Blake, Abby - Hot Inspiration [A Bride for Eight Brothers 5] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever)

BOOK: Blake, Abby - Hot Inspiration [A Bride for Eight Brothers 5] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever)
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A Bride for Eight Brothers 5

Hot Inspiration

Mikayla and her husbands’ new contract is on a desert planet that already has a small, well-established colony, and Mikayla is eager to sample the local markets. Despite the beautiful landscape, varied wildlife and sensually inspiring heat, things don’t seem quite right. Polygamy is legal for both sexes, but it seems that only the men in this community have multiple partners. Determined to protect their wife, Mikayla’s husbands try to limit her exposure to the local culture.


However, Bryce needs his leg fixed, so Mikayla and Matt finally convince him to get the surgery done. But while waiting for his brother to wake up, Lachlan witnesses a vicious assault on a young woman and steps in to help. Unfortunately, his act of compassion leaves him a target for the more fanatical occupants of this planet.


Will protecting a stranger cost Mikayla and her husbands more than they’re willing to pay?


NOTE! You are purchasing Siren's newest serialized imprint, the LoveXtreme Forever Series. This is Book 5 of 6 in the A Bride for Eight Brothers collection. These books are not stand alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and must be read in the numbered order. Each book may end on a cliffhanger but usually with a happy-for-now for the heroine and one or more men. The final book contains a happily forever after for the heroine and all her men.


Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Science Fiction
24,586 words


A Bride for Eight Brothers 5

Abby Blake


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For Alexandra


A Bride for Eight Brothers 5


Copyright © 2011

Chapter One

“What’s your safe word, sub?”

Lachlan’s rough voice carried clearly across the lab, and Mikayla turned to find Brock and Lachlan both dressed in black leather, arms crossed, feet braced apart, their expressions unreadable.

Thank goodness the temperature inside the station was always set at the same comfortable level. If either of her husbands wore that leather outside on this planet, they’d probably melt into unidentifiable puddles of goo. When they’d said the planet was mostly desert, they sure weren’t kidding. Outside the temperatures nearly reached one-twenty Fahrenheit most days and fell to near freezing at night. It was certainly not a pleasant environment to work in.

Before answering her Dom’s question, Mikayla glanced over at Ryan and Ty. Technically, she was supposed to be working, and she didn’t want to leave them shorthanded. They both grinned and waved her from the lab. Mikayla smiled gratefully. They had been putting in some long hours, so she probably deserved a break. Although, considering the fact that Lachlan and Brock were obviously ready to play some serious bondage games, her break from work just might exhaust her.

Smiling but careful to keep her eyes lowered like a good little sub, Mikayla slid off the stool and walked over to stand in front of her husbands.

“My safe word is red, Sirs.”

“Excellent,” Brock said as he lifted her over his shoulder and carried her down the hallway. She always felt a little ridiculous being carried like this, so she amused herself by running her hands over the smooth contours of Brock’s leather clad butt. Lachlan chuckled when he saw what she was doing. Obviously, he had her punishment all worked out.

Inside Brock and Lachlan’s quarters, Brock placed her on her feet, and then both men stood back, arms crossed, waiting.

Mikayla quickly removed her clothes and lowered to her knees. She placed her hands behind her back, bending her arms so that each hand gripped the opposite forearm, and then lowered her gaze to the floor. It wasn’t often that her men got so intense, but it was obvious that Brock and Lachlan were both being very formal Doms today.

That was both good and bad. Good because it meant the three of them would share some amazingly incredible orgasms, but bad because she was liable to have trouble sitting for a while. She shivered as happy anticipation ran through her.

* * * *

Brock smiled at his lovely sub. Mikayla had always been the perfect submissive for him. She was feisty, loyal, loving, and challenged him at every step. She didn’t blindly obey as some Doms preferred, but she did give him her trust which was a far more precious gift.

But the last year had been rather turbulent for them all, especially for Mikayla. As much as Brock would love to have had children, his wife’s health and safety was far more important. He still felt guilty that he hadn’t been there when she’d suffered her miscarriage.

But lately, Brock had watched the woman who was quite simply the center of his universe begin to act differently. Nothing specific that he could pinpoint but something more ethereal, an emotion or a feeling he couldn’t quite describe. It wasn’t like before. She wasn’t withdrawing like she did on the jungle planet, and it certainly wasn’t that she loved them any less. In many ways it was the opposite, but it worried Brock just the same.

It was almost as if Mikayla felt herself unworthy of their love. Brock wasn’t really sure of her reasoning. Jacqueline trying to seduce away Matt and Bryce wouldn’t have helped, but whatever was going on in his woman’s head he wanted to get to the bottom of it. If she spent all her energy on trying to be what she thought was their perfect woman, she would soon lose the person inside—the woman they’d all fallen in love with.

He stepped forward and touched the top of Mikayla’s head.

“We have big plans for you, baby girl.” She shivered again, and he quickly made eye contact with Lachlan. Lachlan nodded, reassuring Brock that he was reading her reactions correctly. They wanted to give her a chance to open her emotions to them, not scare the hell out of her. “What is your safe word?”

“Red, Master.” He tried to shake off the dread that one word created. In the past when she’d called him master, it was because she’d been heavily immersed in a scene. The way she’d used it those times had been spontaneous and completely natural and meant more to him than he could explain.

But the fact that she’d used it practically before they’d begun was just another example of things being just a little off-kilter. She was trying hard to make him happy, and it scared him more than anything.

“Good,” Lachlan said as he stepped up behind her. “Stand, sub.”

Mikayla stood quickly, her graceful movements just a little too fast, a little too keen to please. Lachlan stood behind her, wrapping her forearms with a thick piece of cloth. By the time he was finished, she wouldn’t be able to use her arms at all. Brock stood in front of her, lifted her chin with two fingers, and waited for her to look at him.

“Today we’re also going to give you another safe word.” She looked confused but nodded her head. “Today you can use the word ‘yellow’ to slow things down. If anything gets too intense, just say yellow, and we’ll give you a few moments before continuing.”

“Yes, Master,” she said again, and he had a hard time covering his reaction to her words. She must’ve sensed something wasn’t quite right because her eyes suddenly roamed his face, and her breathing hitched as if she was suddenly worried. He let her drop her gaze to the floor as Lachlan finished securing her arms.

“Are you comfortable, sub?” Lachlan asked as he inspected his handiwork.

“Yes, mas…Sir.”

Lachlan shook his head silently. He hadn’t seen the way Mikayla searched Brock’s expression only a moment ago, but even he could sense her unusual behavior. Submissive or not, their woman had never seemed so lacking in self-confidence.

Brock took a seat, and Lachlan helped Mikayla to lie across his knees. He knew how much she loved to be spanked like this, but lately, she’d seemed to enjoy it less and less. Today he was determined to remind her of all the reasons they loved each other.

He rubbed her bottom, enjoying the feel of her soft curves and smooth skin.

“Ten to warm up. Count them, sub.”

As always, he started slowly, warming her bottom so that she could enjoy the harder blows as she neared orgasm. By the time she counted to eight her cheeks were a very pretty shade of pink. The ninth blow landed high on her thigh and she gasped at the suddenly much harder impact. The tenth hit the opposite thigh and again she gasped and squirmed.

He could smell her arousal. He ran his hand lower, finding her slippery folds, teasing and toying with the soft flesh. She moaned as he pressed a finger deep into her core, pumping in and out slowly as she finally relaxed across his knees. Then he spanked her over and over, not giving her time to count, just smacking her again and again, hoping that she would use the word “yellow.” Her ass was practically glowing, yet she didn’t even look like she would protest. Emotion gripped him anew. He knew that this should be uncomfortable for her, but she didn’t seem inclined to call a halt. Worried that she would literally let him beat the hell out of her, he stopped.

“You are very beautiful, Mikayla.” He had to swallow the lump in his throat before he made eye contact with Lachlan. Lachlan nodded his head indicating that he understood why Brock had stopped. Brock ran his hand over Mikayla’s heated flesh, admiring the soft skin once more. “On your feet, baby girl,” Lachlan said, so Brock helped her off his lap and back onto the floor.

Lachlan came over with a blindfold, and immediately Mikayla’s breathing rate accelerated. She swallowed heavily but, despite her obvious fear, let Lachlan tie the black mask over her eyes. Brock could sense her struggling with the loss of her sight. She’d never reacted to a blindfold like this before, and the husband part of him wanted to tear the mask away and hold her close. If he hadn’t been certain that something was not right with their beautiful wife, this reaction certainly confirmed it.

With her arms tied behind her back the way they were, it lifted her breasts high. Her nipples were already beaded, and she yelped as Lachlan’s first unseen swing of the flogger caught one of the nubs. Over and over he tormented her with the soft leather pieces, the combination of soft loving strokes and hard stinging slaps making her nipples even harder and her breathing uneven.

She tried to close her legs, but a growled order from Lachlan had her spreading her stance. She moaned when a stinging blow landed on her pussy. Several more stung the inside of her thighs before Lachlan moved back up to her breasts. She was shivering, shaking with the need to come, but Lachlan continued to pepper her breasts with stinging little slaps of the flogger.

Finally, he set the flogger aside and dipped his head to suck her swollen nipple into his mouth. As he laved one with his tongue, he gently tormented the other with his fingers. Mikayla wobbled slightly, so Brock braced her with an arm around her waist, holding her pressed hard against him as his brother worshipped her breasts and dipped a hand lower to play with her clit before plunging his fingers into her heat.

She moaned, wriggling in his hold as Lachlan fucked her with his fingers. After a few hard thrusts, he reached for the vibrator and pushed it roughly into her pussy. Her legs gave way as he fucked her over and over with the toy. Brock held her tighter, feeling her every reaction, her every breath, her every moan echo through his body.

She started to shake all over, screaming as Lachlan attached spring clamps to her nipples. “Come,” Lachlan said in a voice that brooked no arguments.

* * * *

Mikayla could barely breathe, her senses overwhelmed. Brock behind her, holding her immobile, the clamps squeezing her sore nipples, Lachlan fucking her with a toy, the vibrations traveling to her clit.

She shook, heat snaking through her as her climax burst. She groaned as her pussy grabbed at the toy, trying to suck it deeper, every muscle shaking violently as her orgasm went on and on. Heat drenched her as they continued to torment her oversensitive flesh, prolonging the orgasm, wringing every sensation from her shaking body.

She barely realized that Brock held her up as Lachlan undid the binding on her arms until Brock lifted her and placed her on her back in the middle of the bed.

Seeming nearly desperate, he lifted her legs over his shoulders and thrust his cock hard and deep. He pounded into her, fucking her, possessing her, owning her. She practically growled when he pulled away, but then Lachlan was there, thrusting into her, taking her almost violently.

She was gasping for air, shaking, shivering, on the verge of orgasm once more, when they swapped again. Over and over they took turns fucking her until she wanted to cry for relief, but she held her tongue, desperate not to disappoint her husbands.

Finally, someone grabbed her slippery clit, squeezing as Brock growled the words she needed to hear, “Come for me, baby girl.”

Energy burst through her, her climax incredible as electricity forked through every part of her body. Brock thrust hard one last time, held still as he pumped his cum into her body. He pulled away, but then Lachlan took over, pushing her into another orgasm. This one less violent but hotter, deeper, swelling through her like a river of molten lava.

She gasped for air, exhaustion curling through her, thoughts of Lachlan’s pampering filling her mind even as sleep called to her.

But her husbands weren’t finished.

BOOK: Blake, Abby - Hot Inspiration [A Bride for Eight Brothers 5] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever)
8.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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