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Big Game (The V V Inn, Book 3)

BOOK: Big Game (The V V Inn, Book 3)
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The V V Inn Series:

Book Three


C.J. Ellisson



Red Hot Publishing

P.O. BOX 651193, STERLING VA, 20165-1193



First eBook Edition April 2012



Copyright 2012 C.J. Ellisson

All Rights Reserved



ISBN 9781927116319




Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise), without the prior written permission of both the copyright owner and the above publisher of this book.





This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead (or undead ;-), business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.





This book is dedicated to my readers, especially the ones on Facebook. Without you, there’d be no point in writing. Thank you for your continued support—you forever honor me with your interest.









The following individuals inspired names for characters. They either thought the name up, volunteered the use of their name, I stole their name because I liked it, or they supported me so much I wanted to thank them:


Andy Lipshultz:
It started as an April fool's joke, but then I twisted things and named a character after him (and basically stole his name, too).

Angie Linne:
I named a character after her.

Asa Monson:
My nephew, whom I based a character on and stole his name.

Brett Monson:
My sister-in-law’s ex, and my nephews’ father in real life. You knew you couldn’t escape the love, right?

Cali Blackadder, aka Julie Jewell:
I based a character on her Second Life persona, and named the character after her.

Cy Whitfield, aka Michael Stern:
My brother, whom I based a character on his Second Life persona, and named the character after him.

Debi Singleton:
I named a character after her.

Dalton & Flavia Luz:
An incredibly nice Brazilian couple that I based characters on and stole their names.

Deneishia Jacobpita:
I named a character after her.

Diane O’Neill-Mason:
She volunteered to have her name used.

Donald Swanson, Sr:
I named a character after him.

Eric Monson:
My nephew, whom I based a character on and stole his name.

Elsa Cisneros:
I named a character after her.

Frank Natsuhara:
I stole his last name for a character.

George “GJ” Marko:
I named a character after him.

Helena Gardella:
I named a character after her.

Jerry Stern:
My dad, whom I based a character on and stole his name.

Justin Monson:
The oldest nephew of the three. I based a character on him and stole his name.

Patrick Larson:
I gladly wrote him into the story, with his permission, so he and Eric could continue to have adventures together forever.

Paul Ocker:
I named a character after him.

Lori Anderson:
I asked to use her name and her nickname Lor-Lor: she graciously agreed.

Margery Cook Stern:
My mom, whom I based a character on and stole her name.

Michelle Pazdan:
I named a character after her.

Miranda Blevins:
I stole her name.

Waiter at Cheesecake factory. I stole his name and took off the silent “N” to make it Kotsana.

Rolando Ray:
He thought of the name Ivan, which won in an online vote—and I stole his name.

Romeo LoGiurato:
I stole his name.

Stan Logan:
I named a character after him.

Stephanie Groot:
My friend, who gladly volunteered to be a character in the book.

Stephen Grantham:
I named a character after him.

Theresa Dowd:
I named a character after her and she picked Dria/Vivian's original first name, Ceara, which won in an online vote.

Vikram Savkoor:
I stole his name; his only request was his character be cool ;-)




Glossary of Terms and Characters:


Asa -
the fledgling vampire sent by Cy, who was turned in Afghanistan while serving in the Army.

Angie -
a human guest who stayed at the inn eight years ago with her first husband, Ivan.

Bloodcoffee -
a mixture of half-blood and half-coffee, favored by undead everywhere.

Bloodwine -
same principal as bloodcoffee, but half-blood and half-wine.

Blood Bond -
a term used to describe the exchange of blood between either a human and a vampire, both ways, or a master vampire and a member of their seethe. It enables telepathic communication between them through the bond, if desired.

Bob -
an employee, he works on the grounds-keeping crew.

Bonded Mate -
a deeper connection than a servant, this bond allows the non-vampire to stop aging and share a significant amount of power associated with the bonded vampire. A complex ritual and exchange of large amounts of blood must take place for this bond to occur. The only way to break the bond is through death or a rare deep mind manipulation severing the link.

Bunny -
Paul's wife.

Cali -
Cy's bonded mate, and a werewolf. She's also Asa's aunt.

Carmella & Carmina
(Mina) - Flavia’s twin sisters, working on the island as maids this season.

Chelly -
see Michelle.

Coraline -
a member of the Inner Circle who cares for and guards the Tribunal of Ancients.

Companion -
a human who has donated blood to a vampire and been accepted into the vampire's care for future feedings.

Cy -
Vivian's contact in New York, whom she turned when she discovered him close to death in an alley outside his bar over forty-five years ago.

Dalton -
the caretaker on the Argentine island.

Daniel -
old vampire fling of Vivian’s.

Deneishia -
married to Kotsana and a member of Romeo’s pack.

Diane -
Dr. Cook’s adult daughter and a witch.

Donald Swanson -
one of the vampire hunters.

Donor -
a human who donates blood to a vampire, willingly, with no connections.

Dr. Margery Cook -
the onsite doctor on the property should a problem with a human arise.

Drew -
one of the new member’s of Vivian’s seethe.

Dria -
the master vampire who narrates the first book, aka Vivian and Alexandria.

Eric -
a new werewolf from Romeo’s pack.

Elsa -
Romeo’s werewolf mate.

Emiko -
the rogue designated by the Tribunal to be hunted at the resort (book two).

Enforcer -
a highly skilled vampire assassin, used as an instrument of justice by the tribunal.

Flavia -
Dalton’s wife and a fellow caretaker on the Argentine island.

Fledgling -
term used for a vampire under the age of five years.

- Security at the Tribunal of Ancients.

Ivan -
Angie’s first husband and bonded mate (book one).

Jerry -
an engineer and sharp shooter employed twenty years on the property.

Jonathan -
Vivian's werewolf servant and the head groundskeeper on the property.

Justin -
The wizard hired by the Tribunal to set up early warning wards around the property.

Kotsana -
one of Romeo’s pack, married to Deneishia.

Liebling -
German endearment, meaning darling.

Lori -
a werewolf in Romeo’s pack.

Lucas -
a vampire in Argentina who hates Vivian for killing his old lover.

Manipulator -
a rare breed of vampire able to mind control other vampires. Usually hunted down and killed by their own kind to ensure they do not gain power over their fellow vampires.

Master Vampire -
a vampire who heads their own seethe, or is independent of a seethe. One not requiring the blood of a master to gain in power, but has accumulated enough strength to hold their own in a battle where an older vampire may try to drain a younger one for their blood.

Mate -
see Bonded Mate.

Michelle -
aka “Chelly”, an employee at the inn, who also doubles as a blood donor.

Naomi -
one of Romeo’s wolves.

Old Blood -
a term used to describe the blood a seethe member gets from a master to increase their own power. Contains the added benefit of increasing a vampire’s perceived undead age if the blood is strong enough and consumed regularly.

Pat -
a new werewolf from Romeo’s pack.

Paul -
a gourmet chef imported from the lower forty-eight, married to Bunny and a newly turned vampire who is also part of Vivian’s seethe.

Rafe -
Vivian's bonded mate for sixty-five years, and co-owner to the inn.

Rolando -
part of the tribunal of Ancients, located in Argentina.

Romeo -
Jonathan's old Alpha, but not the Were who infected him.

Rosia -
Flavia and Dalton’s daughter.

Seethe -
A vampire family, or group of vampires, with a master vampire at its head.

Servant -
see Vampire Servant

Spike -
A member of Romeo’s pack.

Stephanie -
one of the chefs at the inn.

Tommy -
an employee, originally from Australia, who mainly works the front desk and organizes the blood donor list for the guests.

Tribunal of Ancients -
the governing body of ruling ancient vampires, entrusted with maintaining the secrecy of the existence of vampires from the human race.

Turning -
term used for when a human has been changed into a vampire.

Vivian -
the nickname for Dria, a play on words from The V V Inn.

Were -
shorthand for werewolf.

Vampire Servant -
a human, or Were, who has donated to and ingested the blood of a vampire. A mind connection can be established (and broken), allowing telepathic communication. The servant feels a desire to protect and serve the vampire above his or her own needs.

Vikram -
A vampire from Sanji’s seethe, but not participating in the hunt (book two).



BOOK: Big Game (The V V Inn, Book 3)
8.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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