation skills. “I love her freckles,” Carina mused.

“Hadn’t noticed those yet” Diego mumbled making Carina giggle. She knew what her brother noticed. It was the same thing they usually noticed when she entered a room.

“She does have a nice set of tatas” Carina agreed. Diego abruptly stopped in his tracks.

“I didn’t say that” he spluttered. Carina had the audacity to put words in his mouth.

“Then what had your attention” Carina challenged. “You didn’t notice her
or her freckles… This should be good.”

“Her wavy brown hair and sparkling eyes” Diego murmured. Carina’s new roommate had a spark in her eyes that he’d never seen on someone else. The girl vibrated with energy.

“My brother the poet” Carina playfully sighed.

“Shut up” Diego rolled his eyes before returning to the dorm. He knew Carina wouldn’t say anything. “Do you want to start unpacking now?” He asked as they climbed the stairs.

“No I’ll do that once you’re gone. Let’s walk the campus and cruise the town. I feel better with you here scoping it all out with me.” Carina stated as she entered the room.

“Scoping what out?” Carina and Diego’s heads snapped up at the question. Apparently it didn’t bother Desirae to butt into other people’s conversations.

“I want to walk the campus and scout the area” Carina replied. She wasn’t sure if she wanted her new roommate to tag along with them but Diego was the perfect buffer. They could get to know her a little better before he left. Diego was a good judge of character and Carina trusted his instincts regarding people.

“Did you want to come” Diego offered. Carina smiled at her brother, always the gentleman.

Desirae looked between the siblings. She knew asking the question made it seem like she was interested in joining them but she didn’t care one way or the other.

“Are you already familiar with the area” Carina inquired. She could sense her roommate’s uneasiness.

“No” Desirae confessed, “Planned to do that this week.”

“Then let’s do it all together” Diego offered. “I promise not to interfere with anything.”

“Like what” Desirae chuckled.

“He thinks we’ll be trolling tonight” Carina snickered. She knew her brother well.

Diego pointedly looked between the two. “You may not be looking for it but I guarantee you’ll find some action.”

“Sweet” Desirae danced in place. “Can you get us booze?”

Carina silenced Diego with a look. She’d never asked her brother for something like that before. It wasn’t that she didn’t drink but she never wanted to get him in trouble if they got caught. Carina always found a way to score drinks on her own.

“Let’s take a tour of the campus” Carina suggested. Diego sighed with relief. He could already tell these two were going to be a handful.



“Okay so going clubbing on a Tuesday night before the students come into town sucks” Desirae said all in one breath. Diego smirked like he’d expected this while Carina sighed in agreement. The clubs were practically dead.

“If anything at least you know where they’re located and which ones are 18 and up.” Diego offered as consolation to the pouting freshmen.

“Maybe one of the frat houses are having a party” Desirae perked up. Diego immediately scowled making Carina’s face brighten at the idea. If Diego didn’t want them going it meant that the parties would be the place to be.

“Diego leaves tomorrow. We’ve got the rest of the week to discover them on our own” Carina whispered to Desirae. The girls conspiratorially giggled. Diego narrowed his gaze at the two. Their mischievous expressions didn’t bode well for him.

“We’ll call it a night then” Desirae offered diplomatically. Diego’s raised eyebrows said it all. They were caving in too easily and Diego wasn’t buying it.

“I’ll hang with you ladies for a while then” Diego challenged. Carina’s eyes widened while Desirae shrugged her shoulders.

“If you insist” she stated indifferently. Diego didn’t know what to make of her acquiesce. He’d expected them to want to walk past the Greek houses. Diego wasn’t stupid. He knew they’d go to college bars and go club hopping. He wished he could be with Carina during her first year but it hadn’t been in the cards for them. There was no way he could transfer to another college for his senior year. He’d invested too much. He was less than a year away from getting his Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.

Diego escorted Carina and her new roommate to their dorm. They passed the hours away getting to know each other. By the time Diego left he felt good about Carina and Desirae and their first year on campus.



Carina walked back from the busy deli. She’d picked up dinner for herself and Desirae while her roommate was working out. Carina looked around at her new surroundings. Beautiful trees provided plenty of shade and scenery. Carina admired the impressive buildings as she passed the performing arts center and the university bookstore. The campus was like its own small town. Carina loved the different buildings and businesses on campus. She hadn’t understood why her parents insisted on leaving her car behind. It all made sense now. Carina didn’t need a car when everything was within walking distance. She wasn’t sure how they would go out on the weekends but for now Carina was content.

Now if only meeting new people and easily making friends could be this enjoyable she’d be set. Carina’s thoughts scattered as she almost stumbled on the flat sidewalk. Her gaze locked onto the most amazing set of blue eyes she’d ever seen. Carina’s body heated as her eyes caressed his ash blond hair and toned body. She held her breath desperately trying not to audibly moan. The guy was fucking hot as hell. Carina was so glad Diego was gone. She didn’t want him interfering with this fine piece of ass. Carina didn’t know anyone on campus minus her roommate. She hadn’t thought she’d get the opportunity to meet anyone before the weekend.

Carina smiled at the guy. It was all the go-ahead he needed to approach her. Carina bit her lip as she admired his confident swagger. There was just the right amount of playfulness in his eyes to diminish his arrogant approach. Carina tried to calm her racing heart. She didn’t want to appear overeager.

“Hey” his sexy drawl had Carina fighting for control. The guy exuded confidence and sensuality.

BOOK: Attraction (Irresistible)
9.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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