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Authors: Jaci Burton

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Bound, Branded, & Brazen (24 page)

“How’s the horse training coming?”
“Good. Making some headway. He’s stubborn, but he’s starting to see things my way.”
Brea’s lips quirked. “You can be very convincing when you want something.”
“No point in beating around the bush. Just lay it out there and make your wishes known.”
“I suppose so. Waffling would be a sign of weakness and would cause unnecessary delays.”
“Yeah. Besides, if you’re straight up about what you expect, there are no surprises later on. And then you both get what you want.”
“The horse wants to be wild and free, doesn’t it?”
“The horse wants food and water, shelter and affection. I can provide that.”
“If he does what you want him to do.”
“He gets what he wants, I get what I want. It’s a win/win.”
She laid her glass on the table. “You meet in the middle.”
He put his glass down, too. “Yes. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Power shouldn’t be one-sided. My aim isn’t to break him, just show him a different way than what he’s been used to.”
She shifted, planting her palms on either side of his legs to draw closer to him. Gage inhaled her sweet fragrance of soap and shampoo.
“I like your way. It’s honest.”
He slid his hand into her hair, sifting through the silken softness of it. “I’ll always be honest. It’s the only way I know how to be.”
“Then I’ll try to be the same way.” She climbed onto his lap, straddling him, aligning the heat of her sex against the throbbing hardness of him. “I honestly want you to kiss me.”
His lips were on hers as soon as she finished the sentence, his body taut with the need tightening inside him since the last time he’d had her in his arms. It had been too long, and he craved the touch of her, her taste against his lips, on his tongue, the way her scent floated along his senses, more intoxicating than any bottle of wine. He leaned against the headboard and took Brea with him, her legs sliding along his, her breasts pressed to his chest. He got to touch her this way, run his hands along the flimsy little thing she wore, feeling it and her soft curves as she squirmed against him. He let his hands roam down to her sweet ass, squeezing her, pressing in so her body rubbed his cock. Damn, it felt so good having her against him.
She broke the kiss, sat up and began to unbutton his shirt.
Oh, yeah. He let her have at it, figuring she could do whatever the hell she wanted with him. She slipped each button out, tugging her bottom lip with her teeth in concentration. He wanted to reach for those tiny little straps on her shoulders and tug them down so he could see her breasts, but he got the idea she wanted to be in charge, so he left his hands at his sides and let her open his shirt.
Her hands were cool as she spread her palms over his chest, smoothing them over his nipples until they hardened. She bent down and ran her tongue over his nipples, sucked them. Damn, that felt good all the way to his balls. He swept his hand over her hair.
“I like that.”
She looked up at him and smiled, then licked her tongue over his ribs, stretching out over his legs to snake down his body as her tongue moved in fluid motion over his skin.
He liked her exploring his body, would give her free rein to do anything she damn well pleased as long as her hands and mouth stayed on him. Bold Brea was something new. He was enjoying this side of her and wanted to encourage more of it.
She scooted farther down, her tongue mapping his ribs and abs, sizzling across his body until she got to his jeans. She stopped only long enough to unzip his pants and tug them down with relentless determination, freeing his cock. Before he could take a breath, she had his shaft in both hands, her now-warm fingers wrapped around him, stroking up and down. He sucked in a breath and watched her as she stared at his cock like she was enraptured. He sure as hell was, fisting the sheets as she played with him as if what she did had no effect. Hell, it took all the self-control he had not to come all over her hands. She might think she was a novice, but her touch made him crazy.
Brea glanced up at him. “Is this okay?”
“Darlin’, if it was any more okay this would be over already.”
She stilled. “You want me to stop?”
“Oh, hell no. I like your hands on me. A little too much. It feels really good.”
She smiled, and he saw the power brighten in her eyes. That’s what he’d wanted to see.
“Brea, you can do whatever you want, whatever feels right to you.”
She looked from his face back to his cock, then bent over him again. “I want to taste you.”
Son of a bitch. He gritted his teeth as she took his cock head between her sweet lips, her tongue darting out to sweep over him. The combination of hot and wet was nearly his undoing. He jerked, and she hummed in satisfaction, gripping the base of his cock to feed it into her mouth inch by sweet inch. And he had a front-row seat for the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen—watching her swallow him.
She might not be practiced at blow jobs, but what she lacked in technique she sure as hell made up for in eagerness and genuine desire to please. And that was more exciting than what any woman had done to him before. That she seemed to genuinely enjoy doing what she was doing jacked up his pleasure even more. He raised up, fisting his hand in her hair to control her movements.
She moaned, seeming to like when he took over.
Yeah, he figured she would. His balls tightened as he moved her mouth over his cock, pushing her a little farther than might be comfortable. But she took him, all the way to the back of her throat, as he taught her what he liked, how deep he liked it, until he couldn’t take it anymore.
He lifted her mouth away and dragged her across his chest. “You keep doing that and I’m going to come in your mouth.”
Her lips were wet, swollen, her eyes glittering with desire. “I want you to, Gage. Let me.”
Christ, she was going to kill him. He kissed her hard, his tongue diving in to possess, to sweep and tangle with hers before letting go. “Then do it.”
She slid down his body again and engulfed his cock in her mouth, grabbing the base with her hand. She swept her other hand over his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze.
He lifted against her, fucking her mouth, his balls tightening as he felt the rush he wouldn’t be able to control now. “Yeah, like that. Take it deep until I come.”
He widened his legs and she cradled his balls in her hands, took his cock as deep as she could and pressed down hard with her lips, sucking as she moved her mouth in the rhythm he set.
“I’m going to come, Brea.”
She moaned her appreciation and that was all it took. He came in torrents, trying to withhold shouting but unable to hold back the loud groan as he pulled on her hair and rolled his hips to feed more of his cock into her greedy mouth. Brea held on to him, her nails digging into his thighs as he thrust between her lips until he was empty and damn well panting.
And still she lingered there, licking his cock, kissing it, stroking his thighs.
He pulled her up his body, kissed her. “Thank you, darlin’.”
“No, thank
. That was very enjoyable.”
He laughed, petted her hair, not sure what to make of this woman who seemed innocent about sex one minute and a tigress the next. “I’m liking this change in you.”
She shrugged. “You’re a good teacher. You make me want to be open.”
He arched a brow. “Is that right?”
She tilted her head back to gaze at him. “That’s right.”
And that made him want to do a lot of things with her. Everything. “How open?”
There was an eagerness in her eyes, a light he hadn’t seen before.
“Anything. Everything. Teach me. I’ve missed so much.”
Damn. His cock stirred to life just thinking about the things he could do with her.
He rolled her onto her back and held her there, smoothing his hands down the satiny shift that pressed against her curves, highlighting her erect nipples. He covered one with his mouth, capturing both the fabric and the bud between his lips. Brea moaned and arched against him, tangling her fingers in his hair as he sucked her nipple.
But it wasn’t enough. He wanted her hot flesh in his mouth and under his hands. He lifted the slip up, his hands roaming under to slide with just a hint of a tease over her sex, taking the fabric with him as he moved his hand over her ribs and breasts, giving her light touches and caresses only.
He removed her slip and cast it aside, then looked his fill of her naked body, lush and goddess-like under the flickering candlelight. He laid his palm between her breasts and felt the fast thump of her heartbeat, liked that just his light touch could rev her up like this.
“Darlin’, I could lick you up like barbecue sauce dripping off ribs.”
She laughed. “That’s quite the compliment.”
He rolled his tongue over her nipple, took it between his lips and sucked until she let out a whispered moan. When he raised up, her eyes were glassy with desire. “It’s my highest compliment. You are definitely edible.” He moved to the other nipple to do the same thing until she writhed under his mouth and hands. Then he moved down her body, breathing in the scent of her skin, the way her scent—soap and shampoo—mixed with the heady natural aroma of aroused female.
Nothing smelled sweeter. He liked that she didn’t douse herself in perfume. He always thought woman who did were trying to hide something. Brea smelled like . . . Brea: clean, natural, like she’d just stepped out of the shower. Something about a woman’s natural scent got to him and made his dick hard.
Brea made his dick hard. He liked the feel of her body moving under his hands, the way she squirmed as he kissed her belly and moved even lower, spreading her legs with his shoulders as he sank between them. He kissed the top of her sex, slid his fingers along her pussy lips. She was wet, ready for him, and he slid his tongue along her folds, wanting to capture every drop of what she gave him.
Because she was hot for him. She was wet for him. And she was going to come for him.
brea tightened her hold on the sheets, lifting her
butt to draw closer to Gage’s lips and tongue. He was magic with his mouth, took her from languid foreplay to ready-to-come in minutes. He got her hot and ready so fast it was almost embarrassing how well he knew her body already. All she could do was sink into every touch, every lick, and hang on for the ride, hoping she didn’t fall too soon.
He dragged her right to the edge several times, only to back away, lick her inner thighs and tap her lightly with his fingers until the sensation subsided. Then he’d take her there all over again until she was right . . . there . . . only to pull away. It was maddening. She lifted her head when he did it again.
He smiled up at her. “Yeah, darlin’?”
“What are you doing?”
He slid his tongue up the length of her, making her shudder. “What does it look like I’m doing?”
Her only answer was to tangle her fingers in his hair and hold him steady so he’d continue doing exactly what he was doing. He captured her clit between his lips and flattened his tongue over the sensitive bud. She threw her head back, lifted her hips to drive her pussy against his mouth, and came, rocking against his face as waves of pleasure swept over her. She couldn’t let go until the tremors subsided. Gage held on to her and went with her the entire time until she was too sensitive to endure the flicks of his tongue on her clit.
Panting, she fell back against the mattress, her limbs boneless. She waited for him to move up beside her, to spread her legs and fuck her. But he didn’t. Instead, he continued to kiss her sex, to caress her legs, until she lifted her head and looked down at him.
“Come up here with me.”
“Not yet. I’m not finished with you.”
He swept his tongue across her sex, and she trembled at the renewed sensation sparking across her nerve endings. She’d just come, and yet she felt the hot stirrings of arousal begin again. What was he doing to her? How could he drag her from languishing after release to pent-up desire with one swipe of his tongue? Yet her body was tense and anticipating the next lick, the next touch.
And when he lifted her legs and bent her knees to her chest, exposing her intimately to his gaze, she cringed.
“Relax, Brea. You told me everything. I want all of you. Even here.”
He swept his tongue along her folds, all warm and wet and probing until her inhibitions fled. And when his tongue traveled south and drifted over her anus, she shuddered, utterly shocked at the pleasure she felt there. She had no idea it would feel so . . . good. Gage rolled his tongue back and forth until she couldn’t think straight, could only imagine what would come next.
“You have lube?”
She pointed to the drawer at the side of the bed. He left her for only a moment, then came back, spreading her. He licked her pussy again, surrounding her clit, warming her, exciting her. And then his finger circled her back-door entrance, lubed up and slick. He didn’t enter her with the digit, just teased her, excited the nerve endings there until she was turned on and curious and overwhelmed with the sensations he created.
“Gage.” She moaned his name on a long, low whisper, not sure what she even wanted other than to voice the pleasure he gave her.
He kept his mouth on her sex and slid his finger inside her anus, pushing past the tight barrier, sucking her clit while he inserted his finger all the way into her. His knuckles bumped her buttocks as he pulled out and pushed in, licking and sucking her as he did.
It was a wild, primal sensation, a sweet burning pain that brought her insane pleasure at the same time. As he eased in and out of her anus and licked her pussy, he drove her closer and closer to the edge again.

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