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Authors: Tiffany Allee

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Banshee Charmer (Files from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency, #1) (15 page)

“Nothing. Nothing at all.” Her lush lips curved into a sad smile. She traced her fingers across his lips. “You did everything right.”

“Then why are you leaving?”

Amara shook her head. “You seem like a good person. Decent. And that means you’re not my type. Sorry.”

With that she jerked away. He watched, openmouthed, while she maneuvered through the crowd toward the hallway containing the restrooms. She liked him. She was attracted to him. There was no mistaking that. So why the mixed signals?

When she slipped into the corridor, he followed, cursing himself all the while. The last thing he wanted was a relationship, and she seemed like the kind of girl who’d be hard to walk away from. Yet he couldn’t stop himself from giving chase. If she blew him off, he’d leave, but at the very least he could guard her from the other losers who were probably hiding in the corners, waiting to get her alone.

He passed a few couples making out in the hallway, but they ignored him. He turned the corner toward the restrooms and stopped short when he saw her leaning against a wall. Her head was tipped back and her chest heaved like she fought to breathe.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, rushing toward her.

Her eyes flew wide open, and her mouth dropped. “You fool. Why did you follow me?”

“Something was obviously wrong. Tell me, what is it?”

“Get out of here,” she said, her eyes narrowing.

“Fine. But not before I make sure you’re safe. I’m not going to attack you or anything. Believe me, I don’t go where I’m not wanted.”

Letting out a defeated sigh, she closed her eyes and rested her head against the wall once more. “It’s not that I don’t want you. If anything, I find you too attractive.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

Amara shook her head. “Go home, Ronin. Find yourself a nice girl, one who can give you a home and babies. You’ll get nothing but trouble from me.”

He tilted her chin up and her eyelids fluttered. “I don’t want those things. Right now, the only thing I want is to be here with you.”

Her face softened and she breathed in deep, the rise and fall of her generous chest drawing his eyes downward. “You should leave. I’m…I’m no good for you.”

She sounded as if she really meant that. Despite the smoking-hot outer package, he sensed how little regard she had for herself. “I don’t think you really want me to leave, do you?”

Amara’s eyes skimmed his body, and he could tell from the way they glazed over and her mouth softened that he was right. She felt the attraction as much as he did.

“What I want doesn’t matter,” she said with a spark of anger. “It’s never mattered.”

He shook his head. “I don’t understand.”

“I know.” A hint of a tremor racked her body. “Trust me, it’s not worth figuring out. Just leave.”

Her harsh words, so at odds with the way she leaned into him, confused the hell out of him. “Let me escort you home, at least. This is no place for someone like you.”

She let out a low laugh, a harsh, broken sound. “I have to warn you, you’re really hard to resist.”

So why was she? If she would at least tell him that much, he wouldn’t be stuck wondering for the rest of his life. “Maybe we can go—”

She moaned deep in her throat and jumped him before he could finish his sentence, molding her body to his while she kissed him like he was the air she needed to breathe.

He jerked away with a gasp for breath. “What the—”

Amara pulled him to her once again, slanting her lips onto his. Her hands slid all over his body. Down the front of his slacks. He couldn’t help but harden.

“I want you,” she moaned into his ear.


“No.” Stepping back, she glanced around the hallway, then dragged him to a door with wide slats on it. It wasn’t locked. One twist and she tugged it open, revealing a tiny, packed storeroom.

“Come on.” She led him inside and shut the door behind them. Tiny slivers of light from the door slats illuminated the space, casting an eerie glow over the entire area.

“Tell me what’s going on, Amara.”

Instead of answering, she pushed him back against the wall, kissing him passionately while she unzipped his slacks and tugged him free.

“Slow down,” he said.

“No. I don’t want to wait. I want you. I have from the moment I saw you.”

His protest died when she dropped to her knees, taking him deep into her mouth. Her head moved up and down, expertly driving him to the brink of ecstasy. Clear thought was no longer possible. All he could do was feel.

After some time she broke away and rose to her feet. He managed to get out the words “Are you okay?” but she didn’t seem to have heard his question.

“I want you.” She slid the neckline of her dress a fraction to the side. That was all it took for her breasts to come free, torturing him with their dusky pink nipples.

“Sweet devil, you’re beautiful.” Part of him knew he should protest, that she was moving way too fast, but he couldn’t resist. He pulled her closer and wrapped his hands around the curves of her ass, lifting her up so he could take one nipple, and then the other, into his mouth. Wine and chocolate had nothing on her. The woman tasted like no indulgence he’d ever had before. Like sin personified.

She squirmed and her dress hiked farther up her body. Was she even wearing underwear?

Amara answered that question a moment later when she broke free and stepped back. One quick upward tug of her hem and her lower body was fully bared to his view. Nope. No underwear.

Ronin let out a harsh groan. She was mouthwatering, her long legs pointing the way to a patch of dark curls at the juncture of her thighs. His cock twitched at the sight of her luscious, nude body. Her eyes shimmered with lust but still, there was that sliver of sadness. It made him pause.

“Slow down,” he tried again. “We can get to know each other first. We don’t have to—”

“No.” She grabbed his hand and led him to a small, rickety chair. After tugging his pants to his knees, she forced him back onto the seat.

Any words he might have said froze on his lips when she straddled him, using her hands to guide him to her center. She wiggled her hips and sat, impaling herself on him until he was seated to the hilt.

She cried out, arching her back as her eyes rolled in ecstasy.

Damn, but she was amazing. A bit fast, but amazing. Vulnerable somehow, in a way that was completely at odds with her promiscuity. Something about her called to him…

“Amara,” he groaned. Her body was like molten fire, enveloping him and squeezing him like a fist. Then, when she began to pump her hips, lifting halfway off before sliding back down, he lost the ability to even breathe. His whole body had gone boneless, his arms and legs refusing to obey the commands of his brain. Flesh slapped against flesh, the sound echoing in the packed room.

She was incredible. Even now, black spots formed in his vision and a ringing sound echoed in his ears. When he tried to grasp her hips, his hands wouldn’t cooperate. He could do nothing more than gasp while she rode him for all he was worth. She made soft, mewling sounds, arching her back as she worked him. So sexy. Her skin glistened from the effort, practically glowing in the dim light.

Was this what those guys back at the bar had been fighting over? Had they sampled her before, enough to know how delicious she was? If so, he could see why there was such a crowd.

Why the hell couldn’t he move? His limbs felt like Jell-O.

He tried to lift his leg, but it was heavy as a wooden log. What was going on? He was getting weaker.

“Stop.” His voice sounded far-off. Distant. “Stop.”

He had to repeat it several times before she heard him. It was like a button had switched off inside her. She froze, her eyes clearing of their lusty haze and her jaw dropping in horror. Shaking hands reached up to cover her mouth. “Oh, no. Oh no, I told you. I warned you to leave me alone.”

Amara slid off him. He watched her do it, watched her stare down at him with panic all over her face, but still he couldn’t move.

Tears filled her eyes, a few stray drops weaving down her cheeks. “Why didn’t you listen to me?” she whispered.

“What is it?” He all but forced the words to form on his tongue.

After a moment she composed herself, rubbing at the tears with her knuckles before she pulled her skirt down and pushed her breasts back into her dress. “I warned you. Not my fault.”

“What—what’s wrong with me?” The amount of energy it took to say those words was almost mind-boggling.

She shook her head. Her lips tightened as if she were trying to seem uncaring. Trying and failing, if the moisture pooling in her eyes was any indication. “You never even bothered to find out what sort of demon I am.”

This was bad. Seriously bad. He knew that, but his body wasn’t reacting.

“What kind?” he managed to choke out.

“Succubus. What’s wrong with you is that you’re dying.”

“But…but your energy. Too low for succubus.”

She shook her head again, lifting one arm to show off her bracelet. “It’s made of fae gold. A gift from my boss. Among other things, it mutes my aura.” A bitter smile twisted her lips. “He’s found that to be helpful on more than one occasion.”

With one last shake of her head, she turned and walked out, clicking the door shut behind her.

Oh shit. This was so not good. Ronin tried to summon his healing energy, the other legacy his mother had bestowed upon him. Demons could heal fast, but nowhere near as quickly as angels. With his mixed heritage, he could generally recover from wounds in seconds. But his body wasn’t equipped to handle this level of toxicity, and his hands were already paralyzed. The succubus had poisoned him and there was no coming back from that.

His last thought before he lost consciousness was that his brothers were going to be so pissed that he’d gotten himself killed.

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