Blue Autumn in the Bayou (Gumbo Love) (28 page)

With that distraction, he thrust
past the wall of her virginity. Her scream died in his mouth, and her fingers dug into his back. Once he was buried deeply in her body, he stopped and held himself motionless to give her a chance to adjust to his entry. While he held her still, he continued to assault her lips. “We’re almost there, baby. Are you okay?”

Tears rolled down the sides of face and into her hair. The pain was
worse than she expected. When Travis told her it would hurt, she had no idea this was what he meant. However, just beneath the pain was a throbbing need to have him move inside of her. She eased her nails out of his back signaling to him that it was time to give her a little more.

racing his weight on his knees, started to move slowly. He could feel her body giving and as she adjusted, he gave her a little more. When she tried to move her hips, he cautioned her, “Not yet.” When she moaned, Travis knew she was ready.

set the rhythm, slow even strokes. He savored the rise and fall of her body beneath him. To feel her flesh-to-flesh meant everything to him, this was special. In fact he couldn’t remember ever having unprotected sex. This was so different, unlike any relationship he’d ever had. The woman beneath him belonged to him, exclusively, his wife. He loved her with all of his heart. And he gave, in each stroke, a measure of that love.

Autumn wrapped her legs around Travis’s waist giving him full access. She matched each and every stroke. She nibbled at his lips, chin, or whatever
and wherever else she could reach. She lost the battle when Travis sped up the rhythm. She screamed his name and she rode the waves of ecstasy. And once she reached her orgasm, he felt it was the right moment to release his passion into her. He grunted out the essence of his love for her and fell over the cliff shortly following her.

They both were soaking wet. Travis managed to keep from crushing her but quickly move
d off. Once he was laying on his back, he pulled Autumn’s love-soaked body into his. Her hair was damp and clung to her neck and his chest. Their breathing matched one another’s. “I love you,” he whispered into her damp hair.

She lifted her head and peered up at him. “I love you.”

With no energy left, they fell into a lovers’ slumber. After a couple of hours, Autumn decided she had a lot to learn from her husband. He was scheduled to leave the following morning, early. She rolled on top of him. He tightened his arms around her. “Where are you going?”

“Trying to find my husband
,” she answered.

“Listen lady, your husband is resting.”

“Well, please tell my husband he has plenty of time to rest when he leaves for New Orleans. I need him here to take care of a few things.” She straddled him and moved down so that they met at their chosen weapons of love. It didn’t take much to get him and her aroused again. He entered her once again, this time she stayed on top.

Autumn liked this position. It gave her a little control even though Travis led the rhythm once again. She lifted her body high as she rode him. Her full breast
s danced above him; just the sight of her above him sent him over much quicker and without any more control than their first time. Travis held her hips with his hands and she leaned forward until she collapsed on top of him. She sprawled out on top of him completely sated; she hardly had energy left to blink her eyes.

held her like she was a lifeline. He didn’t move until she stirred. “Hi sweetheart. Are you okay?”

“I’m more than okay. I’ve been loved
so well, and it feels fantastic.”

“Yes, it does. I’m going to move you
, and then I’m going to go and start a bath for you to soak.”

I think I want to make love one more time.”

“Greedy woman, I don’t want you running from me the next time I crave your body. We don’t want to do too much too fast.”

“The big man’s running is he?”

playfully flipped her on her back in the middle of the bed with a slam. “I don’t run, sweet thing. If it were left up to me, you wouldn’t get out of bed today.” He covered her body. “You’re lucky I love you so damn much, otherwise I’d teach you a lesson.” He kissed her hard before moving from the bed. “Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”











































Autumn’s body tingled all over. She felt like a different person. After being thoroughly loved, she was ready to take on the world. The last time they were at The Blue Note, the owner learned that Clem Boudreaux’s nephew was in the house
, and asked him to come back on Terrific Tuesday for a spotlight session. He told them his instruments were at home, so the owner offered to lend him a bass guitar. Travis was fluent on several different instruments, but preferred his own. Still, he reluctantly agreed.

After he and Autumn managed to come up for air
, and to eat and dress, they headed back to the jazz club. He really wanted to break that promise, especially since that night was his wedding night. He wanted to be with his beautiful bride, giving her another taste or two of his loving.

When they arrived, Ruben recognized him. “Travis, right?”

Travis nodded and accepted the man’s hand. He took the stage right away. The impromptu band for the night consisted of him and several others he didn’t know. They began the set with a funk groove before Travis took the lead, with the bass into a segment of classic New Orleans Jazz. He made a special tribute to his new wife. The announcement that he and Autumn were husband and wife garnered loud applause.

Just as he was finishing his set
, he saw Romeo walk over to the table where Autumn sat. She stood to greet him. He hugged and smiled down at her. The move pissed Travis off, but not as much as his next deed. His hand slid up and down Autumn’s back. He promptly ended the song and acknowledged the men and one woman on the stage. He just as quickly exited the stage from the front left. He moved toward the table where he left his wife, his hands balled into thunderous fists. He had every intention of punching his knuckles straight through the man’s skull. And just before he got there, Romeo walked away. His eyes flared and his mouth drew into a straight hard line.

The fire Autumn saw in Travis’s eyes was not the passion she saw there
, earlier. “What’s wrong?” She touched his arm and followed his gaze. She saw a cluster of people standing, but no one she thought would be responsible for the scowl on his face.

His expression softened once she touched him. “Let’s go home.” He hugged her.

* * * *

On t
he drive home, only Clem’s music poured from the speakers. Autumn took to listening to the music he left for her. Once they got to the house, Travis packed his luggage before he moved back to the master bedroom. He made love to her one last time early that morning. It was slow and gentle. He wanted her to have something to remember and to look forward to next time.

Autumn ba
sked in the glow of Travis’s loving. She wrapped her arms and legs snugly around his body while he stroked into her with long, even thrusts. He took his time savoring her lips; his hands clutched her hips, adding depth as he plunged in and out of her warm, giving body. She yielded to his every command, and used all the strength she had in her legs to pull him as deeply as she could into her wanting body.

Moans escaped her lips in a song that nearly sent him over the e
dge, but Travis maintained his tempo. Determined to take his time, and to give her everything he had. He kept the rhythm at a pace that made their bodies move in concert. They rocked back and forth until Autumn moved her legs and arms slightly down, pulling him in closer. The move tightened the muscles around him. With that, Travis lost what little control he’d managed. “Oh, baby,” he moaned. He held her steadfast as he pushed in once, twice, and then lastly before they fell over into a thunderous orgasm.

As they rested in bed, they cuddled. “I called my bank and had the credit card company send you a card. You should get it in a couple of days.
Let me know if you don’t get them.”

She squinted. “You

“You’re my wife, Autumn. I want you to have access to what I have. You don’t have to use it, but if you want to or need to use it
, it’s there for you, okay?” He interrupted her before she completed her reply.

“Okay.” She rested against him, listening to the steady cadence of his heartbeat.

* * * *

Travis took a seat and Autumn sat next to him at the airport. He opened his right hand toward her. She dropped her hand into his and he lightly squeezed it before bringing it to his lips and placing a soft kiss on top of her knuckles. “I’
m going to set it up so you can book your travel to my account.” He’d already called his lawyer, his bank, the insurance company, and a few other places to add Autumn as his beneficiary.

He looked at her briefly and then changed the subject. He
’d made up his mind already, just as he had about Romeo. It took all the restraint he could muster to not jack the S.O.B. up last night as he had watched him put his hands on his wife. Travis knew he’d seen him approaching and had taken off like a coward. “You’ll be home in two weeks, right?”

“Yes.” She looked at him thoughtfully. “You promised you wouldn’t tell a
nyone about our marriage until we can do it together.”

“I know, sweetheart. I
will wait.”

“And make sure you put a muzzle on Trae and Michael. I
know Reggie can keep a secret but Trae, Michael, and Denise, I don’t know.”

“They won’t say anything because they know I’ll take a plug out of their tails. Besides, Trae and Reggie are too wrapped around this new baby. And Denise has her own wedding to plan.” The idea of a Brooks’ first baby caused a lot of excitement for the family.

Autumn smiled every time she thought about them. “And what about Michael?”

“If Denise gets the wedding she wants, Michael won’t have a chance to breath

Once the time moved closer for his flight
, they moved closer to the security checkpoint. They walked passed a sitting area and didn’t stop until they were close to the first-class checkpoint. He reached for her hand before moving her close and capturing her mouth. He held her face and deepened the kiss. He waited another moment to savor the kiss before he spoke. “Stay away from Romeo.” His eyes darkened and his lips drew tight. His hands still cupped her face, only inches from his own.

Autumn tried to move back to gauge his expression
, but he held her. From what she could see, Travis was dead serious. “Why?” She once again tried to move from his grasp.

He firmed his hold on her and pulled her back into his body until his lips touched her ear. “I’m serious, baby.
Please do as I tell you. Now that he knows you’re off limits, he will test you, and when he does, I’m going to have to come back here and snap him in two.” He released her and stepped back.

Autumn instantly felt the coolness as she looked into the face of the man who was now her husband and wondered what she’d gotten herself into. Reggie
, on occasion, had told her hard-to-believe stories about the Brooks men. After meeting them, she knew firsthand how serious they were about protecting their own.
Is he telling me who I can and can’t talk to?
she wondered. The thought almost infuriated her, and she was certain this would put them at odds.

She took a calming breath instead before she spoke. “I

He covered her lips with his fingers and shook his head. “Autumn, it’s not up for discussion, baby.”

They stood and stared at one another for several seconds. The tension between them could cut straight through steel. Travis broke the stare-challenge first and moved back to her. “I would never do anything to hurt you. Trust me,” he paused. “I love you and I’ll call you when I get to New Orleans.”

He pulled away without any intention of kissing her again. Autumn caught him by his hand and
moved into him. “I love you. Be safe.” She kissed him one last time.

“I love you
, Autumn.” He moved away and headed for the security gate. He didn’t look back for fear that he wouldn’t be able to leave her.

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