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Back From Hell

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Shiloh Walker

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Chapter One


She was dreaming of him again.

It was more than a dream—she knew that, even if she didn’t want to acknowledge it.

Jenai stood at a window, staring out over a green field. She didn’t know where she was. She hadn’t ever been there, but she knew
she was there.


He had taken her there.

“Actually, I just wanted to be with you again. I don’t know how we ended up here.”

Turning away from the window, she met his eyes from across the room. “And where is here?” she asked levelly, even though just the sight of him was enough to make her all hot and itchy inside.

He grinned, his white teeth flashing in the darkness of his face. “Home. My home. Scotland. It’s been years since I came here… Someday, I’ll show it to you, for real. Not just in dreams.”

Jenai laughed, the sound cold and brittle in the room. “Dreams are all that we have between us, sugar.”

He shrugged. “If you want to continue thinking that, I won’t stop you.” His eyes, dark blue—like the eastern sky at twilight—gleamed at her as he took first one step and then another in her direction. “I’ve got better things to do—since our time here is always short.”

Jenai sidestepped him as he tried to move closer, shaking her head. “I’m waking up now.”

He growled at her, his eyes narrowing as he rasped, “Don’t do that again, pet. I need you—you need me.”

are just a dream!” she shouted, fisting her hands at her sides, her entire body trembling with rage.

She had forgotten how quickly he could move. Whether it was a way he had of manipulating her mind in the dreams, or if he was actually that fast, she didn’t know. But Jenai couldn’t evade him this time. He caught her up against him, cradling the back of her head in one hand, while the other went to her hip and drew her against his pelvis. Through the thin silk that covered her body, she could feel his heat, so warm, so beguiling.

Her body reacted even as she tried to make herself move away. “This isn’t real,” she said shakily.

“Yes, it is,” he whispered, lowering his head and scraping his teeth across her neck. “You are real. I am real.
are real…and so is what I feel for you.”

His mouth covered hers and, as he pushed his tongue past the barrier of her lips, Jenai groaned. His mind touched hers and she shivered as he whispered inside her mind,
This is real, pet

She didn’t like this. Didn’t like some dream man who probably didn’t exist having so much power over her. Didn’t like being so weak around him.

You aren’t weak. And I do exist
, he murmured to her, still talking along the mind paths. He drew back and Jenai whimpered at the loss of his mouth on hers. “Let me show you… Tell me where to find you.”

Stubbornly, she shook her head and bolstered her mental shields just as she felt him prying within her mind, looking for the information she refused to give him.

“Why do you fight it?” he demanded, fisting his hand in her hair and glaring down at her. “We
together, damn it. You know it—somewhere inside that stubborn, beautiful head, you know who I am, what we are to each other.”

Clenching her jaw, she just glared at him. The hand in her hair tightened to the point of pain and she scowled at him. “Damn it, you bastard. I have enough
in my life. Destined to fight from the minute I was born, never choosing where in life I go, always going where
says I must. I don’t
anything else that destiny has in store for me.”

Those incredible dark blue eyes narrowed as he studied her and she trembled at the hunger she saw simmering there. “Not even this?” he rasped as he lowered his head, raking his teeth across her neck.

Against her belly, she could feel the hard throbbing length of his cock and she groaned. It had been too damn long. Too long—she kept shoving him away and it was agony every time she turned from him.

That alone told her this was more than dreams. And that was part of why she resisted him. If he had this much power over her heart in dreams, how much worse would it be if he was actually in her life?

He wasn’t letting go this time. She could feel it in every stroke of his hands over her body, every ragged beat of his heart against her chest. Part of her was relieved. Part of her wanted to struggle.

But then he cupped her in his hand, his palm lightly grinding against her clit, and all thought fled. She couldn’t think, couldn’t feel, couldn’t see a damn thing beyond what he was doing to her.

His touch made her feel like none other ever could.

She melted under his hand and when he stripped away the flimsy layer of silk that covered her body, she couldn’t think of a damn thing she wanted more than to feel that lean powerful body against hers.

His clothes were gone as though they had wished them away, and maybe they had. Although what happened here in the dream plane was more than a dream—they still moved in that surreal way of dreams.

He was naked against her—beneath her back was a bed of silk sheets and fat pillows. She didn’t remember lying down, didn’t even remember seeing a bed in the room earlier.

But none of that mattered. Just the powerful feel of his body against her, and the way he made her feel inside.

Complete, whole.

“I’ve missed you,” he groaned against her mouth as he wedged his hips between her thighs. “You pushed me away too long this time, turned away too many times.”

“I’m sorry,” she gasped. She didn’t know what she was sorry for, but she ached inside and needed him and missed him. “Please…”

“Say my name, pet,” he whispered against her lips as he pushed inside, the thick ridge of flesh all but scalding her. He forged on relentlessly, not stopping until he was buried deep inside her. “Say it!”

“Ronan…” She didn’t like saying his name. Made him too real. Made all of this too real. But she couldn’t deny him anything.

Not a damn thing in that moment.

As he surged against her, she lifted her hips, taking him inside her, moaning as he shifted to play with her clit. Orgasm danced perilously close and she rocked against him greedily, lifting up each time he withdrew, trying to keep him buried inside her pussy just a little longer.

Her heart felt too full of him. Her head…her body. He crowded inside her, pushing in and filling every last empty part of her soul.

And there was so much emptiness—without him, everything was lifeless, meaningless. Empty.

“Don’t stop touching me,” she begged.

“Never,” he whispered.

“Don’t leave me. Don’t let me go.”

A savage smile curved his mouth as he stared down at her. “I won’t, and once I find you, you’ll never spend another moment without me.”

As he pushed inside her one more time, Jenai threw back her head and screamed, the climax ripping through her with an intensity that stole the breath from her lungs.

Within her sheath, she felt his cock jerk and the scalding heat of his come splashed deep inside her.

Moments later, he rested against her, his head pillowed between her breasts.

“I love you.”

Jenai was silent. He always said that, but she didn’t even know him.

How could he love her?

And how could there be love inside her heart? Love for him? There was, though. It confounded her, confused her…and delighted her, when she stopped being so angry at fate for throwing him at her.

He lifted his head, staring down at her. He was fading. The dreams that bound them were splintering and in seconds he’d be gone. That expectant look in his eyes tugged at her. She wanted to tell him, the words burned in her throat.

But she couldn’t.

A smile curved his lips and just before he disappeared completely, he murmured, “You’ll tell me, pet. Sooner or later.”

* * * * *

Awake, Ronan couldn’t be so certain.

For more than five years, he’d dreamed of her, this woman he’d been born to love. She was his mate—his kind often dreamed of their mates years before they found them.

Yet, she still refused him the knowledge that would allow him to find her.

Not that he had just been waiting for her to tell him. He’d been looking—long and hard—ever since he’d realized just how stubborn his woman was.

Ronan figured if he had to wait for
to talk, he just might be waiting until Doomsday.

But his search for her was going to have wait—

With a scowl, he studied the folder that had been delivered by courier the night before.

Sighing, he shoved a hand through his hair.
I need to win the lottery
, he mused sourly. If he could go a few years without working, he could find his mate. And drag her kicking and screaming into his life, if he had to.

But then fate delivered her.

Opening the folder, he found himself staring into those exotic silver eyes.

“I’ll be damned,” he whispered.

Jenai. Jenai King.

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