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A King Production presents... The Be in,,!,ig . . A Novel

DMA KING This Book is Dedicated To My,

This novel is a work of fiction. Any references to real people, events, establishments, or locales are intended only to give the faction a sense of reality and authenticity. Other names, characters, and incidents occurring in the work are either the product of the author's imagination or are used factitiously, as those fictionalized events and incidents that involve real persons. Any character that happens to share the name o f a person who is an acquaintance of the author past orpresent, is purely coincidental and is in no way intended to be an actual account involving that person.

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Think of David vs. Goliath and yes the underdog won!! I've been in a vicious legal battle with Triple Crown Publications and Vickie Stringer for almost 2 years now. This fight has been draining on me and my family but I refused to lie down and let the wrong that had been done to me, defeat me! My mother once told me, "You have not because you ask not." I asked for it and it was delivered. I feel as if I stood up and fought for all the little people who are cheated, manipulated and done dirty in a cutthroat business. With faith and determination we shall continue to rise to the top! I feel blessed that the entire Bitch Series is under its rightful home, A King Production. I put my heart and soul into these books for my fans and now I know when I leave this earth my family can reap the rewards of my work. Soon I will upload video blogs to my website and Facebook page detailing my long legal journey and how I came to get the rights back to my books. Many said it couldn't be done but never underestimate one of God's children! ! You know I had to share this because I LOVE my readers so much and I hope that I can prevent many of you from making some of the same mistakes I did. So please keep hope alive. If anybody in your life is doing you wrong, rebel and stand up for your rights. You will prevail! !

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The -Beginning...

Cdll'I Kock the Nestle

oming from nothing and having nothing are two different things. Yeah, I came from nothing, but I was determined to have it all. And how couldn't I?

I exploded into this world when "Hood Rich" wasn't an afterthought, but the only thought. You turn on the television and every nigga is iced out with an exotic whip sitting on 24inch rims, surrounded by a bitch in a g-string, a weave down to her ass, poppin' that booty. So the chicks on the videos were dropping it like it's hot for the rappers and singers while the bitches around my way were dropping it for our own superstars. Dealing with a street nigga on say the Alpo status a legendary drug kingpin was like being Beyonce herself on Jigga Man's arm.

A bitch like me was thirsty for that. I'd been on some type of hustle since I was in Pampers.

I grew up in the grimiest Brooklyn projects during the `90s. It was worse than being in prison because you knew there was something better out there; you just didn't know how to get it. You never saw green grass or flowers blooming. Instead of looking up to teachers, lawyers or doctors, you worshipped the local drug dealers who hustled to survive and escape their existence. Even as a little girl, I knew I wanted more out of life. Somehow hustling was in my blood.

First, I hustled for my moms' attention because she was too busy turning tricks to pay me any mind. I never knew who my daddy was, so while my moms was fucking in her bedroom, I would wait outside the door with my legs crossed, holding my favorite teddy bear in one arm as I sucked my thumb. When the tricks would come out, I would look at them with puppydog eyes and ask, "Are you my daddy?" The question would freak them out so badly they'd toss me a few dollars so I would shut the fuck up.

One day when I was five, my mother was looking for something in my drawers, she came across a bunch of fives and tens and some twenties. The total was five hundred and some change. Of course, she wanted to know where all the money came from. When I told her that the money came from her business clients (that's what my moms called them), she lit up. She tossed me up in the air and said, "Baby, you my good luck charm. I knew one day you'd make me some money."

On that rare occasion she showed me mad love. As young as I was, I equated my mother's newfound interest in me with love. From that moment on, I learned how to hustle for my moms' attention - that is, by providing her with money.

Where I grew up, everyone hated "The Man," so they wouldn't report shit, even child abuse or neglect. When I was really young, my neighbors helped look out for me, when necessary. One neighbor, Mr. Duncan, used to baby-sit me while my mother "Worked." In the projects, we all minded our own business and had the same code of silence that the police have among themselves - we didn't snitch on each other.

Somehow, my moms' customers never messed with or even fondled me. I think it's because people say I got these funny looking eyes. Even when I was little I had an attitude that said, "Don't fuck wit' me."

By the time I was fifteen with all the tricks my moms pulled, we were still dead ass broke, living in the Brooklyn projects. She couldn't save a dime because with hooking comes drugging and my moms stayed high. I guess that's all you can do to escape the nightmare of having all types of nasty, greasy fat motherfuckers pounding your back out every damn day. The characters that I saw coming in and out of our apartment were enough to make me want to sew up my pussy so nobody could get between my legs.

One day when I came home from school, I found my moms sprawled out on the couch with a half empty bottle of whiskey in one hand, as she tried to toke her last pull off a roach in the other hand. Her once long, wavy sandy hair was now thin and straggly. The curves that once made every hood chick roll their eyes in envy were just a bag of bones. You wouldn't even recognize the one time ghetto queen unless you looked into the green eyes she inherited from her mulatto father.

Without a word, I gave the living room a lick and a promise. I emptied several full ashtrays, picked up the dirty glasses scattered about the floor and wiped off the cocktail table. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched my moms sit up and stare at me for a long five minutes. She had the strangest look on her face.

Finally she spoke up. "Precious, you sure are growing up to be a pretty girl." Although we were in each other's face on an everyday basis, it was as if this were the first time my mother had seen me in many years. I didn't know how to respond so I kept cleaning up. "Didn't you hear what yo' mama said?"

"Yes, I heard you."

"Well you betta say thank you."

"Thank you, Mama."

"You welcome, baby."

As I continued to clean I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable with the glare my moms was giving me. It was the same look she'd get when she was about to get her hands on some prime dope.

"Baby, you know that your mother is getting up there in age. I can't put it down like I used to."

I looked my moms directly in the eye, but I said nothing. I was thinking to myself, What the fuck that got to do wit' me"

"So, baby, I was thinking maybe you need to start helping me out a little more."

"Help out more how, I basically give you my whole paycheck?" I didn't understand what the fuck she was talking about. I barely went to school because I had what was supposed to be a part time job at a car detailing shop.

Damn near every cent I made, I used to pay bills and maintain my appearance. I couldn't afford to rock all the brand name hot shit, but because I had style, I was able to throw a few cheap pieces together to make it look real official. Luckily I inherited my moms' beauty and body so I could just about make a potato sack look sexy.

"Baby, that little job you got ain't bringing home no money. It's just enough to maintain. I'm talking about getting a real job."

"Mama, I'm only fifteen. It's only so many jobs I can get and so much money I can make. Boogie not even sup pose to give me all the hours he have me doing at the shop. That's why he pays me under the table."

"Precious, as pretty as you are you can be making thousands of dollars."

"Doing what? What job you know is going to pay a fifteen-year-old high school student thousands of dollars?"

"The oldest profession in the book-sex," my moms said as if she was asking me to do something as innocent as baking cookies for a living.

"You `un lost your damn mind. What you tryn' to be now - my pimp?"

"You betta watch yo' mouth, little girl. I'm yo' mama. Don't forget that."

"Don't you forget it. You must have if you asking me to sell my ass so I can take care of you."

"Not me - us. Shit, I took care of yo' ass for the last fifteen years. Breaking my back and wearing out my pussy to provide us with a good life."

"This is what you call a good life?" I said as I looked around the small, broke down, two bedroom apartment. The hardwood floors were cracking, the walls had holes and the windows didn't even lock. It was nothing to catch a few roaches holding court in the kitchen and living room, or a couple of rats making a dash across the floor.

My moms stood up and started fixing her unruly hair, patting down her multicolored flannel pajamas and twisting her mouth in that `how dare you' position as if she were an upstanding citizen who was being disrespected in her own home.

"You listen here," she began as she pointed her bony finger with its gnawed down nail. "A lot of these children around here don't even have a place to stay. It might not be much but it's mine."

That, too, was a lie. My moms didn't even own this raggedy-ass apartment; she rented it. But I didn't feel like reminding her of that because I wanted this going-nowhere conversation to be over.

"I hear you, Ma, but I don't know what to tell you. I'm not following in your footsteps by selling my pussy to some low down niggas for money."

"Well then you betta start looking for some place to live, `cause I can't take care of the both of us."

"You tryna tell me you would put me out on the streets?"

"You ain't leaving me a choice, Precious. If you can't bring home some extra money, then I'll have to rent out your bedroom to pay the bills."

"Who is gon' pay you for that piece of shit of a room?"

"Listen, I ain't `bout to sit up here and argue wit' you. Either you start bringing home some more money or find another place to live. It's up to you. But if you don't give me a thousand dollars by the first of the month, I need you out by the second."

BOOK: Bitch
8.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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