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Praise for Jonathan Maberry and
Bad Moon Rising

“One of the best supernatural thrillers of recent years.”

—John Connolly,
author of
The Unquiet

Praise for
Dead Man’s Song

“This is an immensely entertaining American horror saga in the tradition of Stephen King or Robert McCammon. Just open the book and it’s Halloween.”


“Maberry takes us on another chilling roller-coaster ride through the cursed town of Pine Deep. You might want to keep the night-light on for this one. Really.”

—Laura Schrock,
Emmy Award–winning writer/producer

“A fabulously written novel that grips you from its first line to its last. Jonathan Maberry’s writing runs from dark and beautiful to sharp and thought-provoking, and his books should be on everyone’s must-read list.”

—Yvonne Navarro,
author of
Mirror Me

“What began as a classic ghost story evolves with
Dead Man’s Song
into something more of a classic monster tale. Ignore the curse of the second book of the trilogy.
Dead Man’s Song
keeps the reader rapt and moves quickly, leaving the audience hungry for the final chapter in the saga.”


“New master of the macabre.”

—The Morning Call

“This is intense, creepy, and well written.”


“Jonathan Maberry roars back into the horror scene with a most worthy sequel to his Stoker winner,
Ghost Road Blues.

—Creature Feature

Praise for
Ghost Road Blues
Winner of the Stoker Award for Best First Novel

“Jonathan Maberry rushes headlong toward the front of the pack, proving that he has the chops to craft stories at once intimate, epic, real, and horrific.”

—Bentley Little,
author of
The Burning

“Reminiscent of Stephen King…Maberry supplies plenty of chills in this atmospheric novel…. This is horror on a grand scale.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Every so often, you discover an author whose writing is so lyrical that it transcends mere storytelling. Jonathan Maberry is just such an author.”

—Tess Gerritsen,
New York Times
bestselling author of
The Mephisto Club

“It is hard to believe this is Jonathan Maberry’s debut novel because his writing is of such a high caliber and his storyline is comparable to that of a master writer of horror. Great action scenes, a growing sense of foreboding, and fine characterizations make this a one-sitting reading experience.”

—Midwest Book Review

“Jonathan Maberry writes in the grand poetic horror tradition of Poe and Robert McCammon. His novel is not just a frightening tale, but one in which the reader can truly identify with both the characters. The language and descriptions are vivid, threatening, and beautiful. Maberry belongs with the big names, including King and Koontz.”

—Stuart Kaminsky

“A chilling tale about the staying power of evil. As lyrical, melodic, and dark as the music that provides the imaginary soundtrack. Maberry breathes new life into modern horror fiction.”

—Scott Nicholson,
author of
The Red Church

“Maberry knows that true horror lies in the dark, hidden places in the human heart and to take this journey with him is genuinely chilling.”

—T. J. MacGregor,
author of
Cold As Death

“If I were asked to select only one new voice in horror fiction to read today, it would be Jonathan Maberry.
Ghost Road Blues
jumps so easily out of his blend of words, images, and characters you hardly realize you’re reading a novel rather than watching a movie.”

—Katherine Ramsland,
author of
Piercing the Darkness
The Blood Hunters

“If you think that small-town horror has nothing new to offer the reader, you have a surprise in store for you. Jonathan Maberry’s
Ghost Road Blues
, first in a trilogy, demonstrates that even the most haunted town in America is unprepared for the full depth of evil, either human or inhuman. A fine blend of authentic supernatural folklore and conventional villainy in a fully realized contemporary setting.”

—Don D’Ammassa,
author of

Ghost Road Blues
is a superbly woven, chilling tale that makes you wonder who the real monsters are—humans or the undead.”

—L.A. Banks,
author of The Vampire Huntress Legends series

“As effective an opening as I’ve ever read, and the jolts just keep on coming.”

—Jeremiah Healy,
author of
The Only Good Lawyer

“Stunning! A fierce and new talent!”

—Ken Bruen,
international bestselling author of
American Skin

“A fun, fun read and creepy as hell. Jonathan Maberry serves up scares like pancakes at a church social.”

—Gregory Frost,
author of
Attack of the Jazz Giants and Other Stories

“I read as much horror fiction as I can get my hands on, and it’s been a LONG time since I’ve read anything that I’ve enjoyed as much as
Ghost Road Blues

—Stephen Susco,
screenwriter of
The Grudge

Ghost Road Blues
rocks. From the first page to the last, Jonathan Maberry displays the sure hand of a master of the craft. I can’t wait to see what this new king of horror has in store for us next.”

—Bryan Smith,
author of
and the House of Blood books

“Jonathan Maberry writes densely layered prose full of real characters and plenty of eerie atmosphere. He’s in tune with both the dark side of human nature and the simple goodness that can redeem us all.”

—David Wellington,
author of
Monster Island: A Zombie Novel

“Jonathan Maberry is the big guy you’d want to back you up in a fight. Now, he’s writing big, scary books that feel just right.
Ghost Road Blues
is dues paid in advance: read it now so you can say you were there at the beginning of a blockbuster career.”

—Bill Kent,
author of
Street Legal

Ghost Road Blues
, Jonathan Mayberry lands solidly on his feet in territory once dominated by Manly Wade Wellman and Joe Citro; this haunting, complex, terrifying, and deeply humane novel is a heady feast for those who’ve been looking for something new and lyrical in horror.”

—Gary A. Braunbeck,
Bram Stoker Award winner, author of
Destinations Unknown
Prodigal Blues

Ghost Road Blues
reminded me why I’m afraid of the dark.”

—Charles Gramlich,
author of
Cold Is the Light

“Maberry will scare the bejibbers out of you!”

—John Lutz,
Shamus Award winner and author of
Chill of Night

“Dark, scary, and so darn well written, one might think this book something Stephen King wrote and forgot about many years ago.”

—Michael Laimo,
author of
Dead Souls
The Demonologist

“Maberry takes his reader to new and chilling places. If you read horror, you can’t miss this book.”

—H. R. Knight,
author of
What Rough Beast

Ghost Road Blues
is a hell of a book—complex, sprawling, and spooky…with strong characters and a setting that’s pure Americana Halloween hell. A satisfying chunk of creepy, visceral horror storytelling—I’d recommend this to anyone who loves the works of Stephen King.”

—Jemiah Jefferson,
author of

“Reading Maberry is like listening to the blues in a graveyard at the stroke of midnight—the dead surround you, your pounding heart keeps steady rhythm with the dark, melodic prose, and the scares just keep coming. You find yourself wondering if it’s the wind howling through the cold, foreboding landscape of gray-slate tombstones or whether it’s Howlin’ Wolf’s scratchy voice singing ‘Evil.’”

—Fred Wiehe,
author of
Strange Days

“Get ready to be totally hooked, because it’s all here: incredible atmosphere, characters you truly care about, and a level of pure suspense that gets higher with every page. Jonathan Maberry is writing as well as anyone in the business right now, and I’ll be counting the days until his next book.”

—Steve Hamilton,
Edgar Award–winning author of
A Stolen Season

“A remarkable first novel [that] delivers scare after scare, lulling readers into a sense of security before jolting them upright, squeezing them with the tenacity of a snake, and leaving them breathless and begging for more.”


Ghost Road Blues
leads with a hard left hook and never lets up, full of good, strong writing and complex characters who step right off the page and into readers’ heads. It’s a lyrical, frightening and often astonishing read. Although Pine Deep is not a place you’d like to call home, you’ll feel as if you’ve been there before. A wonderful novel from a fresh new voice in the genre.”

—Nate Kenyon,
author of

“Maberry weaves words of mesmeric power. Gruesome, scary, and bloody good fun.”

—Simon Clark,
author of

“A wild melange of soulful blues music and gut-wrenching horror! Through vivid characters and clever descriptions, Jonathan Maberry carefully crafts a very special town that any horror fan would love to live in—that is, until it starts to get ugly…
ugly. He brings terror to life in a uniquely contemporary way. I’ll be so excited to read the second book in his trilogy!”

—Brinke Stevens,
horror actress and author

Ghost Road Blues
is epic horror that puts you in the mind of
The Stand, It, Boys’ Life,
They Thirst
, but beats its own scary path. Nicely tied to the blues and the dark magic of Halloween, it is the first of an impressive new trilogy by Jonathan Maberry, whose vivid prose hits the right rhythms and whose creeping horrors will feed your nightmares until the next installment—and maybe forever. High-octane storytelling meant for chilly, full-moon nights.”

—W. D. Gagliani,
author of the Bram Stoker Award finalist
Wolf’s Trap

“Prepare to be scared. Maberry frightens, amuses, and makes you think, often on the same page. The horror is pervasive, but so is a deeply entrenched sense of fun. Move over, Stephen King.”

—J.A. Konrath,
author of
Dirty Martini

“Jonathan Maberry writes with the assured hand of a veteran wordsmith. His voice is a confident one, his stories possessed of the kind of rhythmic, lyrical quality one might find in the work of Cady, Conrad, or even Faulkner. And yet such comparisons, though hard to avoid when sitting around Maberry’s campfire and hearing his voice, are not entirely fair, for there is a uniqueness here that is exciting to behold. Jonathan Maberry is reaping a crop all his own, and I, for one, eagerly await the fruit of future harvests.”

—Kealan Patrick Burke,
Bram Stoker Award–winning author of
Currency of Souls, The Turtle Boy
, and

“Maberry writes a vivid, fast-paced prose, creating characters and events that are memorable and often frightening. If you like your fiction compelling and deliciously dark, this is an author you should get to know.”

—Bruce Boston,
author of
Flashing the Dark

Ghost Road Blues
begins with more horror than one can imagine, and ends savagely beautiful, intricately and deftly written. Don’t start this book unless you can finish it!”

Jack Fisher,
Flesh & Blood
magazine; president, GSHW

“A grand work, really absorbing and highly recommended. Maberry uses the same sort of small-town storytelling as Stephen King. The action is exciting and fast paced. Maberry looks to be a strong force for future storytelling.”


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