Blake, Abby - Sweet Captivation [A Bride for Eight Brothers 2] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever)

A Bride for Eight Brothers 2

Sweet Captivation

Unable to return to the ice planet due to her pregnancy, Mikayla is left on Earth with Lachlan while the rest of her husbands complete their contract. But an unexpected midnight visitor causes concern. He's injured, frightened and offensive, but he's also Matt's twin brother, Bryce.


When Brock is injured and stranded at the bottom of a snow crevice, Lachlan is called back to the ice planet to help rescue his brother. He has no choice but to leave his wife's safety in the hands of a man he barely knows.


But when trouble comes looking for Bryce, will Mikayla end up in the line of fire?


Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Science Fiction
24,349 words


A Bride for Eight Brothers 2

Abby Blake


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For Alexandra


A Bride for Eight Brothers 2


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Chapter One

“But I want to come with you,” Mikayla said, trying to hide the fact that she felt like a five year old throwing a tantrum. She was being unreasonable, she knew it, but somehow couldn’t seem to stop herself. “I don’t care about your contracts. I want to be with my husbands.
of my husbands,” she added when it looked like Peter was about to be the voice of reason. She didn’t want reason. She wanted her own way. She barely refrained from stamping her foot like a recalcitrant child.

It was very clear to her on an intellectual level that they were trying to protect her, but thanks to pregnancy hormones her intellect and swinging moods just didn’t seem to align. Hell, she should be grateful not to have to return to that horrible, icy rock laughingly called a planet. It may have been rich in natural resources but it was about as inhospitable as a place could get. So were the people. Add the fucked-up laws that outlawed pregnancy but not rape, and the three hundred to one ratio of men to women, and it was the last place she should want to go. Nobody had even bothered to give the planet a proper name. It was just known as M723gc.

“Honey,” Matt said quietly as he pulled her into his embrace. “I’m sorry that we have to leave you so soon, but we need to finish the job. It’s not just about the money. It’s also a matter of honor. We signed a contract. We should see it through.” She squeezed her eyes closed, trying to will away the stinging in her nose and the tears in her eyes. Damn it. She knew they wouldn’t leave her behind if they had any other choice, but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

“And besides,” Lachlan said as he pulled her from Matt’s embrace. “I’ll be here keeping you so busy,” he said with a wink, “that you won’t even notice the others are even missing.”

Mikayla saw Brock stiffen at Lachlan’s choice of words. They’d all treated her like spun glass ever since she’d announced her pregnancy, and it was starting to grate on her nerves. Never had she felt so loved and protected and so goddamned frustrated in all of her life. Hell, maybe she should stamp her foot like a five-year-old. Maybe then she’d get one of Lachlan’s heavenly spankings.

A shiver of arousal wound through her as memories—Lachlan’s pampering, Brock’s bondage play, John’s amazingly talented tongue, Matt’s need to be in charge, Ryan and Ty’s playful lovemaking, and Peter’s gentle devotion—wound through her memory. She wanted to melt into their arms and demand that none of them leave her, ever.

But even as the thoughts and memories and sense of impending loss conspired to bring her to her knees, Matt held her cradled against him, soothing her with his solid warmth and gentle touch.

“Sweetheart,” Ryan said as he pressed up against her back and kissed her neck gently. “Let’s not spend the next three days fighting. I can think of far more pleasurable ways to spend our time together.” Matt kissed the top of her head, moving away to make room for Ty to take his place. Pressed between the twins, Mikayla felt a small measure of peace. It was only four months—four long, depressingly lonely months—but she’d survive somehow. She glanced at Lachlan, feeling a little guilty for her thoughts. He’d be here with her, but in some ways that made her worry more than anything. Of all the brothers, her relationship with Lachlan was the least comfortable. She loved him dearly, but their connection seemed more rooted in the physical aspect of lovemaking and Dom-sub play than any sense of companionship. Considering that he’d yet to touch her, even casually, since she’d announced her pregnancy, she felt very unsure of his feelings.

“Hey,” Ty said as he lifted her into his arms and began walking toward his and Ryan’s living quarters. “Concentrate, darlin’. Ryan and I are going to make sure you don’t forget who your favorites are.”

She laughed then, the sadness lifting a little as Ryan pressed a kiss to her lips and then turned to open the door.

“Favorites, huh?” It had been a running gag for a while now. Even knowing that she loved them all individually in different ways, the brothers had been happily one-upping each other with claims of being her favorite husband. Ryan and Ty at least were willing to share the title.

Only a few weeks ago Ty would’ve dropped her unceremoniously into the middle of the bed, but of course now that she carried their baby, he placed her in the middle of the bed gently. She wanted to growl in frustration—she was pregnant, not dying—but was quickly distracted by Ryan as he slid onto the mattress and kissed her like there was no tomorrow.

Damn. Tears filled her eyes again, and she felt Ty climb onto the bed, spooning behind her and encouraging her to lay her head on Ryan’s shoulder. They’d always slept this way back on the mining planet, and a part of her was both relieved and dismayed that they would pull away from the sexual release she desperately needed. Maybe if any of them had just fucked her like they’d done before her pregnancy, she wouldn’t feel so off balance,

She had her eyes closed and her limbs entwined with the twins, so the soft click of a door closing had her sitting bolt upright quickly.

“Who?” she asked anxiously. They’d only been back on Earth for a short time, but it had become obvious that her husbands preferred to have their own living areas within a larger structure. None of the brothers entered the others’ suites without invitation. Only Mikayla was welcome to come and go as she pleased.

“Just Brock and Lachlan leaving,” Ryan said as he ran soothing fingers through her hair.

“Why were they here?” she asked in confusion.

“To supervise us,” Ty said with a snort. “It seems that they appointed themselves to protect you from our predatory ways.”

“S–supervise?” Mikayla asked as liquid heat pooled in her groin and made her pussy tingle. She’d never considered it before, but making love to Ryan and Ty while Brock and Lachlan watched sent a secret thrill gliding through her veins.

Ryan must’ve seen the look on her face, or sensed the direction of her thoughts, because he wriggled off the bed and quickly opened the door. He whistled loudly, and a moment later Brock and Lachlan came barreling through the doorway. Their worried expressions morphed into confusion when they saw her safe and well.

“It seems that our wife is kinkier than any of us realized,” Ryan said by way of explanation. Ty wriggled off the bed and began slowly peeling off her clothes. “It would seem that she is quite taken by the idea of being watched.”

“Is that so?” Lachlan said with a broad grin. “Maybe we should consider joining the BDSM club while the others are working far, far away.”

Brock actually growled at his brother, the noise low and threatening. Lachlan lifted his hands in surrender. “After the baby is born,” he said on a sigh.

“Not even then,” Ty said as he pressed a kiss to her slightly rounded belly and gently pulled her panties down her legs. Quite suddenly Mikayla realized she was naked in front of four men. Granted, they’d all seen her naked before, just not all at the same time.

“Open your legs,” Brock said in his commanding Dom’s voice. Mikayla shivered as her arousal spiked higher just from the sound of his voice. She moved to comply, bending her knees slightly and letting her thighs fall open for all of the men to see.

“Beautiful,” Lachlan said as he crossed his arms and took a small step away from the bed to give Ryan room to crawl between her legs. Gentle hands kneaded the muscles in her thighs as he pressed his tongue against the place that ached for him. He lapped gently at the swollen lips, swirling his tongue around her pussy opening without actually penetrating her. He hummed against her skin and she writhed on the bed trying to get closer, trying to force his tongue onto her clit. Desperately she ran her fingers into Ryan’s hair, pressing him harder against her.

Strong hands wrapped around her wrists, removed her grip on Ryan and then stretched them above her head. Brock’s massive hand held both hers captive as he smiled down at her. She flexed her fingers, testing his hold, and he smiled even wider.

“Relax, baby girl. Ryan is going to make you feel good, aren’t you, Ryan?”

Ryan nodded his head between her thighs, tickling her tender skin with his hair and making her writhe even more. The bed dipped on either side as Ty and Lachlan each grabbed an ankle and pressed a hand against her hip bones, effectively pinning her to the bed.

She moaned at the feeling of being trapped, images of the bondage games that Lachlan had played with her swimming wildly through her brain. The way he’d made her feel, simply by restraining her and spanking, or even whipping her, had always been amazingly freeing. Ryan caressed her thighs harder as he speared his tongue deep into her pussy and found her clit with his fingers. Two mouths lapped at the hard nubs of her nipples sending heated bolts of electricity straight to her clit. She tried to jump away from the intense sensations, but they all held her still. She couldn’t move, not even an inch. Her pulse leaped higher, her breath catching as orgasm curled just below the surface.

But Ryan pulled back, and she growled in frustration. She opened her mouth to yell a thing or two about teasing, but Brock leaned forward and silenced her with the clever use of his tongue. Groaning into his mouth, she almost bit him when Ryan slid his erection into her throbbing pussy. Gently, too gently, he rode her to completion. Her orgasm swelled through her even as she tried to hold it back.

Brock stopped kissing her and lifted away. “Don’t worry, baby girl,” he said as he stroked her face with his rough hand, “we’re only just beginning.”

Ryan fell forward, careful to keep his weight off her, and kissed her gently. “I love you,” he whispered. His words were so filled with emotion that she felt tears gather once more. She loved him with all of her heart, but was this crying over the littlest things going to be a permanent side effect of her pregnancy? Nine months of weeping didn’t sound like a lot of fun.

Ryan kissed away her tears as she mumbled how much she loved him, too.

Then he moved away and Ty took his place. “Lift your butt, darling,” he said. Lachlan helped to lift her slightly and Ty slid a pillow under her hips. Brock kissed her again as someone, probably Ty, slathered cool lubrication between her ass cheeks, working the gel deep into her back passage. No matter how many times any of them fucked her ass it still gave her a deliciously naughty feeling.

She felt the flared head of his cock press against her anal muscles, the sensation slightly uncomfortable, a moment of pressure, and then he slipped past the tight muscles and slid deep into her ass. Like Ryan, Ty set a slow pace, reverently gliding in and out of her body like she was fragile. She moaned in frustration again, this time managing to growl the words “fuck me” before Brock silenced her by filling her mouth.

But this time he used his cock.

She sucked on the thick rod in her mouth, running her tongue over and around the hard length, trying to drive him crazy, trying to make him lose control. But the angle was awkward, and she struggled to keep him in her mouth.

Ty pulled out of her ass, removed the pillow from under her hips and turned her onto her side. Brock slid backwards, balancing on the edge of the mattress as he lined up his cock with her mouth. He pushed deep, hitting the back of her throat and caressing her face as she worked to overcome the gag reflex the way they’d taught her. As soon as she swallowed Brock groaned, and Ty slid his hard cock back into her ass.

They both moved a little more forcefully, and she moaned her appreciation as they set a faster pace, pushing into her body in tandem, ramping her excitement higher. She felt someone lift her leg and then a thick finger pushed into her pussy, fucking her as yet another hand found her clit.

Much better! Awash in sensation, Mikayla concentrated on holding back her excitement, determined to let her climax build. But the men fucking her had other ideas.

“Come for us,” Brock demanded in the deep voice she’d never been able to disobey. Orgasm ripped through her, the men pumping, fucking, tweaking, tickling her into riotous sensation. Every muscle quivered with her release, the incredible feelings ebbing only slightly before all four of them pushed her into sensual overload again, and Brock and Ty released their seed into her body. She swallowed, licking Brock clean and savoring his salty taste, and then tightened her anal muscles around Ty’s slowly softening cock. Both men groaned but neither tried to pull away.

“I love you, Mikayla,” Brock said as he ran his thumb over her forehead and down the side of her face. “I’m going to ache every day until we get home.”

She finally released his cock from her mouth, another plea to let her go with them almost escaping her wilting control. She’d demanded, she’d argued, and she’d pouted more in the last twenty-four hours than she had in the whole time they’d been together, and she was sick and tired of her own unreasonable behavior. Mikayla knew the mining planet was a dangerous place—especially for women. Hell, if Matt hadn’t found her that first night, she wouldn’t even have known the brief time she’d enjoyed with them so far. And besides, they would be back quickly.

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