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Betrayals of Spring


By L.P. Dover


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About the



Summer, Fall,
Winter, Spring

Two Courts to
Four is what it will bring.

Without the Four
the evil will spread,

The Land of the
Fae will fall into dread.

The next
generation will provide the Four,

The maiden souls
and nothing more.

The Power of
Four will start with the first,

If he gets the
power, only then will you be cursed.

The Power of Four
will be drawn to the others,

Their power is
strong, the power of lovers.

The moment they
become one,

Only then will
the change have begun.

Two Courts to
Four is what needs to be,

To save the
Land, so shall we see.





letter has arrived for you all the way from the Winter Court, Your Highness,”
Naida says as she bows. My heart about jumps out of my chest at the mention of
the Winter Court. I look at her smiling face and then down to her outstretched
hand holding out the letter.

is my servant, and although I have no need of one she chose to serve willingly.
She is also a wood nymph that loves nature just like me. Her brown hair is
pulled back in a bun, and her eyes remind me of the deep green color of grass.
Naida helps me in the gardens along with my sprites now that Calista has become
Queen of the Fall Court and can no longer join me. I enjoy her company just as
much as I do my best friend, Elissa.

hastily reach for the letter. The envelope is smooth and thick. My fingers
twitch with the need to tear it open to see if the letter is from
Could it be from Kalen?

look up at Naida and she has a huge smile on her face.

you, Naida, for bringing this to me. Do you mind if I open it in private?” I
ask sweetly and pout my lips. Naida and I share numerous secrets, but this one
I would like to keep to myself for now.

delicate laugh makes me smile.

course, Your Highness,” she replies. Naida bows her head and leaves the room,
shutting the door quietly behind her.

am excited, but nervous to know what the contents of the letter. I turn the
envelope over and there sealed in wax is the Winter Court crest symbol. I
gently slide my finger under the paper to break the seal, and it breaks with an
audible snap. Closing my eyes, I lift the flap. I take in a calm breath as I
reach in to grab the letter inside. It’s folded over once so the anticipation
of seeing the words will be short lived. I peek in from the bottom of the paper
and my breath ceases as I see his name. What if he is professing his love to me
in this letter? We had a great time at Calista and Ryder’s wedding. We enjoyed
numerous hours of talking about his wolves and my animals. His joking manner
caught my attention from the very beginning and I have been waiting impatiently
for the chance to see him again.

groan in annoyance at myself. I need to stop stalling and read the letter. I
feel like a lovesick adolescent pining over a boy. I am twenty years old and
have had many crushes on the warriors over the years, but what I feel for Kalen
surpasses all of those ridiculous crushes. I open the envelope slowly and I’m
disappointed to see that there are only a few words on the paper. I guess I was
thinking there would be more.


meet me out by the gardens. I’ll be waiting. Yours Truly, Kalen.

can’t believe he’s actually here! I jump up and down with joy and dance across
my room in excitement. I had asked Calista what the connection to Ryder felt
like, and she had described it to me. I couldn’t believe it, but it is exactly
how I feel about Kalen. Could he be the one I am supposed to be with?

and Ryder had their vision when they touched hands, so maybe that is what I
have to do with Kalen. I rush to my closet, almost tripping along the way, and
I pull out the purple tank top that matches my amethyst-colored eyes. I grab a
pair of khaki shorts and a pair of sandals.

with the way I look, I head straight for the gardens. The gardens are a short
distance away and it only takes me a few minutes to get there. When I arrive I
can see a tall frame and black, shoulder-length hair, and I know it is him. He
must hear me coming because he begins to turn around slowly. My heart stops
along with my feet, because I’m mesmerized by the sight of him. He’s breathtaking
with his muscular body encased in his warrior uniform. It hugs the planes of
his body, and I can see the extent of his muscles. His breastplate is silver,
and it covers his entire chest and back. The Winter Co
symbol is engraved on the chest. He’s also wearing black leather vambraces to
protect his forearms and the usual black leather pants and tunic underneath the

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