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Bitch in Heat (Werewolf Erotica)



Lilith Kinke






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Bitch in Heat

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I sniffed the night air, careful to angle
myself downwind from whatever might be looking for me. My fur
pricked up in the cold night air. Traveling alone had a lot of
threats, but most ladies didn’t have the kind of extra perks I did.
I yawned, showing my sharp teeth to the world.

I was the big, bad wolf. Maybe not as big or
as bad as some, but compared to most of the human population, I
pretty much had it wrapped up. I admired my reflection in still
pool of water, taking note of my sleek body and delicate snout. I
shook my fur, amused by my vanity, and began trotting faster. I had
a long way to go before the border.

I entered a more heavily wooded area, careful
to avoid any large predators. Though I could scare just about
anything off, I didn’t want to deal with it. I passed by a small
cabin, empty, presumably because of the off-season. This would be a
good place to stop.

I carefully made my way in, breaking open the
window after checking to make sure that no one had been by in at
least the last month. People could be so sensitive about things
like that. The air smelled stale, but the cabin was nice

Really, I wasn’t very picky. It had been
outfitted with a small shower, and I felt like I was in the lap of
luxury. Though I could spend my time sleeping as a wolf, it was
always less comfortable. The chance to get my skin clean was one to
take anytime. And a real bed! I almost squealed aloud when I

I sighed as I felt the hot water run down my
back. It felt heavenly after days and days of woodland, and I
ducked my head under the water to rinse my hair. I scrubbed away at
the grime, smiling as the water took it all away.

I relaxed naked, lounging on the bed after
the shower in my human form. With all the running I had been doing,
my body was in great shape. I ran my hands down my now-clean body,
feeling the smooth skin. I growled in my throat, feeling the need
rise up in me again. It had started earlier today, and since then,
I couldn’t stop thinking about sex.

My hands found their way down to my pussy,
and I was not surprised to feel the warm wetness. I needed it, and
bad. I stroked my clit, moaning and aching for a cock. I pumped my
fingers in and out, but it was poor substitute, and I needed

My hips thrust upwards, trying to get deeper
but it was no use. I growled in frustration as I focused on my
clit, hoping to get anything. I imagined a hot stud fucking me
hard, his hard body pressed against mine. He would be rough and
know just where the limit lay between pleasure and pain. The
fantasy kept expanding in my head.

The pleasure grew as I kept fantasizing, and
it wasn’t before long that I reached orgasm, unable to stop myself
from making a small mew as it happened. My body quivered.

I lay looking up at the ceiling, the barest
relief from orgasm hardly masking my burning need. It had almost
made it worse, in fact. I was soaked in sweat, and decided to take
another quick rinse before turning in for the night.

It was late before I had finished drying off
again, having to stop to masturbate at least two more times in the
shower. This was going to be pretty unbearable for the next week or
so, I thought to myself before slipping off into slumber.

The next day’s travel was much the same. The
air was cold and clear, and the game was plentiful. I caught two
rabbits in the span of an hour and savored the warm taste of their
blood. I tried to ignore the increasing lust that nagged at me as I
ran. I thought briefly about making a detour into a town for a
human male, but decided it would take too much time. They were
invariably disappointing anyways. They were weak, under the guise
of romantic.

It wasn’t just the lust, I really wanted a
companion. Wolves mated for life, and werewolves were no different.
To run alone all the time was stressful and lonely. I mused about
maybe settling down once I had arrived at my destination as I ran,
and I liked the thought. A handsome, strong werewolf to keep me

I began weaving both fantasies together in my
head, thinking about a sexy, toned man who would be able to keep up
with me and fuck me silly. I felt myself getting heated again, and
tossed my head back, speeding up the pace. Maybe if I dedicated the
energy to running that I did imagining sex, I would have been there

I stopped to sniff the air. My hackles
raised, sensing something amiss. I had wandered into another pack’s
territory sometime in the last day and just come upon a scent
marking. I had to be cautious, and make sure not to cause any
offense. Many packs didn’t take kindly to a single werewolf
traveling on their grounds. They were a pack of four, I sniffed
from their scent markings. All young males. I wondered what they
were doing together, but it wasn’t that unusual for young males to
hunt together before finally settling down.

I warily looked around, wondering if they
were around this area. I didn’t know of any major pack in this
area, and it was risky to deal with any males while I was in heat.
But gossip didn’t account for everyone’s territory, and I was far
away from where I had the most connections. I couldn’t win against
four males whether they wanted to drive me out or fuck me raw. I
felt myself get a little excited at the idea.

Before I could figure out much more, I saw
four large shapes glide towards me. Here comes the pack, I thought.
I instantly adopted a submissive pose, my ears pinned back, hoping
I could just get through the confrontation without any trouble.

The first thing I noticed was that the alpha
male was extremely attractive. His almost jet-black fur rippled
across his lean, large, body. He stood confidently uphill from me,
making it clear I was the intruder on his territory, which I
already knew. God, I want him. The thought just popped up in the
back of my head, unbidden, interrupting my thought process.

It came up again as they shifted, four naked
humans standing where the wolves used to be. The four of them were
crazy attractive, and I was pretty sure it wasn’t just the lust
talking. They could be brothers, all with dark hair and intense
eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at their muscled chests, and then
down to their growing erections. They were all very well endowed, I
couldn’t help but notice.

Oh shit. They noticed. Of course they’d
notice if I were in heat. This kind of things calls to all the
males within an 100 mile radius. They each sniffed the air, as if
confirming my suspicions, and narrowed their attention to me. I
could see them all pant a little harder. I switched to human form
to communicate, nervous I would be getting more attention than I

Look,” I said to them, “I’m just
looking to get through.”

They stared, as if not understanding a single
word I was saying. Their eyes grazed hungrily over my bare breasts
and body. I stated my mission again, but they ignored me, caught up
in my scent. I groaned, wondering how I was going to get out of
this, and at the same time, wondering if I could manage to fuck all
them. My pussy dampened, and I was pretty sure they could smell it.
I saw their nostrils flare, as if to confirm the obvious.

Then, as if in one orchestrated movement,
they gathered close to me, surrounding me with heat. They were all
over, touching me, caressing my bare skin and I couldn’t think, I
couldn’t breathe. I could feel their large erections pressed
against me, and I leaned into them, feeling my lust overwhelm

My pussy was instantly wet and I felt fingers
slide in slowly. Someone else began rubbing my breasts, massaging
them hard and I gasped as my nipples were pinched. It was becoming
too much too fast.

I--” I started, trying to break away
before one handsome werewolf began kissing my neck.

I moaned in my throat, throwing my head back.
My head buzzed with the amount of pheromones in the air. I can’t
handle four werewolves, a little voice in the back of head said. It
was right, the experience would wreck me. My body said no way, it
wanted to at least try. I could feel my knees start to buckle. It
took a great effort but I wrenched free, pushing against their
bodies and shifting into wolf shape.

I was still dizzy with lust and unable to
think straight. I picked a random direction and ran, hoping to
escape at least a couple of them, but they were all larger and
faster. I darted past one, but they played with me, as if I were
game. I bristled at them, making myself look as big as possible,
but the moment I would turn to face one wolf, another would stagger
me. I could see their cocks all hanging out, anxious for the game
to end.

I ran, as hard as I could, legs stretched as
the woods flashed by me. I could hear them flanking me, catching up
with ease. My heart began to beat faster as I realized there was no
way I could escape them. My paws pounded on the ground, claws
digging in as I dodged back and forth. I saw a deep river ahead of
me, but there was nowhere else to turn. I started panicking when I
realized it was too swift to swim through in time.

It wasn’t long before I was cornered. The
four of them surrounded me, backing me up against a rock wall. I
snarled, flashing my teeth and I saw their lips curl up in
amusement. The hungry looks on their faces both scared me and awoke
something deep inside, a deep longing. I shook my head, trying to
clear it. They bumped me, stiff-legged, forcing me down.

They sat panting, knowing that I had nowhere
to go. I could feel their eyes, and the tension was thick in the
air. I snarled again viciously, snapping at one wolf that got a
little too close. They paced as they tried to decide what to do.
After a moment, it was clear they had made a decision.

The alpha rubbed his head along mine,
growling in pleasure as he took in my scent. Then, he changed,
crouched at the woodland floor, erection clearly visible.

We’ll escort you through our
territory,” he spoke softly. His voice was deep, and I felt a
warmth rise between my legs.

In return, every day you are in heat,
you will be ours,” he clarified, stroking my fur and making me

You will be safer with us than against
us,” he added as an afterthought.

I knew he was right, but I was reluctant to
admit it. I also didn’t want to admit that I didn’t know if I could
handle all four of them fucking me. Yet, I didn’t really have a
choice. I nodded slowly, but I didn’t think he cared about my
response, because he didn’t wait for an answer before he changed

He grabbed my scruff and I yelped as I felt
his teeth sunk in. I twisted, trying to get free but he held on
tight, using his weight to pin me in place. He began mounting me
and I let out another yelp as I felt his cock shoved in, unable to

I did the only thing I could think of,
shifting back to human to try to avoid his grip, but he instantly
shifted with me. I found myself human on the ground with my ass up,
and a thick cock immediately ramming its way into my wet pussy. He
held my hips down, and I cried out as he began dominating me,
shoving it in harder. He grunted as he thrust faster.

The other wolves shifted back to human and
watched with leering grins as I was violated in front of them all.
My cheeks reddened as I thought about how I was being fucked hard
and completely helpless in front of them. I couldn’t help noticing
how they were all getting very erect. They grinned as I cried out
again and again.

They pinned me face down to the ground as I
writhed, unable to keep control over my own body. I began pushing
against them, trying to wrench my body free. The lust burned, and
it only increased when they began nuzzling and kissing my body.

My voice was hoarse from screaming, but that
didn’t stop me from exclaiming when I realized they were playing
with me. I felt a cock tease the entrance of my wet pussy and I
moaned, wanting it to just start fucking me again. Lips teased my
back and ass cheeks, and the electricity raced down to my pussy,
increasing the need I felt.

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