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Baby Don't Scream

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Baby Don’t Scream


Whimpers of Pleasure

Book 1


Roanna M. Phillips






Copyright 2014 Roanna M. Phillips

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This contains content that is not suitable for young
readers 17 and under.



Thank you to the special people in my life who
pushing me follow my dream and ignore the doubts and doubters that
have tried to destroy my spirit. Your understanding is what I
needed to get my stories out of my head and out there for the world
to read and enjoy.

Thank you Vickie and Chelsea for reading my stories
and letting me know that keeping them hidden on my computer was a
crime. Lisa, Lisa Michelle, Anthony, Sean and so may others, you
have encouraged me to never give up and keep going after my dream.
Mom you are the greatest, there is no other like you and I'm
blessed to be you daughter.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Chapter 1


Shivering Leila slowly teased her clit while she
pushed her body closer to the brink of orgasm. Her boyfriend was
out tonight, and her body was craving the kind of satisfaction that
she wasn’t willing to deny it. It wasn’t that she was greedy but
more that she was needy and he wasn’t there to assist her. So she
had to please herself because there was nothing she liked more than
letting her body drift into a peaceful sleep after a satisfying

Rubbing one side then the other of the sensitive
button, she teased herself. The longer it took, the more intense it
would be and she loved when it was so good she forgot how to
breathe. Sliding her legs wider apart, she dipped a finger into her
snug passage, seeking that slick nectar that would make the glide
over her clit easier.

The moisture was there, more that she could possibly
need and when she traced her fingers over her clit, she felt a
flash of pleasure rush through her body. Gasping with delight she
changed the pressure and tilted her hips up for better access. Her
fingers weren’t as thick as her boyfriend Darius’s, but she had
been pleasing herself long enough to know what she needed.

The truth was this orgasm would only take the edge
off, but if it were Darius playing between she legs, she would have
been fighting to breathe from the time he slide his fingers into
her pussy. To tell the truth she didn’t know how he did it, but
somehow he knew what touch she needed, and when. To date he had
never failed to reduce her to screams. Screams that got her into
trouble with her landlord, but screams of pure pleasure that she
relished releasing every time.

Biting her lip she kept going, letting her fingers
flick faster and faster over her eager clit. Gasping she pushed the
pleasure higher. Soon, it was hovering just out of her reach but
she would get there. All she had to do was let go and let her
fingers fly and she would be falling into the oblivion of


Darius turned the doorknob, quietly pushing the door
open while he entered his girlfriend’s bedroom. He had been out
with his friends for the night and because his girlfriend’s place
was nearer, he decided to go there rather than taking the long trip
home. His body was halfway inside when gasping cries caught his
attention. Freezing he listened, trying to decipher the sounds.
Then he heard a gasp for breath followed by whimpers of

Slipping into the room he waited until his eyes
adjusted to the dark, listening to the continued sounds. Looking
towards the bed he found the source. It was Leila, her body
twisting in ecstasy while her hand moved between her legs in a
smooth, thrusting rhythm.

Smiling he watched her while she pleasured herself,
totally unaware of his presence. She was an amazing sight to
behold. Her feet sliding up and down the crisp cotton of the sheets
like she was seeking a place to anchor them while her hips rocked
against the flicking rhythm of her fingers. Gasps turned into moans
from deep in her throat and he knew she was nearly about to

Moving closer to the bed he watched the light and
shadows play over her sweat damp skin. The thrust of her rigid,
chocolate colored, nipples was a sight he had come to crave, and
while her body shook, he was tempted to capture the buds between
his lips and suckle them.

Standing there he watched every flex of her hips
while her fingers strummed the pearl of her clit. She was nearly
there. He could see the muscles of her legs contracting while they
strained to hold her body in place, the thought of pleasure was
holding her in its thrall while she sought to be consumed. Then
finally her body relaxed its provocative arch, settling back on top
of the bed while she whimpered her delight.

Slowly her breathing started to return to normal, and
he moved closer to the bed. Quickly he covered her mouth before she
could open her eyes. The last thing he needed was for her to look
up and see a hovering body-like shadow then start to scream.
Immediately she started to struggle against his hold and a knee
connecting with his stomach.

“Hey it’s me Darius.” He said with a grunt of

She went still with relief under him but punched him
hard when he started to get up.

“What the hell? What are you doing here? You didn’t
say you were coming over.” She pulled at the sheets and tried to
cover herself but he was sitting on them.

He got up and let her cover up. “I was going home
from the party but thought it would be easier to spend the night
here rather than go all the way to my place. I thought you would be
asleep so I didn’t bother to call. Your amazing display caught my
attention on the way in.”

She pulled the sheets higher and he laughed.

“You can really lose the sheet. I saw pretty much
everything except your lush butt cheeks and your slick pussy. Show
me,” he said with a teasing smile.

She threw a pillow at him and he caught it. “I don’t
believe you just stood there watching. You are such a perv.”

He threw the pillow back on the bed and lay down next
to her.

“I’m not a pervert. I was a man captivated, who
simply had to appreciate your amazingly sexy body while you
indulged in the pursuit of pleasure. Watching you cum is always
truly stunning. Show me some more.”

Leila looked at Darius and tried to retain her stern
demeanor but just seeing him made her insides flutter. Tall and
broad shouldered, he stood out in a crowd and to top that off, he
had her favorite attribute, a firm, chiseled, just-out-there, butt.
The thought of clutching each cheek while he slid deep into her
slick depths was enough to make her want to purr in delight.

“You talk a lot of crap you know,” She said, trying
to distance herself from the need clamoring through her body.

“And that is why you like me so much. Turn over for
me and slid those lovely legs open.

She couldn’t help it, the shiver that raced over her
body from just the sound of his voice. Deep and sensual, it always
touched her in a place only he had access to.

She smiled up at him, feeling her body tingle in
anticipation. She wanted this. “Are you going to make it worth my

He wiggled his eyebrows at her and she tried not to
laugh. “May be I will, you never know, but I want to see everything
I missed.”

She gasped at his words while his hand settled onto
her stomach. “I’m not sure if I should, you always get me into
trouble with my landlord.”

“I’ll be good. I’ll stand by the end of the bed and
watch. If you are naughty and turn over and let me see those lovely
cheeks and that juicy slit, then I’ll go right to sleep.”

She looked at him and tried not to shiver from the
decadent thoughts his words created her mind. The vivid images made
her want to be naughty and being naughty made her horny. It sounded
so easy.

“Promise you won’t get me into trouble?”

He hooked his finger into the sheet, pulling it
slowly from her body before dropping it at the end of the bed and
sitting there.

“It’s all up to you if we get into trouble or not.
All you have to do is to not be so loud.”

“And whose fault is that?”

Their eyes played the, I think I know what you want
game for several moments. His clearly saying, ‘I know what you want
but will not ask for.’ Her eyes, with sparks of mischief replying,
‘you think you know what I want, but you are wrong’.

“I’ll show you for ten seconds but then you have to
go to sleep,” she whispered.

She looked at him and instantly the pleasure of their
past encounters filled her mind. Being with Darius was the most
all-consuming experience she ever had in life and she wanted it

He sat back against the bedpost.

“I’ll sleep if you want me to, but only after you’ve
shown me everything.”

She watched his eyes flicking over the naked curves
he had uncovered, taking in every inch of her body like his eyes
were feasting. Her ever instinct said tonight was going to be

She moved smoothly over onto her stomach, sliding her
knees apart and pushed her hips back towards him. Silence filled
the room and when she stated to turn back over she felt a hand
circle her ankle. “No, not yet.”

She slid her knees wider, shifting her weight onto
her upper body. Pushing her hips closer towards him, she rubbed her
shoulders and breasts against the sheets, waiting, wanting

Darius knew he said he would go to sleep, but the
truth was he wanted to see Leila’s lush ass cheeks parted once more
so he could flick his tongue between her wet slit. The memory of
her playing with those glistening folds was taunting him and he
wanted to bury his face against her pussy and feast.

Instead he breathed deep and took his time, trailing
his hand along her calf to feel the lush smoothness of her skin.
Moving up the bed he sat next to her, leaning over to whisper into
her ear. “I wish you could see what I see. Your pussy is the
loveliest rose pink, all slick and dripping. It’s begging me to
take my tongue to it, just like your nipples were when I first saw

His words caused a whimper of ecstasy and her hips
started to rock. “My tongue would go in and out of your snug pussy,
twisting and curling, playing over your hungry clit and teasing
your tight little asshole.” His hand rubbed up and down her back
while he talked and when it drifted near her butt cheeks, she
shifted so his fingers glanced over her wet heat.

“Touch me. Put your fingers in me. You want to and
you know I want you to.”

He trailed his lips over the shell of her ear,
teasing her with tiny nips. “I want to give you more than just my
fingers.” He slid two deep into her tight pussy while he spoke, and
she gasped in shocked delight.

Licking her ear and he continued to let his fingers
slide in and out of her tight depths while he spoke. “I want your
legs wide while I feast on your pussy ‘till I suck you clean. I
want you on your knees pleading for me not to fuck you so hard but
knowing you are just saying it so I’ll fuck you even harder.”

Again she whimpered, grinding her invaded depths on
his digits. He curled his fingers, rubbing them over her g-spot
slowly, then with slow precise thrust added a third finger. Teasing
her, he spread her juices over the tight ring off her ass and her
body shivered like a live wire had been traced over her skin. He
could hear her desperation in each gasp for another breath and he
knew the scream was building in her throat.

Quickly he covered her mouth. He worked his fingers
in and out of her quivering depths, urging her body to reach for
more. He felt the tension gathering in her muscles, her body
becoming rigid and switched the rhythm of his fingers. Tightening
his grip on her mouth, he prepared for when she started to scream.
She always screamed.

BOOK: Baby Don't Scream
10.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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