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He abandoned his brother to the estrogen surge, burst through the other side of the crowd and ran down into the ditch where Jackson and Nick were hooking up Audrey’s truck.

“Need a hand?” he asked.

Nick glanced up and grinned. “Look a little agitated there, Trent? Someone tweak your ‘nads?”

“More than I cared for.” He threw a nervous glance over his shoulder. “Have they no shame?”

“Not after one of Audrey’s strippers get them going,” Jackson said. “I still have scars.”

“Tell you what you can do.” Nick nodded toward the top of the embankment, at the other vehicle they’d already pulled out of the ditch. “If you and Isaac could push that truck out of the way, we can bring Audrey’s out.”

Jackson smiled. “You might get Audrey and Greta Sue to help you part the sea of estrogen.”

“You sure you don’t need help down here?” Trent looked up at the women eyeing him like a prize bull at an auction. “They look like they could eat me live.”

“And they probably could.” Jackson chuckled. “Greta Sue and Audrey will help you out.”

Trent climbed the embankment, his steps slowing until he spotted the bulky form of Greta Sue standing with the petite and beautiful strawberry blonde and someone else.

Holy hell. The woman he’d cornered in the back of the bar. She wore the tank top, jeans and cowboy boots he remembered, her chambray shirt ditched somewhere with his blood on it.

Trent angled his steps toward them and stopped short of the top of the rise. “Think we can move these people back?”

Audrey and Greta Sue glanced his way and nodded.

Greta Sue put her fingers to her lips and blew out a sharp, loud whistle.

The noisy crowd of women quieted by a few decibels and Greta shouted over the tops of their heads, “Show’s over. Go home, or go back inside.”

The ladies grumbled and booed Greta Sue until she blew that ear-piercing whistle again.

Audrey stepped up to the crowd. “Last round’s on me and I’ll get Cory to do one more encore. How ‘bout it, ladies?”

As one, they shouted, “Yeehaw!” The mob turned and pushed and shoved through the front door of the Ugly Stick until the last woman disappeared inside.

Greta Sue and Audrey followed, leaving the sandy blonde standing with her hands tucked into her back pockets, the effect pushing out her breasts under the thin tank top. For all the jeans, boots and cowboy hat, the woman was beautiful in her own way. Long and lean with full yet proportional breasts.

Trent still wanted that kiss.

Isaac joined him. “I tried to get in, but Greta Sue gave me the boot. Told her I’d strip with Cory if she let me in. She said something about a riot and shoved me out the door.” He glanced down at his clothes. “Well, damn. So much for pullin’ an all-nighter. Didn’t get a chance to get even one phone number.” His clothes were askew, and he had more than one color of lipstick print on his face, shirt and chest. He even had a disturbing lipstick print on the crotch of his jeans.

“Come on.” Ignoring the tall cowgirl in his peripheral vision, Trent jerked his head toward the vehicle in the middle of the parking lot. “I could use your help pushing this truck out of the way.”

When Trent reached for the handle of the driver’s door the woman who’d refused to kiss him, pressed her hand to the door, keeping Trent from opening it. “What do you think you’re doing?” she asked in a soft, gravelly voice.

“We need to move this hunk of junk.” Trent started to open the door, but the woman leaned on it.

“That’s my truck you’re talking bad about,” she said.

“It has to move so that they can bring the other one out.” Trent frowned at her. “If it’s yours, get in and drive.”

She stiffened. “I can’t. It won’t run.”

“Bad spark plugs?” Isaac asked. “Dead battery?”

She shook her head and muttered, “Ran out of gas.”

Trent sighed. “Get in,” he commanded.

The woman frowned then climbed into the driver’s seat and held on to the steering wheel.

Trent rounded to the back of the vehicle where Isaac joined him.

“Ready?” Trent called out.

“Ready,” the driver responded.

“You realize this is the truck that pushed Audrey’s into the ditch, don’t you?” Isaac asked as he leaned his shoulder into the rear of the truck and they both pushed.

“Yeah.” Trent dug his feet into the gravel and pushed with all his might. “So?” he grunted.

The truck didn’t budge.

“She’s kind of pretty in the girl-next-door way. Think she’d go out with me?”


“No?” Isaac frowned. “Why not?”

Gritting his teeth, Trent hissed, “Just push, damn it.”

They renewed their effort, the truck refusing to move even an inch.

“You might want to take your foot off the brake and put it in neutral,” Trent called out.

“Oh sorry,” she said. A sharp click and the truck rocked, the brake lights lighting up. “I’m ready.”

“Let’s go.” Trent leaned into the truck.

Between him and Isaac, they pushed the truck to the end of the parking lot and next to Trent’s.

The tall drink of spitfire water pulled the parking brake and climbed down. “Thanks.”

“Let’s see if we can get Audrey to let us in long enough to wash up,” Isaac said.

Trent snorted. “Did you forget so soon?”

“Oh yeah, back door’s locked. And even if we go in front, we won’t get past Greta Sue.”

“Tell me about it.” The woman crossed her arms beneath her breasts, only emphasizing their lovely swell.

His cock twitching, Trent couldn’t help but stare.

Isaac smiled, his gaze on her breasts as well. “If I mention I was helping Audrey, she’d let me in. I think deep down she likes me.”

Trent shook his head, not at all interested in getting inside the Ugly Stick when the women in there were hungry with lust and not afraid to attack anything male. “I think I’ll stay out here.”

“Suit yourself,” Isaac said.

“I need to talk to Audrey again,” the woman said. “I’d appreciate if you could get me in too.”

“Done.” Isaac led the way confidently.

When the sandy blonde started to follow, Trent snagged her arm and held her back. She smelled of sunshine and the outdoors, unlike many of the women doused in perfume that reminded him of bug repellent. “Is this why you wanted in to see Audrey?” He spoke in a low voice so that his brother didn’t hear.

She stared at the hand on her arm. “What do you think?”

He touched his sore nose. “I think you’re trouble.”

Her gaze turned stony, her lips thinning. “Let go of me.”

Trent’s eyes narrowed. He’d struck a nerve. What kind of trouble was she keeping to herself, besides knocking Audrey’s truck into a ditch and nearly breaking his nose?

He released her arm. “Despite your propensity for bad luck, I still find myself wanting that kiss.”

“Keep wantin’. You’re not getting it.” She spun and walked away, without glancing back.

Trent’s gaze followed her all the way into the Ugly Stick.

What was it about her that made him look twice? She wasn’t his usual type. Too tall, too thin and on the tomboy side.

She’d had the courage and strength to outsmart him and shove him out the door. He could admire that in a woman. And those well-rounded breasts beneath the tank top.
. He could admire those as well. Then again, she wasn’t from around Temptation or Hole in the Wall. Either that, or he hadn’t noticed her. For all he knew, she was passing through. Just as well. He had too much work on the ranch to get involved, even if he still wanted a taste of those kissable lips.

He shrugged and went back to where Nick, driving the tow truck, was pulling Audrey’s bright red pickup out of the ditch.

Jackson stood to one side, frowning.

“Much damage?”

“The right front fender has a big dent and one of the headlights is broken. Other than that, it’s drivable.”

Nick stopped once the truck was on level ground. He set the tow truck in park and climbed down. “Want me to take it to the body shop in Hole in the Wall?”

“Might as well,” Jackson said. “You and Trent want to come back in for a drink first?”

“I got Lacy waiting at the house.” Nick’s lips stretched into a big grin. “I’d rather have a drink with her. She just texted me that she’s bored and naked.”

“And you’re standing here?” Jackson waved at him. “Go. Bye. Worry about getting Audrey’s truck to the body shop tomorrow.”

“I’ll park it at my shop until the morning.” Nick climbed into the tow truck and drove away, pulling the red truck behind him.

“Where’d Isaac go?” Jackson asked.

Trent jerked his head toward the saloon. “To sweet talk his way past Greta Sue.”

“Come on, we’ll find a way in through the back door and avoid her altogether. Libby can get you a beer while I touch base with Audrey.”

Trent rounded the building again. Charli, one of the waitresses, was hauling a bag full of trash through the back door.

“Here, let me.” Isaac grabbed the bag and tossed it in the bin, bringing a smile to the waitress’s face.

“You boys still playin’ cards?” she asked.

Trent tipped his hat. “Yes, ma’am.”

Charli held the door for the men.

As Trent entered, he looked around, half expecting to see the tall, sandy-blond-haired woman who wouldn’t leave his thoughts. He was disappointed when he didn’t see her and wondered where she’d gotten off to and if he’d see her again before he left.

Hell, he didn’t even know her name.

Returning to the room where the guys had set up the card table, he waited for Jackson to enter with that beer, all the while watching the door to see if the cowgirl returned.

Chapter Three

Lucky steamed at how easily Isaac talked Greta Sue into letting him into the saloon. All he had to do was tell the woman he’d helped Audrey. She wanted to call out Greta Sue on her favoritism, but the woman had let her in with Isaac. She had to talk with Audrey and apologize for knocking her vehicle into the ditch and propose a plan to pay her for the damages. Although she really had no plan with her current circumstances—homeless and jobless.

The man with pale blond hair danced on the stage, wearing nothing but a very small G-string that covered most of his impressive bulge. Every female gaze was on his glowing, naked skin, his sexy, gyrating hips and…well, his package.

Lucky dragged her gaze away from him and looked over the tops of heads to find Audrey. She finally spotted her headed through the door at the back of the building behind the bar.

Lucky pushed her way around the edges of the room until she reached the doorway through which Audrey had disappeared.

With Greta Sue at the front door, no one stopped her as she followed Audrey into what appeared to be a storeroom filled with supplies of alcohol, paper products and plastic cups.

“Oh, Jackson, my truck,” Audrey said from behind a wide stack of liquor boxes that almost reached to the ceiling of the little storage room.

“Don’t worry, darlin’. It’s just a truck, and at least you weren’t in it,” a deep, rich voice warmed the room. “Damn, you’re hot tonight. Do you know what you do to me when you wear those boots?”

Lucky cleared her throat softly, hoping to get their attention.

“Oh, I know what it does to you. That’s why I wear them…and lots of times…nothing else.” A soft chuckle was suddenly cut off. “Jackson, I have a barroom full of people out there.”

“Never stopped us before. Shed the shorts.”

“Ummm. You know how to sweep a girl off her feet, don’t you?” she said, her voice dripping sarcasm and sensual innuendo.

“Absolutely. Hurry the fuck up. I brought a crop.”

“Oh, baby, you know how to turn me on.”

Her cheeks burning, Lucky cleared her throat again. “Ms. Anderson?”

“Shh, Jackson, did you hear something?” Audrey giggled. “I can’t hear past you blowing in my ear. Shh.”

Lucky couldn’t walk away, she had to talk to the woman whose truck she’d almost destroyed. “Ms. Anderson.”

“There. I told you I heard something.” Audrey called out, “Who’s there?”

“Lucky Albright.”

“You want me to stop?” Jackson asked.

“Hell, no. Whoever it is, you can watch, if you like.” Audrey gasped. “Oh yes. Right there.”

“I’ll come back later,” Lucky whispered, her words caught in her throat as Audrey moaned.

When her feet should have taken her backward to the door, they moved forward toward a gap in the boxes, one she could see through to the couple on the other side. Guilt slipped into wicked desire, as her glance took in the scene before her.

Audrey stood with her skirt hiked up to her waist, no sign of panties, her shirt and bra pushed up, exposing perfect, rounded breasts.

Lucky sucked in a breath and held it as Jackson lifted Audrey to sit on a box, level with his cock, jutting from his unzipped fly.

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