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Body on Fire

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Body on Fire


Sara Agnès L.




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Copyright 2013 Sara Agnès L.

English adaptation by Terry Felton

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Body on Fire



This evening, I set out to
hit the dance floor. It’s been too long since I’ve been in a club
and really let my body express itself. I want to throw myself into
a crowd of dancers and feel their bodies rubbing against mine. And
if I find a male to my liking… why not?

It’s hot, but I’m
shimmying as if my behind was on fire. I love feeling the music
vibrate through me and the way my skirt flies up when I pivot. The
fresh air between my thighs is a blessing. All these sweating
dancers excite me, and when I feel a hard body up against me, I’m
not upset. The man is sliding back and forth against my back.
Although his movements are furtive, I imagine his erection touching
my rump and when he puts his hands on my waist, I hold them

“You’re magnificent,” he
whispers, his mouth close to my ear.

I adore compliments!
That’s why I undulate even more and rub my posterior against him.
This time, it’s not my imagination playing tricks on me. There
really is a hard rod pushing high up on my buns. But thinking that
maybe the guy is ugly, I move away and turn around. Mmnn, what a
pleasant surprise! Tall, slim, slightly muscular around the
shoulders. His face is handsome, with almond-shaped eyes, a small
pointed nose above nice, full lips stretched in a roguish

Oh, yes, just my type of
man. I begin to move lasciviously again, approaching him, and he
pulls me into his arms. The rhythm does not lend itself to this
kind of dance, but I want to feel his erection again. He sways and
rubs against me, and feeling his stiff cock makes me want to move
even more.

I slide my hands down to
subtly caress his torso, descending just until I brush against the
bulge in his jeans, then up again. His hands on my hips tighten,
then he grips me closer to him. His mouth slides across my neck
deliciously, and he kisses me there, while giving promising little
bumps of his pelvis against mine. I swear he’s doing it on

In a desperate attempt to
keep my cool, I focus on his face, and say, “Do you have a name,

“Kevin. And


His arms pull me back
against his body and he delicately slides his nose against mine
before saying, “Chloé, you’re superb when you dance. It’s like
you’ve got a devil inside.”

“I don’t know about any
devil, but my body feels like it’s on fire tonight.”

A carnivorous smile lights
up his sumptuous mouth.

“That’s exactly what
intrigues me,” he says. “Can I offer you a drink?”

I accept without
hesitation. First because I’m thirsty, but also because I’m hoping
he’ll propose going somewhere else to drink it. His place, for
example, in the horizontal position. Or the vertical. What do I
care! I’m a little disappointed, then, when he leads me to the back
of the room, far from the exit, to a table where another man is
already seated, sipping on a beer.

“My friend Louis. We came

This information is far
from pleasing to me, but I pretend not to show it, not too much
anyway. Especially because his friend is, physically, the exact
opposite of Kevin: buzz cut, big black eyes, the face of a mature
man, an extremely muscular body. My eyes linger an instant on his
tight T-shirt and shoulders as big as my thighs, but only for an
instant. I don’t want to offend Kevin, who, without a pause, pushes
me into the booth and sits down next to me. In less than three
seconds, I find myself sandwiched between two men, and to my
surprise, Kevin is slipping his hand between my thighs! As much as
I desire this, it bothers me that he would do it when I’m squished
right up against his friend. His friend who hasn’t yet addressed a
single word to me. Kevin stares at me, smiling, as he slides his
hand up to my cunt and starts caressing it through my undies. Just
on principle, I put my hand on his forearm, but in reality, I’m not
holding him back at all. Especially when a hot pang of pleasure
tickles its way around my belly. In fact, I’m dying for him to push
aside the fabric and make me come right here. Why should we go
somewhere else, after all?

“Do you like

“Yes,” I say, feeling my
thighs opening.

That puts him in an even
better mood, and he shifts his gaze to his friend.

“You see how beautiful she

“Yes,” he agrees, nodding
his head, and he puts an arm around me. I find myself in the arms
of one man while another is feeling me up, and good.

“Do you like this, being
with two men?” Kevin asks me, stroking my burning clitoris more

My throat is so dry I
cannot respond, so I simply nod and put my fingers on his, so that
he’ll pursue his movements between my thighs. He laughs and touches
me again, right where I need it. I close my eyes. I abandon my body
to them both. One is kissing my neck, the other is making me mount
to paradise.

It takes no
time at all. Probably because I don’t hold back the desire
animating me or maybe it’s that craving to lose control that’s been
eating at me since I entered the club. A mouth crushes mine while I
moan and the arms holding my waist tighten. I’m stuck in a
delectable position between two men and I’ve just had an orgasm
right in public. However, when I open my eyes, I see that nobody
has had the leisure to admire the spectacle.

Kevin removes
his fingers from my throbbing flesh and slides a beer toward me.
I’m guessing it must be Louis’ beer, but I don’t care. I take it
and sling back what’s left, in one chug. That does me a world of
good, and I thank him with a grateful look.

Would you like to go home with us?” he asks

His request
is appealing, but needs contemplating, so he rushes to add, “In
truth, Louis and me…we’re a bit more than just friends, if you know
what I mean.”

No, I’m not
sure I understand what he’s trying to say. I blurt out,
“You’re…what? Homos?”

that shock you?” he immediately asks. “Because him, yeah, he is,
but me, I’m bi.”

He makes it a
nearly-solemn affirmation by placing his hand on his heart. What do
I care, deep down, what turns them on? Isn’t my real purpose to bag
a male in rut in a disco?

lets me hit on women from time to time, but tonight, he wanted
to…to watch. Or maybe try it himself. He’s not really sure, in

Captivated, I pivot to
take a look at his boyfriend, who shrugs and attempts to

really are pretty, I don’t say the contrary,

prefer guys. Don’t worry, I understand.” And I

He smiles genuinely and
nods. My body is partially relaxed after the little orgasm Kevin
gave me, but I realize I don’t want things to remain that way. So I
turn to my right and recapitulate the situation.

then…what you want is to fuck me while Louis watches

maybe he could play with us? And if you like giving head, I’m sure
he wouldn’t say no to a pretty mouth on his

His talking to me that
way, down low and dirty, excites me.

All the more when his
fingers caress my lips and I smell the perfume of my own body on

that interest you, my beauty?”

For propriety’s sake, I
act like I’m thinking about it, but my pussy is telling me it’s
more than interested in the idea of being screwed in full view of
another man. And in truth, I admit I wouldn’t say no to Louis
either. I hope he’ll take off his sweater so I can admire his pecs
while I’m being laid by his friend. Already, I’m getting

Eager for our evening to
commence, I ask, “Do you live far from here?”

I guess my question
indicates I’ll go with them, as this seems to delight Kevin, and he
smiles with all his teeth and nods his head.

near by. Shall we go?”

He stands up and holds out
his hand to me. I don’t even think to check my skirt to see if it’s
all bunched up. I follow him, a knot of anxiety and excitement in
my entrails, one hand in Kevin’s, the other in Louis’.

Tonight, they are my two
men. And I might just need two to put out this fire burning inside
my body.


* *


Ten minutes later, I enter
a luxurious downtown apartment. A kind of loft, where the living
room and kitchen meld in a Zen-like décor. Kevin was right. They
really do live right near the club. It feels bizarre to be there,
with two strangers, but I’m not afraid. At least, I have no fear
I’ll be able to climax as many times as I want! Kevin’s fingers had
already convinced me he knew how to bring a woman to seventh
heaven. From this fact, I’m not too worried about the

Louis proposes having a
drink, obviously nervous about being in the middle of this, but I
advance to the bay window and then turn to Kevin, one hand
nonchalantly poised between my breasts.

And if
we get right down to business?”

my kind of woman,” he says, coming over to take me in his

In a flash, he’s crushing
his mouth on mine and slipping my dress straps off my shoulders. He
pulls the dress down, uncovering my chest, which is on the thin
side, it’s true, but firm. Finally, he kneels to take it off
entirely. Personally, I think the operation would have been simpler
if he had slid my dress up and off, but then, having a man at my
feet is not at all a disagreeable thing. Plus, that allows him to
pull down my panties, which are pretty wet by now.

about you undressing, now?”

He stops and lifts his
face, dark with passion, toward mine.

desires are my commands, darling.”

He yanks his shirt off and
stands up in front of me to take off his jeans. My eyes devour his
body, then search for Louis, who watches us from behind the

really love to see you get naked, too.“

My remark makes Kevin
laugh as he bends down to take off the rest of his clothes. My eyes
can’t stop running over both of their bodies. First of all toward
Kevin’s hard, erect penis, but also toward Louis’ magnificently
sculpted torso. I’d give anything to have them both at my

guys, you’re really turning me on,” I admit in a hoarse

This game is making me
incredibly wet. Enough to want to attract Louis into my nets. With
a bit of luck, he’ll masturbate in front of me, or let me suck his
dick while Kevin works at pumping me good and hard. Hell, I better
calm down, otherwise I’m not going to be able to concentrate and
I’ll lose my head in three seconds flat!

Kevin draws me back into
his arms, places a delicate kiss on my mouth, as if to make sure it
doesn’t bother me if he kisses me. Au contraire! And if he could do
it a bit further down, that would be perfect! I respond to his
lips, and he starts to devour me. His excitement is red-hot, and
not only in his kisses. His prick touches me and I grab it in one
hand. Like the rest of him, it’s long and smooth. Just right to
help me spend a wonderful evening. I moan while masturbating him
softly, then I remember his words at the club and the possibility
of holding Louis’ cock in my mouth as a little bonus. Without
waiting, I drop to my knees to get some fellatio going on Kevin. I
put my heart and soul into it, to drive him crazy. The harder he
comes, the more our observer will want to join in. The idea alone
makes me invest all my energy.

BOOK: Body on Fire
13.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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